Latin America Quizzes

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The easiest of our continental map quizzes.
Fill in the map of Central America and the Caribbean.
Can you name the capitals of all 12 countries in South America?
Can you name all 7 Central American countries?
Mexico has 31 states. How many can you name?
Can you name the 10 countries that share a land border with Brazil? (One is tricky)
Guess the location of these tiny islands in the Caribbean!
Can you guess each highlighted South American capital on the map?
Name the countries, territories, and overseas regions that border the Caribbean Sea.
Fill in the map of Latin America by correctly guessing each highlighted country.
Fill in the map by clicking the name of each highlighted Mexican state.
1,252,391 South America Map Quiz
786,162 Central America and Caribbean Map Quiz
358,883 South America Capitals Quiz
121,792 Central American Countries
105,591 States of Mexico
103,881 Countries Bordering Brazil
103,045 Caribbean / Lesser Antilles Map Quiz
100,560 South American Capitals - Map Quiz
85,072 Caribbean Countries and Territories
79,778 Latin American Countries Map Quiz
77,414 Mexico States Map Quiz
75,130 Brazil Country Quiz
73,474 15 Largest Cities in South America With a Map
66,571 Countries of South America with an Empty Map
54,737 Mexico Country Quiz
50,086 Hispanic Last Names in the U.S.
49,772 South America Flags Map Quiz
48,959 States of Brazil
48,292 Biggest Cities in Latin America Quiz
45,494 Argentina Country Quiz
41,394 Biggest Cities in Brazil
41,380 Cuba Country Quiz
39,327 Countries that Beat Brazil
38,342 Countries That Visit Brazil The Most
37,717 Peru Country Quiz
35,971 Which South American Country?
34,474 Which City in Latin America?
33,228 South American Geography Quiz #2
30,837 Argentina... or France?
30,324 U.S. State Capitals Closest to Mexico
30,229 Brazil States Map Quiz
29,974 Mexico True or False?
29,771 Chile Country Quiz
29,289 Brazil Cities Map Quiz
28,573 Colombia Country Quiz
28,152 Haiti... or Dominican Republic?
27,875 South American Geography Quiz #1
27,262 Mexico Cities Map Quiz
24,761 Haiti Country Quiz
24,422 Uruguay Country Quiz
23,438 All First-Level Subdivisions of South America on a Map
23,368 Venezuela Country Quiz
23,227 Jamaica Country Quiz
22,972 Paraguay... or Uruguay?
22,101 Ecuador Country Quiz
21,809 South American Cities on the Map
21,223 Costa Rica Country Quiz
20,864 Biggest Cities in Mexico
20,756 Biggest Trading Partners - Colombia
20,185 Nicaragua Country Quiz
19,842 Bolivia Country Quiz
19,732 Saintly Islands of the Caribbean
19,418 Panama Country Quiz
19,181 Word Chain - South America
18,887 Paraguay Country Quiz
18,776 Guatemala Country Quiz
18,125 El Salvador Country Quiz
17,676 Honduras Country Quiz
17,320 Dominican Republic Country Quiz
16,683 Guyana Country Quiz
16,545 Trinidad and Tobago Country Quiz
16,340 Antigua and Barbuda Country Quiz
16,242Provinces of Argentina
15,659 Belize Country Quiz
15,255 Barbados Country Quiz
15,007 South American Physical Geography
14,934 Suriname Country Quiz
14,665 Dominica Country Quiz
14,168 Places Mentioned in the Song "Kokomo"
14,119 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Country Quiz
14,043 Grenada Country Quiz
13,880 Saint Kitts and Nevis Country Quiz
13,784 Saint Lucia Country Quiz
13,748 Largest Caribbean Islands
12,537 Peru True or False?
12,090 History of Mexico
12,008 Mexican Foods
11,036 Famous Caribbean People
10,827 Famous Mexicans Quiz
10,602 Biggest Cities in Colombia Quiz
10,534Every South American Country Shape
10,385South America Flags
10,052 Argentina Multiple Choice
10,025Brazil World Cup Squad 2014
9,579 Puerto Rico Trivia
9,519Departments of Colombia (with a map)
9,182 South America A-Z
8,903 The Dictator Files: Fidel Castro
8,425Latin America Countries Map Quiz
8,353Caribbean Countries
8,133Municipalities of Puerto Rico (with a map)
8,105 Famous People from South America
8,025Argentina 2022 FIFA World Cup Winning Squad
6,312100 Biggest cities in Mexico on a map
6,123Brazil 2022 FIFA World Cup Squad
5,930Geography by Letter on the Map of South America - A
5,915Departments of Guatemala
5,860South American Capitals
5,401Football Players by Picture #5 - Brazil
4,771Regions & Departments of Peru on a Map
4,614Carribean Countries Quiz
4,587Football Players by Picture #11 - Argentina
4,567States of Venezuela (With a Map)
4,504Countries and Capitals of South and Central America
4,468 Largest Virgin Islands
4,399Brazil Football Team World Cup Starting XI
4,382Countries of South America by borders in 15 seconds
4,143Geography by Letter on the Map of South America - B
4,096Provinces of Cuba With Map
4,061Central America Flags Map Quiz
4,028Caribbean Capitals
3,918How Many Carribean Island Countries Can You Name In 15 Seconds
3,781 Islands of the Galápagos
3,781Provinces of Ecuador
3,531Presidents of Brazil
3,492Brazil 2018 FIFA World Cup Squad
3,432Regions of Chile (With a Map)
3,386100 Biggest Cities in Brazil on a Map
3,321100 Biggest Cities in South America With a Map
3,241Departments of El Salvador (With a Map)
3,107Modern-Day Countries of the First Mexican Empire on a Map
3,107Departments of Uruguay
3,094Modern-Day Countries of Gran Colombia on a Map
3,083Countries Closest to Chile
3,035Top 20 Brasilian goal scorers in Champions League
3,010Brazilian State Capitals
2,960Partidos of Buenos Aires
2,915Argentina Football Team World Cup Starting XI
2,931Departments of Nicaragua
2,912Brazilian soccer players scoring during the World Cup
2,874Territorial Losses of Bolivia with a Disappearing Map
2,850Countries Closest to Brazil A-Z
2,829Biggest Cities in Argentina
2,814Countries that Beat Mexico
2,776Departments of Bolivia With a Map
2,656Flags of Countries That Border Brazil
2,594Liga MX Teams (Mexican Soccer League)
2,575South American Countries in Alphabetical Order
2,574Provinces of Costa Rica
2,560Biggest Cities in South America - Extreme
2,542Central America Countries - Shape Quiz
2,511Colombia Country Quiz
2,509Brazil - True or False
2,453Countries of the Caribbean with Capitals
2,413200 Biggest Cities in Brazil
2,375Districts of Belize With Map
2,320Territorial Evolution of Brazil on a Map
2,295Brazil World Cup 2002 Squad
2,292Mexico State Capitals Quiz
2,278Countries that have beaten Argentina at FIFA World Cup (football)
2,263Countries Closest to South America A-Z
2,225Name the 32 Departments of Colombia
2,226Top 50 south American soccer players
2,218Departments of Paraguay (With a Map)
2,215Parishes of Jamaica With Map
2,201Caribbean Islands (difficult)
2,143Provinces of the Dominican Republic on a Map
2,137Argentina 2018 FIFA World Cup Squad
2,086Central American Capitals and Countries
2,077Countries with Territory in the Caribbean Sea (with empty map)
2,050Profile of Brazil Quiz
2,004Countries Closest to Barbados
1,984Argentina Immigration by Country
1,947Capitals of Latin America
1,922Countries that Beat Argentina
1,913Biggest metro areas in Mexico
1,889South America Map Quiz - 15 Second Sprint
1,854Every 1,000,000+ South American City on a Map
1,844American and Mexican States on the U.S./Mexico border With an Empty Map
1,839Colombia Departments Capital Cities Quiz
1,847Provinces And Indigenous Regions Of Panama On A Map
1,786Caribbean Islands Map Quiz
1,762Teams that Lionel Messi Has Played For
1,734FIFA Club World Cup Winners
1,726All 50k+ Cities in Argentina with a Map
1,741Regions of Honduras on Map
1,691Capitals of the Carribean
1,662Win the Brazilian Colony Party by Guessing States
1,665Districts of Suriname on a Map
1,596Countries Closest to Jamaica (with a map)
1,596Latin American Cities over 1 Million Population
1,594Countries of South America With a Disappearing Map
1,583Brazil by Picture
1,549Flags of South America
1,534Brazilian Football Champions
1,519Presidents of Argentina
1,477Countries Closest to Colombia
1,480Most Guessed South American Countries on JetPunk
1,476Countries and Territories of the Lesser Antilles (with map)
1,474Largest Cities In Peru
1,473Central American Capitals On A Map
1,457Random Sequential Lesser Antilles Territories on a Map
1,449Biggest Cities/Metro Areas in Chile Quiz
1,442Mexico by Picture
1,439100 biggest cities in Central America on a blank map
1,434Countries Closest to Bermuda A-Z
1,422Flags of Caribbean Countries
1,395Chile Country Quiz
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