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51,0082020-04-28 Countries of the World in 1914 with a Map
29,5242020-04-28 Countries of the World in 1945 with a Map
26,6682019-12-25 All Countries that Once Bordered Germany
25,9682019-06-07 Countries of the Mongol Empire on a Map
25,2952019-05-31 Modern Day Countries of Austria-Hungary on a Map
21,6262020-04-04 Modern-Day Countries of the Roman Empire on a Map
20,5532020-03-29 Modern-Day Countries of the British Empire in 1921
17,8252020-06-20 All First-Level Subdivisions of Europe on a Map
15,3172019-12-28 Państwa świata w roku 1914 na mapie
13,2042020-08-30 Modern Day Countries of the Portuguese Empire on a Map
10,3742019-07-27 Países Aleatórios em um mapa do Mundo
6,8032019-11-28 Pays du monde en 1914 sur une carte
6,6352020-02-06 Państwa świata w roku 1945 na mapie
6,5212020-07-20 All First-Level Subdivisions of North America on a Map
6,3112020-05-11 All First-Level Subdivisions of Asia on a Map
5,9472020-06-21 ALL First-Level Subdivisions of the World With a Map
5,8102020-08-31 All 10m+ First-Level Country Subdivisions
4,5902019-11-06 Países da África
4,5432020-07-30 All First-Level Subdivisions of South America on a Map
3,3782020-02-12 Países que começam com A
3,0712020-08-12 Anagramas Aleatórios de Países
3,0012020-02-12 Países que começam com B
2,8532020-03-16 Países que começam com C
2,7172019-07-27 Países Aleatórios em um mapa da Europa
2,5422020-02-12 Países que começam com G
2,3432020-02-06 Länder der Welt im Jahr 1914 auf einer Karte
2,2952020-09-29 50 Biggest Cities in 1920 on a World Map
2,2722020-07-05 Países que começam com E
2,2232020-07-04 Países que começam com S
2,1532020-02-12 Países que começam com T
2,0542019-12-08 Capital Aleatória por País
1,9102019-12-28 Alle Länder die je an Deutschland grenzten
1,8332019-12-08 País Aleatório por Capital
1,7732020-03-22 Países que começam com I
1,7582020-02-20 Países que começam com L
1,6922020-03-20 Países que começam com M
1,6852020-02-12 Países que começam com N
1,6132019-11-30 Heutige Staaten Österreich-Ungarns auf einer Karte
1,5892019-11-15 Mapa do Brasil Pixelado
1,5122020-02-23 As 100 Maiores Cidades do Brasil em um Mapa
1,4692020-02-12 Países que começam com P
1,3152020-02-12 Países que começam com R
1,2672019-08-02 Países Aleatórios em um Mapa da Africa
1,2362019-07-27 Países Aleatórios em um mapa das Américas
1,2232020-02-06 Länder der Welt im Jahr 1945 auf einer Karte
1,1932019-11-28 Países do Mundo em 1914 com um Mapa
1,1802020-04-14 Nomeie um País Válido #2
1,1262019-08-12 Capitais Aleatórias em um Mapa do Mundo
1,1092019-08-02 Países Aleatórios em um mapa da Ásia
1,0922020-07-30 Países da América do Norte
1,0102020-04-12 Nomeie um País Válido #1
1,0072019-07-27 Estados Aleatórios em um mapa dos Estados Unidos
9942020-10-24Municipalities of Slovenia with a Map
9682019-11-07Countries that bordered Czechoslovakia in the 30's and 80's
9582019-08-02 Estados Aleatórios em um mapa do Brasil
9362019-12-02US States and State Capitals Quiz
9242020-01-13 Líderes do Brasil
9162020-09-28 Quiz do Brasil
8942019-08-12 Quiz do Mapa de Portugal
8552020-01-12 Bandeiras do Brasil
8442020-07-01All First-Level Subdivisions of Oceania on a Map
8042020-05-21All First-Level Subdivisions of Africa on a Map
7352020-04-02Official Country Names of the World Quiz
7342019-03-25World in 1914 Map Quiz
7052020-07-27 Clubes da Série A do Campeonato Brasileiro de Futebol
6922019-05-04Europe Flag Map - Find the Errors
6812020-07-24 Estados do Brasil por Fronteiras em 20 Segundos
6332020-07-27 Distritos de Portugal
6182020-02-05 Países com os Mais Longos Litorais
6122020-01-10 As Maiores Cidades da Europa
6062020-02-06 Países do Mundo em 1945 com um Mapa
6062020-07-24 Estados do Brasil pelas duas primeiras Letras em 30 Segundos
5872020-05-10 Países "-stão"
5562020-05-08 As 100 Maiores Cidades no Mapa do Mundo
4892020-03-15 Todas as Formas de Países Europeus
4842020-02-03 Países da Primeira Guerra Mundial
4662019-07-24Countries of the World without the Letter "A" on a map
4642020-09-16 Quiz dos Estados Unidos
4602020-08-11 Você Consegue Nomear Esses 50 Países Aleatórios?
4372020-02-11 Megacidades no Mapa do Mundo
4272020-04-08Yakko's World Lyrics Quiz With a Map
4172019-12-26Recognized and Non-Recognized Countries and Territories of the World Quiz
4112020-02-12 Países que começam com F
4052019-04-29Subregions of the World Quiz
4012020-05-08 Quiz das Maiores Cidades dos Estados Unidos
3922019-10-02First-Level NUTS of the European Union on a Map
3902020-06-18World Map Quiz
3782020-02-12Países que começam com D
3632020-01-12 Capitais Brasileiras Quiz de Mapa
3562019-08-08Countries inside the shape of Canada on a World Map
3482020-08-31Biggest First-Level Subdivisions by Area With a Map
3262020-02-12Países que começam com J
3242020-03-15 Todas as Formas de Países Americanos
3232020-02-12Países que começam com H
3192019-12-05Disputed Areas Map Quiz
3112019-08-07Countries inside the shape of Russia on a World Map
3102020-02-12 Países que começam com V
3082020-02-23100 Biggest Cities in Brazil on a Map
3082020-05-31 Quiz do Japão
3062020-01-03Random Geographic Groups of Two
3032020-02-12 Países que começam com U
2852020-02-12Países que começam com K
2822019-12-07First-Level Subdivisions of the United Kingdom
2782020-03-06Cantons of Luxembourg with a Map
2682020-07-16 Quiz da Itália
2652020-07-26 Bandeiras de Países com a Maior Quantidade de Branco
2652019-12-21Random Countries of the Americas and Oceania on a Map
2592019-08-12Portugal Map Quiz
2582020-09-21Every 1M+ City in the Americas
2572019-12-01Municipalities of Latvia with a Map
2552020-03-15 Todas as Formas de Países
2552020-07-11 Quiz da Alemanha
2522020-01-23 Estado Brasileiro Aleatório por Capital
2522019-12-21Random European Subdivisions on a Map
2522020-07-13 Quiz do Reino Unido
2502020-02-12Países que começam com O
2492020-07-13 Quiz da França
2492020-01-29 Quiz do Mapa da França
2452020-07-26 Quiz da Espanha
2432020-01-23 Capital Aleatória por Estado Brasileiro
2422020-05-30 Quiz da Rússia
2412020-02-12Países que começam com Z
2412020-04-01Municipalities of Vatican City with a Map
2392020-01-29 Quiz do Mapa da Alemanha
2312020-02-12Países que começam com Q
2312020-10-25Municipalities of North Macedonia with a Map
2292020-06-22Todas as Cidades do Brasil em um Mapa
2272020-02-03Municípios do Rio de Janeiro em um Mapa
2262020-07-28 Quiz da Argentina
2252020-01-29Departments of Uruguay
2252019-12-25Countries inside the shape of the U.S. on a World Map
2252020-03-15 Todas as Formas de Países Asiáticos
2252019-07-26Countries of the World without the Letter "E" on a map
2252020-08-17 Cidades Brasileiras com uma População Maior que Um Milhão
2242020-06-22 Quiz do Mapa das Capitais da Europa
2172020-07-04All Cities in the United States with Population of 1 Million
2152020-08-24Counties of Romania with a Map
2082020-05-31 Quiz do México
2072019-12-12US States in 1861 with a Map
2062020-03-15 Todas as Formas de Países Africanos
2052019-07-19How many times you can type "mathandcheese" in 15 Seconds
2052020-05-27 Quiz da China
2042020-05-12 Países 197-205
2012019-08-26Countries inside the shape of China on a World Map
2012020-07-26 Bandeiras de Países com a Maior Quantidade de Azul
1982018-12-31All members of the League of Nations
1972020-07-12All 50k+ Cities in Germany with a Map
1912020-01-29 Províncias e Territórios do Canadá
1892020-07-26 Bandeiras de Países com a Maior Quantidade de Amarelo
1862019-06-19Countries of the Amazon Rainforest on a Map
1842020-07-26 Bandeiras de Países com a Maior Quantidade de Vermelho
1812020-04-01First-Level Subdivisions of Mauriccotanialicarawique
1742020-05-27 Quiz da Índia
1702019-12-27Countries of the Americas and Oceania with an Empty Map
1682020-07-26 Bandeiras de Países com a Maior Quantidade de Preto
1682020-07-26 Bandeiras de Países com a Maior Quantidade de Verde
1672019-09-19100 Biggest Cities of the World in Order by Statistics
1672020-03-26 Estados da Alemanha
1662020-01-29 Estados e Territórios da Austrália
1662020-02-26Districts of Azerbaijan with a Map
1632019-12-10Municipalities of Iceland with a Map
1622019-02-23Islands of Malta in a Map
1622020-07-095 Most Populous Cities in Each Country With a Map
1612020-09-22 Quiz de Portugal
1612020-07-24 Quiz da Colômbia
1612020-06-09 Quiz do Egito
1552019-07-07Countries of the World in Alphabetical Order
1552020-07-26 Bandeiras de Países com a Maior Quantidade de Laranja
1482020-08-10Geopolitical Changes 1995-Now
1442020-07-04 Quiz da Turquia
1422020-04-22Click on the Shape Quiz
1402020-07-23All 50k+ Cities in Europe with a Map
1382020-05-23Counties of Croatia with a Map
1372020-08-09 Quiz do Canadá
1372020-01-15Municípios da Bahia em um Mapa
1372020-06-22 Quiz do Mapa das Capitais da América do Sul
1342019-11-09Islands of Kiribati in a Map
1312020-07-10100 Biggest Cities in South America With a Map
1292020-04-12As 10 Maiores Cidades por Estado Brasileiro em um Mapa
1272019-07-28Countries of the World without the Letter "I" on a map
1262020-05-20All 300k Cities With a Map
1252020-07-11All 50k+ Cities in the Netherlands with a Map
1252020-07-23 Quiz da Coreia do Sul
1252019-12-30Municípios do Ceará em um Mapa
1242019-07-25Capitais dos Estados do Brasil em um Mapa
1232020-10-19 Quiz da África do Sul
1192020-05-23Municipalities of Montenegro with a Map
1172019-09-09Capitals of 1914 Countries
1152020-06-06 Quiz do Vietnã
1142020-09-07Islands of the Marshall Islands with a Map
1122020-08-11 Países Aleatórios no Mapa do Mundo sem Fronteiras
1122020-07-31 Maiores Cidades do Brasil - Extremo
1092020-01-29 Regiões da França
1092020-05-27 Quiz da Indonésia
1092020-05-29 Quiz da Nigéria
1092020-06-09Municípios do Rio Grande do Norte em um Mapa
1092020-08-11 Quiz do Mapa de Bandeiras Europeias
1082020-08-24 Quiz da Austrália
1062020-07-28All 50k+ Cities in the United States with a Map
1042020-06-02 Quiz das Filipinas
1042020-09-04 Quiz dos Países Baixos
1042020-08-12 Quiz do Peru
1042020-03-19Name a Subdivision - European Countries
1032019-06-01Countries of the East African Federation on a map
1022020-08-17 Países Mais Populosos em 1800
1022020-06-22 Quiz do Mapa das Capitais da América do Norte
1012019-12-31Municípios de Pernambuco em um Mapa
1002020-07-13All 50k+ Cities in Sweden with a Map
982020-09-01 Quiz do Chile
982019-08-18Random City of the World by Statistics
982020-07-31 Maiores Cidades em cada Estado Brasileiro - Extremo
972020-09-21 Quiz da Grécia
962020-07-11 Quiz da Tailândia
962020-09-27 Quiz do Mapa das Capitais da África
962019-03-23Places with Special status in the United Nations
952019-09-235 most mentioned Countries on the JetPunk Discord by Continent
952020-07-02 Quiz da Etiópia
942020-07-10All 50k+ Cities in France with a Map
942020-07-09 Quiz do Irã
942020-05-29 Quiz do Paquistão
912019-08-12Districts of Portugal
902020-06-085 Biggest Cities in Random Circles on a World Map
902020-08-02 Quiz da Ucrânia
892020-05-29 Quiz do Bangladesh
882020-09-22 Quiz de Cuba
882020-08-17 Países do Império Romano
882020-08-06All 50k+ Cities in Russia with a Map
842019-07-25Countries of the World without the Letter "B" on a map
842020-07-26 Maiores Cidades Mundiais Dentro de 1.000 quilômetros
832020-08-19 Quiz da Venezuela
822019-07-16Bandeira dos Estados do Brasil Quiz de Mapa
822020-09-13Territories of Antarctica on a Map
812020-06-22 Quiz do Mapa das Capitais da Ásia
812020-04-30World Cities by Map
812020-08-07 Quiz da Polónia
812019-07-25Random Brazilian States on a Map
802020-06-12 Quiz da R. D. do Congo
802020-08-23 Quiz da Coreia do Norte
792020-08-11 Quiz da Arábia Saudita
792020-09-18 Quiz da Bolívia
782020-07-12All 50k+ Cities in the United Kingdom with a Map
782020-10-08 Quiz da Suíça
772019-12-16Subdivisions bordering Bavaria
762020-07-11All 50k+ Cities in Spain with a Map
762020-04-13Countries Inside the Shape of the World on a World Map
752020-09-19 Quiz da Bélgica
752020-07-17 Quiz da Tanzânia
752020-04-01Countries of the Flat Earth Quiz
742020-07-19All 50k+ Cities in Italy with a Map
732020-08-03 Quiz do Iraque
732020-08-03 Quiz da Argélia
722019-07-04Countries that Recognize Abkhazia and South Ossetia
712019-06-25Pixelated Brazil Map
712019-07-25Countries of the World without the Letter "C" on a map
712019-07-10Countries of the Americas and Oceania - One Minute Sprint
702020-08-13 Quiz de Angola
702020-08-10 Quiz de Marrocos
702020-09-24 Quiz da Suécia
692020-07-22 Quiz do Quênia
692020-06-22 Quiz do Mapa das Capitais da Oceania
692020-09-08Islands of Samoa on a Map
692020-07-21 Quiz da Birmânia (Myanmar)
692020-09-02 Quiz do Equador
682019-07-24Countries of the World without the Letter "L" on a map
682019-12-31Municípios de Alagoas em um Mapa
682020-07-10All 50k+ Cities in Switzerland with a Map
682019-07-16Brazil States Flags Map Quiz
672020-10-12 Quiz do Paraguai
672020-07-20All 50k+ Cities in Romania with a Map
652020-10-07 Quiz de Israel
652019-07-25Capitals of the States of Brazil on a Map
622020-10-05 Quiz da Áustria
622020-09-04 Quiz da Síria
622020-08-30 Quiz da Romênia
622020-08-01 Quiz do Sudão
612020-10-01 Quiz dos Emirados Árabes Unidos
612020-08-25Departments of Bolivia With a Map
602020-10-04 Quiz da Bielorrússia
602020-08-06 Quiz do Afeganistão
602019-07-26Countries of the World without the Letter "D" on a map
592020-09-20 Quiz da República Checa
592020-08-14 Quiz de Moçambique
582020-07-10All 50k+ Cities in Belgium with a Map
572020-07-26 Quiz de Uganda
572020-08-11 Quiz do Uzbequistão
562019-09-17Channels in the JetPunk Discord Server
562019-07-28Countries of the World without the Letter "H" on a map
562020-04-06Regions of Iberia
552019-11-01Províncias do Brasil em 1822
552020-10-03 Quiz da Hungria
552020-09-01 Quiz da Guatemala
552020-07-13All 50k+ Cities in Norway with a Map
552019-07-27Countries of the World without the Letter "G" on a map
542020-07-14All 50k+ Cities in Finland with a Map
542020-08-15 Quiz da Malásia
532020-08-17 Quiz do Iêmen
532020-09-01 Quiz do Cazaquistão
522020-07-14All 50k+ Cities in Poland with a Map
512020-10-02JetPunk Languages
512020-08-26 Quiz de Taiwan
502020-08-18 Quiz do Nepal
502020-07-13All 50k+ Cities in Austria with a Map
492020-08-22 Quiz da Costa do Marfim
492020-09-12 Quiz da Somália
482020-01-15Municípios do Maranhão em um Mapa
482020-07-16All 50k+ Cities in the Czech Republic with a Map
482020-07-17All 50k+ Cities in Slovakia with a Map
482020-06-09Municípios da Paraíba em um Mapa
482020-09-06 Quiz do Senegal
472020-10-14 Quiz da Bulgária
462019-07-31Countries of the World without the Letter "M" on a map
462020-07-20All 50k+ Cities in Bulgaria with a Map
462020-07-17All 50k+ Cities in Croatia with a Map
452020-07-15All 50k+ Cities in Belarus with a Map
452020-10-14 Quiz da Sérvia
442020-06-09Regional Districts of British Columbia with a Map
442020-08-20 Quiz de Madagascar
442020-09-17 Quiz da Tunísia
442020-05-31As Maiores Cidades no Interior do Brasil
442020-08-16 Quiz do Gana
432020-09-30 Quiz de Honduras
432020-08-27 Quiz do Sri Lanka
432020-07-21All 50k+ Cities in Serbia with a Map
422020-09-20 Quiz do Haiti
422020-07-19All 50k+ Cities in Albania with a Map
422020-07-12All 50k+ Cities in Denmark with a Map
412020-09-30JetPunk Discord Olympics Top 3 Positions
412020-10-23 Quiz da Finlândia
412020-09-09 Quiz do Camboja
402020-09-26 Quiz da Jordânia
402020-09-14 Quiz de Ruanda
402019-09-20Regiões Metropolitanas do Brasil
402020-08-21 Quiz dos Camarões
402019-07-27Countries of the World without the Letter "F" on a map
392020-10-16 Quiz do Líbano
392020-04-17Municípios do Espírito Santo em um Mapa
392020-09-23 Quiz da República Dominicana
392020-07-23All 50k+ Cities in Canada with a Map
382019-12-07Administrative Counties of Ireland
382020-09-13Saint Subdivisions of the Caribbean
382019-07-10Countries of the Americas and Oceania
382020-07-17All 50k+ Cities in Hungary with a Map
382020-08-12Provinces of Angola with a Map
382020-07-11All 50k+ Cities in Portugal with a Map
372020-08-28 Quiz do Mali
372020-10-22 Quiz da Dinamarca
372020-10-15 Quiz da Líbia
372020-09-28 Quiz do Azerbaijão
372020-01-18Municípios do Nordeste Brasileiro em um Mapa
362020-08-25 Quiz do Níger
362019-12-01Capitanias do Brasil em 1534
352020-09-01 Quiz da Zâmbia
352020-09-10 Quiz do Chade
352019-11-01Provinces of Brazil in 1822
352020-05-16Biggest Cities in the Guianas with a Map
352020-10-03 Quiz do Tajiquistão
352019-12-21Random Asian Subdivisions on a Map
352020-07-19All 50k+ Cities in Greece with a Map
342020-08-31 Quiz do Malawi
342020-09-13 Quiz da Guiné
342020-08-28 Quiz do Burkina Faso
342020-06-18Random World Map Quiz
342019-07-25Random Capitals of Brazilian States on a Map
342019-07-21Straight Shot to Null Island
342020-10-25 Quiz da Eslováquia
332020-02-14Roles of the JetPunk Discord Server
332020-09-12 Quiz do Zimbábue
332020-10-21 Quiz da Singapura
322020-10-24 Quiz da República do Congo
322020-09-15 Quiz do Benim
322020-09-16 Quiz do Burundi
322020-10-17 Quiz da Nicarágua
322019-12-31Municípios de Sergipe em um Mapa
322020-02-22Capital Cities Flags Quiz
312020-10-06 Quiz da Papua Nova Guiné
312020-09-22 Quiz do Sudão do Sul
312020-05-25Provinces of Armenia with a Map
302020-07-20All 50k+ Cities in Ukraine with a Map
302020-05-14Biggest Cities in East Timor
302020-08-12Provinces of Mozambique with a Map
302020-07-22All 50k+ Cities in Turkey with a Map
302020-09-21Estrelas dos Estados na Bandeira do Brasil - Quiz
292020-05-11Municipalities of the Brazilian Northeast with a Map
292019-07-29Countries of the World without the Letter "J" on a map
292019-07-31Countries of the World without the Letter "K" on a map
282020-10-11 Quiz do Laos
272020-10-19 Quiz de El Salvador
272020-10-19 Quiz do Turquemenistão
272019-09-20Brazilian Metropolitan Areas
272020-10-27 Quiz da Noruega
272020-10-18 Quiz do Quirguistão
262019-12-31Municípios do Piauí em um Mapa
262020-10-09 Quiz do Togo
252020-06-19Countries and Capitals of the World With a Map
252020-10-11 Quiz da Serra Leoa
242020-04-1210 Largest Cities per Brazilian State on a Map
232020-08-12 Províncias de Angola
232020-08-12 Províncias de Moçambique
212020-01-13Leaders of Brazil
202020-10-07Quiz de São Paulo
202020-05-23Parishes of Antigua and Barbuda with a Map
192020-07-28All 50k+ Cities in the United States with a Map (Including CDPs and Territories)
182020-06-29Every Town in Andorra With a Map
172020-08-16Every City in Brazil With a Map
172020-08-11All 50k+ Cities in Cuba with a Map
162020-09-03All 50k+ Cities in Brazil with a Map
152019-07-27Capitais Aleatórias em um Mapa do Brasil
152019-12-21Random South American Subdivisions on a Map
142020-02-15Portuguese Monarchs Quiz
142020-09-07All 50k+ Cities in Peru with a Map
142020-08-03All 50k+ Cities in Mexico with a Map
132020-08-20All 50k+ Cities in North America with a Map
132020-10-09Quiz do Rio de Janeiro
132020-10-27 Quiz de Omã
122019-12-21Random Oceanic Subdivisions on a Map
122020-09-07All 50k+ Cities in Bolivia with a Map
112020-09-01All 50k+ Cities in Colombia with a Map
112020-08-19All 50k+ Cities in the Dominican Republic with a Map
112020-10-07Quiz de Minas Gerais
112020-08-10All 50k+ Cities in Panama with a Map
112020-08-04All 50k+ Cities in Guatemala with a Map
112020-09-03All 50k+ Cities in Ecuador with a Map
112020-08-11Every City in Mario is Missing
102020-09-11Districts of Uganda with a Map
102020-08-10All 50k+ Cities in Nicaragua with a Map
102020-08-06All 50k+ Cities in Honduras with a Map
92020-09-08Provinces of the D. R. Congo with a Map
92020-09-02All 50k+ Cities in Venezuela with a Map
82020-08-16All 50k+ Cities in Haiti with a Map
82020-08-06All 50k+ Cities in El Salvador with a Map
82020-09-22Maiores Cidades da Paraíba
82020-02-15Portuguese Presidents Quiz
72019-11-30Bairros de João Pessoa
72019-11-30Classic Tetris World Championship Top 4 Positions
72020-09-22Maiores Cidades do Rio Grande do Norte
72019-11-30Neighborhoods of João Pessoa
72019-09-03Regiões Metropolitanas da Paraíba
62020-10-14Quiz do Rio Grande do Norte
62020-10-19Quiz do Ceará
52020-10-07Quiz de Alagoas
52020-10-07Quiz do Acre
42020-10-21Maiores Cidades do Amazonas
42020-05-31Biggest Cities in the Interior of Brazil
42020-10-21Maiores Cidades da Bahia
42020-10-16Quiz da Paraíba
42020-10-21Maiores Cidades do Ceará
42020-10-21Maiores Cidades do Espírito Santo
32020-10-22Maiores Cidades de Goiás
32020-10-08Quiz do Amapá
22020-10-21Maiores Cidades do Amapá
12020-10-21Maiores Cidades do Acre
12020-10-21Maiores Cidades de Alagoas
02020-06-0910,000 Biggest U.S. Cities Quiz