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Played: 71,840
Rating: 4.35
Professor Plum, Wrench, Conservatory. Can you guess these games based on a series of three short clues?
Played: 50,031
Rating: 4.13
Guess these "most-popular" board games, based on the hints.
Played: 49,530
Rating: 4.48
Can you name the squares on a typical American Monopoly board?
Played: 43,709
Rating: 4.44
Can you name the six different chess pieces?
Played: 43,558
Rating: 4.41
Name the characters, rooms, and weapons from the board game Clue.
Played: 40,180
Rating: 4.95
When you name a country, your score is increased by the Scrabble value of the country name. How many points can you get in 2 minutes and 30 seconds?
Played: 38,403
Rating: 4.34
A game of world domination that always ends in tears.
Played: 32,885
Rating: 4.43
Name the countries that have at least 3 players ranked in the top 100 of world chess.
Played: 32,484
Rating: 4.35
Can you name the squares on a typical British Monopoly board?
Played: 28,256
Rating: 3.80
Name the game tokens that have been used in the U.S. edition of Monopoly.
Played: 26,752
Rating: 4.13
Name these groups including chess pieces and Monopoly tokens.
Played: 23,812
Rating: 4.94
Connect the dominoes! Each of the domino pieces has the flag of one country, and the shape of another.
Played: 21,655
Rating: 4.34
Time for a match! In just 75 seconds, name where each chess piece would go a board.
Played: 14,790
Rating: 4.40
Fill in the American version of the traditional Monopoly board by selecting the correct highlighted property.
Played: 13,752
Rating: 4.40
Fill in the British version of the traditional Monopoly board by selecting the correct highlighted property.
Played: 13,676
Rating: 4.60
Can you guess these facts about the most popular board game of all time?
Played: 4,901
Rating: 4.09
Played: 3,498
Rating: 4.76
Played: 3,117
Rating: 4.11
Played: 2,527
Rating: 4.27
Played: 1,717
Rating: 4.58
Played: 1,634
Rating: 4.00
Played: 1,596
Played: 1,531
Rating: 4.25
Played: 1,494
Rating: 4.83
Played: 1,432
Rating: 4.43
Played: 1,191
Rating: 3.40
Played: 1,152
Rating: 4.38
Played: 1,149
Rating: 4.44
Played: 1,149
Rating: 4.80
Played: 1,093
Played: 1,076
Rating: 3.22
Played: 1,046
Rating: 4.75
Played: 1,012
Rating: 4.71
Played: 790
Rating: 3.17
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