Suggested Quizzes

Based on Capital Cities: Equidistant from Tokyo and New Delhi

0World Capitals Closest to London0-77%4.8438,639
1Closest Capital City Pairs #10-65%4.9533,219
2Five Closest Countries by Country #10-77%5.00104,849
3Countries of the World Quiz0-55%5.0015,236,613
4US States Quiz0-74%5.006,099,799
5United States Map Quiz0-64%4.982,782,648
6Europe Map Quiz0-64%5.002,413,913
7World Capitals Quiz0-41%5.002,382,688
8Countries by First Two Letters in 90 Seconds0-49%4.972,029,706
9Countries by Borders in 90 Seconds0-70%5.001,325,095
10Africa Map Quiz0-59%5.001,187,945
11Random Capital to Country0-60%4.991,143,031
12Country Flags Quiz #10-90%4.971,066,276
13Word Scramble - Countries0-60%4.81880,214
14East Asia Map Quiz0-82%4.99879,874
15South America Map Quiz0-78%4.99815,367
16US State Capitals Quiz0-60%4.99791,419
17Countries that Start with B0-64%4.96787,632
18Middle East Map Quiz0-82%4.99772,805
19Countries that Start with A0-72%4.97698,811
20Countries that Start with C0-73%4.95622,291
21Countries of Europe Quiz0-86%5.00620,734
22Biggest Countries by Population Quiz0-79%5.00616,347
23Countries that Start with S0-69%4.94605,966
24Europe Capitals Quiz0-71%4.99592,689
25Countries of Africa0-77%5.00546,913
26All Country Flags of the World0-46%5.00537,690
27Countries that Start with G0-72%4.97497,393
28Countries that Start with M0-70%4.95455,570
29Biggest Countries by Area Quiz0-80%4.99455,024
30Countries that Start with E0-66%4.93435,934
31Countries that Start with I0-77%4.91418,126
32Countries that Start with P0-77%4.92411,847
33Countries of Europe - One Minute Sprint0-57%4.89391,939
34Countries that Start with N0-72%4.92375,380
35Random Country to Capital0-65%4.96373,097
36Country Flags Quiz #20-75%4.99372,279
37Countries of Asia Quiz0-81%5.00362,567
38Countries that Start with L0-77%4.96362,138
39Asia Map Quiz0-68%4.99349,831
40Country Shape Quiz #10-81%4.91348,052
41Countries in World War II Quiz0-70%4.84335,915
42Island Countries Quiz0-74%4.99331,197
43Countries that Start with T0-72%4.86313,830
44Canada Map Quiz0-69%4.98311,124
45Oceania Map Quiz0-43%4.95298,587
46Biggest Cities in the World Quiz0-52%4.82283,675
47Countries that Start with U0-85%4.98274,029
48Counties of England Quiz0-56%4.92262,434
49Africa Capitals Quiz0-56%4.98259,610
50UK Cities Map Quiz0-66%4.84256,630
51Top World Languages Quiz0-40%4.82256,466
52Flags of Europe Quiz0-71%4.98248,081
53Country Flags Quiz #30-60%4.96247,113
54Asia Capitals Quiz0-64%4.95230,169
55Countries with the Longest Coastlines0-85%4.90214,334
56Countries that Start with K0-66%4.96205,055
57Countries with the Most Tourists Quiz0-79%4.88196,387
58Countries of Oceania0-85%5.00190,495
59Word Scramble - U.S. States0-80%4.90189,671
60Countries of North America Quiz0-82%4.98188,929
61Counties of England Map Quiz0-51%4.85186,905
62Europe Cities Map Quiz0-83%4.99186,301
63Northernmost Countries Quiz0-90%4.98185,285
64Smallest Countries by Population and Area0-70%4.98184,206
65Countries with the Most Borders Quiz0-68%4.96179,583
66Country Shape Quiz #20-75%4.97176,645
67Spanish-Speaking Countries Quiz0-81%4.98174,455
68Countries Bordering Russia Quiz0-85%4.99174,428
69One Border Countries Quiz0-64%4.98173,438
70South America Capitals Quiz0-75%4.97171,582
71Countries with Four Letters Quiz0-80%4.99170,939
72Landlocked Countries Quiz0-73%4.99165,377
73World Map without 12 Countries0-75%4.99164,294
74Biggest Metro Areas in the USA0-54%4.98162,736
75Top Five Countries By Category #10-69%5.00162,222
76Countries Bordering France0-90%4.94161,369
77Majority Muslim Countries Quiz0-77%4.97160,571
78USA States in Alphabetical Order0-72%4.98160,534
79Countries that Start with V0-75%4.98159,445
80Countries of South America0-91%4.99156,652
81Countries with the Most Billionaires0-80%4.92144,588
82Most Populous Countries A-Z0-78%4.98141,961
83Countries Bordering Germany0-88%4.99139,490
84Countries with the Biggest GDPs0-86%4.90133,016
85"Land" Countries0-80%4.95131,332
86Flags of Asia Quiz0-66%4.99130,037
87United States Cities Map Quiz0-76%4.96128,573
88Canada Provinces and Territories Quiz0-76%4.99126,939
89Country Shape Quiz #30-62%4.90124,902
90Countries by Clue #10-81%4.92124,655
91Richest Countries by Per-Capita GDP0-76%4.89124,642
92Countries and Languages Quiz0-66%4.82123,669
93Countries with the Most Military Troops0-80%4.90123,428
94EU Countries Quiz0-88%4.99118,718
95Cars by Country Quiz0-76%4.94118,024
96Countries with the Longest Total Borders0-75%4.98117,048
97Biggest Cities in Germany Quiz0-60%4.81116,744
98Countries with Five Letters Quiz0-70%4.96115,818
99British Commonwealth Countries Quiz0-59%4.91114,870
100Five Most Populated Countries by Continent0-83%4.99114,816
101Countries with Nuclear Weapons0-80%4.86113,738
102Southernmost Countries of the World0-75%4.98113,018
103Biggest Cities by Language Quiz0-70%4.94112,735
104Longest International Borders0-76%5.00110,752
105Countries with the Highest Life Expectancy0-80%4.92109,047
106Countries with Z0-73%4.97108,264
107Europe Capital to Country0-80%4.98106,825
108Mediterranean Countries Quiz0-85%4.99105,655
109French-Speaking Countries Quiz0-51%4.83103,716
110Countries with the Most Winter Olympics Medals0-84%4.82101,503
111Countries that Border China Quiz0-85%4.95101,124
112Countries that Start with D0-80%4.87100,233
113Five Closest Countries by Country #20-81%5.0086,586
114Countries Closest to Spain0-80%4.8984,567
115Countries Closest to Canada0-75%4.8774,068
116Countries Closest to Italy0-85%4.9870,694
117Countries Closest to the United Kingdom A-Z0-79%4.9866,177
118Countries Closest to Australia0-80%4.9756,753
119Countries Closest to Africa0-85%4.8945,679
120Countries Closest to United States by Continent0-83%4.9944,821
121Five Closest Countries by Country #30-75%4.9140,387
122Countries Closest to the Persian Gulf0-90%4.8637,744
123Countries Closest to Israel0-84%4.8736,726
124Countries Closest to Alaska0-75%4.8835,690
125Countries Closest to Turkey0-85%4.9034,566
126Non-Bordering Countries Closest to Russia0-80%4.9433,604
127Countries Closest to Egypt0-80%4.8828,942
128Countries Closest to India0-90%4.9427,467
129Countries Closest to Metropolitan France0-90%4.8925,598
130Countries Closest to Spain A-Z0-83%4.9725,375
131Countries Closest to Indonesia0-85%4.9823,122
132Countries with the Highest Maximum Elevation0-75%4.9698,472
133Geographic Groups of Two #10-72%4.9596,887
134NATO Countries Quiz0-86%4.9894,736
135Most Populous Countries in 20500-80%4.8593,935
136Summer Olympics Host Cities0-73%4.9592,785
137Places in their Native Language #10-76%4.8391,672
138Countries by Borders #10-85%4.9990,979
139Most Populous Countries in 19000-77%4.9190,850
140Top Wine Producing Countries Quiz0-80%4.8790,787
141Axis-Occupied Countries of WWII0-72%4.9890,250
142European Countries by Clue0-82%4.9789,137
143Independence from Whom0-83%4.9988,968
144Top Crude Oil Producing Countries0-75%4.8688,833
145World Map without 12 Countries #20-75%4.9886,345
146Northernmost Countries A-Z0-83%4.9984,611
147Countries with Six Letters Quiz0-59%4.8583,889
148Border Crossings Quiz #10-87%4.9983,061
149Countries with the Highest Population Density0-54%4.8482,087
150Countries by Military Spending Quiz0-90%4.9281,997
151Biggest US Cities by Decade Quiz0-53%4.9381,872
152Country Chain0-75%4.9580,404
153Countries by Clue #20-77%4.9180,376
154Countries with Letters Missing0-55%4.9380,003
155Countries in their Native Language0-70%4.9679,400
156First Five Countries Alphabetically by Continent0-70%4.8379,281
157Five Biggest Immigrant Groups by Country #10-68%4.9278,930
158Regions of Countries #10-76%4.9178,089
159Flags of North and South America Quiz0-60%4.9777,460
160Capitals of Oceania Quiz0-57%4.9376,003
161Countries that Start with J0-100%4.8575,761
162Every Country Shape0-36%4.9975,497
163"Stan" Countries Quiz0-85%4.9074,515
164Countries in World War I (WWI)0-71%4.8974,328
165World Capitals by Map0-60%4.9873,749
166Five Biggest Countries by Continent0-82%4.9973,271
167Countries with the Highest HDI0-95%4.8873,143
168Cities in the United Kingdom (UK)0-44%4.8373,042
169Least Populous Countries A-Z0-70%4.9973,020
170Top Five Countries By Category #20-65%4.8672,773
171Countries with the Lowest Population Density0-62%4.9672,700
172Countries by Official Language0-70%4.8972,669
173Flags of Africa Quiz0-53%4.9972,506
174Recently Independent Countries Quiz0-83%4.9872,440
175Olympic Host Countries0-87%4.9971,570
176North America Capitals Quiz0-69%4.9671,424
177Biggest Countries by Area A-Z0-75%4.9271,046
178Countries Based on First Two Letters0-75%4.9870,784
179Most Populous World Capitals0-75%4.8570,215
180Southernmost Countries A-Z0-62%4.9069,492
181Countries with the Most Exports0-85%4.9269,200
182Top Five Countries by Religion0-79%4.9368,784
183World Map without 12 Countries #30-75%4.9668,535
184Geographic Groups of Seven #10-71%4.8568,455
185France Cities Map Quiz0-62%4.8367,582
186Five Poorest Countries by Continent0-63%4.8867,472
187Longest Border by Country #10-83%4.9867,157
188Coldest World Capitals0-73%4.9766,690
189Regions of Italy Map Quiz0-50%4.9266,207
190Five Most Populated Cities by Continent0-73%4.9866,026
191Countries by First and Last Letter #10-54%4.9565,913
192Most Guessed Countries on JetPunk0-86%4.9465,683
193Solve the Secret Capital City0-59%4.9065,661
194Buddhist Countries0-85%4.9465,335
195Countries of the Soviet Union (USSR)0-86%4.9865,200
196Regions of France Map Quiz0-69%4.8764,161
197Countries with the Most Forest0-70%4.8263,788
198Countries by Initial Letter and Continent #10-75%4.8963,251
199Top Producing Countries Quiz0-50%4.8362,957