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117,1542021-05-31 All Premier League Teams Ever
24,1302015-08-27 Top Box Office Stars Since 2000
22,7472020-12-08 All UEFA Champions League Teams Ever
21,9412021-07-23Manchester United Current Squad
16,6152021-05-24 UEFA Euro 2020 Quiz
8,2262021-07-12 England Euro 2020 Squad
7,6122020-10-11Manchester United Champions' League Final Winning Team 2008
6,3862020-10-12Mr. Brightside by The Killers - Lyrics
6,0642021-07-04All Premier League Managers Ever
5,5222021-07-14Manchester United's Title Winning Squad 2012/13
4,9672020-10-12Yesterday by The Beatles - Lyrics
4,8652021-05-28Premier League Winning Teams, Managers, Captains and Top Scorers
4,8352020-01-12Manchester United Quiz: Easy
4,5142021-05-26Basic Premier League Quiz
4,3072015-03-08Manchester United Players 2011/12
3,2632021-04-26English League Cup Winners
3,1902021-03-16All EFL Championship Teams Ever
2,6712021-05-28Premier League Top 6
2,6262013-11-25British TV Quizzes
2,5582014-05-20Manchester United Champions' League Final Winning Team 1999
2,5402015-02-08Let It Be by The Beatles - Lyrics
2,3972021-07-29Name the Author
2,3342015-09-02EA Sports FIFA Consoles
2,0792021-06-21All UEFA European Championship Teams Ever
2,0532021-05-27We Are The Champions by Queen - Lyrics
1,4672014-03-23Football Bacon Puzzle: Easy
1,2932014-03-01PFA Premier League Team of the Year 2013
1,2762014-03-02English Football Record Holders
1,2162019-12-22Manchester United Premier League XIs
1,2132021-01-08All UEFA Europa League Teams Ever
1,1902021-03-16All EFL League One Teams Ever
1,1072020-03-09Premier League General Knowledge #1
1,0542021-05-22France Euro 2020 Squad
1,0292016-08-31Missing Words in Country Names
9872014-03-01Premier League: Wins
9812013-09-08Imagine by John Lennon - Lyrics
9502014-03-01British Reality TV Shows
8972016-08-08Hey Jude by The Beatles - Lyrics
8472021-05-28All Relegated Premier League Teams Ever
8422021-05-22English Football Competition Sponsors
8362014-03-01British Panel Shows
8322014-04-02Most Premier League Goals for which Club?
8062021-05-24Germany Euro 2020 Squad
7782014-06-22Premier League Winning Nations
7702021-06-05All Countries Never To Qualify For A FIFA World Cup
7602021-07-14Italy Euro 2020 Winning Squad
7402017-11-162018 FIFA World Cup Countries
7212021-07-14Every UEFA Euro 2020 Goalscorer
6782021-05-23Manchester United Premier League Players
6672021-05-25All Serie A Teams Ever
6632014-03-31Most Premier League Goals in a Calendar Year
6472014-04-11Manchester United Top 20 Scorers
6142021-06-22Belgium Euro 2020 Squad
5952020-10-12I'm Yours by Jason Mraz - Lyrics
5862014-03-01All-Time Premier League Table
5752021-08-01Premier League Clubs' Record Signings
5742021-07-22Chelsea Current Squad
5622021-07-22Liverpool Current Squad
5452017-05-22Every Premier League Goalscorer for Manchester United
5402014-03-29Premier League: Players with Most Appearances for which club?
5302021-06-13Portugal Euro 2020 Squad
5282013-09-08Hound Dog by Elvis Presley - Lyrics
5222016-01-07Premier League Factfile 2015/16
5182020-03-09All La Liga Teams Ever
5072021-05-23Arsenal Premier League Players
5062021-05-23Liverpool Premier League Players
4902020-03-09Premier League General Knowledge #3
4862021-06-23Netherlands Euro 2020 Squad
4622020-03-09Premier League General Knowledge #4
4612021-05-23FA Community Shield Winners
4592015-05-03Premier League Quiz: Hard
4362019-12-16Current British Members of Parliament
4202021-02-22Chelsea Premier League Players
4182015-05-19UEFA Club Premier Divisions
4012021-05-23Manchester City Premier League Players
4002021-07-24Burnley Trivia
3992016-08-08Fast Typing of the QWERTY keyboard
3962020-11-30All Eredivisie Teams Ever
3902014-03-29Premier League's Oldest Goalscorers
3902021-06-02Spain Euro 2020 Squad
3882020-03-09Premier League General Knowledge #2
3832014-03-01Drake & Josh Characters
3672014-01-18Angry Birds
3522014-04-0490s Boy Band and Girl Band Members
3412015-12-07What a Wonderful World Lyrics
3392016-08-04Premier League Factfile 2016/17
3392015-11-30David Beckham Superquiz
3342014-03-01Backwards Alphabet
3272021-07-22Tottenham Hotspur Current Squad
3182020-03-09All Ligue 1 Teams Ever
3172020-01-072022 FIFA World Cup Quiz
3122019-12-10Premier League Golden Boot Winners
3102015-05-03Premier League Quiz: Medium
3092015-03-08Manchester United Players 2013/14
3022016-12-10Premier League Factfile: Manchester United
2902020-10-11Bundesliga Teams Quiz
2872021-07-22Manchester City Current Squad
2872014-04-04Premier League Teams 1998-99
2702021-06-02Croatia Euro 2020 Squad
2672014-04-04Premier League Teams 1992-93
2632013-09-07Tomorrow by Chris Young - Lyrics
2562021-07-30Arsenal Current Squad
2542021-05-23Tottenham Hotspur Premier League Players
2452019-12-18All Major League Soccer Teams Ever
2382014-03-01Backwards typing of the QWERTY keyboard
2372014-04-04Premier League Teams 1994-95
2342021-05-28Don't Stop Me Now by Queen - Lyrics
2342013-09-08Superstition by Stevie Wonder - Lyrics
2272013-11-24ABC by The Jackson 5 - Lyrics
2272016-12-10Premier League Factfile: Tottenham Hotspur
2252014-04-04Premier League Teams 1996-97
2152013-12-17The X Factor (UK) Superquiz
2142014-04-04Premier League Teams 1997-98
2042021-06-01Denmark Euro 2020 Squad
1992014-04-04Premier League Teams 1993-94
1992014-04-04Premier League Teams 1995-96
1972019-12-19Premier League Shirts Quiz
1922016-08-08Fast Backwards Typing of the QWERTY keyboard
1912021-06-02Austria Euro 2020 Squad
1862021-05-23Aston Villa Premier League Players
1852021-06-01Scotland Euro 2020 Squad
1832021-06-02Finland Euro 2020 Squad
1812016-12-09Premier League Factfile: Arsenal
1762021-06-02Poland Euro 2020 Squad
1692021-06-02Switzerland Euro 2020 Squad
1602014-04-03Occupational Surnames
1542019-12-23All Manchester United Managers Ever
1512021-05-23Everton Premier League Players
1392020-05-16Premier League General Knowledge #5
1282016-12-10Premier League Factfile: Chelsea
1272019-12-17Premier League True or False #1
1252020-10-10Premier League Footballers by Picture
1232021-06-02Czech Republic Euro 2020 Squad
1222017-11-22Africa by Toto - Lyrics
1182021-06-02Sweden Euro 2020 Squad
1182021-05-26English Football Clubs Ending in “City”
1162021-06-02Wales Euro 2020 Squad
1142021-06-02North Macedonia Euro 2020 Squad
1142021-06-02Hungary Euro 2020 Squad
1132021-06-02Turkey Euro 2020 Squad
1122021-05-23Newcastle United Premier League Players
1122021-05-23West Ham United Premier League Players
1092021-05-16Goalkeepers to Score in the Premier League
1022021-04-26European Super League Teams Quiz
992019-12-16UK Political Parties
992021-07-08UEFA Euro 2020 Top Scorers
962020-03-09Colours Speed Quiz
952016-12-13Premier League Factfile: Everton
922021-05-20Premier League Hall of Fame
882016-07-15FA Cup Winners by Year
882021-06-02Slovakia Euro 2020 Squad
882016-12-11Premier League Factfile: Aston Villa
872020-01-07PFA Teams of the Year 2000s
862016-08-04Disney Channel Characters and Actors
792020-11-25Premier League Ever-Presents
782021-05-23Leicester City Premier League Players
782021-05-27All Teams Never to Play in the Premier League
772014-04-06Premier League Teams 2013-14
762020-01-06Football in the 2000s
762016-12-10Premier League Factfile: Birmingham City
762020-01-06English Football in the 2010s
742021-05-23Leeds United Premier League Players
742020-01-06Football in the 2010s
732019-12-10Name that Premier League Manager
722019-12-22Premier League Sequences #1
722021-03-16All EFL League Two Teams Ever
712021-06-02Russia Euro 2020 Squad
712021-06-02Ukraine Euro 2020 Squad
702021-05-23Brighton & Hove Albion Premier League Players
672021-05-23Southampton Premier League Players
672021-01-08Guess The Lyrics. Name The Song. #1
662021-05-23Burnley Premier League Players
632020-01-06Football in the 1990s
632021-05-23Norwich City Premier League Players
622016-12-10Premier League Factfile: Cardiff City
612019-12-15Blackburn Rovers Premier League Players
582014-04-04Premier League Teams 2010-11
582021-05-23West Bromwich Albion Premier League Players
572021-05-24Bournemouth Premier League Players
562014-03-30Premier League Medallists Without an International Cap
552017-11-22Premier League Factfile: Fulham
542021-05-23Crystal Palace Premier League Players
532021-05-23Wolverhampton Wanderers Premier League Players
532020-01-07PFA Teams of the Year 1990s
522019-12-20All Manchester City Managers Ever
522020-11-26Football Clubs by Capital City
502019-12-15Portsmouth Premier League Players
502016-12-12Premier League Factfile: Crystal Palace
502019-12-14Hull City Premier League Players
492019-12-15Blackpool Premier League Players
482016-12-11Premier League Factfile: Blackburn Rovers
472020-01-06English Football in the 1990s
472021-05-23Fulham Premier League Players
472019-12-15Queens Park Rangers Premier League Players
472016-12-12Premier League Factfile: Coventry City
472016-12-12Premier League Factfile: Bolton Wanderers
462014-04-04Premier League Teams 2012-13
462020-01-06English Football in the 2000s
462019-12-18Stoke City Premier League Players
462014-04-04Premier League Teams 2008-09
462021-05-31Chelsea UEFA Champions' League Final Winning Team 2021
452019-12-15Nottingham Forest Premier League Players
452019-12-20All Liverpool Managers Ever
442021-05-23Sheffield United Premier League Players
442019-12-15Swansea City Premier League Players
432014-04-04Premier League Teams 2007-08
432014-04-04Premier League Teams 2009-10
422019-12-19Wagon Wheel Lyrics
422014-04-04Premier League Teams 1999-00
422021-03-09Correct the Lyrics #1
422017-11-22More Than A Feeling by Boston - Lyrics
412016-06-12Manchester United Players 2015/16
412019-12-15Bolton Wanderers Premier League Players
412014-03-02Premier League: Losses
412021-05-26Single-Word English Football Clubs
402021-06-042021 PFA Premier League Team of the Year
402014-04-04Premier League Teams 2011-12
402014-04-04Premier League Teams 2000-01
402019-12-14Middlesbrough Premier League Players
392019-12-15Sunderland Premier League Players
392021-07-04Current Premier League Managers
382014-04-04Premier League Teams 2005-06
372016-12-10Premier League Factfile: Blackpool
372019-12-15Birmingham City Premier League Players
372020-10-23Sports by Ball Quiz
362020-12-02Football Clubs beginning with A-D
362014-04-04Premier League Teams 2002-03
362014-04-04Premier League Teams 2003-04
362016-12-11Premier League Factfile: Bournemouth
362014-04-04Premier League Teams 2006-07
362014-04-04Premier League Teams 2004-05
362019-12-20All Aston Villa Managers Ever
362021-05-31Every Country Represented in the Premier League
352014-03-01British Activity-Oriented Shows
342014-04-04Premier League Teams 2001-02
342019-12-15Coventry City Premier League Players
342021-05-24Watford Premier League Players
342020-03-09Type the Colour Challenge
332016-12-12Premier League Factfile: Burnley
332020-11-25Premier League... or La Liga?
332021-05-26English Football Clubs Ending in “United”
322020-11-27Top Football League by Country
312019-12-20All Arsenal Managers Ever
312020-11-29Last Lines of Songs
312021-05-26English Football Clubs Ending in “County”
312021-05-24Football Clubs Managed by José Mourinho
302021-05-26English Football Clubs with a Unique Suffix
302017-01-11Premier League Factfile: Derby County
302021-01-08UEFA Members Quiz
292019-12-14Huddersfield Town Premier League Players
292019-12-19I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) by The Proclaimers - Lyrics
292019-12-20All Chelsea Managers Ever
292021-05-26UEFA Europa League Winners
292021-07-24Arsenal Trivia
292021-05-26English Football Clubs Ending in “Town”
282020-11-26Premier League... or Bundesliga?
282019-12-17British Universities Quiz
282019-12-14Ipswich Town Premier League Players
282019-12-15Cardiff City Premier League Players
272019-12-15Barnsley Premier League Players
262021-05-26English Football Clubs Ending in “Albion”
262021-05-24Football Clubs Zinedine Zidane Played For
262021-05-24Football Clubs Managed by Pep Guardiola
252021-05-24Football Clubs Sergio Agüero Played For
252021-05-24Football Clubs Wayne Rooney Played For
252016-12-12Premier League Factfile: Bradford City
242016-12-12Premier League Factfile: Charlton Athletic
242021-05-24Football Clubs Carlos Tévez Played For
242021-06-30Football Clubs Managed by Carlo Ancelotti
242021-05-24Football Clubs Luis Suárez Played For
232021-05-26English Football Clubs Ending in “Rovers”
232021-01-08AFC Members Quiz
232019-12-15Wigan Athletic Premier League Players
222021-05-24Football Clubs Managed by Sir Alex Ferguson
222021-08-01Chelsea Trivia
222021-05-26English Football Clubs Ending in “Athletic”
212021-06-30Football Clubs Managed by Rafael Benítez
212020-05-19One Name Footballers
202019-12-15Derby County Premier League Players
192020-10-11Serie A Teams Quiz
192019-12-15Bradford City Premier League Players
192021-05-26English Football Clubs Ending in “Wanderers”
192021-06-07Premier League Players at the 2018 FIFA World Cup
192021-05-24Football Clubs Gianluigi Buffon Played For
192021-05-24Football Clubs Kaká Played For
192021-05-24Football Clubs Managed by Arsène Wenger
182021-07-24Liverpool Trivia
182019-12-15Oldham Athletic Premier League Players
182021-01-08FIFA Members Quiz
182019-12-15Sheffield Wednesday Premier League Players
182020-12-04Word Scramble - Football Clubs
172020-12-04One-Letter Words by Language
162021-06-08Manchester United Legends
162016-12-10Premier League Factfile: Barnsley
162020-12-04Current Premier League Grounds
162021-05-24Football Clubs Managed by Louis van Gaal
152021-05-24Football Clubs Managed by Guus Hiddink
152021-05-24Football Clubs Managed by Sam Allardyce
152020-12-04Current UEFA Champions League Stadia
152021-06-30All Everton Managers Ever
152020-10-09Every Premier League Goalscorer (1993/94)
152019-12-15Wimbledon Premier League Players
142019-12-16Charlton Athletic Premier League Players
142019-12-15Reading Premier League Players
142019-12-15Swindon Town Premier League Players
142019-12-23Every Brad Paisley Album and Song
142020-05-16Premier League Players by Unique Initials
142021-07-30Barcelona Current Squad
142021-07-24Everton Trivia
142021-05-24Football Clubs Managed by Harry Redknapp
142021-05-24Football Clubs Managed by Fabio Capello
142021-05-24Football Clubs Managed by Roy Hodgson
142021-05-24Football Clubs Managed by Johan Cruyff
132021-08-01Aston Villa Trivia
122021-07-24West Ham United Trivia
122021-07-24Manchester United Trivia
122021-08-01Brighton & Hove Albion Trivia
122021-01-08OFC Members Quiz
122021-01-08CONCACAF Members Quiz
112020-10-11Eredivisie Teams Quiz
112021-01-08CAF Members Quiz
112021-05-24Football Clubs Managed by Sven-Göran Eriksson
112021-05-24Football Clubs Managed by Mark Hughes
112021-05-25Football Clubs Managed by Brian Clough
112021-05-24Football Clubs Managed by Claudio Ranieri
112021-07-30Real Madrid Current Squad
102020-10-10Every Premier League Goalscorer (1994/95)
92020-10-09Every Premier League Goalscorer (1992/93)
92020-10-13Every Premier League Goalscorer (1997/98)
92021-07-24Tottenham Hotspur Trivia
92021-07-29Crystal Palace Trivia
92021-05-24Football Clubs Managed by Martin O'Neill
92021-05-24Football Clubs Managed by Steve Bruce
92021-08-01Brentford Trivia
92021-07-30Juventus Current Squad
82021-05-24Football Clubs Managed by Sir Bobby Robson
82021-07-29Leicester City Trivia
82021-07-24Watford Trivia
82021-07-24Manchester City Trivia
82020-10-14Every Premier League Goalscorer (1998/99)
72020-10-12Every Premier League Goalscorer (1995/96)
72020-10-12Grand Old Opry Members Quiz
72021-07-30Atlético Madrid Current Squad
72021-07-24Newcastle United Trivia
72021-08-01Norwich City Trivia
72021-07-24Southampton Trivia
62021-07-30Inter Milan Current Squad
62021-07-24Leeds United Trivia
62021-01-08CONMEBOL Members Quiz
62020-10-12Every Premier League Goalscorer (1996/97)
52021-07-30AC Milan Current Squad
52021-07-24Wolverhampton Wanderers Trivia
42021-07-30Brighton & Hove Albion Current Squad
42021-07-28West Ham United Current Squad
32021-07-24Brentford Current Squad
32021-08-01Ajax Current Squad
22021-07-28Leeds United Current Squad
22021-07-24Aston Villa Current Squad
22021-07-27Burnley Current Squad
22021-07-27Crystal Palace Current Squad
22021-07-28Wolverhampton Wanderers Current Squad
22021-07-28Everton Current Squad
22021-07-28Norwich City Current Squad
22021-07-28Newcastle United Current Squad
12021-07-28Watford Current Squad
02021-07-28Southampton Current Squad