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Times taken 1,109,522
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389,1902018-09-03 Fast Typing Test - 100 WPM Challenge
76,6522020-02-11 Least Populous Countries A-Z
71,2112019-12-22 Capital of What
57,2962020-01-01 Big Cats
56,8782012-07-15 Word Scramble - Colors
50,1342018-11-13 Major World Religions
45,7312014-01-28 Spell Check #1
36,9422019-12-14 Citrus Fruits
34,6672015-06-12 Plants as Key Ingredient
29,0482014-01-01 Spell Check #2
26,7342014-08-04 Country Boggle (ThirdParty edition)
25,8642017-03-07 Globe Grid
25,8602014-01-22 Cliches about What's Better
22,0672019-12-07 Mass Nouns
20,2922019-02-28 Multi-National Regions
18,6862014-04-21 Spell Check #3
18,6212013-06-04 Table of Pronouns
16,8232020-04-07 -É Vocabulary Words
14,0792013-05-11 The Sixty W's of Journalism
12,6932019-12-29 U.S. Political Parties in History
6,7592013-05-23 Vocabulary Words Ending in Silent T
6,2652019-12-12 Pirate Cliches
5,2712014-04-03 Traditional American Folk Song Lyrics
4,6652012-08-27Russian Alphabet
2,8092013-12-17E.U. Members in 30 Seconds
2,5452013-03-22Web Colors
2,1062014-07-14Scottish Words
1,9922014-03-10Spell Check #4
1,8492012-09-03English Verbs by Past Tense
1,5252013-01-18Capital of What #2
1,3722014-01-24Star Spangled Banner (Full Lyrics)
1,3252014-05-17Alliterative Groups of Things
1,2772013-04-05European Countries by Historical Dynasty
1,2602012-11-25The Legend of King Arthur
1,2442014-08-04Country Boggle (ThirdParty's #2)
1,1432012-12-02Birds of Prey
1,1352012-07-31Name that Greek Letter - Hard Version
1,0422013-06-24Chess Terminology
9092013-03-10Color Wheel
9092012-08-27Cities by Russian Spelling
8642013-01-03Large Animals: Living, Extinct, and Mythical
8132013-03-02Word Scramble - Deities
7252013-01-23History of the Atomic Age
6942013-04-26Capital of What #3
6902013-01-18Legal Idioms
6822014-06-05Most Common English Words by Letter
5912012-08-24Extended Latin Alphabet
5502014-06-21U.S. States by Clues Mentioning States
5442012-09-24Cities by Greek Spelling
5352014-08-09The Moon Quiz
5312013-06-11Give a Synonym
5002012-10-20North Sea & Celtic Nations + Demonyms
5002014-09-17Almost Country Names
4732013-02-16Ranks and Titles
4362012-06-25CIDE Vocabulary Words
3172012-07-24Animals by Phonetic Spelling
2922012-05-29Scientific Names of Domestic Animals
2912012-10-07Names of Large Numbers
2522012-08-26Cities by Greek Spelling #2
2072013-06-04Words Related to "Know"
1812014-02-27Natural Disasters (U.S.)
1672012-07-23Species Conservation Status Categories
1662014-09-28Opposites (Not Exactly Antonyms)
1452014-03-01British Kingdoms
1202013-05-20PINs and Passwords
1152014-03-23Science Quotes