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6982021-06-23Cities with Headquarters of International Organizations
5202021-08-13Most Capped Footballers for Germany(Men)
4372022-02-21What Movie is That Line From?
3732022-06-05Highest Goalscorers in Europes Top 5 Leagues 2021/22
3172020-10-17Most Expensive Football(Soccer) Transfers of 20/21
2892021-05-03Cities in Europe with the Worst Crime
2672022-03-06Most Capped Footballers(Soccer) for France
2132021-08-02Highest Goalscorers in International Football(Soccer) -- Men
2082021-11-29Most Capped Footballers for Brazil(Men)
1952020-08-10Most Capped Footballers for Italy(Men)
1942021-10-03Most Capped Male Footballers for Netherlands
1872021-07-22Most Capped Footballers for Spain
1852021-06-04Most Capped Footballers for Portugal
1762021-07-18Most Capped Footballers for Argentina
1582022-02-09Most Expensive Football(Soccer) Transfers of Season 2021/22
1472021-07-29Most Corrupt Countries in Europe
1382020-08-25Golden Ball Top 3 at FIFA World Cup for Men
1282020-07-17Best Education Systems in the World
1262022-07-16Largest Cities on Each Continent Beginning with 'A'
1252021-01-08Most Expensive Club Football(Soccer) Squads
1252020-11-25Football Clubs in Europe with the Largest Stadiums
1232021-07-19Most Corrupt Countries in the World
1212020-12-28Cities with the Highest Homicide Rates
1202021-05-27Top Goalscorers in Europe's Top 5 Leagues for 20/21
1192021-10-18Largest Cities on Each Continent Beginning With 'C'
1192021-01-05Biggest Cities in the World Ending in 'a'
1172022-04-10Most Expensive Football Squads in UEFA Outside Top 5 Leagues
1112022-06-24UEFA Women's Champions League Top 4
1092021-11-29Largest Cities in the World Ending in 's'
1062021-10-17Largest Cities On Each Continent Beginning With 'M'
1062021-10-17Largest Cities on Each Continent Beginning With 'B'
1062020-06-25Criminal Gangs/Organizations of the World
1042020-12-03Largest Cities in the World Ending in 'o'
1042022-02-12Largest Cities on Each Continent Beginning with 'S'
1012021-11-18Highest Goalscorers in European 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers
1002021-06-08Top Goalscorers At the UEFA EUROs
992020-10-27Highest All-Time Goalscorers in the Bundesliga
972021-11-01Largest Cities on Each Continent Beginning With 'D'
932020-10-15Most Capped International Footballers for Belgium
932020-09-04FC Barcelona Record Transfer Departures
922022-01-13Guess the Country From the 4th Largest City
922021-11-08Largest Cities on Each Continent Beginning With 'N'
902021-10-20Largest Cities on Each Continent Beginning with 'L'
902020-09-04Real Madrid Record Transfer Fee Arrivals
882021-11-29Largest Cities on Each Continent Beginning with 'K'
882021-12-23Largest Cities on Each Continent Beginning with 'P'
862021-08-10Highest Goalscorers in Womens International Football(Soccer)
852022-07-14Highest Goalscorers in International Football for Argentina
842020-09-23Football Clubs Highest Goalscorers
822021-10-05Largest Cities in the World Ending in 'n'
812021-01-08Most Capped Footballers for Denmark
812020-09-17Record Transfer Signings for Bayern Munich
812020-06-18Biggest Cities in the World that End in E
812021-03-10Last 15 Managers of FC Barcelona
802020-06-20Most Popular Sports in the World
802022-07-02Top Goalscorers in the Each Year of the UEFA Champions League
802022-02-06The 25 Largest Crops in the World
772021-11-21Largest Cities on Each Continent Beginning with 'V'
772020-11-29Highest Goalscorers in Champions League for Real Madrid
752020-07-18Countries By Prevalence of Cocaine Use
742021-08-20Most Valuable Free Football(Soccer) Transfers of Season 2021/22
732020-11-14Which Countries Drink the Most Coffee per Capita?
722022-01-19Largest Cities in the World that End in 'g'
722021-09-02Copa Libertadores All-Time League Table
722022-07-23Most Capped Footballers for Croatia
722021-10-25Largest Cities on Each Continent Beginning With 'E', 'I', 'O' or 'U'
712020-12-24The Conspiracy Theory Quiz
712020-10-17All Time Highest Goalscorers in La Liga
702021-10-24Largest Cities on Each Continent Beginning with 'W', 'X', 'Y' or 'Z'
692021-03-24World's Most Expensive Football(Soccer) Squads -- Extreme
662021-07-20All Country's to Win a Marathon Medal at the Olympics
652020-08-21All Teams to Finish Top 4 FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup
622020-10-01Highest Goalscorers in International Football for Brazil
622021-03-25Top Goalscorers in the Champions League for Bayern Munich
622021-08-09Manchester United Most Expensive Transfer Arrivals
612020-09-14Highest Paid Football(Soccer) Managers of 2019/20
612022-02-07Largest Cities on Each Continent Beginning with 'H'
612020-09-18Countries Contributing Most Troops to UN Peacekeeping
612021-12-08Largest Cities on Each Continent Beginning with 'T'
612021-12-21Highest Goalscorers at the FIFA World Cup by Country
592020-10-27Highest International Goalscorers for France
592021-11-10Highest Active All-Time Goalscorers in Europe's Top 5 Leagues
582020-12-22Which Countries Consume Most Beer Per Capita
582020-08-04Countries that are the Source of the Most Cyber Attacks
562020-08-30Most Capped Footballers for Mexico
552020-06-21Most Surveilled Cities in the World
542020-08-09Countries with the Most Foreign Players in La Liga
542021-04-26Name That Classic Movie
542022-01-15Largest Cities in the World that End in 'i'
542022-07-30Most Expensive Football Transfers From/To Brazil
532020-09-19Most Capped Footballers(Soccer) for Ireland
532020-09-16All Countries with Geothermal Energy Production
532020-11-29Busiest Airports in the Southern Hemisphere
522021-08-28Oldest Grand Slam winners in Tennis
522022-03-06Largest Cities in the World Ending in 'm'
522020-12-25Name the top 50 Linux Distros
522020-09-11Highest Goalscorers for Spain
522020-07-18Countries With Highest Rates of Cannabis Use
512020-11-20Highest Goalscorers in Champions League for Barcelona
512020-09-23Most Capped Footballers(Soccer) for USA -- Men
512021-08-16Least Corrupt Countries in the World
512020-10-31Name the Actor Who Portrayed these Famous People
512021-02-21Most Capped Footballers for Turkey
502020-09-07Most Capped Footballers for Uruguay
502020-08-01Countries with the Most Bicycles per Capita
502022-07-03Largest Cities in the World with 4 Letters or Less
502022-01-27Largest Cities on Each Continent Beginning with 'R'
502021-12-28Largest Cities in the World that End in 'r'
502020-10-04Brazilian Footballers Overseas -- Which Countries?
502021-08-18Transfer World Records in Football
502021-09-21Who has Scored 4 or More Goals in a Champions League Match?
492020-11-16Most Penalties in the Champion's League
492020-12-09Countries With the Most Foreign Players in Ligue 1
492022-01-26Famous Bald People
492021-02-18Atlético Madrid's Most Expensive Transfer Signings
482020-09-04AC Milan Record Transfer Departures
472021-06-16Most Capped Footballers for Poland
472020-08-15Countries with the Highest % of Energy from Renewables
472020-08-15Countries that Produce the Most Electricity from Solar Power
472021-06-23Clubs With the Most Players at the Copa America 2021
462020-12-20Most Appearances in the Champions League
462021-08-11Asian Countries with Highest Percentage of Christians
462021-05-07Most Capped International Footballers For Sweden(Men)
462021-05-13Highest All-Time Goalscorers for Germany
452020-08-18Most Capped Footballers for Colombia(Men)
452021-05-30Most Assists in Europe's Top 5 Leagues for 2020/21
452020-09-18Highest International Goalscorers for Italy
452020-10-03Most Capped Footballers for Nigeria
452021-04-06Highest Goalscorers in International Football for Portugal
442020-07-31Which Countries have the Best Computer Programmers
442022-06-29Most Capped Male Footballers for Australia
432020-10-06Most Loyal Players in Top 5 Leagues
422022-07-26Most Expensive Football Transfers From/To Argentina
422020-12-23Top Goalscorers in Champions League for Inter Milan
422020-12-18Countries That Consume the Most Rice Per Capita
422020-12-28Most Capped International Footballers for Japan
412020-10-10English Footballers Overseas -- Which Countries?
412020-08-11Countries that Export the Most Liquor
412020-09-21Most Expensive Football(Soccer) Transfers Before 2000
412021-05-27Most Appearances at the UEFA European Championships
412020-09-01Most Expensive Club Football(Soccer) Squads Outside UEFA
412020-08-23Teams With Most Goals in Europe's Top 5 Leagues 2019-'20
402021-07-24All Nations to Have Won a Medal in Football at the Olympics
402021-06-23Clubs With the Most Players at EURO 2021
402021-09-28Longest Train Journeys in the World
402020-08-24All Teams to Finish Top 4 FIFA Futsal World Cup
402021-08-21All Countries to Win Medals in Team Events at the 2020 Olympics
402022-01-05Largest Cities in Each Region of Asia
402020-07-18Which Countries Detect the Most Human Trafficking Victims
402020-07-17Most Cigarettes per Capita
392021-09-06Highest Goalscorers in International Football for the Netherlands
392021-09-27Largest Cities in South East Asia
392020-07-24Most Alcohol Deaths Per Capita
392020-06-06Richest Athletes in the World 2019
392020-10-22Most Expensive Football Leagues in the World
382020-08-17FIFA U17 World Cup Top 4
382022-05-23Most Assists in Europe's Top 5 Leagues in 2021/22
372020-11-28Most Capped Footballers for Serbia
372020-07-29Countries with Most Classical Music Awards
372022-08-10Countries With the Most Serial Killers
372020-12-24All Teams Played for by Samuel Eto'o
372021-01-28Managers With Titles in More Than 1 Top 5 League
372020-06-17Greatest Football Club Sides in History
372020-06-21Least Corrupt Countries in Africa
372020-11-20Highest Goalscorers in Champions League for AC Milan
372020-09-26Most Capped Footballers for Cameroon
362020-10-15Most Capped International Footballers(Soccer) for Chile
352020-06-07Australia's Largest Cities/Towns A-Z
352020-10-04Portuguese Footballers Overseas -- Which Countries?
352021-10-16Most Football(Soccer) League Titles by Country
342020-08-27Which Aussie Actor/Actress by Picture?
342020-08-13Which Countries have the Most Broadcast Television Stations?
342021-07-21World's Most Valuable National Teams in Football
342020-07-01The Worlds Best/Worst 15 Tax Havens
342020-11-22Most Capped Footballers for Ukraine
342021-03-29Most Expensive Footballers in World Under 21 Years
342021-07-30Name All Cities that have Hosted Football Matches at the Olympics
342021-01-01Countries that Consume the Most Fruit
342021-10-16All Nationalities of Players in Major League Baseball
332021-02-04Footballers With the Most League Titles
332020-10-11Croatian Footballers Overseas -- Which Countries?
332021-08-26Where is That TV Show Set?
332022-06-24Highest Ranked Football Nations A-Z
332020-08-31Famous Creative Artists Who Have Taken Ilegal Drugs
332021-07-16Oldest Ever Goalscorers at the UEFA EUROs
322020-12-15Most Valuable Players in the Champions League by Club
322020-07-27Countries with the Highest Rates of Car Theft
322020-12-06Highest Goalscorers in Champions League for Dortmund
322021-12-01World's Largest Cities in Overseas Territories
322022-03-31Highest Goalscorers in South American Qualifiers for World Cup 2022
322020-07-01Countries with Highest per capita Prison Population
322020-12-16Italian Footballers Overseas -- Which Countries?
312020-07-22Most Polluted Cities in the World
312020-07-02All Teams to Ever Play in the FIFA Women's World Cup
312020-10-06Guess the Writer From the Picture
312020-11-21Highest Ever Goalscorers in the Europa League
312020-11-09Football Clubs in the Top 5 Leagues with Smallest Stadiums
312020-08-08Countries with Highest Rates of Divorce
302020-10-23Performing Artists 'and' Their Band
302021-09-15Richest Criminals in History
302020-08-17Most Solar Power as a % of Total Energy Production
302021-09-25Countries With Most Football Managers Overseas
302020-08-01Countries with Highest Motorbike Use
302020-08-22Countries with Most Hydropower as a % of Total Energy
302020-07-27Cities in the World with the Worst Traffic Congestion
292021-08-30Youngest Ever Goalscorers in the UEFA Champions League
292020-08-19Countries with Most Deaths from Lung Cancer
292021-09-21Champions League Managers 2021/22
282020-12-24All Teams Ever Played for by Carlos Tevez
282020-07-24Least Alcohol Deaths Per Capita
282020-12-16Most Rd of 16 Losses in the Champions League
282022-08-06Most Expensive Football(Soccer) Transfers of Season 2022/23
282020-07-26Most Appearances in the FIFA World Cup for Men
272021-07-18All Nations to Ever Play in the Copa America
272022-08-12Most Expensive Football Transfers Ever by Nationality
272021-03-09Longest Serving World Leaders
272020-12-13Father & Son International Footballers
272020-12-20Famous and Distinctive Sporting Trophies
272020-11-11Most Capped Footballers for Russia
272021-08-26All Teams Ever Played for by Kevin-Prince Boateng
272021-10-12Top Ranked Nations in Football With a Foreign Manager
272020-11-21Highest Goalscorers in the Champions League for Ajax
272021-09-14Countries With Most Murders of Environmental Activists
262022-05-03Most Valuable Goalkeepers in the World
252022-06-25Highest Ranked Nations in Women's Football A-Z
252020-07-02Football(Soccer) Players with Poor Discipline
252022-02-02Most Capped Footballers From Europe & South America
252020-10-25Most Capped International Footballers for Cote d'Ivoire
252020-11-23Languages of the Greater Dandenong Region, Melbourne
252020-07-26Countries with Most Deaths from Skin Cancer
252020-08-04Which Philosopher by Picture
252020-10-11Most Capped Footballers(Soccer) for Ghana
252020-12-02Top Goalscorers in the Champions League for Atletico Madrid
242022-04-17Largest Cities on Each Continent Beginning With 'G' or 'J'
242022-07-10Largest Single Word Cities in the World with 10 Letters or More
242020-09-14All Teams Ever Managed by Claudio Ranieri
242021-10-02Best Ever Foreign Coaches in La Liga
242022-03-19Top Goalscorers in Europe's Top 6 Leagues for 2021/22
242020-11-05Least Corrupt non-OECD Countries
242020-12-18Countries That Consume the Most Sheep & Goat Meat Per Capita
232020-11-17All Finalists in the Asian Champion's League
232020-08-29Most Expensive Transfer Departures from Valencia CF
232021-08-28Asian Footballers in the Top 5 Leagues
232020-07-2710 Oldest Film Festivals in the World
232020-06-19Hexadecimal Number Quiz
232020-07-04Countries with No Budget Deficit
232020-08-11Countries that Import the Most Liquor
222021-02-14Top Goalscorers in the Champions League for Benfica
222022-06-20Highest Goal Scoring Defenders in Europe's Top 5 Leagues Season 21/22
222021-02-08Most Expensive Winter Football Transfers of 20/21
222022-02-08Top Goalscorers in AFCON 2022
222020-07-30Most Doctors Per Capita
222021-09-30Largest Tram/Light Rail Networks in the World
222020-09-04Valencia CF Record Transfer Arrivals
212021-08-26Hottest Cities in Australia
212022-05-31Highest Goalscorers in UEFA Club Competitions 2021/22
212020-07-29Most Police Per Capita
212020-11-04Mexican Footballers Overseas -- Which Countries?
212020-09-13All Teams Ever Managed by Guus Hiddink
212020-09-13Highest Goalscorers for Australia in International Football
212021-08-30Most Valuable Footballers Not In UEFA
212020-08-30Countries with Most Deaths from Coronary Heart Disease
212020-08-19World No. 1's in Sport
202021-01-03All Teams Ever Played for by Christian Vieri
202021-02-22Most Appearances in La Liga
202020-08-07Highest Goalscorers in Serie A 2019-'20
202021-02-11Where Did That Coup Take Place?
202020-10-31Teams in the Top 5 Leagues with Least Foreign Players
202022-01-08Highest Goalscorers in International Football for Belgium
202020-08-11Which Movies are these Characters From?
202021-09-29Top 5 League Clubs With Most Academy Players
202022-08-13Source of Most Foreign Players in Selected Football Leagues #1
202021-07-12Most Appearances in the CONMEBOL Copa America
202022-07-19Athletes with Most Olympic Medals in Athletics
202022-07-23Guess the Most Common Surnames in Different Countries #1
192020-08-30Countries with Least Deaths from Coronary Heart Disease
192020-08-28Top Scorers in La Liga 2018-'19
192020-09-14All Teams Ever Managed by Manuel Pellegrini
192021-07-16Songs About Places, or with Places in the Title
192021-06-29Famous Cameo Appearances on Seinfeld
192020-11-21Highest Goalscorers in Champions League for Lazio
192020-07-20Highest Goalscorers in La Liga 2019-'20
192021-07-20Most Olympic Medals in 2016 Relative to GDP
192021-06-09Australia's Top Earning Exports
182020-10-25Guess the Drummer From the Picture Provided
182021-05-02All Teams Ever Played For by Rivaldo
182021-10-12Football Leagues With the Most Foreign Managers
182020-09-02Youngest Monarchs of the 20th Century
172022-08-13Source of the Most Foreign Players in Selected Football Leagues #2
172020-08-03Most Corona Virus Tests per Capita
172021-09-23Highest Goalscorers in International Football for Uruguay
172021-08-27Coldest Cities in Australia
172020-11-13Prison Movies and TV Shows
172020-07-18Countries With Highest Opiate Use
162020-07-23Most Assists in La Liga 2019-'20
162021-12-14Longest Serving Female Heads of Government
162022-07-14Songs About Drugs or Alcohol
162022-04-05Highest Goalscorers in CONCACAF World Cup Qualifiers for Qatar 2022
162020-12-08The Greatest Actors You Never Heard Of
152022-03-01All Teams Ever Played For by Diego Costa
152021-09-04Most Grand Slam Doubles Titles
152022-06-25Majority Muslim Countries with a Women's National Football Team
152022-03-08Name All Members of the 'Alliance of Small Island States'
152022-06-22All Teams Promoted To/Relegated From the Top 5 Leagues in 2022
142020-09-25Youngest Teams in Europe's Top 5 Leagues
142020-07-08Sports Stars Turned Politicians
142021-08-14Countries with the Most Covid-19 Deaths per Capita in Each Continent
142020-07-23Countries by Prevalence of Amphetamine Use
142022-08-06Nations to Win Medals at World Athletics Championships 2022
142020-09-23Most Capped Footballers(Soccer) for USA -- Women
142020-07-25Holders of 1500m World Record Men
132022-03-03Most Capped International Footballers for Senegal
132021-08-13If ...... Were a Country, Where Would it Rank in the World
132021-02-02All Teams Ever Played For by Keisuke Honda
122020-07-24Countries with Highest Influenza & Pneumonia Death Rates
122020-07-08Worlds Most Generous Philanthropists
122020-06-13Films of Luc Besson
122020-10-05Countries with Median GDP per Capita
122021-10-12Athletics World Record Holders -- by Picture
122022-08-07All Gold Medalists World Athletics Championships 2022
122020-11-25Most Penalties in the Europa League
112020-12-07Most Capped Footballers(Soccer) for New Zealand
112020-11-20Highest Goalscorers in Champions League for Valencia
112021-08-15Countries With the Least Covid-19 Deaths per Capita for Each Continent
112021-06-04Reigning Domestic Football Champions Around the World
112021-06-01The Top Ranked National Club Competitions in UEFA
112020-05-29Binary Numbers Quiz
112022-05-29Most Valuable Players in the Copa Libertadores 2022
102021-02-17What Team do They Manage?
102021-01-10All Teams Ever Managed and Played For by Cesare Prandelli
102020-08-07Most Assists in Serie A 2019-'20
92022-06-14Australian Music From 1975-1995
92022-08-12Most Valuable Free & Loan Football Transfers Season 2022/23
92020-12-06Highest Goalscorers in Champions League for Mönchengladbach
92020-08-03Countries With the Least Corona Virus Tests per Capita
82020-11-21Highest Goalscorers in Champions League for CSKA Moscow
82020-11-18Defunct Australian Football Teams From All 4 Codes
62022-04-02Highest Goalscorers in Asian World Cup Qualifiers for Qatar 2022
62022-04-03Best Batters at the ICC Women's Cricket World Cup 2022
62021-03-15All Teams Ever Played for &/Or Managed by Sérgio Conceição
62021-02-23Last 15 Valencia CF Managers
52020-06-26Most Capped Footballers for Brazil(Women)
42022-04-06Best Bowlers at the ICC Women's Cricket World Cup 2022
32021-10-26Highest All-Time Goalscorers in the Australian A-League
32020-07-25Worst Discipline in La Liga 2019-'20
22020-06-27Most Capped Female Footballers for Australia