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39,4772018-12-26 Countries with the Highest Population Under Age 15
36,9112018-11-30 Most Over and Under Populated Countries
27,7782019-07-30 Top Arms Exporting Countries
26,0142019-07-24 Countries with the Highest Population 65 and Older
24,5772020-11-19 Top Arms Importing Countries
18,4362019-04-12 Most Visited Countries by JetPunkers
17,1592020-03-19 Electromagnetic Spectrum
10,5662017-03-10Countries along the Afro-Eurasia coast
8,8652018-09-13 Countries with the Lowest Percentage of Arable Land
3,8922020-11-12 Apple Mac OS X Codenames
3,0812020-02-16Countries with 5 or more cities over a million population
3,0102013-07-16Countries bordering the Soviet Union
2,7712019-04-28 Android Versions
2,5512014-02-15US States along the coastline and border
1,9862014-06-30Airlines operating the Kangaroo route
1,8772018-08-22Lonely Planet Top 200 Cities Map Quiz
1,5262020-05-24Most Isolated Cities with Over 1M Population
1,4322013-11-20Cities that are named "City"
1,2002016-09-14Top 10 most developed countries in Africa
1,0572015-05-13Countries with multiple borders between them
1,0072020-07-19Top 20 Country Subdivisions by GDP
9592017-12-022018 World Cup Teams by Population
8712019-11-16Hong Kong city quiz
8602013-07-19Capitals on the border
8192017-07-01Country of Birth of Australians
8172020-09-27Capital Relocation
8162013-08-23World Major Political Parties
7962016-07-31Places called "New"
7562016-08-23Top 10 Countries in the Past 10 Summer Olympics (by Total Medals)
7192016-09-10Countries where Christmas is not a holiday
7062014-04-04Top Baby Names in Australia 2013
6972020-01-13Countries where homosexual acts are illegal
6972018-04-03World Largest Inland Cities
6732016-09-10Countries with the Highest Percentage of Arable Land
6662020-05-03Latin American Cities over 1 Million Population
6642020-05-03Former USSR Cities over 1 Million Population
6532020-10-11One slam wonders since 2010
6492014-06-08Countries with multiple coastlines
6482016-03-03Former colonies & enclaves in China 中國租界及殖民地
6422017-12-08Top 10 Gay Cities in the World
6152017-07-01Languages spoken at Australian homes
6052016-01-10Country Flags with 3 Vertical Stripes - DIFFICULT
5922015-11-25Major terrorist attacks since 2000
5692016-01-08Country Flags without Symbols - DIFFICULT
5682020-08-25Global Cities ranking biggest movers
5672020-06-03Chinese cities ending with "zhou" 中國「州」市
5612016-08-23Top 10 Countries in the Past 10 Summer Olympics (by Gold Medals)
5572019-02-22Map of Europe with Country Flags
5552020-05-03Indian Cities over 1 Million Population
5472016-03-04Chinese Airline Hub Cities 大中華區樞紐機場
5372019-11-09Tennis ATP 1000 - Finals Beside the Big 4
5292014-03-07Top 10 Airlines
5272020-05-03African Cities over 1 Million Population
5072020-01-26Skytrax 5 star airlines
5062015-01-14Countries with the Largest Muslim Minority
4892016-09-10Countries with Death Penalty on Drug Trafficking
4872020-07-28World largest urban areas by population in 2020
4772020-04-26Country Flags with 3 Horizontal Stripes - DIFFICULT
4532016-03-18Cities by Satellite Images
4452015-10-29Top 10 Urban Areas by Language
4362018-02-27Countries from Chinese Pinyin
4192020-02-15黨鐵車站地圖 Hong Kong MTR Map Quiz
4162020-05-03South East Asian Cities over 1 Million Population
4142020-09-03Cities with More Than One Top 100 Universities
4052019-10-17Country with only one city over million population
4032013-08-19Countries from Chinese Pinyin 2
3932020-04-30Best Cities in the World
3902017-06-13Countries with Direct Scheduled Flights to/from Australia
3872013-07-042013 World's Best Cities according to Travel + Leisure
3792019-09-04Countries named "Guo" (國) in Chinese
3652020-05-01Countries Dominated by One City
3472015-11-26Top 5 Trading Partners of G20
3362020-05-03West Asian Cities over 1 Million Population
3272017-05-05Scheduled Direct Flights between American and Chinese Cities
3252018-01-13Demographics of Sydney - People born overseas by region
3232014-11-05Animal in Chinese (you don't need to know Chinese)
3162013-09-24Chinese Numbers
3102014-04-06Australian Universities Group of Eight
3092015-11-19Island capitals of non-island countries
3022017-05-05Scheduled Direct Flights between EU and Chinese Cities
2922013-07-20Province/Territory/State bordering Ontario
2842016-03-04Map of North America with Country Flags
2822014-02-15Countries with similar names
2792019-12-14Map of Africa with Country Flags
2682015-05-30Country Name with Silent Letter
2662016-08-21Best Performing Country by Sport at Rio 2016 Olympics
2652014-06-05Highest ranking teams not qualified for World Cup 2014
2652016-03-03Historical Chinese Capitals 中國歷代首都
2642016-03-04Map of Asia with Country Flags
2612017-06-29Top 10 Non-English Languages of Melbourne
2612018-04-21Longest Flights by Airports
2612019-06-25Failed Olympics bids
2612013-11-22Foreign Relations of China
2602020-05-03Korean & Japanese Cities over 1 Million Population
2562013-10-20English words of Chinese origin
2432020-02-16Hong Kong MTR Lines 黨鐵路綫
2342017-06-28Top 10 Non-English Languages of Sydney
2322014-06-18European Capital of Culture
2312015-03-07Minor European Languages
2282019-08-17China, Taiwan or Hong Kong?
2252013-05-09Countries by cigarette consumption
2232019-05-10Visa-free access to the Schengen Area (Europe)
2222016-03-03Map of Latin America with Country Flags
2222017-10-10Country Shapes If Separatists Got Their Ways
2192016-03-17Island Countries by Satellite Images
2132017-08-10Countries with over half of urban population concentrated in a single city
2112014-07-03Countries and territories where nuclear explosions occurred
2052017-10-30Hong Kong MTR stations with English names
2012020-08-25Global Cities 2020 with map
1982020-11-22Tennis ATP Finals - Qualified Beside the Big 4
1982013-05-23Country that possesses the dependent territory
1982017-11-17Highest ranking teams not qualified for World Cup 2018
1952017-05-05Scheduled Direct Flights between Australian and Chinese Cities
1922018-04-03Largest Non-Capital Cities
1872020-08-09100 Largest Cities (according to different sources) Map Quiz
1862016-01-04The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
1852019-08-01Map of the East Caribbean with Country Flags
1852016-03-03Chinese places containing N/E/S/W 中國東南西北省市
1842016-03-03Royal House of China 中國歷代帝皇姓氏
1772018-01-13Demographics of Melbourne - People born overseas by region
1742016-03-05Governors of Hong Kong 香港總督
1742013-08-01Countries that are called "Democratic" in their official names
1732020-06-03Sub-provincial cities in China 中国副省级市
1712020-04-07Largest Economies outside G20
1702020-07-28Top 10 Urban Areas by Region
1672019-08-26One Syllable Cities
1672014-09-16Singapore MRT stations with English names
1632016-05-29Five major classical languages
1612019-09-29Neigbouring Countries with Similar Population
1602015-12-31Flags of Autonomist and Secessionist Movements
1582021-01-09Most Viewed Chinese Songs on Youtube 十大華語歌
1572013-07-19Coastal Capitals
1552019-01-13Best African Passports
1532020-05-01City Rivalries between the 2 Largest Cities of the Country
1522020-05-03Chinese Cities over 1 Million Population
1522016-09-06Country Chain by Half-Size Area
1512016-11-18US Presidential Election - Most Consistent States since 1964
1492018-04-28Non-Stop Scheduled Flights from Canada with Exception
1462016-09-10Countries with the Highest English Proficiency
1462015-03-15Countries by State Religion
1432016-03-03Cities in the Pearl River Delta 珠三角城市
1432015-03-06Places that are Geographically and Culturally/Politically on Different Continents
1402019-09-29Overwhelming Neighbour Countries by Population
1392014-09-09Most Populated Dependent Territories
1372019-09-29Least Populous Neighbouring Country
1362019-02-25Countries/Territories I Visited (cuotak) - with pictures
1342020-02-02Tennis Players with Wins Against the Big 4 in Grand Slam
1332019-11-12Almost Bordering Countries
1332014-10-14The 2 Closest Neighbours of Island Countries (East Atlantic & Indian Ocean)
1332014-07-26Most centrally located capital cities
1322017-12-30Cities By Metro Map
1312020-06-20台北捷運車站地圖 Taipei Metro Map Quiz
1282018-12-27Europe Non-Capital Cities Map Quiz
1272017-11-26Countries that ever have female leader (with map)
1262014-11-05Currencies named Dollar
1252016-09-10Countries within Another Country's Extreme Points
1252020-08-2250 Largest Cities in Europe
1242020-01-12Routes of the Worst Air Disasters Since 2010
1242018-09-25台灣地圖 Taiwan Map Quiz
1212018-04-21Non-Stop Scheduled Flights from South Africa with Exception
1182020-01-3110 Best City Beaches in the World
1172016-03-04Basic concepts of Buddhism 佛教基本教義
1172018-01-14Demographics of Melbourne - Language spoken at home by region
1162016-01-08Country Flags without Symbols
1142013-05-04Countries with limited recognition
1132017-10-08Russia Asian Cities Map Quiz
1132018-04-21Non-Stop Scheduled Flights from Australia with Exception
1122017-07-09Australian Country of Birth by Continent for each Capital City
1122018-04-21Non-Stop Scheduled Flights from Brazil with Exception
1112017-11-25Asian Countries with Poor Relations with Their Neighbours
1112020-06-28Random Asian Cities Map Quiz
1102017-03-11Cities with the Busiest Airports Relative to Size
1092017-05-22Translate These Countries from Esperanto into English
1082019-10-15"Do Not Travel" Countries for Chinese Citizens
1082019-11-07Chinese Language Map Quiz
1062013-12-04Companies by the richest people in the world
1062019-07-31Countries on GDP Pixelated Map
1062017-08-21Country Flags Predominantly in One Colour
1052017-02-26International Organisations By Map
1052016-03-03Chinese History - Period of Separation 中國分裂時代
1052019-02-22Closest Non-Bordering Country of All 196 Countries
1042016-03-302018 FIFA World Cup AFC Qualifying Round 3
1032020-01-26Countries With Only One International Airport
1022019-09-16Countries Never Visited by JetPunker
1022014-12-11Most Densely Populated Countries over 10,000 sq km
1022018-12-23Northernmost Cities Map Quiz
1012018-02-06Islands with Cities over 1 Million Population
1012018-01-23Different Spelling of Chinese Surnames
1002020-09-12Sydney Train Network Map
1002019-07-29Countries on Population Pixelated Map
972020-01-26Best Airlines by Alliances
972018-12-23Former USSR Cities Map Quiz
962014-02-07US cities on state borders
962019-06-26Largest African Cities A to Z
962020-06-28Random African Cities Map Quiz
952013-09-05Countries that have never been in the UN Security Council
952018-06-28World Cup group stage winners
952018-09-27香港地圖 Hong Kong Map Quiz
942014-06-22World Cup 2014 teams with foreign coaches
942018-01-29Cities with the Most Expensive Property Price
942017-06-22Countries with Overseas Military Bases
922020-07-13Caribbean Islands Map Quiz
922018-12-22China Cities Map Quiz
892017-05-16Countries with High Speed Rail
892020-05-09All 1M Cities in 1950 Map Quiz
882013-08-24Top 10 countries by land area
882020-05-09All 1M Cities in 1970 Map Quiz
862017-07-09Demographics of Sydney - Country of Birth Exceptions
862018-01-13Demographics of Brisbane - People born overseas by region
862014-10-13The 2 Closest Neighbours of Island Countries (Asia Pacific)
862020-08-25Global Cities A to Z
852017-07-11The Most Religious & Non-Religious Ethnic Groups in Australia
852016-04-15American Cities Along the East Coast
842019-04-28Largest Indian Cities A to Z
822017-03-01Top 10 Countries by Map
802019-10-19European Subdivision Map Shape
792019-08-01Map of Oceania with Country Flags
792017-11-19Countries where Diwali is a public holiday
782018-02-27Northernmost Summer and Southernmost Winter Olympic Cities
782013-10-19Common law jurisdictions
772020-01-04Largest North American Cities on a Borderless Map
762016-06-09Largest Cities by Languages
762020-05-19Large Cities with Fastest & Slowest Growth Rate
752016-03-04UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites in China 中國世界文化遺產
752020-01-05Largest African Cities on a Borderless Map
752018-07-31Most Populous Subdivision by Country
732020-05-23Nearest Cities with over 5 Million Population
732018-01-14Demographics of Sydney - Language spoken at home by region
732018-01-30Cities with the Most Expensive Property Rent
722018-03-05Most and Least Powerful Passport by Continent
722017-10-05Southernmost Cities Map Quiz
712020-08-2250 Largest Cities in North America
712020-05-23Cities with Population Decrease
712019-05-19First Country to Allow Same-Sex Marriage by Continent
702015-09-20Cities Furthest Away from Their Capitals
702020-04-14Random Cities on Europe Map
702017-08-29Airports Furthest and Nearest to City Centre
702020-01-15Cities that End in "E" Map Quiz
702019-03-17Australian Country of Birth by Religion
702018-01-13Demographics of Perth - People born overseas by region
692017-06-12Active tennis players with at least one win against the Big 4
692019-04-17Largest Chinese Cities A to Z
692018-07-18World Cup 2018 - Teams gaining most FIFA ranking points
692017-01-07Stateless Nation
692019-01-26Non-Island Countries with Most Island Area
692015-05-02Australian/New Zealand Cities by Suburbs
692015-10-05Cities with Longest Working Hours
692015-09-23Flying Between Capitals of Neighbouring Countries and Crosses More Than One Other Countries
682020-07-31Top 5 Cities by UN Geographic Regions
682020-04-26Country Flags with 3 Horizontal Stripes
682020-01-15Cities that End in "O" Map Quiz
682020-07-16广州地铁车站地图 Guangzhou Metro Map Quiz
682015-04-07Multinational Organisation Headquarters
672020-01-19Cities that End in "N" Map Quiz
672017-12-01World Cup seeding
672016-11-06Chinese Cities in Cantonese
672015-05-12Cities of the Same Name
662017-08-09New Megacities in 2030
662020-01-20Cities that End in "S" Map Quiz
662017-06-30Sydney Suburbs Where English Not Mostly Spoken
662018-04-06Top 10 Exporters by Product
662018-03-10City by Contemporary Architecture Picture Quiz
662020-06-28Random South American Cities Map Quiz
662020-06-28Random European Cities Map Quiz
662015-02-03Countries named "Ya" (亞/亚) in Chinese
652020-05-23Nearest City Pairs
652020-09-17Grand Slam Top Seeded Players
652019-04-12Famines since 1980
652014-10-16The 2 Closest Neighbours of Island Dependencies (North Atlantic & Arctic Ocean)
642020-01-17Largest South American Cities on a Borderless Map
642020-06-28Random North American Cities Map Quiz
632020-02-15Hong Kong MTR - new stations planned or under construction 計劃及建設中的黨鐵站
632020-08-2250 Largest Cities in Southeast Asia & Oceania
632020-01-26Wuhan Airport International Flight Destinations
632020-08-2250 Largest Cities in Rest of Asia
632018-09-26上海市地图 Shanghai Map Quiz
622018-01-13Demographics of Adelaide - People born overseas by region
622018-07-29TripAdvisor 2018 Travellers' Choice Top 25 Destinations in the World
622016-09-07Country Code not derived from English Name
612018-03-16Microstates by Picture Quiz
612018-09-23广东省地图 Guangdong Map Quiz
612020-04-14Random Cities on Africa Map
612018-12-23India Cities Map Quiz
602017-06-17Countries with Borders Dominated by Another Country - DIFFICULT
602020-01-04Largest European Cities on a Borderless Map
602018-09-26北京市地图 Beijing Map Quiz
602020-01-26Best Non Alliance Airlines
592018-12-27West Asia Cities Map Quiz
592020-09-04Top Universities in Asia Pacific
582016-03-03Founding emperors of Chinese dynasties 歷代開國皇帝
582013-08-01Country of which official name is the same as its common name
572013-09-21Countries/Territories contributing to typhoon names
572014-03-18Largest Island by Country
562020-05-24Cities where the Nearest City is on Another Country
562020-02-29Nationality of UN Secretaries-General
562014-11-27Countries named "Ba" (巴) in Chinese
562019-05-19Eurovision Song Contest: Runner-up Since 2000
562019-07-29Countries on Population Pixelated Map #2
562017-06-18Countries with Borders Dominated by Another Country
552020-01-18Cities that End in "A" Map Quiz
552014-08-02Next in Sequence
552020-09-10Capitals of the Most Important Country Subdivisions
552020-08-2250 Largest Cities in Africa
552017-07-30Countries with Border Entirely Over Water
552020-07-26Largest Cities in European Union
542016-04-16North & South American Cities Along the Pacific Coast
542014-10-16The 2 Closest Neighbours of Island Dependencies (South Atlantic & Indian Ocean)
542018-06-10Countries in the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO)
542019-10-02Top 5 Trading Partners with Exceptions
542019-07-26World GDP Pie Chart
542018-08-30Most Livable Cities 2018 Map Quiz
532016-03-23Flag Carrier without Country in Its Name
532020-08-2250 Largest Cities in South Asia
532018-02-15Horizontally Symmetrical Country Flags
522019-01-12Most Powerful Passports by Visa-Free Area
522019-11-11Country vs Subdivision Population
522016-03-03China Coastal Cities 中國沿海城市
522019-10-29Largest Cities without Metro
512013-10-02Major cities with the most stop-start traffic
512019-06-26Hong Kong Top 10 Private Housing Estates 香港十大屋苑
512017-08-27Seoul Capital Area Map Quiz 수도권
512016-03-03Premier of the People's Republic of China 中国国务院总理
512014-12-11Smallest Countries over 10,000 sq km
512018-12-27Africa Non-Capital Cities Map Quiz
512017-06-07Most Valuable Global Brands in 2017
492018-12-06Countries with 2 Largest Cities Furthest Apart
492014-12-03Island Cities
492015-06-20Countries by the Highest Peaks
482015-03-06Largest City by Island
482015-05-30Countries with Same Name in English and French
482017-03-13Large Cities with the Least Air Passenger Traffic
482020-06-10Mediterranean Seas Map Quiz
482020-02-25Airlines named after City
472020-10-05Scientific Units Named After Inventors
472018-03-13Chinese Dynasty by Map Quiz
472014-10-16The 2 Closest Neighbours of Island Dependencies (Caribbean)
472017-07-08Australian Suburbs with Most Same Sex Couples
472016-02-11Longest Great Circle Line Within a Country
472015-12-25National Parks in Sydney
462020-11-18All 1M Cities in 2000 Map Quiz
462015-07-21Largest Satellites and Dwarf Planets in the Solar System
462018-03-15Happiest & Unhappiest Countries by Continent
462015-02-11US States in Chinese
462020-06-02Where is Santiago?
462020-01-12"Burg" City Map Quiz
452020-05-02Random Cities on Asia Map
452021-01-18Random Oceanian Cities Map Quiz
452017-03-31Cities from Literal Meaning
452017-11-03Gay Games Host Cities
452018-01-05Pair of Countries with 4 Common Bordering Countries
452019-08-02Flag Map of Territories
452020-05-18Overtaking Cities in terms of Population
452019-10-22Southeast Asia Islands Map Shape
452014-02-27Fortune Global 100 companies name containing a place name
452015-05-29Low Cost Airlines in Asia Pacific
452020-08-2250 Largest Cities in South America
442016-03-07Chinese Chess Pieces 中國象棋
442021-01-26Countries with Highest Per Capita COVID-19 Death Rate
442018-01-14Demographics of Brisbane - Language spoken at home by region
442020-08-2250 Largest Cities in East Asia
442019-02-03Hong Kong Buildings Picture Quiz
442020-06-28Countries Hosting World Cup Events
442018-09-23江苏省地图 Jiangsu Map Quiz
442014-10-14The 2 Closest Neighbours of Island Countries (West Atlantic)
432018-09-19Countries With Outlying Islands
432019-10-29Smallest Cities with Metro
432020-12-15All 1M Cities in 1960 Map Quiz
432018-01-14Demographics of Adelaide - Language spoken at home by region
432019-10-07Countries with Smaller but More Populous Neighbour
422020-05-15New 1M Cities in 2020 Map Quiz
422016-01-03Countries by Largest Island
422020-01-26Skytrax Top 10 Airlines
422019-04-18Countries along the Danube
422020-04-14Random Cities on North America Map
422020-01-04Largest East Asian Cities on a Borderless Map
422019-01-10Countries Offering The Least Visa-Free Access
422020-05-23The Next Nearest 5 Million+ Cities Chain Game
412020-01-16Cities that End in "I" Map Quiz
412016-09-06Country code same as first 2 letters of country name
412016-03-03Country Parks in Hong Kong 香港郊野公園
412018-09-24辽宁省地图 Liaoning Map Quiz
412015-05-16Urban Agglomerations
412018-01-14Demographics of Perth - Language spoken at home by region
412016-03-12Countries Bounded by Rivers
412018-12-22Latin America Cities Map Quiz
402016-11-23Country with Closest Capital on Different Continent
402019-09-06APEC Summit Host Cities
402016-03-04Taipei City Districts 台北市區
402020-07-05Sydney Metro Stations
392018-09-23河北省地图 Hebei Map Quiz
392017-11-27Neighbouring But Not Bordering Countries
392018-07-14Hypothetical Qualifying Teams for World Cup 2026
392016-12-01Human Freedom Index 2016
392019-07-26World Population Pie Chart
382017-06-16Types of Natural Disasters
382017-05-08Most Densely Populated Islands over 10,000 sq km
382020-07-22City by University
372019-02-03Singapore Buildings Picture Quiz
372019-07-28Population Pixelated Map
372019-08-30Cities along the Americas Coast
372017-06-16Airline Alliance Founding Members
372017-02-02Freedom in the World 2017
372018-09-20Non-Bordering Countries Sharing Borders Over Water
372017-05-16Countries with Head of State Born Outside the Country
362018-09-24黑龙江省地图 Heilongjiang Map Quiz
362018-09-23安徽省地图 Anhui Map Quiz
362020-06-09Arctic Seas Map Quiz
362018-06-28World Cup 2018 Group Match by Combined Population
362020-11-25Countries with a Population Pyramid
362020-09-19Airline Logo Map Quiz
362017-06-04Countries with the most "Border" quizzes on JetPunk
362018-09-23山东省地图 Shandong Map Quiz
362017-12-30Countries with One Born Every Minute
352019-07-10Continental Multi-Sport Event Host Cities
352020-07-25Cities with a US Consulate (with map)
352016-04-20African Cities Along the Coast
352014-10-15The 2 Closest Neighbours of Island Dependencies (Pacific Ocean)
352019-04-10Hong Kong Hospital Map Quiz 香港醫院
352020-05-22New 5M Cities in 2030 Map Quiz
342020-07-28Largest Cities in Economic Community of West African States
342020-05-24Largest Non-Capital Cities Where The Closest Capital Is Not Its Own
342020-03-14Stopover with the Shortest Distance Travelled
342018-09-23浙江省地图 Zhejiang Map Quiz
342019-08-22Top Men Tennis Players Residing in Monte Carlo
332017-03-30Australian & Canadian Sub-Divisions by Shape
332017-03-30Chinese Provinces by Shape 中國省份形狀
332018-12-10Shrinking Cities
332020-09-04Hong Kong Immigration Control Points Map Quiz 香港出入境管制站
332019-07-18Airports with Automatic People Mover
332020-07-27Largest Cities in Francophonie
332020-04-14Random Cities on South America Map
332018-08-17Capitals of Country Subdivisions #2
332018-09-12Proposed Names for Macedonia
332018-09-26西藏地图 Tibet Map Quiz
332021-01-09Most Viewed Cantonese Songs on Youtube 十大粵語歌
332020-07-15Capitals of Colonial Africa in 1913
322020-07-13Indonesian Islands Map Quiz
322019-09-10Random African Cities by Wikipedia Description
322017-09-27Countries with Ceremonial Head of State
322015-10-05Big Mac Index 2015
322018-09-26新疆地图 Xinjiang Map Quiz
322018-03-10Chinese Cities by Picture
322020-10-20European Cities that I've Visited Picture Quiz
322018-09-23福建省地图 Fujian Map Quiz
312020-08-01Covid Epicentre per Country
312018-09-23湖南省地图 Hunan Map Quiz
312021-01-07Closest Capitals Reciprocally
312016-11-29US President Previous Public Service
312019-09-07Random Chinese Cities by Wikipedia Description
312020-05-09All 1M Cities in 1980 Map Quiz
312020-02-16Top 3 Largest Cities by Letter According to Citypopulation
312020-04-14Random Cities on Oceania Map
312019-05-01Newest Capital
312019-01-13Most Powerful Passports by Visa-Free Surplus
312018-09-23湖北省地图 Hubei Map Quiz
312019-11-20Cheng-Yu Cities Map Quiz 成渝城市群
302019-04-10Hong Kong Higher Education Institutions Map Quiz 香港大專院校
302019-02-22Capitals Closer Than Its Own #2
302019-05-01Furthest Capitals between Bordering Countries
302016-03-03Chinese Cities by Districts 中国市辖区
302017-11-04UN Climate Change Conferences
302020-07-13Philippines Islands Map Quiz
302020-07-27Largest Cities in Community of Portuguese Language Countries
292018-09-25青海省地图 Qinghai Map Quiz
292018-09-27海南省地图 Hainan Map Quiz
292017-08-14Furthest Cities with over 5 Million Population
292018-08-11Capitals of Country Subdivisions
292017-10-09Non-sovereign territory Olympic committees
282020-07-26Largest Cities in Commonwealth of Nations
282018-09-25广西地图 Guangxi Map Quiz
282019-04-18States along the Mississippi River
282018-09-23江西省地图 Jiangxi Map Quiz
282020-01-18Cities that End in "U" Map Quiz
282018-09-23河南省地图 Henan Map Quiz
282021-01-26Countries with Highest Per Capita COVID-19 Infection Rate
282019-10-22Canadian Islands Map Shape
282018-09-24内蒙古地图 Inner Mongolia Map Quiz
272019-09-14Random Latin American Cities by Wikipedia Description
272020-07-05Sydney Light Rail Map Quiz
272019-09-09Random South Asian Cities by Wikipedia Description
272020-05-10All 1M Cities in 1990 Map Quiz
272015-10-15Father of the Nation
272018-09-24吉林省地图 Jilin Map Quiz
272018-09-26四川省地图 Sichuan Map Quiz
272018-12-24Southeast Asia Cities Map Quiz
262017-09-22倉頡字根 Cangjie Radicals
262018-09-23山西省地图 Shanxi Map Quiz
262019-01-03China Cities Map Quiz 2
262015-10-23Ball Sports from Chinese literal meaning
262018-09-23云南省地图 Yunnan Map Quiz
262016-01-05West Indies cricket team
262021-01-26Best Performing Countries Against Covid-19
262020-02-23UNESCO World Heritage City Picture Quiz
262020-02-14Closest Country to Random City
262018-05-05Border by Picture
262021-01-17European Airports Map Quiz
262013-10-12Astronomical Numbers
252019-08-28Cities along the Afro-Eurasia Coast
252019-09-16Random Asia Pacific Cities by Wikipedia Description
252017-03-17The N/E/S/Westernmost Major Cities by Country
252017-03-15Korean Cities in Hanja
252017-09-27Countries with Long Place Name
252019-04-01Countries Visited by One JetPunker Only
252020-06-08Great Lakes Cities Map Quiz
242020-07-26Largest Cities in Arab League
242020-09-16Country Subdivisions with Most COVID-19 Deaths 16/9/20
242019-10-15Indian State Map Shape
242020-10-20North American Cities that I've Visited Picture Quiz
242019-01-11Countries By Visa-Free Access Exceptions
242020-09-18Perth Train Network Map
242020-04-05US States by Bordering Countries
242017-03-29Chinese administrative divisions by population
242018-09-23甘肃省地图 Gansu Map Quiz
242019-11-10Largest Connected Islands
242019-11-27New York Buildings Picture Quiz
242021-01-26Death from Wuhan Pneumonia (COVID-19)
232018-03-08Nearest City Pairs in Different Countries
232014-09-20Top 10 largest IPOs of the world
232020-07-25Cities with a Japanese Consulate (with map)
232020-01-05Largest Central/South/West Asian Cities on a Borderless Map
232016-11-24Continental Country with Closest Capital on Non-Bordering Country
232020-01-09Countries with Decade Volcanoes
232020-05-15New 1M Cities in 2010 Map Quiz
232020-07-29Country with Island Subdivision
232020-05-24Largest Non-Capital Cities (Country or Subdivision)
222020-07-25Cities with a French Consulate (with map)
222018-09-23陕西省地图 Shaanxi Map Quiz
222019-04-28Volga River City Map Quiz
222020-08-26High Sufficiency Cities
222019-08-04Flag Map of Territories #2
222020-07-29Largest Border Cities
222014-07-17City by Smart Card Ticketing System
222020-05-01Top 3 Largest Cities by Letter According to Demographia
222020-06-03Chinese Cities by Former Names
222016-04-23Australian Cities Along the Coast
222016-03-03Simplified to Traditional Chinese 繁簡對照/繁简对照
222020-06-10Country by Random List of Seas
212020-06-28Cities Hosting International Sporting Events
212020-05-29Europe Map Quiz in Cantonese Syllables
212019-05-01Closest Capital on Non-Bordering Country of All 196 Countries
212017-03-31Cities in Microsoft Time Zones
212019-09-04Chinese History Map Quiz
212020-07-28Largest Cities in Central American Integration System
212016-04-08Highest-grossing films in China / 中国内地最高电影票房收入
212019-04-28Ganges River City Map Quiz
212019-05-15Mississippi River City Map Quiz
212019-01-19South American Countries on Population/Area Chart
212019-12-29Civil Unrests, Movements and Protests in 2019
212019-01-02Australian City by Newspaper
202016-03-03Chinese Subdivision Abbreviation 中國省市簡稱
202020-01-04Largest Oceania Cities on a Borderless Map
202019-08-17Largest Cities in Native Script
202020-07-13Southern Islands Map Quiz
202020-07-25Cities with a Russian Consulate (with map)
202016-04-16Chinese Cities Along the Coast
202020-06-04Indian Cities by Former Names
202017-11-27Neighbouring But Not Bordering Countries - DIFFICULT
192018-05-05Capitals Closer Than Its Own #1
192020-10-19Asian Cities that I've Visited Picture Quiz
192018-05-04Closest Capitals from the World Largest Non-Capital Cities
192018-09-23贵州省地图 Guizhou Map Quiz
192019-05-14River Nile City Map Quiz
192019-10-07Countries with Smaller but Richer Neighbour
192020-01-11"Bad" City Map Quiz
182018-05-05Chinese Cities by Name Origin
182016-06-05Location by Company Abbreviation
182021-01-24Similar Countries on Different Continents
182021-01-24Most Unique Countries
182020-07-16Country Subdivisions with Most COVID-19 Deaths 16/7/20
182020-08-09Cities with an Indian Consulate (with map)
182020-07-26Largest Cities in Southern African Development Community
182020-04-29Island Country with Inland Capital
182019-06-29深圳地铁车站地图 Shenzhen Metro Map Quiz
182018-12-28City by Tower Picture Quiz
182019-04-13Random Chinese City to Province
172019-10-04Largest Trade Imbalance
172020-07-13East Asian Islands Map Quiz
172019-12-01Pearl River Delta Cities Map Quiz 珠三角城市群
172020-07-25Cities with a Chinese Consulate (with map)
172020-10-08Cities with the Coolest Neighbourhood
172019-05-09Countries Using Westminster System
172020-08-19UNESCO World Heritage City Picture Map Quiz
162019-01-16Asian Countries on Population/Area Chart
162018-09-24宁夏地图 Ningxia Map Quiz
162020-07-01'Stan' First-Level Subdivisions Map Quiz
162018-03-11United States Steel Imports
162020-11-23Busiest Airports I've Been To
162020-07-27Largest Cities in Türksoy
162021-01-26Best Countries Against Covid-19 for Population Over 60
162017-12-19Largest Country/Territory by UN Subregions
162019-10-03Largest Cross Border Trading Partner
152018-09-27重庆市地图 Chongqing Map Quiz
152017-12-19Second Largest Country/Territory by UN Subregions
152021-01-26Worst Countries Against Covid-19 for Population Over 60
152020-06-09Timeline of Chinese History 中國歷史年表
152021-01-07Closest Mainland Capitals Between Different Continents
152020-05-29Africa Map Quiz in Chinese Pinyin
152020-05-27Europe Map Quiz in Chinese Pinyin
152020-06-03Three-Character Chinese Cities 中国三字城市
142017-05-30Chinese Group of Four
142020-07-13Oceania Islands Map Quiz
142020-07-31Small Island Developing States
132020-08-16Country Subdivisions with Most COVID-19 Deaths 16/8/20
132020-04-05German States by Bordering Countries
132019-01-16Western Asian Countries on Population/Area Chart
132020-11-16Country Subdivisions with Most COVID-19 Deaths 16/11/20
132020-06-16Country Subdivisions with Most COVID-19 Deaths 16/6/20
132020-11-09Melbourne Train Network Map
132020-07-13Canadian Islands Map Quiz
122019-10-14Brazilian State Map Shape
122020-05-05City Rivalries between 2 Largest Cities of Subdivision
122020-05-23The Next Nearest 5 Million+ Cities Chain Game #2
122018-02-27Olympic Football Host Cities
122018-07-062018 FIFA World Cup Sponsors
122021-01-18Oceania Airports Map Quiz
112018-10-01影史百大華語電影 100 Greatest Chinese-Language Films
112018-09-28澳門地圖 Mapa de Macau
112019-04-17Yangtze River City Map Quiz 长江沿岸城市
112020-07-26Largest Cities in APEC
112020-05-08City by Public Square
112019-06-23Country by Parliament Picture Quiz
112020-06-09Lake Victoria Cities Map Quiz
112017-09-01Sacred Mountains of China 三山五嶽四大名山
112016-07-08Headquarters of Continental Sporting Associations
112016-02-02The Median Country
112021-01-17American Airports Map Quiz
102020-06-24Brisbane Train Network Map
102021-01-07Closest Capitals Between Different Continents
102020-07-18Guess the meaning of Chinese characters
102018-03-30香港街道英文名 2
102020-11-06Largest Counties where Trump wins
102018-09-26天津市地图 Tianjin Map Quiz
102020-07-04Toll Roads in Australia
102020-05-19Capital Cities with Fastest & Slowest Growth Rate
102021-01-18Asian Airports Map Quiz with exception
102020-04-19Largest Landmass by Distance
102018-07-22Famous Chinese in the 20th Century Picture Quiz
92021-01-26Most Similar Country
92020-08-14Manchukuo Country Quiz
92020-10-16Country Subdivisions with Most COVID-19 Deaths 16/10/20
92020-10-20Oceanian Cities that I've Visited Picture Quiz
92020-08-26Adelaide Train Network Map
92020-05-29South America Map Quiz in Chinese Pinyin
92019-12-10澳門輕軌車站 Estação Metro Ligeiro de Macau
92015-04-15Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
92017-12-28Mini Metro Cities
82019-05-21Australian Federal Electorates with non English Ancestry
82019-04-17Yellow River City Map Quiz 黄河沿岸城市
82017-09-30Toll Roads in Canada
82020-06-18US Subdivision Topological Map
82020-04-05Indian States by Bordering Countries
82020-09-21Largest Chinese Companies 财富世界100大 大中华区企业
82020-08-13Chinese Cities by Historical Events #1
82019-11-17Yangtze River Delta Cities Map Quiz 长江三角洲城市群
82020-10-23Australian Jurisdictions by Leaders
82020-06-10City by the Sea Tile Select Quiz
82021-01-17African Airports Map Quiz
82020-06-07East Asia Map Quiz in Cantonese Syllables
82020-08-26Sufficiency Cities
72020-07-19Country Capital without its own Subdivision
72020-04-05Chinese Provinces by Bordering Countries
72019-06-26Largest Cities A-Z in Chinese
72020-04-05Brazilian States by Bordering Countries
72020-05-07IMF Economic Outlook April 2020
72020-02-29NSW Electorates with non English ancestry
72020-06-14Brazilian Subdivision Topological Map
72019-01-18Southern African Countries on Population/Area Chart
72019-01-18Northern African Countries on Population/Area Chart
72020-04-23City by Footbridge Picture Quiz
72018-02-16Olympic Games by Motto
62020-08-13Chinese Cities by Historical Events #3
62020-05-31South America Map Quiz in Cantonese Syllables
62019-12-01Jing-Jin-Ji Cities Map Quiz 京津冀城市群
62019-01-18North American Countries on Population/Area Chart
62020-04-05South African Provinces by Bordering Countries
52020-10-27Chinese Coastal Cities Map Quiz
52019-04-20Mekong River City Map Quiz
52020-04-18Asian Mountain Map Quiz
52020-05-31East Asia Map Quiz in Chinese Pinyin
52020-12-19Countries with 2-digit calling code
52019-12-01China Central Plain Cities Map Quiz 中原城市群
52018-03-09Dim Sum at Yum Cha 粵式點心
52020-08-13Chinese Cities by Historical Events #2
42016-09-25使用最久的中國年號 The Longest Running Chinese Era Names
42020-06-14Indian Subdivision Topological Map
42019-04-18Amur River City Map Quiz
42019-12-01Middle Yangtze River Cities Map Quiz 长江中游城市群
42020-06-04Chinese Cities by Abbreviations 中國城市簡稱
42020-05-29Africa Map Quiz in Cantonese Syllables
42020-01-11"Pur" City Map Quiz
42020-06-19Mexico Subdivision Topological Map
32021-01-06香港輕鐵車站 Hong Kong Light Rail Stations
32019-12-07Harbin-Changchun Cities Map Quiz 哈长城市群
32016-06-10Hang Seng Index Constituent Stocks 恒生指數成份股
32019-07-08Yangtze River Cities Quiz 长江沿岸城市
22021-01-16Chinese Airports Map Quiz 中国机场地图
22020-07-06Gold Coast Light Rail Stations
22020-08-24OWASP Top 10
22020-06-19Chinese Subdivision Topological Map
12020-10-24Canadian Jurisdictions by Leaders
02020-11-22RubberBand discography
02020-03-08最近的省會 #2
02020-12-19MIRROR 成員