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Played: 1,480,128
Rating: 4.96
True fans will get them all. Try to name the 30 teams that play in the National Basketball Association.
Played: 1,428,607
Rating: 4.94
In 4 minutes, name as many NFL football teams as you can.
Played: 600,211
Rating: 4.92
Prove that you're an American by naming all 30 teams that play in Major League Baseball.
Played: 506,568
Rating: 4.96
In 12 minutes, try to name all the teams that compete in the MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL. Can you name them all?
Played: 384,405
Rating: 4.74
Can you name the thirty-two teams that play in the National Hockey League?
Played: 379,860
Rating: 4.80
Try to name the clubs in England's top football division for the 2022–23 season.
Played: 216,528
Rating: 4.72
Updated for 2021–22! Name the teams that play NCAA Division I men's basketball.
Played: 172,676
Rating: 4.80
There are 131 bowl-eligible college football teams. How many can you name?
Played: 115,800
Rating: 4.56
Name the urban areas that are home to an NFL, NBA, NHL, or Major League team.
Played: 106,230
Rating: 4.30
How many NFL teams can you name in just one minute?
Played: 44,573
Rating: 4.00
America's future most popular sport?
Played: 37,781
Rating: 4.07
For some reason there are 14 teams in the Big Ten. Can you name them?
Played: 28,797
Rating: 4.17
For each of the major pro sports leagues, name the 5 most guessed teams on their quizzes.
Played: 27,368
Rating: 4.23
Can you guess the schools that play in the Southeastern Conference - and their team names?
Played: 15,198
Rating: 3.78
Ironically, there are only 10 teams in the Big 12.
Played: 13,567
Rating: 4.05
At least the Pac 12 had the decency to change their name when they added more teams.
Played: 2,247
Rating: 5.00
Played: 2,124
Rating: 4.11
Played: 2,056
Rating: 4.25
Played: 1,048
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