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You thought your country was weird? Check out America! Here are 9 things you'd only find in this country or would be weird to find anywhere else.

What is the real America actually like? Read this blog to find out.

Ahh, two very well known countries. Australia and America. So basically, I just wanna dedicate this blog to like the "general information", or things you may not have known about. If you wanna go into more specific topics, check the quick links! Hope you enjoy!

Also, since I am an American, you will see that I am doing this from an American point of view. If you're confused, you'll see!

PS: I'm sorry, but no images/pictures in this blog. But I'll try to be as sarcastic or comedic as possible. :(

I have finally reached the milestone of 2000 takes!!

New Jersey's been my home state for 13 years now, and I think it has tons to offer! That's why I've made this blog, so if you're interested in this state, read this blog to find out more!

Inspired by Fuse's Worcestershire - More than just the Sauce! blog.

Need a vacation? Stuck between New York and London? Read this blog to find out which one is for you. Just to clear this up, I am American and have been living in America for my entire life.