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OK, removing Russian quizzes was a first step. So what more can I do?

I've taken down all my quizzes about Russia.

If I was a country leader I'd be into sanctions. If I was on the IOC I'd ban their sportspeople. However, I'm a quizzer so that's my contribution for now.

I'd be interested to hear other people's ideas to help chip in towards isolating this bullying country.

Denmark has decided that as their country is 71% vaccinated, on September 11 2021 it will drop remaining restrictions that were managing the pandemic, with its government claiming the outbreak is "under control" despite their recording 557 new cases, and 4 deaths, that day. Let's see what the effect of their removal of restrictions will be...

There is widespread nervousness that Boris Johnson's scrapping of all Covid restrictions on 19 July 2021 in England will cause an explosion of new cases and deaths there. This blog will track whether (as I suspect) it is the stupidest thing a leader could possibly do, or if he knows something that we don't and the UK manages to open up without the pandemic unleashing a fresh wave.