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Based on the picture, name the artist or the artwork.
Based on the picture, name the artist or the artwork.
Name the 25 countries that have the most cathedrals (including Catholic, Anglican, Orthodox, and other denominations). Each correct answer will complete a portion of the stained glass window
We give you their last name. Can you guess the first names of these famous painters throughout history?
Name the real and mythological people depicted in these paintings. One is impossible!
Based on the picture, name the artist or the artwork.
Can you name each artist, based on the names of two of their paintings or sculptures?
Can you answer these random questions about fine art?
Click the name of the artist who created each painting or print.
Try to guess where each of these is a variety of cheese or the name of an Italian painter.
Can you identify these celebrities as they were portrayed by pop artist Andy Warhol?
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52,710 First Names of Painters
50,004 Make a Stained Glass Window
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36,896 People Depicted in Paintings
22,961 Artists by Titles of their Works
22,782 Art General Knowledge
19,908 People Portrayed by Andy Warhol
19,765 Famous Painting to Artist Click Quiz
19,073 Cheese... or Italian Painter?
16,822 Head to Head - U.S. States
16,321 Famous Painters
14,580 Is... It... Art?
10,527 Famous Sculptures by Description
6,974 The Lost Paintings of Andy Warhol
4,039Top 101 Painters of All-Time
2,145Artist by Work
1,76720 Works of Art from AP Art History
1,751Ten Famous Paintings
1,740Solve the Secret Painter
1,589Country By Painting
1,572Famous Painting to Artist Click Quiz #2
1,553Fruits by Emoji
1,515Art Movements
1,461Famous Works of Art
1,358100 Different Fruits
1,312Artists by Last Name
1,253Famous Paintings - Picture Quiz
1,148Cities by Museum
1,013Artists by Pictures of Artwork 2
989Name the Artists
925Guess The Fruit - Picture Quiz
922Most expensive paintings
920Periods (Eras) of Classical Music
876Painters by Self-Portrait
872Art -isms
818Historical People by Paintings
769Painter by Paintings
720Geography by fruit
670Painting to Artist - Picture Multiple Choice
642Artists by Works - Picture quiz
637Artists by Pictures of Artwork 1
627Art Trivia: Painters Geography
587Guess the Artist
564American Celebrities Painted by Famous Artists
54732 Symbols Found in Ancient Caves Throughout Europe
533Famous (and Infamous) Typefaces
527Jetch A Sketch
421Artist by Work 2
312The Leonardo da Vinci Quiz
292Western Art Decoder
283220 Essential Works of Art
275Artist by Picture
247Famous Paintings by picture
227Architects by Work
220Vincent van Gogh Quiz
190Picture Quiz: Statues of Famous British People
155Picture Quiz: Statues of British Entertainers (Actors, Musicians etc)
134Apostles by Painting – El Greco
74British Artists and their Works
69Picasso's Names
68The 50 Most Famous Painters
40The Elements of Art
39Panic! At The Disco Cover Art Quiz
20Sculpture Vocabulary
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