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5 Biggest Cities in Countries Starting with 'B'
5 Biggest Cities in Former Yugoslavia
5 Biggest Cities in Massachusetts on a Map
5 Biggest Cities in Random Regions
5 Biggest Cities in the British Empire on a Map
5 Biggest Cities in the French Colonial Empire on a Map
5 Biggest Cities in the Golden Banana
5 Biggest Cities in the Spanish Empire on a Map
5 Biggest Cities in Western Europe - Extreme
5 Biggest Cities Starting with the Same Letter as their Country
5 Biggest Country by Body of Water #2
5 Biggest U.S. Cities in Random Circles
5 Biggest World Cities by Letter - F
5 Board Games by the Objective
5 Bordering Countries Beginning With the Same Letter - No Hints!
5 Byzantine (Eastern Roman) Emperors
5 Can you name every Survivor winner?
5 Can You Name These 50 Random World Capitals?
5 Can you Save the Alhambra's Lost Treasure?
5 Capital Cities by Country - Random Order
5 Capitals AND Countries That Start With C
5 Capitals AND Countries That Start With E, Q, U, W, Y, or Z
5 Capitals AND Countries That Start With L
5 Capitals of Asia - One Minute Sprint
5 Cartoon Characters by Silhouette #1
5 Category Elimination - Asian Cities
5 Category Elimination - Megacities
5 Central-most Countries
5 Chemist's Code- Countries
5 Chinese Zodiac Picture Quiz
5 Cities and Towns in Scotland Map
5 Cities in Squares on a Map - Asia
5 Cities in Squares on a Map - United States
5 Cities in the Colorado River Basin on a Map
5 Cities on Interstate 5 on a Map
5 Cities Over 1M People in 1920
5 Cities With Over 100K People
5 City Decoder #3
5 Closest Country by City #1
5 Counties of Ohio
5 Countries and Capitals by First and Last Letter
5 Countries and Capitals of the World - Hardest Edition
5 Countries and World Capitals by First Two Letters in Two Minutes
5 Countries Based on a Portion of Their Name #1
5 Countries Bigger than Alaska or Smaller than Rhode Island
5 Countries Blacked Out - World Map
5 Countries Bordering India
5 Countries Bordering Mali With Map
5 Countries Bordering Uganda on a Map
5 Countries by Largest % (Percentage) of Population in their Capital City
5 Countries by Road Signs
5 Countries Closest to Norway
5 Countries Closest to X
5 Countries Currently at War
5 Countries Ending in A
5 Countries Hidden Inside a Sentence
5 Countries In-Line with Australia
5 Countries of Eurasia with a Map
5 Countries of the Russian Empire
5 Countries of the World by First Two Consonants
5 Countries of the World without the Letter "A" on a map
5 Countries that Beat Luxembourg
5 Countries that Beat Nigeria
5 Countries that End in AN
5 Countries that Start with M - Shape Quiz
5 Countries visited by Tintin on a world map
5 Countries Where the Capital is not the most Populous City
5 Countries which are more Developed than their Neighbors
5 Countries with IKEA on a Map
5 Countries With Multiple Capitals
5 Countries With Territory in Oceania (with empty map)
5 Countries With The Highest Literacy Rates
5 Countries with the Longest Coastline Bordering Each Other
5 Countries with the Most Contamination from Chernobyl
5 Countries With the Northernmost Southernmost Point-No Europe
5 Countries with the Word "And"
5 Countries without an E
5 Country Flags with Circles - Picture Quiz
5 Country Shapes in the Map of Africa #3
5 Country Shapes Multiple Choice
5 County towns of England (with map)
5 Decade in Review 2010-2019
5 Draw Map of Africa by naming Countries along the Coast
5 Embarrassing Chapters in US History, Part 5 (2011-2018)
5 Emperors of the Holy Roman Empire and of Austria.
5 Empty European Map without 10 Random Countries
5 Empty Pixelated Europe Map
5 European Countries.
5 European Geography Trivia with a Map
5 Every City in Alaska on a Map
5 Every Oscar-Nominated Actress
5 Fast Typing - Moving Words
5 Five Biggest Cities By European Country
5 Five Biggest Countries by Area and Population by Continent
5 Five Biggest Countries by Continent - advanced version
5 Five Busiest Cities by Airports by Continent
5 Five Countries with the Most Traffic-Related Deaths by Continent
5 Five Least Bordered Countries by Continent
5 Five Most Populated Countries in 2100 by Continent
5 Flags of Countries that Border China in Alphabetical Order
5 Flags of National Subdivisions
5 Flags of the Countries that Start with K
5 Flags of the Countries that Start with U
5 Flags of the World by Horizontal Stripes
5 Former Flags of Europe Map Quiz
5 Four Letter Geography A-Z #3
5 France Quiz on a Map
5 Fruits: No Vowels #2
5 Geography A-Z #6
5 Geography Answer Chain Quiz #1
5 Geography Answer Chain Quiz #2
5 Geography by Letter on the World Map - J
5 Geography by Letter on the World Map - O
5 Georgia Counties Quiz
5 Germany World Cup 2014 squad
5 Guess Countries by Only First Letters and Lengths
5 Highest Paid NBA Players 2020–2021
5 Hiragana Practice
5 History Quiz: Which Came First?
5 Hogwarts and Environs - Map Quiz
5 How many times can you type A M E R I C A in 15 Seconds?
5 I Can Guess Your US State (Remake)
5 India by Picture
5 Influential Figures in European History
5 JetPunk Bingo
5 JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Stands Quiz (Parts 3-8)
5 KingEureka's Ultimate Trivia Quiz #1
5 La Liga Winners
5 Landlocked Countries with a Map
5 Largest cities on the Atlantic Coast on a Map
5 Least Guessed Countries by Letter
5 Letter A Geography Chain - Pro
5 LGBT Sexualities
5 Longest Straight-line International Borders
5 Madagascar Country Quiz
5 Major Landmasses on Pangea - Map Quiz
5 Malawi Country Quiz
5 Map of the Americas with Random Merged Countries
5 Merged Country Names
5 Merged Premier League Badges
5 Modern Day Countries of the First Mexican Empire on a Map
5 Modern Day Countries of the Frankish Empire on a Map
5 Modern-day countries of the Swedish Empire on a Map
5 Most Bordered African Countries
5 Most Liked Comments on Jetpunk
5 Most Peaceful Countries
5 Most popular names for baby girls in Germany
5 Most Populated U.S. States by Decade
5 Most Populous US County In Each State
5 Most Spoken Languages that Don't Use the Latin Script
5 Motorways of England and Wales - Map Quiz
5 Movies A-Z
5 Musical Acts by Letter - H
5 Name a Country A-Z
5 Name a Valid Body of Water
5 Name a valid country
5 Name a Valid Country - Easy Edition
5 Name a Valid Player for Every 2018 FIFA World Cup Team
5 Name all the countries that...
5 Name an English Football Team A-Z
5 Name any Canadian City on the Empty Map
5 Name the Gulf or Bay from a Clue
5 NBA Big Three
5 NBA Teams by City
5 Neighbouring Countries with smallest combined area
5 NFL Team Passing Leaders - Extreme
5 North Sea Countries on an Empty Map
5 Odd Picture Out - Geography
5 Old Brand Logos Quiz #1
5 Overwatch Characters (All Heros)
5 Oxford Dictionaries Top 1000 English Words - 115 Are 3 Letters Long Or Shorter
5 Parts of an Animal Cell with a Map
5 Physics A-Z
5 Pictures by Letter - X
5 Poland-Lithuania as partitioned into today's countries
5 Poorest Countries Bordering Each Other
5 Provinces of Sweden on a Map
5 Provinces of the Kingdom of Prussia in 1914 (with a Map)
5 Random Countries by Morse Code
5 Random Countries by Phonetic Name
5 Random Satellite Image Quiz!
5 Random World Country Dots - Empty Map Quiz
5 Rebus Puzzles (Dingbats) - Picture Quiz #1
5 Reflected Country Triplets
5 Reflexive Fast Typing
5 Regions of Greece - Map Quiz
5 Rhodesia Quiz
5 Second Largest Cities by European Countries: Map Quiz
5 Select All of the Countries that Border...
5 Sequential European Rivers and Cities
5 Sequential US Rivers and Cities
5 Serbia or Croatia?
5 Shapes of Caribbean Countries Quiz
5 Short-Lived Former Flags of Modern-Day Countries
5 Smaller European Cities That You May Know
5 Songs by Picture Quiz #3
5 South American Capitals by Map
5 Space Race : USA or USSR?
5 Stations on London Tube Map Quiz
5 The 14 Most Median-Sized Countries of the World with a Map