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Based on Spongebob Squarepants Characters Quiz!!!

0Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Lyrics Quiz0-85%4.89440,674
1Simpsons Characters Quiz0-22%4.53104,881
2All the Pokémon (#001 to #890)0-41%4.9057,608
3Word Chain - The Simpsons0-76%4.6511,498
4Family Guy Trivia #10-72%4.2699,574
5Family Guy Theme Song Lyrics0-83%4.2545,769
6SpongeBob Characters0-48%3.9343,656
7SpongeBob SquarePants Trivia0-65%3.8541,081
8Family Guy Characters0-64%4.1640,722
9Simpsons Quotes Quiz0-55%4.2630,466
10Simpsons Decoder0-65%4.3817,286
11Futurama Characters Quiz0-57%4.0413,934
12South Park Trivia0-65%4.0510,327
13Locations on The Simpsons0-50%4.059,212
14Simpsons Parodies0-45%4.067,400
15Original Pokémon Quiz0-47%4.71442,490
16Phineas and Ferb Theme Song Lyrics0-78%3.8053,382
17Simpsons Trivia Quiz #20-55%3.6336,592
18Simpsons Trivia Quiz #30-60%3.5531,927
19The Simpsons - Quote to Character0-53%3.5730,440
20Simpsons Trivia Quiz #10-60%3.6329,080
21Simpsons Trivia Quiz #40-65%3.9628,627
22Simpsons Last Names Quiz0-63%3.9828,522
23South Park Characters0-62%3.8524,221
24Family Guy Quiz #20-60%3.3724,177
25Unpossible Simpsons Trivia Quiz0-35%3.6420,090
26Futurama Trivia0-65%3.927,752
27Game of Thrones Last Names0-77%4.5156,286
28Game of Thrones Houses Quiz0-62%4.5948,374
29Game of Thrones Characters by Screen Time0-63%4.7837,614
30Game of Thrones Characters by Death0-73%4.4130,112
31Characters from The Office0-79%4.4320,578
32Seinfeld Trivia Quiz #10-75%4.4618,508
33Sherlock Holmes Quiz0-75%4.507,716
34Books of "A Song of Ice and Fire"0-71%4.556,866
35Cartoon Villains Quiz0-62%4.31151,120
36Pokémon Types0-83%4.16103,479
37Oscar Best Animated Pictures Quiz0-78%4.5031,405
38Cartoon Characters #10-58%4.4419,778
39Cartoon Characters #20-66%4.4417,991
40Game of Thrones - The Book0-76%4.2969,147
41Friends Theme Song Lyrics0-78%4.3366,752
42The Office Trivia0-85%4.3437,575
43How I Met Your Mother Quiz0-72%4.1128,347
44Star Trek Quotes Quiz0-75%4.0225,462
45Main Friends Characters and Actors0-91%4.2620,415
46Seinfeld Quotes Quiz0-68%4.1416,499
47Game of Thrones Multiple Choice0-80%4.1211,642
48Friends A-Z0-73%4.2411,608
49SNL Cast Members Quiz0-31%4.0711,477
50Last Names from The Office (US)0-66%4.2111,186
51Parks and Recreation Trivia0-80%4.3211,050
52Seinfeld Trivia Quiz #20-70%4.389,873
53It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Quiz0-77%4.098,341
54Star Trek Characters and Actors0-52%4.177,291
55The Office Trivia - Multiple Choice0-80%4.306,837
56The Office - Dunder Mifflin Branches0-50%4.376,356
57Doctor Who Actors0-69%4.196,351
58House M.D. Trivia0-58%4.395,284
59Gilligan's Island Castaways0-85%4.034,130
60Pokemon Theme Tune Lyrics0-66%4.1656,950
61Pokémon Real-Life Resemblances0-77%4.0746,212
62Pokémon Evolutions - 1st Generation0-87%4.1837,325
63Looney Tunes Characters0-63%4.1922,775
64Generation II Pokémon (Johto)0-51%4.1217,519
65American TV Taglines Quiz0-52%4.4617,295
66Cartoon Characters #30-66%4.2116,059
67Word Puzzles - TV Titles #10-70%4.4914,224
68TV Shows by Opening Narration0-46%4.489,611
69American TV by Clue #20-55%4.458,566
70Word Scramble - Pokémon0-50%4.366,042
71TV and Movie Character Creators0-45%4.525,626
72Animated Movie Co-Stars0-55%4.275,527
73Newspaper Comic Strips0-56%4.173,663
74Friends Trivia0-70%3.9084,822
75Big Bang Theory Trivia0-86%3.8435,609
76Breaking Bad Trivia0-73%3.9324,946
77Friends Episodes0-34%3.7921,232
78Glee Characters0-76%3.0017,419
79Kardashian Family Members Quiz0-68%2.1916,959
80Lost Character Names Quiz0-61%3.8812,948
81SNL Recurring Characters Quiz0-47%3.9512,226
82Dexter Trivia0-61%3.6012,168
83Game of Thrones - Were You Even Paying Attention?0-82%4.009,883
84Arrested Development Trivia Quiz0-60%3.829,527
85Star Trek Trivia0-63%3.927,590
86Who Did that Glee Song0-36%3.725,907
87Fresh Prince of Bel Air Characters0-63%3.364,210
88TV / Movie Actors Quiz0-52%4.0993,082
89Memorable American TV Characters #10-54%4.1776,702
90American TV Couples Quiz0-53%4.1470,532
91American TV Shows by Cast Quiz #20-50%4.1653,058
92American TV Theme Songs0-55%4.2349,385
93Longest-Running U.S. Sitcoms Quiz0-21%4.2147,481
94Pokemon Moves Quiz0-60%3.1035,660
95U.S. TV Shows with Names in the Title0-70%4.3334,398
96TV Shows by U.S. State0-57%4.2133,788
97American TV Spinoffs Quiz0-50%4.1032,402
98American TV by Antonyms0-75%4.3230,022
99TV Sitcom Stars Quiz0-57%4.1128,476
100100 Best-Reviewed Animated Films0-24%3.9728,429
101American TV Station Acronyms0-55%4.0228,403
102American Prime-Time Cartoons0-62%3.5328,034
103Movie Titles by Emoji0-61%4.4026,171
104American TV Shows by Cast Quiz #30-45%4.0825,205
105American TV Shows by Characters0-50%4.1924,950
106Memorable American TV Characters #30-54%4.1923,364
107American TV by Synonyms0-63%4.2223,113
108American TV Show Settings Quiz0-54%4.3521,214
109Muppet Characters0-66%4.1919,791
110U.S. TV Show Vocabulary Quiz0-62%4.1619,281
111TV Title Translation - French0-59%4.0718,476
112Top 1980s TV Shows Quiz0-43%4.0418,313
1132000s American TV Trivia0-55%4.0314,993
114List of All Ash Ketchum's Pokémon0-45%3.8312,859
115Answers are TV Titles0-70%4.0212,723
116G1 The Transformers Quiz0-38%4.1712,609
1171980s American TV Trivia0-70%4.229,430
118Word Puzzles - TV Titles #20-71%4.389,373
1191960s American TV Trivia0-70%4.038,803
1202010s American TV Trivia0-70%4.198,448
121Who Starred in that TV Show #20-45%4.057,110
122American TV Dads0-55%4.075,643
123American TV Characters by Last Name #20-37%4.075,456
124American TV Characters by Last Name #10-50%4.235,438
125TV and Movie Character Creators #20-50%4.385,107
126American TV and Movie Nicknames0-50%4.134,780
127Addams Family Characters0-75%4.034,632
128WWE Champions0-51%3.6371,545
129Top 1990s TV Shows Quiz0-26%3.2763,906
130Disney Channel TV Shows0-55%2.9861,919
131American TV Catchphrases #10-55%3.6957,562
132IMDB Top TV Shows0-38%3.9445,612
133Television Siblings0-50%3.9541,330
134American TV Catchphrases #20-60%3.5640,153
135WWE Finishers0-75%3.6339,878
136American Sitcom Families Quiz0-43%3.9839,834
137Main Characters of American TV Shows0-53%3.9437,398
138Most-Watched American TV Channels0-35%3.8937,050
139TV Professions Quiz0-60%3.9133,960
140Reality TV Show by Synopsis0-52%2.8632,947
141American TV Shows by Cast Quiz #10-54%3.7430,700
142Memorable American TV Characters #20-41%3.8627,768
143Memorable American TV Characters #40-50%3.9626,873
144Saved by the Bell Characters Quiz0-85%3.4726,705
145American TV Commercials0-60%3.8426,406
146Memorable American TV Characters #50-45%3.6026,030
147Reality TV Show by Synopsis #20-64%3.8925,798
148WWE Royal Rumble Winners0-73%3.9325,314
149TV Characters A-Z0-57%3.8924,901
150Children's TV Theme Songs Quiz0-62%3.9124,283
151Who Starred in that TV Show #10-50%3.8219,919
152Pro Wrestler Nicknames0-62%3.7918,192
1531980s WWF Wrestlers Quiz0-22%3.3615,776
154American TV Hosts Quiz0-50%3.8713,639
155Game Show Hosts Quiz0-56%3.8410,836
1561970s American TV Trivia0-75%3.979,271
1571990s American TV Trivia0-60%3.669,202
158America's Worst TV Shows0-77%3.839,097
1594-Letter American TV Chain0-70%4.008,613
1605-Letter American TV Chain0-55%3.708,591
161TV Professions Quiz #20-50%3.428,218
162TV Title Translation - Spanish0-63%3.837,369
163Who Starred in that TV Show #30-50%3.636,444
164American TV Moms0-41%3.896,115
165TV Character to Actor #10-54%4.005,989
166American TV by Clue #10-50%3.955,585
167Vampires in Movies and Television0-52%3.795,262
168TV Character to Actor #20-40%3.624,891
169Famous Voices0-55%3.804,704
170Places in TV Shows (US)0-45%3.814,511
171American TV Characters by Clue0-40%3.503,938