History of the United States (extended)

How well do you know the history of the USA? Answer these 99 questions.
Includes events that happened before U.S. independence (but on modern-day U.S. territory)
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Last updated: December 3, 2017
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The first people coming to America used this landbridge
Bering Passage
Former name of Native Americans
Large poles built by ^
Historically powerful northeast Native American confederacy
In 1520, Umi-a-Liloa ruled this island
First European who led expeditions deep into the modern U.S.
Hernando de Soto
Oldest continuously occupied European-established settlement
St. Augustine
Year the Mayflower arrived
Place where the pilgrims of the Mayflower landed
Plymouth Rock
Group of English Reformed Protestant who fled to the New World
Who founded the city of Philadelphia and the state of Pennsylvania?
William Penn
Site of the 1692 witch trials
War in which the French lost their territories in North America
Seven Years' War
Group of colonies who declared their independence and formed the U.S.
Thirteen Colonies
Protest slogan against the colonist's Sugar and Stamp Act
"No taxation
without representation"
Year in which the colonies declared themselves independent
From whom?
Great Britain
The Residence Act made this city the new capital
Washington, D.C.
First state to ratify the Constitution
Supreme law
the Constitution
It starts with which three words?
We the People
First ten amendments to the ^
the Bill of Rights
Highest federal court
Supreme Court
Second U.S. president
John Adams
The U.S. bought this territory from France in 1803
Louisiana Territory
Explorers who discovered the Pacific coast
Meriwether Lewis
William Clark
Traditional border between northern and southern states
Mason-Dixon Line
In 1814, this became the national anthem of the U.S.
Star-Spangled Banner
Policy of opposing European colonialism in the Americas
Monroe Doctrine
Forced removals of Native American tribes
Trail of Tears
This canal, opened in 1825, connects New York with the Great Lakes
Erie Canal
Four-letter party active in the middle of the 19th century
Mission in San Antonio besieged in 1836
This was discovered near Sutter's Mill in 1848
Popular name for the western part in the 19th century
Wild West
Quintessential symbol of ^, animal herder
In 1845, this state joins the union following a war between the US and Mexico
He invented Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn
Mark Twain
Brigham Young was a leader of this religious group
Party formed in Ripon, Wisconsin in 1854
Republican Party
Revolting southern states which formed an unrecognized country
Confederate States
of America
16th president and today a national hero
Abraham Lincoln
North vs. South, 1861-1865
American Civil War
State which broke away to support the North
West Virginia
Commander of the southern Army, statues of him were destroyed in 2017
Robert E. Lee
Bloodiest battle and the war's turning point
Battle of Gettysburg
This proclamation freed more than 3 million enslaved people
Emancipation Proclamation
Railroad connecting Omaha with Oakland
Transcontinental Railroad
Custer's Last Stand
Battle of the Little Bighorn
New York island, once gateway for over 12 million immigrants
Ellis Island
Wealthiest American of all time, made a fortune in oil
John Rockefeller
In this war, the U.S. became a superpower, USS Maine
Spanish-American War
This canal in Central America opened in 1914
Panama Canal
Statement of principles for peace to end WWI, initiated by W. Wilson
Fourteen Points
Car tycoon from Michigan
Henry Ford
His most successful car, colloquially known as Tin Lizzie
Model T
It used to have almost 2 million people, now this city only has 670,000 people
Home of the U.S. film industry
The 21st Amendment repealed this
Gangster who made business during ^
Al Capone
Severe worldwide economic depression, started on Black Tuesday 1929
Great Depression
Famous for his "New Deal", also the only president to be in office for 12 years
Franklin D. Roosevelt
"A date which will live in infamy"
Attack on Pearl Harbor
French region where U.S. troops landed in 1944
Common term for Tuesday, 6 June 1944
Japanese cities struck by atomic bombs
Capitalist counterpart to the Warsaw Pact
"ism" describing the period of anti-communist suspicion
War consisting of proxy wars, 1947-1991
Cold War
War of the 50ies between a communist north and a capitalist south
Korean War
Highway system formed in 1956
Also known as the Mother Road
Route 66
49th state
He was assassinated in November 1963
John F. Kennedy
The only war America ever lost
Vietnam War
The first two people on the moon
Neil Armstrong
Buzz Aldrin
Year the ^ landed on the moon
"I have a dream"
Martin Luther King Jr.
Music festival in Bethel, New York
Political scandal which caused R. Nixon to resign the presidency
In 1973, a crisis began because of a lack of this liquid
"King of Rock and Roll"
Elvis Presley
This superpower collapsed in 1991
Soviet Union
Longest-running American sitcom
The Simpsons
War led by the US to bring down Iraq
Gulf War
Peace solution for Bosnia & Herzegovina
Dayton Accords
He lost the 2000 presidential election very close
Al Gore
Buildings attacked during 9/11
World Trade Center
the Pentagon
Bush's response to ^
War on Terror
Despite having nothing to do with 9/11, the U.S. invaded this country
2005 hurricane which caused severe damages around New Orleans
Hurricane Katrina
First Hawaiian and Afro-American president
Barack Obama
^ restored relations with this country, after 54 years
Whistleblower who leaked NSA documents
Edward Snowden
Very controversial businessman elected in 2016 as 45th President
Donald Trump
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