Nominated Quizzes - Page 5

# Quiz
8 Geography Tile Select Quiz: Asia
8 Georgia Counties Quiz
8 Gran Colombia And Present Day Countries
8 Guess Countries in the Mountains
8 Hercule Poirot Countries Visited Map
8 Indian States by Official Language with a Map
8 Influential Figures in European History
8 Jetpunk Badges Quiz
8 Jetpunk comments that cause a storm
8 KalBahamut's Travel Across Europe Quiz
8 Knights and Dragons Quiz (with a Cartoon)
8 La Liga Clubs on a Map
8 Locations of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World
8 Longest International Borders - Europe Edition
8 Longest Straight-line International Borders
8 Modern-Day Countries of the First Mexican Empire on a Map
8 Modern-Day Countries of the Macedonian Empire on a Map
8 Mountain Ranges of the World (hard)
8 Name a City - American Countries
8 Name a Valid Americas Country
8 Name a Valid Country in Each Continent
8 Name a Valid Letter
8 Name a Valid U.S. State #3
8 NATO Countries on a Map
8 Netherlands Municipalities Quiz
8 Normandy D-Day Beaches - Map Quiz
8 Northernmost and Southernmost Countries and Cities on a Map
8 Provinces of Indonesia (map quiz)
8 Provinces of the Philippines Map Quiz
8 Random Cities on the Map by Letter - B
8 Random Geography on World Map
8 Regions of Ancient Greece (with a map)
8 Russia Cities Map Quiz
8 Russian Geography on a Map
8 Semi and Fully Enclaved Countries
8 Song Lyrics: Revenge (Minecraft Parody) (Creeper, aww man)
8 States of Austria - Map
8 Stations on the Trans-Siberian Railway on a Map
8 Subdivisions of the Spanish Empire in 1572 with a Map
8 Swedish Counties Quiz
8 Territorial Evolution of the United States on a Map
8 Texas Rivers Map Quiz
8 The COVID-19 Pandemic Quiz
8 The Islam Quiz
8 The Standard Model of Elementary Particles
8 Top 100 European Football Teams
8 Top 100 Most Populated Countries
8 Top 15 celebrities with big well shaped Butt
8 Top Five Asian Countries by Category #1
8 Trace the coast of the world (Hard(no map))
8 Trees by Picture
8 U.S. State Capitals with a Unique Last Letter
8 Ultimate "Ville" Geography Quiz
8 US States & Territories in 1865 on a Map
8 US states bigger than the UK
8 Walk Across Countries! From Angola to Venezuela; you'll have to "swim" 5 times
8 Wash the World Map by nearby World Capitals and 1 Million Cities in 5 Minutes
8 Washington Counties Quiz
8 Win the “African Presidential Election”
8 World Cities Based on Location A-Z - #2
8 World Countries by 10 Category Elimination #3
7 "Second Best" General Knowledge
7 1,000 World Cities furthest from Larger City by Longitude Proximity
7 1,000 World Cities furthest from Larger City by Relative Proximity
7 10 Northernmost Countries in Europe
7 10 Random Megacities on the World Map
7 100 Biggest Cities in Poland on a Map
7 100k US Cities By Proximity On An Empty Map
7 15 Biggest Cities in the European Union (with a map)
7 1930 FIFA World Cup Results
7 1934 FIFA World Cup Results
7 1M+ cities of the world by letter - M
7 200 Biggest Cities in the World - name the Country
7 5 Biggest Cities In Each US State By Proximity
7 5 Biggest Languages by Country on the Map
7 5 Biggest Languages by Country on the Map #4
7 50 Most Populous Cities in Each U.S. State With a Map
7 500 biggest cities in Europe continent
7 90 secs Countries of the World: by same ending letter
7 A or B: Similarly Shaped Countries
7 A Square of Merged Countries #3
7 Administrative Divisions of Nazi Germany (with a Map)
7 African Capitals Mystery Route
7 African Countries with the Highest Percentage of Christians
7 All 10K+ Cities in the United States on a Map
7 All Census Divisions of Canada on a Map
7 All Cities & Towns (Villes) in Quebec on a Map
7 All Country Emblems of the World
7 All Olympics Host Cities on a World Map
7 All Slavic Languages (with a map)
7 All U.S. Supreme Court Justices Ever
7 Americas Countries with Large Cities
7 Animals Word Search
7 Baltic Sea General Knowledge
7 Big 12 Conference Team Logos Quiz
7 Biggest Asian cities on the Coast on a Map
7 Biggest Cities in Random Regions
7 Biggest Cities in the British Empire on a Map
7 Biggest Cities Not in the 20 Most Populous Countries
7 Biggest U.S. City in Each Square Degree
7 Bulgaria Country Quiz
7 Can You Name All Of One Direction's Songs?
7 Canadian Capitals - Map Quiz
7 Category Elimination - U.S. State Capitals
7 Category Elimination - US National Parks #2
7 Causes of Death on Mount Everest
7 Central America Flags Map Quiz
7 Cities by Other Cities in Urban Area Quiz
7 Cities in Squares on a Map - Asia
7 Cities in the Holy Roman Empire (with Map!)
7 Cities that Beat Tokyo
7 Cities that End in M by Clue
7 Clueless #19
7 Countries Bordering Mozambique (With an Empty Map)
7 Countries by Elevation Range
7 Countries by First and Last Two Letters in Five Minutes
7 Countries by Unique Letter Pairs #1
7 Countries Closest to Kazakhstan
7 Countries Closest to Poland
7 Countries of Europe in 1810 with a Map
7 Countries of Oceania with an Empty Map
7 Countries of South America With a Disappearing Map
7 Countries of the Americas in 1820 (with Map!)
7 Countries of the British Isles in 867
7 Countries of the World - Three Minute Sprint
7 Countries or Capitals of the World: whichever comes first Alphabetically
7 Countries starting with symbols from The Periodic Table #1
7 Countries that Beat Kazakhstan
7 Countries that Beat Nauru
7 Countries that depict their own flags on their flag
7 Countries with 5 or more cities over a million population
7 Countries with an Equal Number of Consonants and Vowels
7 Countries With Longest Railways
7 Countries with the Longest Coastline Bordering Each Other
7 Countries with the Most Northern Southern Point by Continent
7 Countries with Transgender Recognition
7 Country Flags with a Rubik's Cube #2
7 Country Shapes Hidden in the Sky
7 Country Shapes in the Map of Africa #2
7 Country Shapes in the Map of Africa #3
7 Decade in Review: 2010-2019
7 Empty Pixelated Europe Map
7 English Football League Clubs 2020/21
7 Europe Map with 8 Extra Borders
7 European Geography Trivia with a Map
7 Every 250K+ City In Russia On A Map
7 EVERY North Island Settlement on a Map
7 EXTREME Name a City - European Countries
7 Fill the World Map by Top Left Quarter of Country Flags
7 First-Level Subdivisions by Random 1M Cities
7 Five Biggest Cities by Subdivision on a Map
7 Five Biggest Island Countries by Continent
7 Five Most Guessed Country Flags by Continent
7 Five Most Populous Capitals by Continent
7 Flags of Europe by Horizontal Stripes
7 Flags of the Countries that Start with D
7 Flags of the Countries that Start with H
7 Formula 1 - Countries and Drivers with most wins
7 Geography by Letter on the Map of Europe - A
7 Geography by Letter on the World Map - J
7 Geography by Letter on the World Map - N
7 Guess Countries by Only First Letters and Lengths
7 Harry Potter Decoder
7 Head to Head - U.S. Presidents
7 History by Letter - X
7 Hungary Country Quiz
7 Iberian Peninsula Geography Quiz
7 Iceland... or Ireland?
7 Independent Countries NOT FIFA Members
7 Islands Divided Between Several Countries
7 Largest Cities in the Baltic States on a Map
7 Largest City by Country A-Z
7 Least Populous Country by First Two Letters
7 Letters on a Keyboard - Map Quiz
7 Mediterranean Islands Map Quiz
7 Merged Country Flags #1
7 Municipalities of Slovenia with a Map
7 Name a Valid City by Location
7 Name a Valid Country on Each River
7 Name an Official Currency A-Z
7 Name any Canadian City on the Empty Map
7 National Animals of Every Country
7 Nationality of Titanic passengers
7 NBA Players by Last Name
7 Non-EU European Countries
7 Oceania Flags Map Quiz
7 Official Names Of Every Country in the World
7 Pixelated World Map - Single Pixels Only
7 Poorest Countries Bordering Each Other
7 Prefectures of Japan Map Quiz (Highlighted Version)
7 Presidents that Beat Theodore Roosevelt
7 Project Octotune-Felix Quiz
7 Provinces of Italy, with a Map
7 Random Difficult Flag to Country
7 Random Sequential Asian Capitals on a Map
7 Random Sequential Elements on the Periodic Table
7 Random Sequential European Capitals on a Map
7 Random Solar System Trivia
7 Random Trivia By Country
7 Rebus Puzzles (Dingbats) - Picture Quiz #2