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I'm delighted to try out the fancy new blogging features to write this post about logical fallacies.

In arguments and reasoning, many people make illogical assumptions and reach illogical conclusions, usually through something called a 'Logical Fallacy'. This can lead to both frustration and hilarity. Read here to learn more.

Species extinction can be unavoidable, sad, or even very very bad. But it is always interesting and useful to learn about extinction, here are a few examples of particularly intriguing cases of extinction.

Read the standing orders! READ THEM AND UNDERSTAND THEM!

Understanding infectious disease is key to overcoming it. The human race has faced many terrible pandemics, let's look at how some of the worst ones have shaped our understanding of disease.

As we endure the terrible COVID pandemic, let's take a look at how disease works and how the human race copes with disease.

Why aren't we discussing these??

"The best laid plans of mice and men gang aft agley"

What animals besides humans herd livestock? Who are nature's hitchhikers? Why are bats essential for tequila production? Read here to find out more.

I know how old I am on Earth, but what about on Jupiter?

Sometimes things work out opposite to how we plan.

Most countries have a president or king/queen, but some countries have something altogether different.

Some of the biggest funerals by attendance of all time. Who were they for and why were they so big?

Which countries spark the most arguments on Jetpunk?

All cats are wonderful, but today is a day to celebrate ginger cats.

Sometimes a chance encounter is the best kind of encounter. On an otherwise unexciting day I met a fascinating person who, in half an hour, really changed my way of thinking.

Ten benefits of the art (and science) of bell-ringing.