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This blog is a bit long because before I was level 30, I had a million billion ideas.

Kia ora, haere mai, and welcome to Aotearoa, the land of the long white cloud, better known as New Zealand in English. In this blog, I'll try to show as many parts of my favourite country as possible. Be prepared for a long blog to read!

Thumbnail: Mount Taranaki

My dreams finally came true!

Facts of the long-anticipated Brazil!

Planning your next holiday, but don't feel like Amsterdam or New York? These four destinations might inspire you, should you wish to avoid the crowds. Just don't be afraid of the journey to get there!

A place to get suggestions on how to improve, review other users, and see how others got better! While some may call this a forum, I think otherwise. Comments will be moderated by me and I will paste respectful reviews.

Today I am ranking my 15 JetPunkers of all (JetPunk) time! (With hyperlinks to all of them) And I hope you enjoy today's blog!

-DarthKnight... And don't ever forget to Laugh Daily!

Facts of Botswanaaaaa

Within the last month or so, the amount of takes I have doubled. What exactly happened to me? How did I get here? Let's unravel this mysterious progress made shall we?

Would you take quizzes that are Jeopardy! episodes converted to a Jetpunk format? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for your patience! This is for you MG😄

Hello and welcome to another one of my blogs. This is part 3 in the "The DarthKnight Story" blog mini-series. I hope you enjoy it very much. It is also the finale!

Studying has always been important for the development of the citizen in our society. Although it often seems annoying and boring, studying is a citizen's right, and at the same time the child's duty. Why study mathematics, geography, biology, literature? That's what we're going to see today.

Facts of the 2nd smallest coast in Europe!

There are three puzzles, each with seven clues. Can you connect the clues?

Hi this is my first blog I hope its formatted correctly! lol...

Today, I reached 1,000 takes which is mind-blowing! Thank you everyone for making this possible for me and as a gift, I decided to share my journey on Jetpunk until where I am today. Enjoy! :)

Finally the 11th interview! I'm sure you have already heard about Nio, but what about his feelings about his JetPunk adventure...?

Sorry for the miscommunication and glitches on the poll of the last blog :)

Facts about mountains landlocked!

This blog is to celebrate getting 2,000 takes and 5 years of JetPunk, while also to thank those who helped me get here.

AE: Asian Empire

PL: Poland Lithuania

Anyways, read on for more!

SirFilipinoKirby (my collab with SirPhilippines) posted our first blog!

Great moment for us!

And also surprise!

And stay tuned for the GeoStumper, now with six questions!

Issue 1 Issue 2 Current Issue

I will revive old Jetpunk quizzes in my quiz creations! One every day! The hashtag will be #ProjectPhilippines!

Get your Diary of a Time-Traveling Soldier merch now!

Its time for the Thunder Dragon Empire!

If you haven't tried my most taken quiz, Try it here

Hey guys this is my second installment of my "The DarthKnight Story" mini-blog series! And I hope you enjoy! :):):)

WOW! Thank you guys for everything! I fell asleep last night with ~970 takes, and when I checked this morning I saw 1,200 takes!

Week of March 21-27, 2021

One year ago today, the account of ThatOneGuy25 was created


Borders. They separate one nation, country, territory, or region from another. But do you think these can exist in the ocean? Find out in this blog post!

A blog where some of the flags are similar.

Also, Announcement here

Just a fun blog I thought you might like!

The exploits and trifles of legendary film director Werner Herzog (*1942) could fill several lifes. Let's start with 20 facts.

My thanks to you all.


This speech can be too emotional. If you don't want to have your eyes blurred with tears, avoid reading.

There are three puzzles, each with seven clues. Can you connect the clues?

People are telling at me to put more content in. BTW, on April 21, I will have a 1 Year facts celebration! I will do 20 Amazing facts of the WORLD! Better yet, you guys suggest some cool facts, and the best 20 (If i even get that many lol) will get in!!!

Long script book on how GrandOldLand conquered Canada. Don't miss out on Florida jinxing Texas on the quintuple jinx! I think this is my best story blog yet.

The Umayyad Caliphate was one of the largest empires in history and during its peak point, it was the most powerful empire in the world! It would be interesting to think what would happen if the caliphate reunited today to its exact borders at its peak which is what I am going to talk about in this blog. Enjoy! :)

wait i just realized i forgot to do angola

Today I am going to rank my top twenty Marvel and DC comics characters!! And I hope you enjoy!

Jetpunk has released a new update, for those that have not seen it, I will be hyperlinking and explaining here.