Suggested Quizzes

Based on U.S. President Scramble

0Name a Valid U.S. President #10-77%4.9634,801
1U.S. Presidents Quiz0-65%4.991,520,549
2U.S. Presidents by Picture Quiz0-52%4.91204,166
3Most-Visited Countries by U.S. Presidents0-80%4.9659,999
4Presidential First Names0-73%4.59159,109
5US Presidents - 1 Minute Sprint0-54%4.33134,413
6Presidents by State Quiz0-43%4.2242,826
7U.S. Presidential Quotes0-71%4.4029,275
8U.S. Presidential Trivia Quiz #10-50%4.5151,941
9Losing U.S. Presidential Candidates0-41%4.4940,803
10Assassinated U.S. Presidents0-75%4.7231,521
11The John F. Kennedy Presidency0-78%4.5024,613
12U.S. Presidential Trivia Quiz #20-50%4.7119,735
13The Abraham Lincoln Presidency0-68%4.4613,842
14Governors Who Ran For President0-61%4.4812,792
15U.S. Presidents by Event0-70%4.599,109
16Random U.S. Vice President to President0-50%4.737,277
17Word Scramble - U.S. States0-80%4.90189,671
18U.S. Vice Presidents Quiz0-45%4.2556,977
19Confederate States of the U.S. Civil War0-90%4.8854,077
20First Ladies0-48%4.1843,712
21Presidential Middle Names0-46%4.3626,836
22People in Pictures with Barack Obama0-60%4.0926,066
23Top 10 Best American Presidents0-70%4.0621,987
24People in Pictures with Ronald Reagan0-75%4.1921,134
25The Bill Clinton Presidency0-58%4.0719,549
26The Ronald Reagan Presidency0-59%4.2216,816
27Ten Least Guessed U.S. Presidents0-70%4.2916,732
28The Barack Obama Presidency0-75%4.2214,548
29The George H. W. Bush Presidency0-69%4.3814,426
30The Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidency0-71%4.3314,101
31The Jimmy Carter Presidency0-70%4.2812,541
32Presidential Running Mates Quiz0-50%4.1712,490
33U.S. Presidents to Win the Nobel Peace Prize0-75%4.179,376
34U.S. Presidents With Facial Hair By Picture0-72%4.398,067
35U.S. Presidential Knowledge - Multiple Choice0-62%4.156,924
36Franklin... or Theodore Roosevelt0-72%4.285,733
37Presidential Actors0-40%4.325,206
38The Thomas Jefferson Presidency0-59%4.174,965
39The John Adams Presidency0-68%4.274,365
40The Theodore Roosevelt Presidency0-62%4.313,737
41U.S. Citizenship Test Questions0-62%4.83103,464
42Random Sequential U.S. States on a Map0-76%5.0046,872
43Category Elimination - U.S. States #10-68%4.8544,925
44British Prime Ministers Quiz0-38%4.92162,677
45The George W. Bush Presidency0-62%3.8924,985
46The Richard Nixon Presidency0-54%4.0015,677
47U.S. Presidents True or False0-72%3.939,492
48US Presidents Breakdown Puzzle #10-63%3.678,450
49The George Washington Presidency0-65%3.825,807
50George Bush... or George Bush0-68%3.925,462
51The Kennedy Family0-50%3.504,551
52Roman Numeral Decoding Quiz0-65%4.85187,060
53Random U.S. States on a Map0-80%4.9476,451
54U.S. Supreme Court Members0-66%4.2816,657
55Louisiana Purchase with a Map0-88%4.9214,740
56Most Guessed U.S. Cities0-80%4.8334,293
57US States Quiz0-74%5.006,099,789
58United States Map Quiz0-64%4.982,782,647
59US State Capitals Quiz0-60%4.99791,418
60US States with an Empty Map0-88%5.00184,653
61USA States in Alphabetical Order0-72%4.98160,534
62Ultimate Harry Potter Name Game0-42%4.95262,767
63Groups of Things - Harry Potter0-72%4.91148,265
64Top 100 Harry Potter Characters by Mention0-50%4.93137,358
65U.S. Senators by State0-52%4.3515,718
66American Revolution Decoder0-63%4.1114,364
67U.S. Civil War Decoder0-65%4.1513,275
68U.S. Wars Quiz0-83%4.6574,360
69Vietnam War Countries0-77%4.5836,579
70American Revolution Quiz0-65%4.4430,357
71The American Civil War0-65%4.7325,787
72Canadian Prime Ministers Quiz0-52%4.7122,540
73U.S. Cabinet Departments Quiz0-53%4.4533,526
74U.S. Bill of Rights Quiz0-52%4.4315,637
75Canada Map Quiz0-69%4.98311,124
76Countries of North America Quiz0-82%4.98188,927
77Canada Provinces and Territories Quiz0-76%4.99126,938
78Top 10 Smallest U.S. States by Area0-90%4.9666,264
79Top 10 Least Populous U.S. States0-70%4.9465,420
80Biggest Cities in the United States - Extreme0-42%4.8357,920
81Top 10 Largest U.S. States by Area0-90%4.8557,246
82Top 10 Most Populous U.S. States0-80%4.9752,362
83U.S. States that Border Canada0-90%4.8748,040
84"Do Not Travel" Countries for U.S. Citizens0-58%4.8946,326
85U.S. States that Start with N0-87%4.8345,922
8613 Colonies Quiz0-84%4.9645,156
87Countries Closest to United States by Continent0-83%4.9944,821
88U.S. State Border Crossings0-86%4.9144,351
89Third Most Common Language by US State0-56%4.9143,213
90U.S. States or European Countries by Population0-87%4.9745,316
91All 3,143 Counties of the United States on a Map0-30%4.8242,146
92Countries Closest to Alaska0-75%4.8835,689
93US State Capitals Quiz - No Hints0-74%4.9333,725
94Total United States Immigration by Country0-76%4.9132,423
95Biggest Cities in each U.S. State - Extreme0-45%4.9129,294
96500 Biggest US Cities0-25%4.8426,420
97U.S. States or European Countries by GDP0-85%4.9525,902
98U.S. States that Start with M - Shape Quiz0-87%4.8824,385
99U.S. States or European Countries by Area0-90%4.8423,158
100U.S. States that Start with N - Shape Quiz0-87%4.8223,116
101U.S. Cities with the Most International Tourists0-75%4.8722,304
102Every U.S. Metro Area on a Map0-40%4.9721,778
103Countries with No U.S. Foreign Relations0-60%4.8721,646
104U.S. States with the Least Farmland0-70%4.8221,457
10510 Westernmost U.S. State Capitals0-90%4.9220,032
106Word Scramble - Countries0-60%4.81880,211
107Planets of the Solar System Quiz0-100%4.82617,337
108U.S. States by First Two Letters in 30 Seconds0-56%4.58581,722
109Two Letter State Abbreviations Quiz0-42%4.06443,131
110Countries of Europe - One Minute Sprint0-57%4.89391,939
111Disney Animated Characters Quiz0-84%4.82313,229
112Fast Math - Addition Quiz0-80%4.82231,397
113Cars by Country Quiz0-76%4.94118,024
114American History Quotes #10-70%4.3862,618
115Random Sequential European Countries on a Map0-80%4.9955,179
116American Countries with the Shortest Names0-80%4.9435,746
117Category Elimination - U.S. States #20-75%4.5326,952
118Last Names in U.S. History #10-61%4.1426,023
119American History Quotes #20-62%4.2323,705
120U.S. History Groups of Two0-55%4.1318,571
121Countries in World War II Quiz0-70%4.84335,914
122Letters of the Greek Alphabet Quiz0-62%4.90275,435
123Olympian Gods Quiz0-46%4.93246,448
124British Commonwealth Countries Quiz0-59%4.91114,870
125Countries of Europe After World War II0-96%4.9853,725
126People on Money - United States0-66%4.2144,610
127Modern Countries Conquered by Alexander the Great0-82%4.8742,657
128Countries of Europe Before World War I0-96%4.9936,310
129Countries of the Japanese Empire0-85%4.9031,734
130Neutral European Countries of WWII0-87%4.8929,268
131100 Most Influential Figures in American History0-41%4.1726,006
132First U.S. States to Reach 1 Million People0-72%4.5825,514
133First U.S. Cities to Reach 100,000 People0-60%4.5821,684
134Six Flags Over Texas0-83%4.6717,370
135The Vietnam War0-65%4.4013,573
136Old West History0-65%4.4710,537
137U.S. History Multiple Choice #20-66%4.459,484
138American History A-Z0-76%4.339,305
139U.S. History Multiple Choice #30-66%4.488,436
140History of California0-70%4.436,831
141History of Georgia (U.S. State)0-77%4.485,023
142Harvard University0-61%4.094,418
143History of Tennessee0-75%4.573,770
144EU Countries Quiz0-88%4.99118,718
145U.S. Federal Agency Acronyms0-63%4.3943,949
146Top 10 U.S. States by Democratic Party Support0-70%4.3833,704
147Top 10 Swing States in U.S. Elections0-80%4.3228,630
148Top 10 U.S. States by Republican Party Support0-80%4.3924,637
149U.S. Political Figures by Picture #10-62%4.1618,937
150American Political Words0-63%4.2316,464
151U.S. Political Parties in History0-42%4.1812,226
152U.S. States by Governor Quiz0-70%4.3411,763
153U.S. Political Figures by Picture #20-68%4.0211,301
154U.S. Electoral College Landslides0-55%4.0211,110
155The U.S. Government - How Does it Work?0-60%4.149,690
156Senators Who Ran For President0-44%4.159,295
157States That Shifted to Trump in 20160-66%4.038,398
158U.S. Government Agencies0-50%4.377,876
159Female Political Figures by Picture - U.S.0-56%4.195,284
1602020 First Democratic Debate0-50%4.073,995
161Countries Closest to Canada0-75%4.8774,068
162North America Capitals Quiz0-69%4.9671,424
163Caribbean / Lesser Antilles Map Quiz0-42%4.9959,066
164Capitals of Canadian Provinces0-69%4.8229,926
165Countries of North America with an Empty Map0-91%4.9822,774
166North American Capitals - Map Quiz0-65%4.8210,713
167All First-Level Subdivisions of North America on a Map0-28%4.977,927
168Saint Lucia Country Quiz0-73%4.865,978
169South America Map Quiz0-78%4.99815,366
170South America Capitals Quiz0-75%4.97171,582
171Fast Typing 1 to 1000-70%4.912,200,368
172Fifty States in One Minute0-40%4.321,766,405
173Random Capital to Country0-60%4.991,143,031
174Countries by First and Last Two Letters0-41%4.96400,178
175Random Country to Capital0-65%4.96373,097
176Random Countries on the World Map0-80%5.00291,079
177Countries with Four Letters Quiz0-80%4.99170,939
178Top Five Countries By Category #10-69%5.00162,222
179Category Elimination - Countries #10-70%4.9984,161
180Solve the Secret Capital City0-59%4.9065,661
181Most Common U.S. Last Names - Extreme0-18%4.7263,776
182Category Elimination - Countries #20-70%4.9957,941
183Random European Countries on a Map0-86%4.9556,656
184Category Elimination - Countries #30-75%4.9953,952
185Category Elimination - Countries #40-75%4.9946,610
186Name a Valid U.S. State #10-75%4.7846,552
187Tourist Attractions by U.S. State0-75%4.4645,808
188Name a Valid European Country0-83%4.9645,566
189Random European Capital to Country0-90%4.8641,993
190Asian Countries with the Shortest Names0-81%4.9638,303
191Countries that Beat the United States0-71%4.7338,160
192U.S. States by Nickname0-50%4.4936,526
193Anagram Chain - Countries0-65%4.9735,358
194Political Figures by Last Name0-62%4.4433,899
195Europe Geography Decoder0-68%4.8433,079
196Name an Official Language A-Z0-73%4.9331,716
197Random State Capital to U.S. State0-80%4.6627,436
198Word Scramble - U.S. State Capitals0-55%4.0227,259
199U.S. States by Emoji0-66%4.5325,121