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1,713,0382019-02-17 Countries of the World with an Empty Map
534,0582019-02-17 Countries of Europe - One Minute Sprint
441,5722018-09-03 12 mois en 15 secondes
319,2862021-05-19 Pays d'Europe
257,0092019-12-30 US States with an Empty Map
249,7072019-12-28 Państwa Europy
243,6282019-02-16 Pays d'Afrique
212,7352020-08-10 Top Five Countries By Category #1
196,3482018-10-10 Countries Bordering France
182,8232019-12-10 Countries Bordering Germany
181,8062021-02-28 100 Biggest Cities on a World Map
168,4402020-08-06 FIFA World Cup Top 4 Positions
155,0762016-04-11 Pays d'Europe en une minute
150,9762019-12-14 Countries of Europe with an Empty Map
147,2522019-07-30 Countries Closest to the U. S.
131,9772018-11-01 Pays d'Asie
126,3132019-07-03 Countries of Africa with an Empty Map
125,8312020-03-09 Countries of the World with an Empty Map - Hard Version
123,3502019-02-17 Five Closest Countries by Country #1
116,9952019-10-24 World's Busiest Airports
115,6622019-12-10 European Countries by Clue
108,9052019-12-25 Countries of Asia with an Empty Map
105,0052017-08-15 Five Closest Countries by Country #2
104,3742019-02-17 Every Country Shape
102,4322019-08-02 World Capitals by Map
100,5202018-10-29 Geographic Groups of Four #1
94,5142020-08-10 Top Five Countries By Category #2
90,2042019-12-09 Five Biggest Immigrant Groups by Country #1
90,0202020-12-21 Countries by Borders in 90 Seconds with an Empty Map
86,7182020-03-11 Top 10 Languages Spoken in Europe
83,8862019-07-23 Countries of the Middle East
82,8782017-08-13 Top Five Countries by Religion
80,2522019-02-16 Geographic Groups of Seven #1
79,2692021-03-28 United Kingdom Immigration by Country
78,1822018-10-17 Geographic Groups of Five #1
78,0432020-10-24 Most Guessed Countries on JetPunk
76,6882020-08-12 Top Five Countries By Category #3
74,3232020-12-04 Top Five Countries By Category #5
73,2182019-12-27 Europe's Busiest Airports
72,6812020-05-27 Biggest Cities in the United States - Extreme
72,6282019-12-17 European Geography By Letter - A
71,2172021-11-19 Cities With the Most Billionaires
69,7772018-10-20 Geographic Groups of Six #1
69,1042019-12-05 Geographic Groups of Three #1
66,7682019-12-18 European Geography By Letter - M
66,3792019-12-21 Biggest European Cities by Century
66,1092019-12-18 European Geography By Letter - E
65,1682020-08-12 Top Five Countries By Category #4
64,5202019-12-19 European Geography By Letter - I
64,1282017-10-19 British Groups of Things
62,8282019-12-17 European Geography By Letter - C
62,7672019-02-17 Every European Country Shape
61,5022019-12-22 Largest Economies in 2050
61,1862019-05-29 Airline Logos
60,8102019-12-17 European Geography By Letter - B #1
60,1832019-12-18 European Geography By Letter - L
59,8002018-08-09 Countries Bordering Brazil
59,0552021-12-07 Wikipedia Languages
58,9682019-12-18 European Geography By Letter - G
58,3812019-12-18 European Geography By Letter - D
57,6522018-09-20 Himalayan Countries
56,1332019-12-21 European Geography By Letter - S #1
55,5002019-12-21 European Geography By Letter - R
54,9842019-12-19 European Geography By Letter - N
54,7842020-01-10 Countries Bordering Saudi Arabia
54,6342019-12-12 Biggest Trading Partners - United States
54,3682019-12-18 European Geography By Letter - H
54,0942020-10-27 Biggest English Cities by Century
53,4512020-10-24 Global Cities on a World Map
53,1872019-12-18 European Geography By Letter - F
52,8732021-01-27 Total United States Immigration by Country
52,4142017-01-30 Top World Languages on a Map
51,6932020-01-01 European Geography by Letter - W
50,3482019-03-22 Five Closest Countries by Country #3
49,9072019-12-07 European Cities by Clue
49,3502020-03-02 Countries With Most Conflict Deaths
49,1032020-01-01 European Geography By Letter - V
48,4202019-08-02 World Capitals By Letter - A
47,9952022-01-07 Five Most Guessed Cities by Continent
47,9372019-12-19 European Geography By Letter - P
46,5682018-09-29 Pays d'Amérique du Sud
46,3582016-12-03London Underground Stations
46,0562019-12-18 European Geography By Letter - K
45,6692016-08-25 Countries Bordering Austria
44,9122019-01-01 World Capitals By Letter - B
44,2912019-07-23 Irreligious Countries
43,6802019-05-07 Top 10 Richest Countries in Europe
43,4502018-05-23 The Americas Geography by Letter - C
43,0442021-10-07 Top 10 Asian Countries by Population Increase
42,6412019-12-22 Busiest Air Routes from the U.S.
42,5232018-03-20 50 Busiest Air Routes from London
41,9182017-04-27 Countries of the Japanese Empire
41,3772022-01-11 Top Five Importing Partners by Country
41,0102019-12-07 European Geography By Letter - T
40,0682018-11-01 Pays d'Océanie
39,3832019-12-19 European Geography By Letter - O
39,1612019-02-08 World Capitals By Letter - W
39,1442019-12-07 Boroughs of London
39,1232019-12-15 Five Biggest World Cities by Letter #1
39,0092022-01-02 Countries with the Most Population Growth by Decade
38,9612018-03-25 Every Asian Country Shape
38,9122019-02-17 African Capitals by Map
38,8022019-04-10 Geographic Groups of Eight
38,5942019-02-16 World Capitals By Letter - M
37,9202015-11-29 Black Sea Countries
37,7052019-12-14 Five Biggest World Cities by Letter #2
37,4832015-03-03 Tourist Route of Europe
37,4262020-02-01 U.S. Cities with the Biggest Economies
37,3792019-06-10 World Capitals By Letter - L
37,0532021-12-06 Top Oil Reserve Countries
37,0192020-02-10 Megacities on an Empty Map
36,1992019-12-23 Asian Geography By Letter - B
36,0222019-06-18 Capital Cities with the Highest Elevation
35,9442017-05-04 Countries Bordering China Since 1914
35,5062019-07-18 Biggest Import Partners By Country
35,2742019-08-02 Asian Geography By Letter - A
35,2462018-11-03 Cities Beginning With "A" on a Map
35,1872016-06-20 Cities Beginning With "B" on a Map
34,8762019-12-15 World Capitals By Letter - D
34,6592018-10-28 European Landmarks Map Quiz
34,6022019-02-16 World Capitals By Letter - S
34,4782020-09-14 Countries of North America with an Empty Map
34,3792017-01-14 Asian Geography By Letter - M
34,2622019-02-08 World Capitals By Letter - R
34,2462016-12-12 Asian Geography By Letter - S
33,7852019-03-04 World Capitals By Letter - H
33,4502019-03-11 Five Biggest Immigrant Groups by Country #2
33,4412015-12-16 World Capitals By Letter - C
33,3912019-06-04 World Geography on a Map #1
33,2092017-11-14 The Americas Geography by Letter - B
33,0612018-09-11 Top Five Exporting Partners by Country
32,7732019-02-16 Países de Europa
32,4992015-04-01 The Americas Geography by Letter - N
31,9682020-11-30 Countries of South America with an Empty Map
31,9472019-12-05 The Americas Geography by Letter - A
31,9352019-08-23 Mediterranean Cities by Map
31,2612021-02-25 Two Largest Cities by First Two Letters
31,2482016-10-18 Countries Bordering Tanzania
31,2082019-02-08 World Capitals By Letter - T
30,9972019-06-10 World Capitals By Letter - P
30,9772020-02-10 Biggest Cities with Exceptions
30,8132020-11-04 Countries With the Most Expats
30,6162018-03-22Countries that Give the Most Foreign Aid
30,3522016-10-21 World Capitals By Letter - K
29,9232020-05-01 Most Populous Country by First Two Letters
29,8162016-07-29 Cities Beginning With "D" on a Map
29,7032017-01-14 Asian Geography By Letter - K
29,6742019-12-10 Andean Countries
29,6302019-12-17 Danube Countries
29,5942019-12-21 American Groups of Two
29,4142019-12-22 Asian Country Superlatives
29,3502019-12-21 50 Busiest Air Routes from New York City
29,3352016-10-21 Cities Beginning With "M" on a Map
29,1422016-06-21 Cities Beginning With "C" on a Map
29,0732019-12-21 The Americas Geography by Letter - S
28,9232018-09-11 Nobel Prizes
28,6582018-05-04 Largest United States Airlines
28,5752018-11-14 UK Cities by Map
28,5702020-04-14 Most Populous 2nd Cities
28,2052021-03-11 Mediterranean Countries with an Empty Map
27,7472019-12-22 Flag Carrier Airlines
27,5482015-08-29 Companies A-Z
27,5302019-05-07 Top 10 Richest Countries in Asia
27,3772014-10-16 Most Appealing Cities for Working Abroad
27,3242019-12-09 Most Desired Destinations for Potential Migrants
27,1742019-12-05 World Geography on a Map #2
26,8742016-11-05100 Biggest U.S. Cities on a Map
26,6112018-03-08 Atlantic Ocean Island Countries
25,9852019-12-16 Cities Beginning With "L" on a Map
25,8662016-08-27 Friends Episodes
25,6502019-02-17 Every African Country Shape
25,5522018-10-28 Europe Map Quiz - "B" Cities
25,5462019-12-21 The Americas Geography by Letter - M
25,2152018-11-14 Pacific Ocean Island Countries
25,1472017-09-27 10 Closest Megacities to New York City
24,8272019-12-07 Cities Beginning With "S" on a Map
24,7302018-11-14 50 Busiest Air Routes from Los Angeles
24,4882016-11-25 Cities Beginning With "T" on a Map
24,1652018-11-14 Countries by Airline Passengers
23,9972019-07-02 Countries in Relation to Cities #1
23,7712020-08-11 Highest Foreign Aid Recipients
23,7412018-11-14 Countries by Number of Books Published
23,5692018-10-28 United States Landmarks Map Quiz
23,2362019-05-07 Top 10 Richest Countries in the Americas
23,0422019-03-12 Five Biggest Immigrant Groups by Country #3
23,0282016-06-24 European Cities by Map #1
22,7982016-11-02 Cities Beginning With "N" on a Map
22,7822020-06-26 Countries with the Oldest Median Age
22,6262019-12-17 European Geography By Letter - B #2
22,5752015-12-10 Celtic Nations
22,3592016-11-04 Cities Beginning With "P" on a Map
22,2652019-12-22 European Geography By Letter - S #2
21,4712018-09-06 Geography by Picture - L
21,4372018-09-09 European Cities by Map #2
21,2462020-11-08 Countries with the Youngest Median Age
21,1392022-01-13 Asian Cities by Map #1
21,1252018-11-14 Fashion Capitals
21,0922021-02-25 Biggest Cities in Asia - Extreme
20,8912017-12-11 Countries Surrounding Rome
20,8482021-02-24 Biggest Cities in Deserts
20,7212018-04-05 Geography by Picture - C
20,4032016-10-21 Biggest City by Region
20,3672018-04-08 Geography by Picture - E
20,2642021-04-16 Pays avec les plus grandes économies
19,9472018-11-14 Top 12 Languages Spoken in Asia
19,6292018-03-13 Geography by Picture - A
19,5372019-12-14 Countries with the Most Tropical Cyclones
19,4732018-09-14 Countries With the Most ISIS Fighters
19,3582018-12-10 Geography by Picture - T
19,0922018-11-03 Pays ayant le plus de frontières
18,7192018-03-16 Geography by Picture - B
18,6812018-06-05 Geography by Picture - H
18,6782019-08-07 Least Christian Countries with Exceptions
18,5932020-04-21 Easternmost Countries
18,4782018-09-06 European Cities With Metro Systems
17,8992018-10-22 Geography by Picture - N
17,4572019-07-19 Frontières allemandes
17,4082018-05-21 Geography by Picture - F
17,3492017-03-09 Mediterranean Geography on a Map
17,1992016-11-22World Capitals on an Empty Map
17,0952018-11-18 Geography by Picture - R
16,6352019-12-09 Asian Cities by Clue
16,5992020-04-21 Westernmost Countries
16,4972018-09-06 Countries With Most Slavery
16,1502019-07-19 Frontières russes
16,1212019-07-19 Frontières chinoises
15,7842016-12-03Top Five European Countries by Category #1
15,4572016-12-0220 Countries on an Empty Map #1
15,4032018-11-23 Geography by Picture - S
14,8712018-08-07 Geography by Picture - K
14,3212018-07-17 Geography by Picture - D
13,9342018-05-22 Geography by Picture - G
13,9212018-07-09 Spanish Immigration by Country
13,9202018-11-18 Geography by Picture - O
13,7932019-07-19 Frontières brésiliennes
13,2322016-11-15Top Five European Countries by Category #2
13,1132018-07-31 Geography by Picture - I
13,0922018-04-10 Every American Country by Shape
13,0282017-07-13 10 Westernmost Major Cities in Europe
13,0192021-02-23 Countries with Shrinking Populations
12,9772018-05-14 Chaque forme de pays d'Europe
12,7522019-12-26 Add A Letter - Make a Capital City
12,7322019-08-02 48 Asian Countries, 48 Cities
12,5632016-10-21 Biggest City by Region #2
12,3032019-02-19 Geography by Picture - M
12,1592019-12-22 Highest Grossing Concert Tours
12,0182015-12-09 African Great Lakes
11,9092021-02-28 Ten Southernmost Megacities
11,8772018-11-18 Geography by Picture - P
11,7262017-10-01 Aéroports les plus fréquentés du monde
11,5812018-10-11 Closest City Pairs #1
11,4622018-07-30 Geography by Picture - J
11,1762018-01-15 Countries with the Highest Remittances
10,8322014-12-04 Closest City Pairs #3
10,4682016-03-10Geographic Groups of Ten
10,3282017-09-28 Biggest Cities Near a Border
10,1662018-01-29 Closest City Pairs #2
9,3202019-12-12 Countries with the Largest Sovereign Wealth Funds
9,2952018-11-01 Frontières indiennes
9,1202016-04-01Top Five European Countries by Category #3
8,6202016-12-03Top Five African Countries by Category #1
8,5402016-03-10Geographic Groups of Nine
8,5342019-08-09World Capitals By Letter - N
8,3882019-08-26 Capital Cities Closest to the Equator
8,1162016-12-03Top Five Asian Countries by Category #1
7,9192016-03-23Five Biggest Producing Countries By Product #2
7,7242016-12-03Top Five North & South American Countries by Category #1
7,6852015-12-15Most Popular Sport Leagues
7,5822017-11-20Countries of the Americas with an Empty Map
7,3512016-12-0220 Countries on an Empty Map #2
7,1732016-06-27Cities Beginning With "G" on a Map
7,1572019-02-17 Chaque forme de pays d'Afrique
6,9232022-01-04 Oldest Cities in the United Kingdom
6,8002015-07-07Biggest European Cities in 1900
6,7222016-11-21100 Biggest Cities on an Empty Map
6,5462016-04-01Top Five Asian Countries by Category #2
6,4862019-12-14 Bridges of London
6,4352016-12-04Five Biggest Cities By European Country
6,3812016-12-0220 Countries on an Empty Map #3
6,3782019-01-01World Capitals By Letter - G
6,3782016-03-10Five Busiest Cities by Airports by Continent
6,3562016-08-03Countries Bordering India
6,3072014-04-21World Capitals By Letter - V
6,3002014-04-20World Capitals By Letter - J
6,2332016-07-16Cities Beginning With "H" on a Map
6,1612021-10-17 The Margaret Thatcher Premiership
6,1502020-04-12 Chaque forme de pays
6,0332016-04-01Top Five African Countries by Category #2
6,0032016-04-21Countries by Five Closest Countries In One Minute
5,6472016-04-01Top Five North & South American Countries by Category #2
5,6092016-12-0320 Biggest Cities in the USA on a Map
5,5892016-06-04 Chaque forme de pays d'Asie
5,5042014-06-11European Countries in 1900
5,4982016-11-23World Geography on a Map #4
5,4702014-09-28Countries of the Middle East
5,4312016-09-02Asian Capitals by Map
5,4022017-02-14Fill in an Empty Map of Europe
5,3342015-12-15Busiest Air Routes from London Heathrow
5,3342014-04-20World Capitals By Letter - F
5,2682014-04-21World Capitals By Letter - O
5,1522016-10-20World Geography on a Map #3
5,1282017-11-18Countries Forgotten With an Empty Map
5,0542016-03-25Biggest Export Partners For Every Country
5,0142015-11-11World's Busiest Airport Systems
4,8642015-12-15Best Selling British Music Artists
4,8102016-03-24London Underground Lines
4,7872015-03-05Most Democratic Countries
4,7532016-07-11Alpine Countries
4,7342016-12-12World's Busiest Airports - Extreme
4,7312016-03-23Five Biggest Producing Countries By Product #1
4,5092016-09-02Cities Beginning With "K" on a Map
4,3562014-04-21World Capitals By Letter - Y
4,3462014-10-13Top Five Cities By Category #1
4,3412016-07-06Persian Gulf Countries with an Empty Map
4,3282016-11-18Countries of the World - No Hints
4,2872016-08-24Summer Olympics Top 4 Countries
4,2802014-06-03Counties of Scotland
4,2122016-06-29Provinces and Territories of Canada with an Empty Map
4,1472014-06-09European Countries in 1950
4,1362014-04-20World Capitals By Letter - I
4,0752014-12-17Five Closest Countries by Sea (relessness version)
4,0272016-05-12Every South American Country Shape
4,0092017-02-06Airline Logos #2
3,9902016-06-22European Capitals by Map
3,9092015-03-05Least Democratic Countries
3,9022018-01-18Five Closest Countries by City #1
3,8692016-03-23Five Biggest Producing Countries By Product #3
3,8202014-06-23Developed Countries
3,7392014-04-21World Capitals By Letter - Q
3,7202014-07-04Winter Olympics Top 4 Countries
3,7012016-03-23Five Biggest Producing Countries By Product #5
3,6122016-11-16European Geography on a Map #1
3,5962014-10-1750 Biggest Cities in the UK
3,5372016-11-0250 Biggest European Cities on a Map
3,5272014-04-21World Capitals By Letter - Z
3,5242014-06-05Scientific Groups of Things #1
3,5032015-01-05Top Five Busiest Air Routes by City #1
3,4392015-12-09Countries Bordering Libya
3,4162014-09-12British TV Shows By Clue
3,4122016-05-07The Quiz on London
3,4072016-04-25Groups of 4 Countries That Border Each Other
3,3802014-03-14London Immigration by Country
3,3432016-03-23Five Biggest Producing Countries By Product #4
3,3232016-11-2420 Biggest Cities in Germany on a Map
3,2712015-01-27Busiest London Underground Stations
3,2232016-11-24Airports With Most Destinations
3,2222014-08-26The Christianity Quiz
3,2192014-04-21World Capitals By Letter - U
3,2152015-03-19Groups of Things - Television
3,1942016-07-11Busiest Metro Systems
3,1852021-03-02Countries Bordering the European Union
3,1582015-02-26Most Common UK Street Names
3,1282018-09-05British Groups of Things #2
3,1192016-07-11Months of the Year in French
3,1002014-04-16Countries With Split Borders
3,0242013-08-06Countries With Most Cars
3,0032016-11-22Cities With Busiest Airports on a World Map
2,9712014-08-26Christian Countries
2,9262014-10-19Five Biggest Cities By Asian Country
2,8772013-10-30London Tourist Attractions
2,8702016-12-03Most Popular Sports in the United Kingdom
2,8662018-01-07US Cities with Metro Systems
2,8552018-11-03Negara-Negara di Dunia
2,8452016-07-11USA Emigration by Country
2,8332018-02-16African Countries by Clue
2,8072014-03-23Pays d'Amérique du Nord
2,7572013-11-20Five Most Common Last Names by Country
2,7272016-05-05Every North American Country Shape Quiz
2,6652014-09-01Most Populous European Islands
2,6562015-03-22Top Five Cities By Category #2
2,6552017-03-20Cities Beginning With "E, F, G" on a Map
2,6482016-11-2520 Biggest Cities in China on a Map
2,6192016-10-01Country Shapes in the World Map (Slightly Harder) #1
2,5722016-10-21European Cities by Clue #2
2,5682016-03-29How I Met Your Mother Interventions
2,5472016-12-03Busiest Air Routes from New York JFK
2,5332019-10-10Wines by Country
2,5192015-02-19Top Five Busiest Airports by Country
2,4862014-05-31Olympic Competing Nations by Abbreviation #1
2,4662014-09-09Groups of Countries By Official Language
2,4582012-12-16Hottest Countries Quiz
2,4512014-09-22UK X Factor Judges
2,4212016-12-03European Cities by Tallest Building
2,4152016-09-29Five Busiest Airports by Airline
2,4142017-02-08European Cities Beginning With "A" Map Quiz
2,4012015-04-27Capital Cities Closest to London
2,3892016-12-03Largest Metropolitan Areas by Population in Europe
2,3662019-10-13100 Biggest US Cities in 1950
2,3512017-03-0324 Busiest Air Routes from Dubai on a Map
2,3472016-12-03Largest Cities by Country
2,3432014-05-29How I Met Your Mother Episodes
2,3422016-11-2220 Biggest Cities in France on a Map
2,2922015-07-08The Quiz on New York City
2,2862016-11-2220 Biggest Cities in the UK on a Map
2,2692016-10-25Incorrectly Drawn Countries on a World Map
2,2522017-06-10Busiest Air Routes from the U.K.
2,2502015-10-06Five Biggest Immigrant Groups by Decade in the US
2,2342013-02-07Biggest Cities in South Korea Quiz
2,1992016-12-03Countries Bordering Canada
2,1732016-12-03Schengen Countries
2,1702014-10-16Biggest Tea Drinking Countries
2,1492014-09-18Groups of Things by Example #1
2,1422017-11-02Coldest Countries
2,1342018-02-16Asian Countries By Clue
2,0972018-04-11Central America Countries - Shape Quiz
2,0932014-11-10Second Most Common Language By Country
2,0922013-01-11Biggest European Cities by Letter
2,0862016-12-03Most Polluting Countries
2,0852015-03-06Closest Country by City #1
2,0702017-01-03World's Longest Rivers
2,0582014-06-17The Quiz on The United Kingdom
2,0552016-10-17Five Biggest UK Immigrant Groups by Continent
1,9892014-11-06American Groups of Three
1,9852013-12-26Most Popular British Baby Names
1,9752016-12-03Countries Bordering the UK
1,9282013-01-22Biggest Cities in Scotland
1,9152016-11-2520 Biggest Cities in Italy on a Map
1,8982014-01-12Países de América del Sur
1,8862016-11-2920 Biggest Cities in India on a Map
1,8722014-09-09Scientific Groups of Things #2
1,8712014-06-18Países de Asia
1,8602014-09-28Groups of Things by Example #2
1,8232014-06-10Countries With Longest Railways
1,7982013-04-29World Tourist Attractions
1,7952014-09-01Cities by Clue #2
1,7822014-12-18American Groups of Five
1,7822015-10-07Biggest Immigrant Groups by Decade in the UK
1,7642015-03-02Five Closest Countries by City #2
1,7622017-06-1950 Busiest Air Routes from the United States on a Map
1,7352016-12-03Most Viewed YouTube Music Videos
1,7312013-07-09British General Knowledge
1,7242017-09-16Historical Largest Economies
1,7092014-05-06Cities by Clue
1,6772014-09-07Countries Bordering France in 1960
1,6692016-12-03Largest Deserts
1,6652012-12-16Countries by Largest Population in 1900 Quiz
1,6602013-05-17The World's Largest City Timeline
1,6432016-05-10Countries Whose Closest Country is France
1,6422015-12-17Top Gear Specials
1,6362016-11-21Five Closest Countries to London by Continent
1,6252017-01-09Top 10 European Countries With Most Immigration
1,6202016-12-03Immigrant Cities
1,6192016-05-13South American Capitals by Map
1,6152014-06-10Countries Where English is an Official Language
1,6072013-10-22American TV Shows by Clue
1,6062015-01-30Groups of Countries Which Border the Same Countries
1,5802016-05-13Oceanian Capitals by Map
1,5642017-12-08Name the Countries on this Map #3
1,5612017-08-23Most Populous Counties of England
1,5592014-11-13American Groups of Four
1,5572015-12-09Countries Bordering Turkey
1,5572014-08-16Asian Geography By Letter - T
1,5542016-12-0120 Biggest Cities in Spain on a Map
1,5522016-10-19Countries with Most Syrian Refugees
1,5492014-05-29British Music Band Members
1,5492013-01-09Nile Countries Quiz
1,5472014-12-11Top Five Busiest Air Routes by City #2
1,5332013-02-07Canadian Immigration by Country Quiz
1,5292017-08-31Countries That Discovered the Elements of the Periodic Table
1,5282016-01-23Name the Country by City #3
1,5242018-02-08European Cities Beginning With "C" Map Quiz
1,5102014-08-25Biggest Immigrant Group by Country
1,4562016-12-03Best Selling Albums in the UK
1,4472016-12-06Cities With One Million People by Letter - B
1,4432016-01-23Name the Country by City #2
1,4412015-11-15UK Tourist Attractions
1,4372016-06-22European Cities by Map #3
1,4332013-04-30World's Busiest Air Routes
1,4292016-05-07Name the Friends Episodes and Characters
1,4252013-01-05The Quiz on the United States
1,4202012-10-14Largest EU Cities by GDP Quiz
1,4062015-01-29Countries Where the 1% Live
1,4062016-05-1511 States Needed to win the Electoral College
1,4002014-01-12Países de América del Norte
1,3972014-07-05Biggest Countries by Area (Including Territories)
1,3962014-02-27Country by Phonetic Spelling #1
1,3862016-12-05Cities With One Million People by Letter - A
1,3822013-10-23European Country Superlatives
1,3792015-03-03Five Closest Countries by City #3
1,3742014-10-02Groups of Things by Example #3
1,3722016-10-11Country Shapes in the World Map (Slightly Harder) #2
1,3402014-09-16Closest Country Pairs
1,3342014-04-08Double Border Crossings
1,3342016-10-16Countries by Independence in 90 Seconds
1,3212014-09-13World's Busiest Airports in 1970
1,3172016-05-24Countries Bordering Zambia
1,3002018-02-01Biggest Cities Closer to Space than the Sea
1,2902017-01-11Countries With 1 Million Immigrants
1,2872016-12-02Five Closest Countries to New York City by Continent
1,2802014-06-10Easternmost Countries A-Z
1,2792016-03-11Five Biggest English Speaking Countries by Continent
1,2782013-01-24Olympic Competing Nations by Abbreviation Quiz #2
1,2662014-04-09Countries With No Borders
1,2602014-11-24Busiest Air Route by City
1,2602015-12-06Richest Countries with Exceptions
1,2362017-01-07Cities With One Million People by Letter - D
1,2352016-04-14Five Biggest Cities by Map #2
1,2252017-02-09Divided US City Name Puzzle
1,2172017-01-19Five Countries with the Most Immigrants by Continent
1,2162015-05-28Words with Different British and American Meanings
1,2092015-11-20Country Flags Hidden in the Norwegian Flag
1,1922016-05-18Countries of Europe - West to East
1,1872015-11-11Cities with the Largest Marathons
1,1832015-01-14Pacific Ocean Countries
1,1832017-07-194 Countries in Relation to Cities
1,1662014-05-29New York Tourist Attractions
1,1562016-12-07Cities With One Million People by Letter - C
1,1452014-12-17Cities Within 1000 Miles from New York City
1,1442013-09-12Things Named After Greek Gods
1,1422016-03-09Biggest Cities once in the British Empire
1,1382012-11-12Countries Bordering the US Quiz
1,1362014-01-12Países de África
1,1312014-09-13Countries Without Their Vowels #1
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1,0842016-04-14Five Biggest Cities by Map #1
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1,0752014-04-11Amazon Rainforest Countries
1,0692017-02-17Asian Cities Beginning With "A" Map Quiz
1,0652014-06-10Countries With Most Railway Passengers
1,0642016-01-23God Save The Queen
1,0642014-09-30Countries With Highest Cigarette Consumption
1,0632013-11-19Cities With Most Millionaires
1,0592016-02-06Biggest European Union Cities by Letter
1,0492015-04-17Russell Group Universities
1,0422013-01-24Largest European Islands Quiz
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1,0282016-03-01Most Ethnically Diverse Countries
1,0242016-01-23Name the Country by City #4
1,0162015-12-03Songs by Adele
1,0142016-10-13Asian Cities by Map #2
1,0122015-01-14Physical Geography by Letter - A
1,0092014-01-12Países de Oceanía
9982017-02-03Cities With One Million People by Letter - F
9942017-02-13Cities With One Million People by Letter - G
9822017-08-1710 Biggest Oil Producers and Consumers
9762013-01-09Central American Countries Quiz
9742012-12-16Youngest Countries Quiz
9722014-10-08Europe Analogies
9712014-05-06Tourist Route of Asia
9712015-05-05Top Five Things by Category - Travel and Transport
9692018-03-1510 Megacities Furthest From the Sea
9672014-02-12Caucasian Countries
9622015-04-24Tourist Route of Europe #2
9612014-09-27Most Common Languages on the Internet
9562017-04-21Top 10 Richest Countries in Africa
9532016-03-23Most Common Language for Every Country
9502013-05-18Most Populous Countries in the EU in 2060
9492015-01-23Biggest Cities in the Developed World
9482016-04-16Upside Down Country Shape Quiz #1
9432018-04-09Countries by Bordering Shapes #1
9412017-12-04Groups of Countries By Bordering Sea #1
9302017-04-1810 Asian Cities with Busiest Airports
9292016-01-19Countries with Most Cities
9232014-06-10Westernmost Countries A-Z
9212014-01-31Superlatives by Continent
9212017-04-1810 North American Cities with Busiest Airports
9082017-04-1810 European Cities with Busiest Airports
9032016-07-11Most Popular Destinations for American Citizens
8882017-09-25Biggest World Cities A-Z - Top 2
8832014-12-15BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award Winners
8652014-06-01EPL Awards of the Season
8632017-11-1410 European Countries With Longest Borders
8622013-01-30Highest Exporters Quiz
8552016-06-20Five Biggest Cities by Map #3
8512016-03-28Name the Countries on this Map #1
8482014-10-14Biggest World Capitals
8452017-11-0210 Countries With Longest Borders
8392016-07-03Mediterranean Countries Map Quiz
8372013-05-20Famous Londoners
8352015-11-15PC Shortcuts Quiz
8352014-05-07Caribbean Countries
8302017-04-24Missing Country Puzzle Game
8272017-02-19Central-most Countries
8252013-06-20Top Renewable Electricity Producers
8242014-05-29Olympic Competing Nations by Abbreviation #3
8172015-01-06Cities by Letter - A
8152017-09-0410 Most Global Cities in Europe
8122016-04-14Five Biggest Cities by Map #4
8092013-01-14Longest Rivers in the US
8092016-03-09Cinq plus proche pays par pays
8042016-12-13100 Biggest Cities - One Minute Sprint
7962017-08-2110 Southernmost Major Cities in Europe
7752016-01-26Best Selling Albums and Singles of 2014
7722021-02-28Countries Two Borders Away From France
7652012-10-17Asian Countries by GDP Quiz
7642015-01-04Most Popular Websites by Country
7602013-01-09Tallest Buildings in London Quiz
7522017-09-0610 Most Global Cities in North America
7512015-08-04Biggest Emigrant Destination by Country
7472014-05-29McDonald's Countries
7422013-11-26Cities With Most Multi-Millionaires
7392016-10-24Countries With 1 Million Population Growth
7372014-09-10Most Popular Social Networking Sites
7342014-04-2340 Famous Women (That Everyone Should Know)
7332016-11-01Five Biggest US Immigrant Groups by Continent
7322017-12-11Countries Surrounding Istanbul
7302018-03-14Commonwealth Games Host Cities
7272014-06-26Countries of the World in their Native Language
7262014-06-10Companies A-Z #2
7212017-11-30Countries by Contributions to the EU Budget
7182015-01-09American Groups of Six
7182016-10-14Countries With 500 Meter Skyscrapers
7172014-09-26Countries Without Their Vowels #2
7162013-01-16Countries on the Prime Meridian Quiz
7152013-01-16Most Successful Olympians Quiz
7112015-03-05Countries Two Borders Away From China
7112017-01-05Partial Country Shape Quiz #1
7082015-12-15Niger River Countries
7002015-02-07The General Knowledge Quiz #2
6972014-04-30Double Border Crossings #2
6932014-01-06Same Sized States and Countries
6842013-07-08Tourist Attractions by Clue
6812014-08-28Countries With Apple Stores
6742016-06-09Countries with Multiplie Time Zones
6652015-03-06Closest Country by City #2
6622017-10-27UK Cities With Busiest Airports
6602016-01-23Name the Country by City #1
6562015-03-02Physical Geography by Letter - D
6532014-05-29Official Languages of the EU
6512015-01-26Physical Geography by Letter - B
6482013-02-14Highest Grossing Concert Tours #2
6482014-12-03Five Biggest Cities By State
6472016-04-16Country Shape Quiz #1 (relessness version)
6462014-09-26Countries With the Cheapest Gasoline
6462018-01-24Five Most Guessed World Cities by Letter #2
6422013-12-16North and South American Countries by GDP
6402016-03-22Countries With Most Official Languages
6392017-05-31Cities With One Million People by Letter - M
6372013-08-05British General Knowledge #2
6372017-01-24Top 10 Spoken Languages in Africa
6262017-09-0410 Most Global Cities in Asia
6242015-01-08Groups of Countries By Bordering Sea #2
6242017-02-0920 Cities on a World Map #2
6232016-04-13Biggest Urban Area by Country and Letter #1
6232016-04-19Upside Down Country Shape Quiz #2
6212016-04-10Pays les plus proches aux États-Unis
6212017-09-16Largest Cities to Host an Olympics
6172017-02-0920 Cities on a World Map #1
6162014-02-25State by Phonetic Spelling #1
6142013-09-13Tourist Route of the UK
6142017-04-04Two Clues by Country Chain
6032016-03-31Busiest Air Routes From London
6012014-01-20Merry Christmas in Different Languages
6002016-07-12Most Popular Destinations for Chinese Citizens
5962017-08-21Most Populous Countries Without Megacities
5952016-11-18US States - No Hints
5912017-02-0920 Cities on a World Map #3
5912017-04-13Cities With One Million People by Letter - H
5892015-12-07Biggest Cities in Deserts
5842013-10-24African Country Superlatives
5812016-11-0720 Cities Around London
5792012-10-14Most Densely Populated Countries in the EU Quiz
5782016-02-01Youngest European Countries
5732014-05-29Labor Forces by Country
5732016-05-07Counties of England - One Minute Sprint
5732016-02-03Top Countries Whose Tourists Visit London
5732016-02-12Countries with Giant Pandas
5702016-05-06First Five Countries by Category
5652015-03-09Countries That Share Same Letter Sequences
5652016-02-28Middle East Cities Map Quiz
5632016-03-24Longest Borders for Every Country
5582013-05-17Most Racially Tolerant Countries
5562014-06-24Easternmost Cities
5552014-02-25City by Phonetic Spelling #1
5552012-12-16Lowest Countries Quiz
5552017-08-24Cities With One Million People by Letter - S
5542015-03-05Countries Two Borders Away From Russia
5542017-05-24Cities With One Million People by Letter - L
5522016-04-12Name the Countries on this Map #2
5512017-09-27Closest Major Cities to London by Country
5482015-11-15Google Translate Languages
5452017-01-26Countries With the Greatest Immigration Growth
5442016-10-14Five Busiest Airports by Letter
5412016-06-09Islands by Clue
5392017-09-25Sahel Countries
5382017-04-1815 Cities with Busiest Airports
5372016-03-2645 European Countries, 45 Cities
5342013-01-02Dead Desperate Housewives Characters Quiz
5322015-02-09Cities by Letter - C
5292013-03-16Former Soviet Republics
5292015-08-14World Capitals In Different Languages
5282014-08-24UK Emigration by Country
5262017-05-15Cities With One Million People by Letter - K
5252017-02-1720 Cities on a World Map #5
5252017-06-13Cities With One Million People by Letter - N
5212017-06-26Cities With One Million People by Letter - P
5192013-09-26Places With Colored Names
5192015-02-02Physical Geography by Letter - C
5182016-04-13Biggest Urban Area by Country and Letter #2
5182017-01-10Top 10 Asian Countries With Most Immigration
5162013-02-01Names of the United Kingdom Quiz
5162016-04-18Name the Countries on this Map #4
5102014-04-18Most Common Elements on Earth
5092014-01-26British General Knowledge #3
5092016-07-11Most Popular Destinations for British Citizens
5072017-12-12Countries Surrounding Kuala Lumpur
4992014-10-22OECD Countries
4982012-10-17Second Largest City by Country Quiz
4982017-04-27Cities With One Million People by Letter - I
4962016-04-22Country Shape Quiz #2 (relessness version)
4962017-04-19Largest City by First Two Letters
4942014-02-25Country by Phonetic Spelling #2
4932016-05-21Smallest Cities in the UK
4922015-11-19Countries With Populations Less Than 0.1% Muslim
4902017-05-06Cities With One Million People by Letter - J
4852017-06-20Cities With One Million People by Letter - O
4832016-12-31British Politics Review of 2016
4832018-03-05Join the Cities on a Map - London to Istanbul
4802017-09-26Cities With One Million People by Letter - T
4792012-11-19Best University by Subject Quiz
4792017-02-1520 Cities on a World Map #4
4772012-11-08Name the Years of the 20th Century Quiz
4742014-09-08Word Scramble - English Counties
4732017-03-07Countries With the Most Immigrants as a Percent of Continent
4692018-02-18Countries With Fewest Internet Users
4672014-09-01The USA Quiz - F
4652014-03-25Religious Landmarks By Clue
4622014-09-11Countries With Most Companies
4542015-05-01Five Closest Capitals by City
4542017-08-23Cities With One Million People by Letter - R
4542018-07-25European Countries' Etymology
4522017-09-15Biggest Urban Areas in the United Kingdom - Extreme
4512015-10-21Most Populous Countries the EU
4412016-12-18Chemical Compounds by Formula
4372013-07-31Countries with Safest Roads
4372017-06-20Countries in Relation to Cities #2
4352016-07-01The USA Quiz - E
4312013-06-30Countries With Most Dangerous Roads
4302014-05-27World Leaders in 2000
4292014-06-14Largest European Stadiums
4262017-01-09Five Biggest Emigrant Destinations by Country #1
4242012-11-08FTSE 100 Listed Companies Quiz
4192013-01-01Highest Grossing Film Series
4192014-03-11City by Phonetic Spelling #3
4152014-08-27Starbucks Countries
4142014-08-23Animals By Scientific Name
4132014-10-25Countries With Fastest Internet Connection
4082014-07-03British Countries and Dependencies
4042016-11-26Most Popular Airports for the A380
4022014-09-24Countries With Most Expensive Gasoline
4012017-04-27Countries With Largest Population Growth to 2050
4002016-02-29More United States Cities Map Quiz
4002016-05-19Every Upside Down European Country Shape
4002018-01-24Five Most Guessed World Cities by Letter #1
3982016-12-03Two Biggest Cities by Country #1
3962015-03-26Five Biggest Cities By Time Zone
3942021-06-27Country by Phonetic Spelling #3
3942015-06-16Countries By Territories
3872016-02-11Pays du Monde
3842015-10-05Trip Advisors Traveler's Choice UK Destinations
3832012-10-08Trip Advisors Traveler's Choice European Destinations for 2012 Quiz
3822017-08-24Smallest Countries with Megacities
3792016-02-26Airports of London
3772015-04-30Groups of Linked Answers
3762015-08-25Five Biggest Cities by Region
3752012-12-11Oldest Metro Systems Quiz
3732017-08-22Country Between Two Cities
3722015-11-11Most Overpopulated Countries
3712016-02-11Countries with AAA Credit Ratings
3712013-05-06First Cities with 1000 ft Skyscrapers
3712016-11-26Landlocked Countries on a Map
3692014-06-27Word Search - Fruit & Vegetables
3682017-09-29Cities With One Million People by Letter - V
3592017-01-11Top 10 American Countries With Most Immigration
3572013-11-30Countries With Most Google Visitors
3562016-07-11Fastest Growing and Shrinking Economies
3562014-06-17London Trivia
3542014-02-25Sports by Phonetic Spelling
3502015-02-07The General Knowledge Quiz #1
3502013-05-08Cities with Most Tourists
3502018-03-08Cities by Skyscrapers
3482015-12-15Countries That Share Same Letter Sequences #2
3472016-02-09States and Provinces on the US/Canada Border
3432014-08-25Countries With Shortest Nights
3402016-03-07Future European Union Members
3382014-06-20Northernmost Cities A-Z
3382017-10-02Cities With One Million People by Letter - W
3352014-07-15Word Search - European Cities
3352016-03-22Cinq plus proche pays par pays #2
3352017-10-17Cities With One Million People by Letter - Y
3322013-01-29Largest Metro Systems Quiz
3292014-04-01Largest US State Capitals
3292017-03-10Europe Borderless Map Quiz
3272016-08-22Two Biggest Cities by Country #2
3272017-07-24Cities With One Million People by Letter - Q
3232017-09-28Cities With One Million People by Letter - U
3222013-04-13Groups of Numbers
3122014-09-04US Shrinking Cities
3102016-05-07First Countries to Abolish Death Penalty
3092016-04-10Not The United States
3062014-09-01The USA Quiz - A
3062016-11-18Countries by Borders in 90 Seconds - No Hints
3062017-04-21Top 10 European Countries With Fastest Growing Population
3052017-03-16Partial Country Shape Quiz #2
3042015-02-07The General Knowledge Quiz #3
3012014-05-11State by Phonetic Spelling #2
3012016-05-10World's Biggest Cities in 2030
3002017-09-2210 Closest Megacities to London
2992013-05-20States with Most Tornadoes
2992013-06-26Countries With Most Prisoners
2982013-03-10Best Selling Albums of 2012
2962017-04-21European Countries with the Most Population Growth by Decade
2952014-11-05Quiz By Decade - 1990's
2942016-06-09Every Upside Down Asian Country Shape
2922014-02-25Country by Phonetic Spelling #4
2892014-02-12Top 20 Countries by HDI (Inequality Adjusted)
2852015-10-21Famous 2nds (relessness version)
2802013-12-02Most Globalized Countries
2792014-12-03Westernmost Cities
2762014-06-07Trip Advisors Traveler's Choice US Destinations
2722016-02-28South American Cities Map Quiz
2672014-09-01The USA Quiz - B
2662018-05-23Busiest Transatlantic Airlines
2652014-05-13Double State Border Crossings
2652017-10-25Cities With One Million People by Letter - Z
2642012-12-18The Tallest Buildings in New York Quiz
2622017-08-23Five Biggest Coastal Cities by Continent
2612014-03-18Countries With Smallest Gender Gap
2562012-10-08Trip Advisors Traveler's Choice World Destinations for 2012 Quiz
2562017-10-06Cities With One Million People by Letter - X
2522015-04-14European Cities with Longest Tram Networks
2492013-06-29Famous People from Yorkshire
2492014-09-01The USA Quiz - D
2492017-10-16Biggest Christian Cities
2462014-12-17Countries With Same Population Density as Global Average
2442015-11-11Fictional Characters with Hollywood Walk of Fame Stars
2422016-05-08Mayors of London
2422014-09-01The USA Quiz - C
2402017-04-20Countries With Highest Population Over 65
2402017-08-24Asian Landmarks Map Quiz
2402017-08-08Easternmost Major City by Country
2392012-11-08Countries of the Far East Quiz
2372014-04-03Top 20 Countries by the Social Progress Index
2352014-05-29Smallest Economies
2352014-07-08Word Search - Periodic Table
2352016-02-16Countries by Populations in Antartica
2352017-02-16Missing Vowels by Category #2
2332017-01-03London 2012 Olympic Venues
2332015-02-17Biggest 'A' Cities by Country
2302014-09-17The USA Quiz - N
2282017-09-2910 Closest Megacities to Honolulu
2272017-02-15Mainline London Stations on a Map
2262014-06-07QS US University Rankings
2242014-10-29Cities Most At Risk From Flooding
2212014-05-29Largest Ski Resorts
2202017-04-25Countries With Most Total Deaths
2192017-10-25Flags With Blue Removed
2182017-01-03Missing Vowels by Category #1
2172013-01-24Famous Armstrongs Quiz
2172014-09-23A-Z Word Ladder
2162017-09-19Economies That Have Reached 1 Trillion Dollars
2152014-09-10The USA Quiz - L
2142012-11-12Most Urbanized Countries Quiz
2102013-10-30First Countries With Women Votes
2092013-12-15London Stadiums
2082014-02-25City by Phonetic Spelling #2
2082016-05-18Countries of Europe - East to West
2062014-09-17The USA Quiz - M
2052015-02-17Biggest 'B' Cities by Country
2022012-11-01Countries with X Factor Quiz
2022015-02-17Biggest 'D' Cities by Country
2022016-03-25Not The United Kingdom
2012013-09-24People Born in September
2012015-01-08The USA Quiz - I
1992014-09-10The USA Quiz - J
1992016-10-14Cities With 500 Meter Skyscrapers
1982017-04-25Countries With Most Total Births
1972016-05-09More Geography by Letter - B
1962015-08-06Top Tourist Source Countries to China
1962017-09-2710 Closest Megacities to Johannesburg
1962019-01-23Random City to Country
1952016-10-14Most Popular Destinations for Russian Citizens
1942018-04-04Most Guessed Country Shapes
1932014-09-10The USA Quiz - K
1912014-01-11Most Popular Quizzes on JetPunk
1902014-09-03The USA Quiz - H
1892016-07-11Initials and Acronyms
1892016-11-19Largest Hubs by Airline #1
1882015-03-19Quiz By Decade - 2000's
1882016-04-12Not China
1882018-01-18Add A Letter - Make a European City
1872016-02-09Most Compact Countries
1842015-10-05Trip Advisors Traveler's Choice Asian Destinations
1812014-06-20Word Search - Countries
1812014-09-15Reverse Group of Things
1812016-02-08More Geography by Letter - A
1802014-12-22Word Search - Countries #2
1802017-06-26All Cities in the Americas with Population of 1 Million
1782016-02-11Largest Companies in Silicon Valley
1772016-10-14Most Popular Destinations for Canadian Citizens
1762017-01-31Countries of the World with an Upside Down Map
1752017-09-30The Quiz on JetPunk
1712014-09-04The USA Quiz - G
1702015-04-24Languages in Their Own Language
1692013-09-18World's Biggest...
1682013-05-23Countries by Tourist Departures
1662015-02-17Biggest 'C' Cities by Country
1662017-11-27Two Countries Scrambled Together #1
1642014-06-20Word Search - Capital Cities
1642017-02-07Rank the 10 Biggest Countries
1632013-06-06Biggest Cities By Letter - N
1622013-06-05Biggest Cities By Letter - H
1612013-04-27Countries with Gender Imbalance
1602013-06-06Biggest Cities By Letter - L
1602013-06-06Biggest Cities By Letter - R
1602013-10-30Countries with Lowest Homocide Rates
1592017-09-26Country Pairs With Same Two Letters
1592017-11-24Megacities That Are Not Capitals
1582016-05-21Biggest 'M' Cities by Country
1582017-04-01April Fools' Quiz - Geography Edition
1542015-01-23Atlantic Ocean Countries
1542017-05-30European Countries by Single Word
1532013-04-08Largest Moons
1522014-06-0710 Seasons TV Series
1522013-06-05Biggest Cities By Letter - E
1512016-02-11Largest Search Engines
1512016-11-18Countries of Africa - No Hints
1512018-01-22Megacities on Islands
1502016-12-04Cities With 100 Million Air Passengers
1472013-06-06Biggest Cities By Letter - S
1472017-08-19Five Biggest Rice-Producing Countries by Continent
1452016-03-14Most Popular Destinations for Emirates
1442017-03-06Top 10 Countries With Most Air Passengers to the US
1432016-05-04US Cities with Largest Populations 100 Miles Away
1412013-06-06Biggest Cities By Letter - O
1402016-05-21Biggest 'G' Cities by Country
1402013-05-20Largest Rivers
1402017-02-07Complete the Geography Sequence Puzzle
1392016-09-27Extra Hard Geography Quiz
1382014-06-07Trip Advisors Traveler's Choice African Destinations
1372013-06-06Biggest Cities By Letter - T
1372014-08-21Counties of England in 1850
1372018-03-22Picture of Which U.S. City?
1362015-11-10Capital Cities With Similar Names as the Country
1352013-06-05Biggest Cities By Letter - F
1342014-10-31Word Search - Asian Cities
1342016-07-06Persian Gulf Countries Map Quiz
1322016-04-02Countries with Highest Homocide Rates
1302013-06-07Biggest Cities By Letter - P
1302016-11-18Countries of Europe - No Hints
1282016-02-11Most Common US County Names
1282013-06-06Biggest Cities By Letter - K
1282013-10-15Richest Royals
1282015-01-28Cities by Letter - B
1242016-04-25US States By Rank
1212013-06-07Biggest Cities By Letter - J
1202015-11-11World Marathon Majors
1202016-02-09Countries in the Levant
1182016-02-11Orange County States
1182016-05-07Same Sized States and Countries (Population)
1172014-12-21Silent Night Lyrics
1172017-04-24Top 10 Countries With Fastest Growing Population
1142016-02-11World's Largest Employers
1132018-01-16Two Countries Scrambled Together #2
1122016-03-1110 Biggest Cities in the United States
1122017-08-30Largest European Coastal Cities
1092015-05-16Countries with Daylight Saving Time
1092017-10-02Top 10 U.S. States by Air Passengers
1082016-05-04World Capitals with Largest Populations 100 KM Away
1072013-05-06Cities with Most High Rises
1072016-05-24Five Biggest Cities by Sea #1
1072016-11-18US Presidents - No Hints
1052016-02-11Paralympics Host Cities
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