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Happy Thanksgiving!
Today, November 26, marks the 499th anniversary of the first Thanksgiving (In the United States). This holiday has a great impact on the average American. But there are some small hidden facts that not many people know about. So today, I have a special Thanksgiving Day article that reveals truths about one of the most known holidays in America.

Today I ranked all the MCU movies (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
Thank you everyone for getting me to the top 1,000 quizmakers :D
Can you solve it?
Yay next week, and an Important Announcement!!! :This is my last fact blog post until January 1. I am going on vacation (obviously from school, but even from JetPunk) I might come once or twice to check my takes and notifications and take a quiz or two, but..... all I can say is, bye until 2021.
*Sigh* i'm late again
"The best laid plans of mice and men gang aft agley"
What is your favorite ever created?!?!?!
JetPunk and YouTube may seem to be completely different things, but they're actually quite similar.
Stupid-O-groovE : a series of confusing things and occasional humor for everyone, but especially no one. New episode each week for the rest of 2020 (maybe).
Who is your favorite actor or actress out there?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??!??
Vote here for my next blog post. The Best Thing About Each State in America or One Bad Thing About Each Country.
I'm naming one thing bad about all 50 U.S. States.
The menu changed. My opinion here.
First Week!
I'm happy
What is YOUR favorite movie of all time ever created
yay! 500 takes edit: I also reached lvl40 yay!
I'm So Happy I'm On Level 30! This Is The Quiz I Got 5 Points On, And Got To Level 30 With. Yay!
A special interview for (a) special quizmaker(s): HinesBrothers!
दिवाली के त्यौहार पर शुभकामनाएँ!
Short Blog to wish the Jetpunk Community a happy Diwali!
Today I thought of another challenge for you guys. Make sure you read to find out the details and good luck to win! :) :)
Stupid-O-groovE : a series of confusing things and occasional humor for everyone, but especially no one. New episode each week for the rest of 2020 (maybe).
Before starting this reading, I have to say that I will publish this blog, and another one with the same theme. This blog will talk about 2020 Municipal Elections in Brazil, and a second polling blog, showing the results, and the new (or already known) mayors who will govern the 5,570 Brazilian municipalities.
What animals besides humans herd livestock? Who are nature's hitchhikers? Why are bats essential for tequila production? Read here to find out more.
Pandora49 V.S. Neilvedwan V.S. ThatOneGuy25?!?
A new interview! Don't you want to know more about Pandora49?
In this blog, I am going to explain habits, environment and hobbies of the animal with second most wieght in world.
Make sure you go read the I Have Challenge for you blog after this!?!
A question I had a few weeks ago, which Formula 1 champion actually has the highest average of wins per championship? well once I got the answer, I decided to make a quiz and write about it
Just thanks to all people who helped me or took one of my quizzes!
Have you ever wondered where South Park is located? I think I have found it.