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488,4502019-02-16 Countries of the World - One Minute Sprint
360,5672019-07-24 12 Miesięcy w 15 Sekund
227,9202019-02-17 European Countries by First 2 Letters
148,9022019-02-17 Countries of Africa - One Minute Sprint
127,3342019-02-17 African Countries by First 2 Letters
124,3442021-09-15 Asian Countries by First 2 Letters
122,8722018-11-01 Countries of Asia - One Minute Sprint
118,6472020-03-10 Europe Capitals - One Minute Sprint
102,9522021-03-19 World Capitals - One Minute Sprint
101,9572019-09-03Policzyć jak najwyżej - 15 sekund sprintu
97,8252019-09-29 Countries Closest to Spain
96,5332019-05-27 Countries Closest to Canada
95,1492020-02-20 12 x 12 Tabela Mnożenia - Dwuminutowy Sprint
83,8302021-02-10 Countries Closest to Italy
79,0742020-02-27 US State Capitals - One Minute Sprint
78,4362021-03-31 U.S. States that Start with M
75,1482017-02-22 Countries Closest to Australia
72,1732020-06-23Szybkie pisanie do 100
70,9512021-04-09 Countries with Two Borders
67,5682019-02-18 U.S. States that Start with N
65,4542021-09-11 Countries Closest to Africa
62,0712017-07-04 Top 100 Most Common Words in the Bible
61,4222018-11-14 Les pays européens par deux premières lettres
59,3172020-03-10Szybkie pisanie od A do Z
59,0512017-10-04 European Countries with the Fewest Borders
56,3032019-02-19Countries of the World - Five Minute Sprint
55,2702019-07-23 Countries Closest to United States by Continent
54,8732020-05-28 Countries Closest to Japan
54,2782018-10-10 Countries That End in BIA
51,3552021-04-04 Countries Closest to United States A-Z
51,1342021-03-21 Typage rapide aléatoire
50,3902021-03-10Count as High as You Can - 15 Second Sprint
50,2262017-04-18 Boroughs of New York City
47,1292021-08-09 Countries by Initial Letter and Length #1
45,4382021-07-19 Top 10 Most Famous Island Countries
44,2652019-12-16 Countries Closest to Alaska
43,9472019-07-10 World Capitals Closest to London
43,6052018-09-14 Countries Closest to Israel
42,8262018-10-10 Countries That End in RIA
42,1482019-12-22 Countries Closest to the Persian Gulf
41,4802019-07-23 Countries Closest to Turkey
40,4472020-05-07 Countries Closest to Vietnam
40,4112019-12-05 Countries Closest to the Aegean Sea
40,4022019-12-24 Capital Cities with the Same Name as Their Country
39,9952021-03-08 Non-Bordering Countries Closest to Russia
39,8432021-01-29 Countries with the Most Catholics
39,0872019-12-27 Countries That End in NIA
38,6412020-02-21 Countries Closest to Europe
36,5052019-03-20Countries of the World - Five Minute Sprint (no map)
36,4152019-02-16 Countries by Borders #3
35,8922018-09-06 Countries with the Largest Exclusive Economic Zone
34,8822019-02-17 Countries Closest to Egypt
34,4662016-11-24 World Capitals Closest to Jerusalem
34,4532021-09-06 Countries Closest to India
33,3242020-03-09Kraje Najbliżej Polski
31,7142021-07-25 Countries 197 to 205
31,0802021-09-13 Largest World Cities With Four Letters
30,4102019-12-04Count as High as You Can - One Minute Sprint
30,4012018-11-14 Countries Closest to Metropolitan France
29,4862019-06-09 Countries Closest to Indonesia
29,4492019-02-17 Countries Furthest from the United States
29,1332019-11-10 Countries with the Shortest Total Borders
28,9262019-07-24 Top 10 Solar Power Countries
28,1232020-02-01Przetłumacz nazwy państw z angielskiego na polski
27,1682016-11-27 Les pays ayant 4 lettres
25,2972020-05-06 Les pays contenant Z
24,7072019-12-15 World Capitals by a Single Clue #1
24,6732021-03-07 Tropic of Cancer Countries
24,6312017-02-13 12 Mesi in 15 Secondi
24,3702019-08-02 Flyover Countries
24,2552017-11-12 Signes du zodiaque
24,0632020-01-07Szybka Matematyka - Podwójna Liczba!
23,5932018-11-14 Biggest Trading Partners - Germany
23,3412018-11-01 Länder Asiens
23,2532019-06-26 Countries Closest to Taiwan
23,0492016-07-13 Overseas Chinese Population
22,9182019-01-11 Tropic of Capricorn Countries
22,5012016-09-10Fast Typing A to Z in Alphabetical Order
22,3182021-05-12 Countries Producing the Most Sugarcane
22,1952020-06-08 Countries in Their Own Alphabet
22,0332019-04-03 Les pays ayant 5 lettres
21,8202019-12-10 Top 20 Most Performed Composers
20,6012020-05-31 Countries Farthest From the Sea or Ocean
20,2152018-04-13Fast Typing AA to ZZ
18,5482018-03-14 -Ette Vocabulary Words
18,5132019-02-19Countries of the World - 15 Second Sprint
18,0252019-02-04 Géographie par lettre - A
17,5342019-02-14Countries of the World - Four Minute Sprint
17,3412020-11-19 Countries Closest to Maine
17,0912021-04-19 Pays les plus devinés sur Jetpunk
17,0762019-06-11Capitals of the World
17,0102018-06-05 Les pays ayant 6 lettres
16,9832017-05-18Triple Fast Typing A to Z - 15 Second Sprint
16,6412020-07-31 Countries 206 to 242
16,2662021-11-09 Countries with the Highest Percentage of Forest
16,1782019-09-04 Most Guessed US State Capitals
16,1162018-12-26 Countries Producing the Most Oranges
15,9482021-08-30 Countries Closest to Hawaii
15,7022021-10-14 Géographie par lettre - C
15,5132021-04-17 Capitales les plus proches de Paris
15,4312019-03-17Countries of the World - Three Minute Sprint
14,9282019-01-25 Géographie par lettre - B
14,8232017-05-18Quintuple Fast Typing A to Z - 15 Second Sprint
14,7732019-01-11 Géographie par lettre - R
14,6902021-04-16 Which City in Canada?
14,3722021-10-14 Currencies by $ymbol
14,3682018-06-04Double Fast Typing A to Z - 15 Second Sprint
14,3482020-11-01Państwa Europy - Jedna Minuta Sprint
14,3282018-09-29 Géographie par lettre - T
14,1152018-09-14 Géographie par lettre - M
14,0702020-02-10 12 Maanden in 15 Seconden
13,9762020-12-13Pays du monde - cinq minutes de sprint (sans carte)
13,9712019-01-31 Countries Producing the Most Bananas
13,9182018-11-01 Nommez les papes
13,8342019-04-26 Cities of China (With Some Help)
13,7842021-03-24 Capitales avec les noms les plus courts
13,5062020-09-28 Countries that Use the Peso
13,4892021-03-09 Les plus grandes villes de France A-Z
13,1452020-06-19 Départements français par frontières en 60 secondes
13,1192021-05-29 Drapeaux européens contenant une croix
13,0682019-07-25 Languages of Spain
12,9842018-09-14 Géographie par lettre - L
12,8652018-09-12 Géographie par lettre - H
12,8052020-07-03 Géographie par lettre - D
12,8002020-12-13 Géographie par lettre - N
12,7552019-03-17Countries of the World - Seven Minute Run
12,6052021-09-07World Capitals - Five Minute Sprint
12,5532017-10-01Top 100 European Football Teams
12,2872021-04-09Mapa Europy Quizu
12,0982017-08-02Top 100 Greatest Actresses
11,9572020-09-06 Géographie par lettre - F
11,9332020-11-09 Nommez cet instrument de musique
11,9112019-04-26 Géographie par lettre - J
11,8262019-07-19 Frontières espagnoles
11,7232020-04-02 Les pays hispanophones
11,6612020-02-29 Flyover States
11,6312019-03-06Countries of the World Without a Map
11,6252019-04-10 Géographie par lettre - E
11,6122018-10-22 Pays ayant une population de 50 millions
11,6052020-01-02 Géographie par lettre - V
11,4362016-04-05 Girls of Mambo Number 5
11,4222021-06-02Top 20 Longest One-Word Country Names
11,3542020-11-07 Géographie par lettre - O
11,2402020-11-04 Géographie par lettre - S
11,1682018-04-13 Quiz illustré - attractions touristiques célèbres
11,0802020-11-09 Georgia Country Quiz
11,0442021-11-02 Islands With the Highest Elevation
11,0082021-03-26 Géographie par lettre - P
10,9932021-11-06 North Macedonia Country Quiz
10,7732015-02-13Top 100 Greatest Actors
10,7652019-06-10 Les pays avec le plus de milliardaires
10,6582020-11-27 States That Shifted to Biden in 2020
10,4302020-12-23 Pays du monde - une minute de sprint
10,4212020-10-13 Géographie par lettre - U
10,3802019-07-10 Capitales d'Europe - Carte Quiz
10,3192017-03-26 Drapeaux de l'Europe avec trois bandes
10,2582019-07-25 Géographie par lettre - K
10,1732020-11-15 Fleurs par images
10,0532020-01-12 Geography Generator Puzzle #7
10,0352020-10-13 Géographie par lettre - G
9,9352020-11-04 Géographie par lettre - I
9,8922021-04-16 Pays les plus proches du Canada
9,8702017-05-18Quadruple Fast Typing A to Z - 15 Second Sprint
9,7902019-07-21 Pays francophones les plus peuplés
9,6992015-12-03 -Ade Vocabulary Words
9,4802019-01-08 Les plus grandes villes d'Europe - extrême
9,3702019-02-17 Países del Mundo - 1 Minuto de Sprint
9,3542019-05-30 Top 10 pays européens par point culminant
9,3052021-11-19 Places Mentioned in the Song "Kokomo"
9,2272021-11-13American Countries by First Two Letters
9,0972021-01-20 Random U.S. Vice President to President
8,9352020-11-07States That Shifted to Trump in 2016
8,8262018-11-14 Pays les plus proches de la France métropolitaine
8,6892019-09-26 Géographie par lettre - W
8,6542020-07-24Countries of the World - 15 Second Sprint (no map)
8,6482021-04-21 Cinq pays les plus riches par continent
8,6302019-02-14Countries of the World - Two Minute Sprint
8,5202019-09-29 U.S. State Capitals with the Highest Elevation
8,4912015-08-25 Geography Generator Puzzle #6
8,3562020-06-22 Les pays contenant Q
8,2422021-11-27 Cricket - Cities That Have Hosted Test Matches
8,2352019-12-16 Géographie par lettre - Y
8,1512019-02-20Countries That End in DIA, VIA and LIA
8,1242019-01-05Capitals in Africa - One Minute Sprint
8,0532019-06-08 Géographie par lettre - Q
7,9072020-06-22Countries by First Three Letters in 3 Minutes
7,8952017-05-17Sextuple Fast Typing A to Z - 15 Second Sprint
7,8392021-09-05Two-Word Countries
7,8222019-12-2312 Miesięcy w 30 Sekund
7,5422019-07-03 Géographie méditerranéenne sur une carte
7,5052021-05-08 Partenaires commerciaux de la France
7,4562018-03-19 Pays par image n°3
7,4322018-03-19 Pays par image n°2
7,3802021-03-29Countries That End in SIA
7,3502020-08-04 Länder, die Spanien am Nächsten Liegen
7,3442019-08-07 Quelle ville en Espagne?
7,2712020-11-26Countries Closest to Russia
7,1532019-05-31 Capital Cities Nearest to Islands
7,0302019-03-14 Géographie par lettre - Z
6,9952019-05-29Top 20 Most Jewish Countries
6,9682018-12-30Periodic Table Symbols Quiz
6,9102015-12-07 Hebrew Letters Quiz
6,8292016-10-17 Países Mais Próximos de Portugal
6,7872017-10-04 Pays les plus proches de la Corée du Nord
6,7082021-03-16Dünya Ülkeleri
6,6892020-07-07 Les pays contenant V
6,6712021-03-05 Les pays qui visitent le plus la France
6,6412018-03-19 Pays par image n°1
6,6372019-10-04Najczęściej zgadywane kraje A-Z
6,6202015-01-12Most Keystrokes - One Minute Sprint
6,6192019-03-15 Länder, die Italien am Nächsten Liegen
6,5842021-08-25 Países Mais Próximos do Brasil
6,5182021-09-27Stolice świata najbliżej Warszawy
6,4032021-03-26 De 21 Beroemdste Landen van de Wereld
6,3692020-04-26Państwa Świata - Jedna Minuta Sprint
6,2682019-07-12 Länder mit einem einzigen Hinweis #5
6,2482021-10-16 Countries Closest to Iceland
6,2302018-09-12 Pays les plus proches de la Turquie
6,1532019-01-02World Capitals - 15 Second Sprint
6,1272016-11-22Countries Containing B (no continent prompts)
6,0822019-02-17 Pays par frontières n°3
6,0512021-10-14Count in Roman Numerals - One Minute Sprint
5,9212017-05-12 Pays bordant le Myanmar
5,9152015-03-10Fast Typing A to Z - With Your Left Hand Only
5,9032019-10-30 U.S. State Capitals Closest to Denver
5,8962021-05-26 Formes de pays pixelisées #2
5,8852015-01-15Europe Capitals - Two Minute Sprint
5,6522018-05-14Countries Containing M (no continent prompts)
5,6022021-05-18Countries Closest to Germany
5,4482019-07-04 Les pays d'Europe les plus orientaux
5,3472019-05-06Kraje najbliżej Finlandii
5,3372015-01-12Most Keystrokes - 15 Second Sprint
5,2932021-05-25 Formes de pays pixelisées #1
5,1212019-07-23 Capitales mondiales les plus proches de Bangkok
5,1122018-04-13 Länder nach Bild
5,0852018-04-14 Quiz illustré - attractions touristiques célèbres #2
5,0662017-12-24 Formes des pays méditerranéens
5,0652018-03-19 Pays par image n°4
4,9382021-02-06Place Names in their Native Language #3
4,9102020-02-12 Länder, die der Türkei am Nächsten Liegen
4,8992020-11-23Countries Closest to Hungary
4,8992021-07-08Countries Containing A
4,8882020-12-13Countries That End in Unique IA's
4,7472021-10-24 Partenaires commerciaux du Royaume-Uni
4,7362018-05-18Capitales par les deux premières lettres (avec une carte semi-vide)
4,7302020-09-21World Capitals Containing B
4,7172018-10-22 Länder, die Vietnam am Nächsten Liegen
4,7112017-01-10Countries of the World - 3 Minute Sprint (no map)
4,6622020-12-23Capitals of Asia - One Minute Sprint
4,6362019-06-21 Paesi Più Vicini all'Italia
4,5652021-05-22 Länder, die Australien am Nächsten Liegen
4,5452020-02-19 Asien Karten-Quiz
4,4972021-05-08 Partenaires commerciaux de la Russie
4,4442021-06-23MLB Baseball Teams - One Minute Sprint
4,4192021-02-21 2020 First Democratic Debate
4,3892021-06-11Top 20 IQ's of Fruits
4,3832021-03-05Countries Closest to Poland
4,2662016-12-29Countries Containing S
4,2612016-09-22World Currencies on a Map
4,2312015-01-25Top 20 Most Famous Country Flags
4,2262018-08-10Countries Containing U
4,1952016-11-16Countries of Asia - Two Minute Sprint
4,1922019-06-07Najczęstsze Języki europejskie na Mapie
4,1872018-04-13 Pays par image satellite partielle n°2
4,1482021-10-07Countries Containing N
4,1402019-07-17 Langues d'Espagne
4,1392021-03-21 Pays les plus proches du golfe Persique
4,0672018-10-22 Länder, die Kanada am Nächsten Liegen
4,0612021-01-14Countries Closest to United Kingdom
4,0302016-06-14World Capitals Containing K
4,0292021-05-14Countries Containing T
4,0082021-09-08Airlines That Serve the Most Countries
4,0012021-10-08Countries 243 to 250
3,9932019-09-03Policzyć jak najwyżej - 30 sekund sprintu
3,9852021-01-04Countries Closest to Greenland
3,9842019-05-14World Capitals Containing G
3,9252021-04-25 Länder mit einem einzigen Hinweis #3
3,9222021-05-26World Capitals Containing U
3,8842019-07-12 Länder mit einem einzigen Hinweis #2
3,8782021-08-08Top 50 Greatest Cricketers
3,7792017-09-26100 Most Common Three Letter Words (alphabetic)
3,7552020-08-05Countries with 10 International Airports
3,7502021-10-18World Capitals Containing R
3,7472017-04-17 Villes d'Asie du Sud-Est sur carte
3,7392021-04-07Three Countries Closest to United States A-Z
3,7232015-06-07World Capitals Containing C
3,6992019-09-12Countries That Start With The Same 3 Letters
3,6802021-05-14 Pays avec le plus de femmes
3,6662018-06-02Monde Capitales internationales
3,6372019-12-21 Regionen von Italien
3,6102016-07-09Rapide Typage A à Z
3,6032020-01-16 Flaggen von Europa mit drei Streifen
3,5912020-01-07Szybka Matematyka - Mnożenie
3,5882016-07-13Countries by First Two Letters - One Minute Sprint
3,5792019-05-30Countries with the Highest Jewish Population
3,5652019-01-02World Capitals Containing I
3,5412016-05-28World Capitals Containing E
3,5382021-01-14Countries Closest to Norway
3,5262020-02-09Flagi Światowe z tylko Dwoma Kolorami
3,4982017-10-15Random 12 x 12 Multiplication - One Minute Sprint
3,4682021-05-08 Partenaires commerciaux de l'Afrique du Sud
3,4572021-04-01 12 x 12 Vermenigvuldigingstabel - Twee Minuten Sprint
3,4362021-05-08 Partenaires commerciaux de l'Australie
3,4072020-12-23 Länder, die Alaska am nächsten liegen
3,3912017-03-03Państwa najbliżej Hiszpanii
3,3212015-06-09World Capitals Containing P
3,3072016-10-10Countries Containing C
3,2852021-04-01 Snel Rekenen - Verdubbel dat Getal
3,2552018-11-24Countries Containing I
3,2002021-05-08 Partenaires commerciaux de la Turquie
3,1932019-03-08Countries of the World - Nine Minute Jog
3,1862018-08-02 Images satellites - Europe
3,1802018-03-20Border Crossings #3
3,1712016-11-18Countries of the World - Three Minute Sprint (advanced)
3,1582021-03-30Countries Closest to the UK (plus its territories)
3,1352019-01-02World Capitals - Three Minute Sprint
3,1352019-07-12 Länder mit einem einzigen Hinweis #1
3,1252017-04-18Countries Containing Y (no continent prompts)
3,1052016-08-28Count as High as You Can - Thirty Second Sprint
3,0742017-04-17 États et territoires australiens
3,0702016-12-29Countries Containing O
3,0552018-11-20Count as High as You Can - 15 Second Sprint (advanced)
3,0372021-10-05Countries Closest to France (including its territories)
3,0032016-10-08Countries Containing P (no continent prompts)
3,0012015-10-01Top 100 Most Common Four Letter Words
2,9922021-08-30Countries that have ever Won a Summer Olympics Gold Medal
2,9912017-09-06Countries of the World - Four Minute Sprint (no map)
2,9712021-07-31Countries Closest to China
2,9672021-05-11Top 20 Words Starting with KN
2,9512016-09-29Least Catholic Countries
2,9402018-04-08Logos de marque
2,8912018-04-18Kraje według Obrazu #1
2,8872018-10-27Arabic Letters Quiz
2,8812021-05-25Countries Containing L
2,8702020-01-17 Flaggen von Europa mit einem Kreuz
2,8642018-11-03 « Ô Canada » - quiz de paroles
2,8452016-12-29Countries Containing H
2,8232021-11-04Countries with the Highest Percentage Aged Under 15
2,8192017-12-30Käännä nämä maat englannista suomeksi
2,8192016-08-10Which Countries Do You Transit With These Straight Lines?
2,8082020-08-14Quiz o Europie Wschodniej z Mapą
2,7942021-09-25World Capitals Closest to Moscow
2,7932019-02-10Countries Closest to Brazil
2,7802019-07-03 Géographie canadienne sur la carte
2,7712021-03-22Non-Bordering Countries Closest to Germany
2,7662017-11-20Countries Containing V
2,7612016-07-10Contar Lo Más Alto Posible - 15 Segundos de Sprint
2,7602015-03-23Countries of the World - Four Minute Sprint (advanced)
2,7112017-12-13Top 20 Most Famous Countries by Language
2,7042021-05-18Countries Closest to Malta
2,6892021-10-10Countries From a Blind Start
2,6802021-07-25Countries Closest to Florida
2,6792019-07-12 Länder mit einem einzigen Hinweis #4
2,6592016-12-13Countries Closest to Finland
2,6512016-10-07Europäischen Ländern von Ersten 2 Buchstaben
2,6472017-12-19NHL Hockey Teams - One Minute Sprint
2,6402019-06-27Countries of the World - Correct Spelling
2,6352019-08-20Kraje Najbliżej Polski - Jedna Minuta Sprint
2,6292015-01-19US State Capitals - Two Minute Sprint
2,6292020-11-29 Péninsules par image satellite
2,6062021-08-15 Pays ayant les plus longues frontières totales
2,5772020-01-14Pays du monde - cinq minutes de sprint
2,5612021-08-26Top 20 Longest Country Names
2,5602017-07-22 Pays par ratio de sexe - Hommes
2,5582017-03-27Pays d'Asie avec une carte
2,5492018-04-13 Pays par image satellite partielle n°1
2,5452018-05-19Countries Closest to Ghana
2,5442021-10-28Longest Countries
2,5352021-11-17 Pays les plus proches - Choix Multiple
2,5312021-02-11Countries Closest to New Zealand
2,5252017-09-26100 Most Common Three Letter Words
2,5182014-11-04Countries of the World - Three Minute 45 Second Sprint
2,5032017-10-09 Hauptstädte am nächsten an Jerusalem
2,4762021-10-01Géographie par lettre - X
2,4692020-07-20World Capitals Containing J
2,4542017-04-18 Les 5 arrondissements de New York
2,4532021-01-26Countries of the World in Random Order
2,4312021-11-13No Clues: What Are These Song Lyrics #2
2,4282017-06-11Countries Closest to Afghanistan
2,4262016-07-11Composers Performed Most Often
2,4242021-09-25World Capitals Closest to Paris
2,4212018-04-22 Satellitenbilder #2
2,4072016-08-25Countries Containing F (no continent prompts)
2,3922020-04-28Independent Countries NOT FIFA Members
2,3602021-08-18Policzyć jak najwyżej - jedna minuta sprintu
2,3312021-11-13No Clues: What Are These Song Lyrics #1
2,3282021-04-04Countries Closest to the Centre of Africa
2,3272015-01-04Countries of South America - One Minute Sprint
2,3212020-08-25 Länder, die dem Persischen Golf am nächsten liegen
2,3022019-07-11 Banderas de Europa con Tres Rayas
2,2982019-01-05Top 20 Oil Producing Countries in 1940
2,2742016-11-12All 1M Cities by First 2 Letters (with the map only)
2,2732020-08-23 Îles par images satellites n°1
2,2702019-10-29Capitales mondiales par carte sans indice de continent
2,2652018-04-11Countries Closest to Afro-Eurasia
2,2462020-02-10Państwa Świata przez pierwsze dwie litery
2,2452021-09-02Countries Containing Three As
2,2272017-05-21Most Common US Last Names - Alphabetic Order
2,2122018-04-24 Satellitenbilder #5
2,2042020-05-14Państwa przez Dwie Pierwsze Litery w 90 Sekund
2,2022017-05-11Countries with Longest Land Borders
2,2012016-07-12Countries with Russian Expatriates
2,1902021-09-27Countries Closest to Oman
2,1822020-04-11Batsmen Who Have Scored 300 in a Test Innings (cricket)
2,1762017-05-25Fast Typing A to Z in QWERTY Order
2,1752021-08-22 Images satellites n°6
2,1542018-04-13 Länder nach Bild #2
2,1542014-11-11Top 20 Most Famous Books of the Bible
2,1432021-03-10 Satellitenbilder #1
2,1342016-06-06Kraje Najbliżej Polski - 15 Sekund Sprintu
2,1322021-07-01Top 20 Most Famous Languages
2,1322017-04-28Matemática rápida - dobre esse número!
2,1212021-10-18 Pays les plus proches de l'Islande
2,1082020-06-22Countries by First Three Letters in 5 Minutes
2,0912016-06-14World Capitals Containing W
2,0872017-03-06Szachy Bierek
2,0522016-10-08Paesi Europei da Prime 2 Lettere
2,0512020-07-06Länder der Welt - 5 Minuten-Sprint
2,0492021-02-06Pays du monde - 15 secondes de sprint
2,0462014-11-06Top 20 Most Famous World Capitals
2,0422021-11-13Thinnest Shaped Countries
2,0422017-05-15 Todas las Ciudades de 3M en el Mapa Mundial
2,0362021-01-26Countries Closest to Antarctica
2,0322021-03-11Countries Closest to Kazakhstan
2,0282021-03-10Top 45 World Cities With Four Letters
2,0262018-08-09World Capitals Containing H
2,0252014-11-22Top 20 Most Famous Boxers
2,0142018-12-20ABBA songs by lyrics
2,0102018-04-29Countries Closest to the Red Sea
2,0102016-07-04Países del Mundo - 5 Minutos de Sprint
2,0082016-09-25Count as High as You Can - Two Minute Sprint
2,0042016-10-24Europe Capitals by First Two Letters
1,9842020-02-09Mappa del mondo senza 20 paesi casuali
1,9512017-03-19 Países más cercanos a Vietnam
1,9492015-11-2760 Second Speed Typing
1,9472020-01-02 Osteuropa Kartenquiz
1,9362020-01-07Szybka Matematyka - Dodanie
1,9352017-04-09 Banderas de Europa que Contienen una Cruz
1,9222017-03-26Europa Mappa Quiz
1,9162014-12-10Top 100 Most Common Four Letter Words (alphabetic)
1,9142014-11-17Top 20 Most Famous Countries
1,9142017-01-11US States Without a Map
1,9102017-03-20Top 20 Longest Official Country Names
1,9082016-05-26Countries Containing J
1,9062019-08-17Countries Containing C (no continent prompts)
1,9062019-11-15World Capitals Closest to Washington DC
1,9052021-04-30 Kaart van Europa Quiz
1,8972018-09-16 Ciudades del Mediterráneo por Mapa
1,8962018-10-12Countries Closest to Denmark
1,8932020-05-22 Villes nordiques - Carte Quiz
1,8832016-07-08Doble Escribir Rápido - A-Z
1,8782021-09-24World Capitals Closest to Jakarta
1,8672021-08-29Miss World - Winning Nationalities
1,8672018-04-13 Pays par image satellite partielle n°3
1,8542021-06-22 Géographie chinoise sur la carte
1,8482014-11-25Top 20 Most Famous Movies
1,8482017-08-30Pikselowe Krajowe Kształty #1
1,8462018-02-11Logos de marque n° 2
1,8412021-07-06Flags with Unique Features
1,8062014-08-15Top 20 Least Forested Countries
1,8032017-10-23Countries Closest to Czechia
1,7902019-02-18World Capitals Containing L
1,7812020-01-07Five Closest Countries by Sea (Jerry928 version)
1,7702020-07-02Kraje, które zawierają literę Z lub Ż
1,7662016-11-25 Capitales con los Nombres más Cortos
1,7642021-05-07 Landen het dichtst bij België
1,7602017-08-2512 x 12 Multiplication Table - One Minute Sprint
1,7552021-04-06Countries Bordering the European Union (EU)
1,7542016-11-01100 les plus grandes villes sur une carte du monde
1,7512018-04-13 Îles par images satellites n°2
1,7452014-11-24Top 20 Most Famous Football (Soccer) Players
1,7422015-06-05Top 20 Most Famous World Cities
1,7402014-11-04Countries of the World - Three Minute 30 Second Sprint
1,7402018-04-13 Länder nach Bild #4
1,7382018-08-24Countries Furthest from the US
1,7292021-11-14Biggest Trading Partners - The Whole World
1,7262019-03-05Countries Closest to Algeria
1,7212021-05-07 Landen het dichtst bij Nederland
1,7112021-06-19Easiest and Hardest Answers on Jetpunk's Map Quizzes
1,7082020-07-31US States That Voted Republican For Last Six Elections
1,7072018-03-20Pays européens par frontières en 30 secondes
1,7052018-04-13 Länder nach Bild #3
1,6982017-09-1612 x 12 Multiplikationstabell - En Minuts Sprinta
1,6902021-11-13No Clues: What Are These Song Lyrics #5
1,6902021-10-01World Capitals by a Single Clue #5
1,6772021-09-20Countries Furthest from Kazakhstan #2
1,6702016-01-29The Preamble to the US Constitution
1,6582015-04-01Top 20 IQ's of Vegetables
1,6572017-08-29Countries by First Two Letters by Borders in 60 Seconds
1,6552015-02-03US States with Longest and Shortest Shared Borders
1,6512017-08-12Top 20 Most Famous British Prime Ministers
1,6432020-02-05 Romeinse Cijfers Decoderen
1,6362018-04-15Traduire ces pays à partir de l'anglais vers le français
1,6312020-12-16US States That Voted Democratic For Last 7 Elections
1,6092021-03-29Countries Containing Two As
1,6092017-09-21Duplo Digitação Rápida A-Z - 15 segundos de sprint
1,6072019-05-17Countries Containing Four As
1,6052016-08-07World Capitals Containing D
1,5962016-08-28Countries Closest to England
1,5932014-12-11Top 20 Words Starting with QU
1,5922016-09-28Countries Containing K (no continent prompts)
1,5892021-05-07 Landen via Foto n°1
1,5852019-09-25Landlocked Countries Nearest the Sea
1,5842016-07-24Top 20 Most Famous Men's Golf Champions
1,5742018-09-20 Campeones de Tenis de Hombres
1,5742019-05-18Podwójne szybkie wpisywanie od A do Z
1,5732021-11-13No Clues: What Are These Song Lyrics #4
1,5622019-03-17Countries of the World - 30 Second Sprint
1,5602016-05-20World Capitals Closest to Los Angeles
1,5472019-01-06Histoire de France Quiz
1,5362021-08-08Countries by Initial Letter and Length #2
1,5292017-09-09Countries Closest to the US (including its territories)
1,5292014-11-11Countries Closest to the Middle of the Indian Ocean
1,5292016-09-25Count as High as You Can - 45 Second Sprint
1,5272017-03-25World Capitals Closest to Vienna
1,5272021-02-05Top 100 europäische Fußballvereine
1,5192017-10-15Southernmost Capital Cities
1,5102019-07-05Countries Closest to Chile
1,5072018-05-09Countries Containing D (no continent prompts)
1,4982016-10-30World Capitals Containing V
1,4842017-07-17 Geografía Mediterránea en un Mapa
1,4802021-04-29Geography Mega Generator Puzzle #1
1,4802018-06-17Countries Containing P
1,4742019-02-27Countries A-Z by Neighbor #3
1,4742020-02-02 Satellitenbilder #4
1,4632019-08-14World Capitals Containing Y
1,4532017-11-14Verdreifachen Schnell Tippen von A bis Z - 15 Sekunden Sprint
1,4492021-04-24US Presidents in Alphabetical Order
1,4472017-12-28Flagi Państw z Orłami - Kartkówka Obrazkowy
1,4472021-11-20Find the 5 Random Countries
1,4392021-09-27Stolice świata (bez wskazówek)
1,4262019-08-31Countries Containing B
1,4182018-05-18US States by 2-Letter Postal Code
1,4132020-02-2012 x 12 Tabela Mnożenia - Jedna Minuta Sprint
1,4122020-05-21Countries Starting with M (with a semi-empty map)
1,4092020-06-28Stolicę Świata najbliżej Londynu
1,4072018-03-20Capitals in South America - One Minute Sprint
1,4062018-10-22Länder, die Deutschland am Nächsten Liegen
1,4002014-12-06I 20 Paesi Più Famosi del Mondo
1,4002020-12-23Capitals in North America - One Minute Sprint
1,4002018-02-11Logos de marque n° 3
1,3942020-01-14Układ okresowy pierwiastków
1,3902015-02-08Countries of the World - Two Minute Sprint (advanced)
1,3902021-04-228-Letter Countries (with a map)
1,3892015-12-13Non-Bordering Countries Closest to China
1,3882015-01-05Top 20 Words Starting with H
1,3832015-06-18More Classical Composers
1,3792021-04-03Countries Closest to... dang, I forgot where
1,3672016-08-28English Cricketers Who Have Played 90 Tests
1,3672021-07-29Länder Afrikas durch die ersten 2 Buchstaben
1,3632017-09-10Länder der Welt - Eine Minute Sprint (ohne eine Karte)
1,3592016-11-22World Capitals - One Minute Sprint with a Tail-Wind
1,3532016-06-16Capital Cities on their Country's Border
1,3472018-05-17Lande Tættest på Danmark
1,3432015-12-0912 Monate in 15 Sekunden
1,3412021-10-18Count to 100! - No "2", "3", "4", "6", "8" or "9"
1,3342019-03-17Countries with Stars on Their Flag
1,3342019-09-05Countries Closest to Albania
1,3302016-05-25Countries Containing Q
1,3252021-11-13No Clues: What Are These Song Lyrics #3
1,3252017-04-11Biggest Trading Partners - Israel
1,3232017-10-01Countries A to Z - shortest names
1,3192015-01-06Top 20 Words Starting with A
1,3032015-05-15Counting in Words - One Minute Sprint
1,3012017-07-06US Presidents by First Two Letters
1,3002021-03-09Быстрая Печать от А до Я
1,2962017-09-1612 x 12 Kertotaulu - Minuutin Sprintti
1,2872015-06-09Countries with Three Borders
1,2872020-08-2620 berühmtesten Ländern der Welt
1,2832021-01-19Countries Containing W (no continent prompts)
1,2822018-06-04Double Rapide Typage A à Z
1,2672019-08-29Countries Closest to America
1,2672017-04-0730 Second Ready Reaction Quiz
1,2662019-04-09Capitals With Six Letters
1,2652019-01-16Biggest Cities in Vietnam
1,2642017-01-02Countries Starting With Vowels with an Empty Map
1,2612017-07-05Baseball Decoder
1,2572016-08-28Australian Cricketers Who Have Played 80 Tests
1,2572016-11-27World Capitals WITHOUT the Letter A (with a map)
1,2562019-07-04 Satellitenbilder #3
1,2412021-03-03Words That Only Appear Once in the Bible
1,2412016-08-11Most Populous B Countries
1,2342017-06-04Countries with Highest Lowest Points
1,2292020-08-26Cricket Decoder
1,2282015-01-12Most Keystrokes - 30 Second Sprint
1,2252019-02-26Countries With Eight Letters
1,2242014-12-20Top 20 Words Starting With CH
1,2232020-01-09Countries by Initial Letter and Length #4
1,2212019-01-03 Satellitenbilder #6
1,2152019-11-27Countries With Most Major Golf Titles
1,2142016-08-28Indian Cricketers Who Have Played 80 Tests
1,2082021-03-08World Capitals Closest to New Delhi
1,2062019-05-18Potrójne szybkie wpisywanie od A do Z
1,2052017-10-14Westernmost Capital Cities
1,2052017-04-14Biggest Trading Partners - North Korea
1,2052017-12-24Septuple Fast Typing A to Z - 30 Second Sprint
1,2032017-02-17Top 20 Most Inland Countries
1,2022019-09-08David Bowie Songs, by Lyrics
1,2012016-09-07Countries Starting With B (with continent prompts)
1,1982018-02-11Logos de marque n° 5
1,1902016-09-07Largest C Countries
1,1852017-10-21Countries Containing D
1,1852020-06-28Państwa Świata - 15 Sekundowy Sprint
1,1842018-11-18Countries Ending with IA (with a semi-empty map)
1,1812016-07-31World Capitals Containing D (no continent prompts)
1,1692016-12-28Countries Containing K
1,1682017-02-03Länder Europas - Eine Minute Sprint
1,1682017-02-12Countries Closest to Sweden
1,1672017-01-17US States Without a Map - One Minute Sprint
1,1612020-09-23Biggest Australian Cities A-Z
1,1612019-12-11Land Som Ligger Nærmest Norge
1,1592019-09-13World Capitals Closest to Athens
1,1592021-01-19Państwa świata z pustą mapą - pięć minut sprintu
1,1542019-01-31Countries Closest to the Mid-Atlantic
1,1472021-07-25Kraje najbliżej Belgii
1,1462020-02-06 Landen via Foto n°4
1,1352020-04-09Pays contenant L - deux minutes sprint
1,1352018-02-11Logos de marque n° 4
1,1322017-02-10Countries That Start With Two Consonants
1,1302020-05-25Europäische Länder durch ersten und letzten Buchstaben
1,1242016-06-26Countries Closest to Cabo Verde
1,1242016-11-13Digitação Rápida A a Z
1,1212020-04-12Countries Closest to X
1,1172017-04-03Pays d'Europe avec une carte vierge - une minute de sprint
1,1162020-08-26Most Common US Last Names - Extreme Alphabetic
1,1072017-05-03Countries of the World with 10,000 Foot Mountains
1,1062014-11-09Les 20 Plus Célèbres Mots français
1,0992016-08-01Countries Containing M
1,0932017-09-06Countries of the World - Two Minute Sprint (no map)
1,0902019-07-09Non-Bordering Countries Closest to France
1,0892019-01-27Translate these Countries from Russian into English
1,0862018-02-11Countries by Initial Letter and Length #3
1,0682020-06-18Pays et capitales mondiales commençant par A
1,0672020-02-06 Landen via Foto n°5
1,0632018-10-16Countries with Highest Inland Surface Water Percentage
1,0612016-10-23Translate These Countries from Polish to English
1,0612018-02-09Capitals With Five Letters
1,0602014-12-22Top 20 Traditional Christmas Carols
1,0592021-10-14Count in Roman Numerals - Two Minute Sprint
1,0592021-03-01Countries Closest to Portugal
1,0552018-07-24Top 20 Most Famous US Presidents
1,0552017-06-16Olympic Men's Ice Hockey Top 4 Positions
1,0502017-09-28Countries Closest to Singapore - One Minute Sprint
1,0462019-05-09Najczęstsze imiona papieskie
1,0452015-01-14Word Vocabulary - SP
1,0402015-08-07Five Westernmost Countries by Continent
1,0362018-10-07Countries Closest to Mongolia
1,0312021-10-21 Principales lenguas europeos en un mapa
1,0302016-12-29Countries Containing T (no continent prompts)
1,0232018-11-25Countries Starting With C - One Minute Sprint
1,0222019-01-19Translate These Countries from French into English
1,0182014-12-08Translate these Countries from Japanese to English
1,0162018-03-20 Mapa do Mundo Sem 12 Países #2
1,0152018-12-25European Geography A-Z #2 (harder)
1,0112015-06-18Golf Decoder
1,0092020-10-26Countries containing only one, repeated, vowel
1,0092015-01-12Top 20 Words Starting With M
1,0072015-10-23States Won by Obama in the 2012 US Election
1,0052015-06-07More Countries With Letters Missing
1,0032016-07-09Quadruple Rapide Typage A à Z
1,0022014-12-17Top 20 Words Starting with TR
1,0022015-08-20England Cricket Captains Since World War II
1,0022020-10-22 Aeroportos mais movimentados do mundo
1,0002014-12-18Word Vocabulary - CR
1,0002016-01-17Letters of the Alphabet - One Minute Sprint
9982017-03-27Países da África
9982019-01-02World Capitals by First Two Letters (on a semi-empty map)
9962019-11-30Countries Closest to Croatia
9922020-06-03 Mapa de Europa Oriental
9912014-10-23World Capitals Closest to Tokyo
9912017-09-07Pays du monde - 15 secondes de sprint (sans carte)
9882020-08-07Ultimate Harry Potter nom du jeu
9862019-03-06Countries Closest to Bosnia and Herzegovina
9812016-03-24Easternmost Capital Cities
9782014-11-25Countries Producing Most Olives
9782015-04-22Top 20 Words Starting with NO
9772014-11-04Die 20 Bekanntesten deutschen Wörter
9732015-04-24Nomi inglesi delle città italiane
9672018-04-20Nourriture par image
9622018-02-11Logos de marque n° 6
9602021-01-14 Grootste Handelspartners - Nederland
9592016-10-22Countries A to Z - multi-quiz
9582019-04-28Countries With Two Borders
9552015-01-06Top 20 Words Starting with W
9542016-11-21World Capitals Containing L (with a map)
9542018-09-21Pays asiatiques par frontières en 30 secondes
9532021-03-15 Geografía por Letra - K
9522019-08-05Furthest Inland Capital Cities by Continent
9512017-07-23Game of Thrones - Season 7
9512020-02-06 Landen via Foto n°3
9482019-05-11Kraje najbliżej Kanady
9482021-03-28Czterokrotne szybkie wpisywanie od A do Z
9482016-02-18Countries with Lowest Highest Points
9402016-11-13Zählen Sie so Hoch wie Sie Können - Ein-Minute-Sprint
9392018-06-04Doppelt Schnell Tippen von A bis Z - 15 Sekunden Sprint
9362016-07-09Cuádruple Escribir Rápido - A-Z
9302014-12-08Word Vocabulary - GR
9292016-11-13Digitação Rápida até 100
9162017-07-23Biggest Trading Partners - Serbia
9152017-03-29Géographie par lettre sur une carte du monde - A
9122018-10-08World Capitals Closest to Tripoli
9072019-03-06Kraje najbliżej Bośni i Hercegowiny
9052014-12-15Olympic Men's Handball Top 4 Positions
9052017-01-08World Capitals Containing V (with a map)
9042015-08-08Five Easternmost Countries by Continent
9022015-01-12Most Keystrokes - Two Minute Sprint
9022020-03-20 Boeddhistische Landen
8962015-06-29Top 20 Countries Where English is an Official Language
8912017-07-31Three Letter Words A-Z
8882015-05-18Top 20 Most Famous Elements
8862018-03-27Les 100 meilleures équipes européennes de football
8812017-05-07Matemática Rápida - Duplique esse Número!
8802015-01-26Mamma Mia! songs
8742021-10-10Countries From a Blind Start #2
8742021-03-09 Geografía por Letra - C
8702014-11-21Top 20 Most Famous Best Actor Oscar Winners
8692015-07-15Most Common First Names in the United States - J
8662017-04-28Fast Mathe - doppelte diese Nummer!
8652021-04-29Geography Mega Generator Puzzle #4
8642020-08-14Africa Decoder
8612014-12-20Word Vocabulary - BR
8602017-02-16100 Meter Running World Record Holders
8582016-07-11Typage Rapide à 100
8572016-04-26Countries Containing U - Three Minute Sprint
8552016-04-28US States Containing K
8542017-03-28Non-Bordering Countries Closest to Brazil
8492020-04-02Kraje produkujące najwięcej truskawek
8482018-12-10Countries Producing the Most Tobacco (2012)
8472014-11-02Top 20 Most Famous Novels
8472018-02-20Kraje buddyjskie
8452014-10-30Top 20 Most Famous English Words
8452020-02-28 Landen via Foto n°6
8442018-10-21Countries Furthest from the US's 48 Contiguous States
8442015-09-26Famous French People #2
8442015-01-21Top 20 Words Starting With L
8432020-06-11 Os rios mais longos do mundo em um mapa
8412020-10-04World Capitals Closest to Lagos
8412019-04-23Countries A to Z - longest names
8392019-04-29Countries Closest to Belgium
8342017-08-02Capitals and Largest Cities of each US State
8322014-11-06Top 20 Most Traded Currencies
8292020-09-16Países europeus pelas primeiras 2 letras
8282015-09-02Countries Closest to Yugoslavia
8242018-03-27Stolice świata najbliżej Warszawy - jedna minuta sprint
8222018-08-08Países de Europa con un Mapa Vacío - Un minuto de sprint
8182020-09-07Countries Closest to USSR
8172016-11-27Les pays par deux premières lettres en 15 secondes
8162017-04-21Queen Songs
8162018-01-31Conta il più in alto possibile - 15 secondi di sprint
8142021-02-17Les plus grandes villes du monde - extrême
8132016-11-15Countries Containing L (no continent prompts)
8132020-01-12 Matematica Rápida - División
8102019-07-13Countries Closest to the Adriatic Sea
8082015-05-07Top 20 Words Starting with SH
8072020-05-26Kraje najbliżej Finlandii - Jedna Minuta Sprint
8062020-09-27Biggest Asian Cities by Letter
8042017-09-13Table de multiplication 12 x 12 - une minute sprint
8012020-01-12 Países más cercanos a India
8002021-07-095 zufällige Länder auf der Weltkarte in 15 Sekunden
7992016-07-08Trillizo Escribir Rápido - A-Z
7922021-09-19Countries Producing the Most Potatoes (2012)
7922017-05-05Biggest Trading Partners - Netherlands
7872018-04-25180 Degree Meridian Countries
7842021-07-28Countries That Start With The Same Three Letters
7832020-11-16Les pays qui se terminant par les lettres IE
7822019-03-25Non-Bordering Countries Closest to the Mediterranean Sea
7792020-04-30 Snel Rekenen - Optellen
7792017-10-31Länder der Welt - Fünf Minuten Sprint
7792019-06-09Kraje najbliżej Belgii przez pierwsze dwie litery
7782020-06-25Szybkie pisanie do 100 w 40 sekund
7772014-09-13US States Closest to Canada
7772017-08-09Top 20 Most Famous Currencies
7762021-10-20Capital Cities A to Z - shortest names
7742019-12-05Top 20 Longest Country Dimensions
7742015-06-17Countries Closest to Russia A-Z
7742016-06-16World Capitals Containing B - Two Minute Sprint
7702021-05-21British Prime Ministers' First Names
7692017-09-1112 x 12 Násobící Tabulka - Jedna Minuta Sprint
7662016-02-07Countries Closest to the Northern Tip of Russia
7662017-09-07Pays du monde - une minute sprint (sans carte)
7662016-10-06Countries Containing W
7652017-03-15Europa durch Grenzen in 30 Sekunden
7642021-01-27Länder Som Ligger Närmast Sverige
7632017-09-1412 x 12 Multiplikationstabel - Et Minut Sprint
7632019-08-30Biggest Trading Partners - Poland
7612016-11-24World Capitals Containing E (with a map)
7582015-09-18Word Vocabulary - SC
7562014-12-03Countries Where Sex Outside Marriage is Illegal
7562017-09-21The First Words of the Bible
7562017-03-30Paesi dell'Africa
7562017-07-31Pays et capitales mondiales commençant par M
7552014-11-22Top 20 Most Famous Best Actress Oscar Winners
7552016-03-20Translate these Countries from Turkish to English
7542015-01-23Top 20 Words Starting With S
7542016-11-27Les pays américains par les 2 premières lettres
7492018-05-03Countries Closest to Each US Territory
7462017-07-06US Presidents' Given Names by First Two Letters
7452017-10-30Top 20 Most Performed Opera Composers
7442015-09-15Top 20 Words Starting With GR
7432015-05-10Word Vocabulary - ST
7382019-01-30Countries Producing the Most Blueberries (2016)
7372019-08-09Countries Closest to Bangladesh
7362015-05-02Top 20 Words Starting With BL
7352016-11-02Countries and Their Territories Closest to the UK plus its Territories
7352016-02-05Countries Ending With S
7322014-07-16US States from North to South
7322016-09-02Largest B Countries
7322016-10-08Países de América por 2 Primeras Letras
7292017-07-04World Capitals Starting With B (with a semi-empty map)
7272017-03-28Paesi dell'Africa di Prime 2 Lettere
7262020-10-10Countries with the Sun on Their Flag
7262015-01-13Top 20 Words Starting with G
7252021-10-10Countries From a Blind Start #3
7252017-07-05Zufällige schnelle Eingabe
7242015-12-10-Ade Vocabulary Words #2
7242020-12-05Five Longest One-Word Countries by Continent
7222014-07-18Summer Olympic Games - Top countries in each event
7222015-09-15Most Common First Names in the United States - T
7202018-02-28Countries Whose Population Fell in 2017
7182020-11-12Les pays africains par 2 premières lettres
7172017-02-22Divided World City Name Puzzle
7162020-07-12Kraje graniczące z Mjanmą
7152017-09-10Länder der Welt - Eine Minute Sprint
7132021-01-14Next Countries Alphabetically #1
7102015-02-21Top 20 Words Starting With PL
7072015-08-27Countries With No Land Borders
7042016-11-27Les pays avec deux mots
7012016-04-25Countries Bordering Austria-Hungary in 1918
7002015-04-15Word Vocabulary - FR
7002021-04-28Top 15 Countries with Covid-19 Cases - 28 Apr 2021
6972017-02-03Countries Containing R - Three Minute Sprint
6962017-04-05Top 20 Most Famous Men's Tennis Champions
6942016-07-09Triple Rapide Typage A à Z
6932019-08-05Translate These Countries From Greek to English
6932015-08-04Most Common First Names in the United States - M
6932017-08-03US States Whose Capital is Their Biggest City
6922018-11-26Countries of the World - 45 Second Sprint
6912021-10-14Count in Roman Numerals - Fifteen Second Sprint
6912019-01-02World Capitals Containing I - Two Minute Sprint
6902014-11-13Top 20 Most Famous FA Cup Winners
6902015-04-11Top 20 Words Starting with DR
6882016-09-14United States - Canada Border States
6882017-04-14World Capitals Containing R (with a map)
6872021-10-06World Capitals Closest to Grytviken
6852018-01-14Markenlogos #1
6832017-05-26Countries Closest to Jamaica
6822018-01-11Veloce Digitando dalla A alla Z - in ordine alfabetico
6742014-11-29Top 20 Most Famous T Words
6732014-11-06Longest Serving World Leaders Who Just Won't Quit
6732016-11-18Géographie connaissance générale
6712017-02-15Elements by First 2 Letters in 90 Seconds
6692014-11-07Top 20 Most Famous French Words
6692019-07-15Pays et capitales mondiales contenant J
6682015-05-13Top 20 Words Starting With FL
6672015-04-22Cambodia Country Quiz
6662020-10-26Biggest Indian Cities A to Z
6612016-05-26Word Vocabulary - WO
6612021-11-06Five Closest World Capitals by Country
6602017-08-13Top 20 Most Famous Popes' Names
6572018-02-272018 Winter Olympics Medal Countries, with a map
6562015-06-17World Capitals Containing 3 A's
6532015-06-03World Capitals Containing Z
6502017-04-11Biggest Trading Partners - India
6482021-03-08Türkiye'ye en yakın ülkeler
6462016-09-25Countries Containing H (no continent prompts)
6462020-05-29Kraje afrykańskie według 2 pierwszych liter
6452014-11-10Most Well-Known Countries
6432019-11-15World Capitals Closest to Recife
6412019-10-06Kraje 197 do 205
6402015-08-17Most Common First Names in the United States - E
6402016-02-17Top 24 World Cities With Five Letters
6402021-02-23Serie A Campioni
6392016-11-11Digitazione veloce a 100
6382015-07-10Busiest Flight Destinations from Istanbul
6382017-08-23Five Highest Cannabis Using Countries by Continent
6362014-12-15Word Vocabulary - BE
6362015-01-16Top 20 Words Starting with E
6352017-09-21World Capitals Closest to Berlin
6352021-04-17Nommez cette personne historique n°5
6342019-05-18Kraje najbliżej Chin
6342018-12-10Countries Producing the Most Wool (2012)
6342014-12-14Top 20 Largest Landlocked Countries
6332019-05-13Większość islamskich krajów europejskich
6332019-12-14Losowy symbol do pierwiastek
6302020-09-27Kraje najbliżej Słowacji
6292017-04-28Top 20 Most Guessed Best Picture Oscar Winners
6292016-01-24Word Vocabulary - CH
6292015-08-31Biggest British Cities and Towns A-Z
6282014-12-22McDonalds Burgers
6272016-11-17World Capitals Containing G (with a map)
6252019-02-15World Capitals Containing F
6212018-11-12World Capitals Closest to Vladivostok
6192016-10-07Countries Containing V
6182015-03-26Top 20 Baseball Career Home Runs - Current Players
6182016-05-02World Capitals Containing R - Three Minute Sprint
6172015-07-12Top 20 Words Ending in LL
6162021-04-29Geography Mega Generator Puzzle #3
6152018-12-10Countries Producing the Most Beef (2012)
6142018-02-14Countries Closest to Kiribati
6132015-08-20Most Common First Names in the United States - P
6132017-11-13Schnelle Tippen von A bis Z
6122017-05-08Biggest Trading Partners - Switzerland
6092021-11-13No Clues: What Are These Song Lyrics #7
6082015-06-26Chandelier - Lyrics
6062014-11-11Oscar Best Actress - Double Winners
6062015-07-26Word Vocabulary - SL
6052019-11-22World Capitals With Six Letters (with a semi-empty map)
6042020-01-12Countries Closest to Aruba
6012019-02-04Countries Producing the Most Apples (2016)
6012017-03-23Geografia Śródziemnomorska na Mapie
6012017-04-27Biggest Trading Partners - Japan
6002015-05-22Top 20 Words Starting With TH
6002017-12-21Biggest Trading Partners - Romania
6002020-02-06 Landen via Foto n°2
5992019-07-02Matematica Veloce - Aggiunta
5972020-08-08Capitals nearest Honolulu that are Washington DC or Closer
5962021-04-28Top 15 Countries with Covid-19 Cases - 10 Apr 2021
5942017-03-30Countries Closest to Barbados
5912019-05-13Kraje o największym zanieczyszczeniu powietrza
5892014-12-09Countries Bordering the Same Two Countries
5882018-09-11Countries by Third Largest Cities
5882016-11-27Les pays asiatiques par 2 premières lettres
5882020-04-27 Países da bacia do rio Nilo em um mapa
5872015-07-10Most Common First Names in the United States - A
5872017-03-30Países da África pelas 2 Primeiras Letras
5862021-03-18Die 20 meistgespielten Komponisten
5852016-02-15Top 60 World Cities With Five Letters
5842019-07-07Countries Containing Z (with a map)
5832017-08-13Top 20 Most Famous Islands
5822018-04-04US Border Cities
5822018-10-29Géographie européenne par lettre - A
5802016-07-11Cantoni della Svizzera
5792014-11-16Translate These Countries From Finnish into English
5782014-10-21Indian Cricket Teams
5782017-03-06Les pays avec des noms courts (avec une carte)
5752017-09-1712 x 12 Multiplikasjonstabell - Ett Minutt Sprint
5742015-01-29Top 20 Words Starting with Y
5742021-03-13Countries Closest to Papua New Guinea
5732017-09-10Tabela de multiplicação 12 x 12 - um minuto arrancada
5712015-08-12Most Common First Names in the United States - S
5692018-02-15Top 20 Countries Where French is an Official Language
5682014-07-13US States that end with S
5672020-06-03 Mapa de Europa Occidental
5662016-11-23Numeri Romani Decodifica
5662021-01-14 Snel Rekenen - Vermenigvuldiging Quiz
5652018-08-15Countries Containing F
5642014-12-27Capitals in Oceania - One Minute Sprint
5642019-11-16Countries and Capitals of the World
5622020-08-31Countries with Arabic as an Official Language
5622015-10-09Word Vocabulary - FL
5622018-06-04Doppia digitazione veloce dalla A alla Z
5612017-04-12Countries Containing Two Cs
5612017-08-27Countries Closest to Pitcairn Island
5592014-12-31Top 20 Words Starting With CA
5572021-11-03World Capitals Closest to Ulaanbaatar
5572017-01-08Valtiot Lähimpänä Suomea
5562014-12-14Olympic Men's Basketball Top 4 Positions
5562018-12-03Pays européen aléatoire au la capitale
5522015-03-29Word Vocabulary - HA
5522017-05-04Pays par deux premières lettres en 30 secondes
5522018-01-14Markenlogos #2
5512017-02-07Stolice Świata - Jedna Minuta Sprint
5512020-02-2512 Miesięcy w 20 Sekund
5482014-11-14Translate these Countries from Italian into English
5482017-04-12Biggest Trading Partners - France
5482018-12-18Les pays ayant 7 lettres - une minute sprint
5482018-01-25Pays se terminant par IE (avec une carte semi-vide)
5472017-04-06Pays et capitales mondiales commençant par V
5462015-01-31Top 100 Cat Names
5452014-07-06Highest Capital Cities by Continent
5442014-12-08Top 20 Most Famous US Cities
5432018-12-30Periodic Table Symbols Quiz - One Minute Sprint
5412015-09-10Word Vocabulary - LA
5402014-12-21Top 20 Words Starting with Z
5402015-09-12Three Letter Words Starting With P
5392017-05-07 Socios Comerciales más Grandes - China
5382019-09-29Countries Closest to Spain (in Spanish - en español)
5382015-05-17Top 20 Words Starting with HE
5372015-08-04Word Vocabulary - MA
5362015-01-28Capitals With Seven Letters
5332016-07-29Countries Containing Y
5302015-11-01South America Decoder
5302019-10-30 Aeroporti più trafficati del mondo
5282014-12-10Top 20 Words Starting with ST
5272014-08-06Countries with the Moon on Their Flag
5272019-11-15World Capitals Closest to Wellington
5272018-02-12Top 20 Most Famous London Underground Stations
5262019-07-29Countries Closest to Bhutan
5242014-11-30Vocabulary Quiz - The Biggest One Of All
5242017-12-29Countries Closest to Vietnam (with a map)
5232018-12-10Countries Producing the Most Tea (2012)
5232019-12-25African East Coast - 15 Second Sprint
5222015-01-04Most Common Words A to Z
5222017-12-22Mots les plus communs de parties du corps
5212016-06-13Northernmost Capital Cities A-Z
5192016-11-27Les pays contenant F
5192018-04-25Drapeaux du monde avec seulement deux couleurs
5182016-12-05Name That Russian Letter
5182019-01-29Countries Producing the Most Dates (2016)
5182018-12-31Countries Producing the Most Asparagus (2012)
5182016-01-30African Countries with Five Letters
5172021-03-01Countries Closest to Cyprus
5172017-04-29Pays commençant par M (avec une carte semi-vide)
5162021-06-24Countries Closest to Sri Lanka A-Z
5162015-12-07One-Word Countries With Highest Scrabble Value
5152021-03-27Countries that have ever Won a Winter Olympics Medal
5152021-07-28Countries That Start With The Same Three Letters (with prompts)
5152021-09-27Countries Closest to Yemen
5142017-05-19Most Common US Last Names Starting With R
5122018-12-10Countries Producing the Most Natural Rubber (2012)
5122014-12-13Countries Entirely South of the Tropic of Capricorn
5122015-06-02Top 20 Words Starting With SE
5112016-04-19European Capitals With Four Letters
5102015-09-04Countries Closest to Panama A-Z
5102017-03-20Capitals Closest to United States by Continent
5092015-06-10Top 20 Words Starting with TE
5092018-09-12Géographie européenne par lettre - B
5082018-07-29Countries Closest to Kazakhstan A-Z
5082015-10-18Australia A-Z
5072014-09-06Greek Words in Common English Usage
5062017-04-05Countries Closest to Countries 197 to 204
5062015-06-11Yet More Classical Composers
5052017-02-17Éléments par deux premières lettres en 90 secondes
5052019-05-06Kraje najbliżej Bośni i Hercegowiny - Jedna Minuta Sprint
5042015-01-18US Electoral Votes by States
5042018-02-13Countries Closest to Italy - One Minute Sprint
5032017-10-23World Capitals Quiz - 15 minute version
5012018-10-10Translate These Countries from Portuguese to English
5012016-08-22US State Postal Codes - One Minute Sprint
5012015-10-05Top 20 Words Starting With GL
5012017-01-18Hauptstädte mit den Kürzesten Namen
5002019-09-12Countries and their Territories Closest to the US (including its territories)
5002016-10-25World Capitals Starting With M (with a semi-empty map)
4992017-10-23Země Nejblíže k Česka (Countries Closest to Czechia)
4982019-02-06World Capitals Closest to Anchorage
4982017-02-18Countries Without Borders (with a map)
4972021-06-06Biggest New Zealand Cities A to Z
4962016-01-17Countries Closest to Norway - distance order
4952016-03-01Asian Countries With 10,000 Foot Mountains
4952017-08-22Countries Closest to Russia (with a map)
4942018-12-06US States From Four Words #5
4942019-02-06100 größten Städte Italiens auf einer Karte
4932015-07-24Top 20 Words Starting With HI
4922015-09-07Champions League 2015-16
4922016-09-12Countries Closest to Indonesia - with a map
4912015-08-23US States With Six Letters
4912021-05-02Countries Contained in DOMINICAN REPUBLIC
4902021-11-01T20 International Highest Innings (cricket)
4892018-09-17Géographie par image - L
4882014-10-29Top 20 Most Famous Women's Tennis Champions
4882017-03-29Paesi dell'Africa - Un minuto sprint
4872020-04-05Oscar Best Supporting Actor & Actress - Double Winners
4872015-09-23Most Common First Names in the United States - L
4872016-11-21Länder Mit 4 Buchstaben
4872021-04-13Pays contenant L
4862021-05-06Rocky Movies
4852014-11-19Nearest US State Capitals to Each US State Capital
4852020-04-26Państwa Świata - Pięć Minut Sprint
4842018-09-17Géographie européenne par lettre - C
4842017-06-09World Capitals Containing H (with a map)
4832015-07-29Top 20 Words Starting with LA
4832016-07-07Countries Closest to CAR - with a map
4822018-09-26Géographie européenne par lettre - R
4822019-05-11Kraje najbliżej Kanady - Jedna Minuta Sprint
4812019-05-12Kraje o najmniejszym zanieczyszczeniu powietrza
4812014-08-13Countries at the End of the World from Each Other
4802019-11-11Countries of the World - Exact Answer-box Match
4802021-04-29Geography Mega Generator Puzzle #5
4802017-12-23Countries Closest to Germany - Map Quiz
4792018-12-10Countries Producing the Most Almonds (2012)
4792015-09-21Top 20 Words Starting With SL
4792015-10-31Top 20 Words Starting with SN
4782014-11-17Top 20 Most Famous Best Director Oscar Winners
4752014-10-14World Capitals Closest to Washington DC; A to Z
4752019-01-02World Capitals Closest to Addis Ababa
4732016-01-11Landlocked Counties of England
4722014-11-26Top 20 Most Famous Countries in German
4722015-02-10U2 Songs, by Lyrics
4722017-03-14Países asiáticos por fronteiras em 30 segundos
4712021-05-12Zufalls 12 x 12 Multiplikation - Eine Minute Sprint
4692014-11-16Top 20 Most Famous MLB Baseball 20 Win Pitchers
4692020-07-19Place Names in Classical Music Titles
4682019-01-13World Capitals Closest to Nairobi
4682014-10-30Top 20 Biggest US Cities
4682015-10-18Top 20 Words Starting With RI
4672018-06-04Olympic Sports 1896-2012
4672019-01-12Countries Closest to Palau
4662014-12-10Countries A to Z - smallest area
4652017-07-03New Zealand Test Cricketers Since 1975
4642018-09-25Géographie européenne par lettre - F
4632019-12-23Quali paesi ai Mondiali di calcio
4632016-07-06Countries Closest to Europe A-Z
4632015-09-14Three Letter Words Starting With C
4632021-10-24Countries Closest to Turkey by Continent
4622016-07-09World Capitals Containing E - Three Minute Sprint
4622017-01-06Countries Closest to Sri Lanka
4612017-02-13Géographie européenne A-Z #2
4602018-04-07Asiatische Länder nach ersten 2 Buchstaben
4602021-05-16Countries Closest to Borneo
4592019-05-17Kraje najbliżej Zjednoczonych Emiratów Arabskich
4592017-03-31Olympic Countries
4592015-09-05Top 20 Wind Power Countries
4582016-07-11Comptez Aussi Haut Que Possible - 15 Secondes Sprint
4572019-10-06Pays 197 à 205
4562014-10-21Countries that start and end with A
4562017-09-06Countries Closest to Australia - One Minute Sprint
4562017-03-27Pays d'Asie avec une carte vierge - une minute sprint
4562017-05-14Most Common US Last Names Starting With B
4552015-04-13Southernmost Capital Cities A-Z
4552019-10-17Countries Closest to Nepal - One Minute Sprint
4542014-12-07US States from West to East
4542020-08-10World Capitals Starting With A (with a semi-empty map)
4542019-07-02Matematica Veloce - Raddoppia i Numeri
4532018-08-13Countries Closest to Maldives
4502015-05-20Word Vocabulary - TW
4502021-04-30Geography Generator Puzzle #18
4492021-02-16Groupes de choses - histoire
4492017-04-04Afrique carte quiz - sprint d'une minute
4492019-01-02Countries and World Capitals Containing J
4482020-06-17Państwa najbliższe Wyspom Owczym
4472019-10-17A Quiz About Mozart
4472015-08-27Top 20 Words Starting With J
4472018-08-18Countries Containing A - Three Minute Sprint
4472018-01-14Markenlogos #3
4462017-11-16Countries that Boycotted the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics
4462018-04-16Acteurs français - photo quiz
4452020-08-17Countries Closest to Chad
4432014-11-03Top 20 Most Famous Nobel Prize Winners for Literature
4432014-12-08Word Vocabulary - JU
4432015-05-03Top 20 All-Time Best Selling Books
4432015-06-13Top 20 Words Starting With V
4432015-09-17Most Common First Names in the United States - R
4432015-11-20Zodiac Signs in Alphabetical Order
4432017-03-06Counties of England by First Two Letters
4432017-05-15Most Common US Last Names Starting With C
4432017-10-31Biggest Trading Partners - Czechia
4432018-03-20Pays européens par frontières en 15 secondes
4422016-12-28Capitals of Countries 197 to 205
4422016-02-14Bruce Springsteen Songs by Lyrics
4402018-09-25Géographie européenne par lettre - S
4392018-10-02Géographie européenne par lettre - L
4382017-09-17Countries with Most Motorcycles per Capita
4362016-10-28Les plus courts noms de pays - A à Z
4362017-04-07Countries Closest to Colombia
4362018-03-12Countries Closest to United States With a Map
4362021-03-28Countries Closest to Bulgaria - One Minute Sprint
4352014-10-23States of Malaysia
4342017-04-11Biggest Trading Partners - Canada
4342021-10-30Countries Closest to Cuba
4342017-09-0812 x 12 Multiplikationstabelle - Eine Minute Sprint
4332019-05-31African Countries by First 2 Letters - 45 Second Sprint
4322015-06-09Countries with Three Borders #2
4312015-09-03Most Common First Names in the United States - D
4312021-05-30Bundesliga Meister
4312021-11-13No Clues: What Are These Song Lyrics #6
4302017-09-21World Capitals Closest to Berlin - One Minute Sprint
4302016-07-10Schnelles Schreiben auf 100
4302016-11-28Compter en chiffres romains - 15 seconde sprint
4302019-08-30Countries Closest to Malaysia
4302019-02-09Countries Closest to Japan by first two letters
4282018-03-30Paris par image
4282016-10-23Translate These Countries from Polish to English #2
4282021-10-10Countries From a Blind Start #5
4282016-07-12Top 24 World Cities With Six Letters
4282016-11-09World Capitals Starting With C (with a semi-empty map)
4272015-11-14United States Containing the Same 3 Letters (harder)
4272014-12-19Alphabetic Roman Numerals
4272015-07-11Vocabulary Words - JA
4272017-09-07Pays du monde - trois minutes de sprint (sans carte)
4272018-05-25Countries Closest to Cameroon
4262021-09-24New Zealand Prime Ministers since 1900
4262017-06-01Leading Football (Soccer) Clubs by World Region and Country
4262015-10-23States Won by Romney in the 2012 US Election
4262018-11-26Countries of Africa with an Empty Map - 90 Second Sprint
4262020-09-15Zufälliger Punkt an Land zu Land
4252019-05-09Countries Containing Two I's
4252021-02-05World Capitals Closest to Rabat
4252018-04-25120 Degree East Meridian Countries
4222018-04-12Kraje według częściowego obrazu satelitarne #1
4222018-05-10Speed Typing 60 Words in One Minute
4202019-12-15Simbolo casuale all'elemento
4202020-12-25Queen Elizabeth's Children
4192017-10-23Countries Closest to Czechia - One Minute Sprint
4192019-07-02Matematica Veloce - Moltiplicazione
4192019-05-24Pays commençant par T (avec indices continentaux)
4192018-01-14Markenlogos #4
4182014-11-17Do They Know It's Christmas? 2014 song lyrics
4182015-05-28Top 20 Words Starting With RE
4182018-10-09Géographie européenne par lettre - M
4182019-05-11Pays du monde avec une carte vierge - cinq minute sprint
4172017-05-31Biggest Trading Partners - Italy
4172017-06-04Countries Starting with T (with a semi-empty map)
4162015-07-28Most Common First Names in the United States - K
4162016-11-20Tre volte più digitazione veloce dalla A alla Z
4162020-01-29Państwa Europy po I wojnie światowej
4152015-04-07Donald Duck's Nephews in 22 Languages
4142015-05-15Word Vocabulary - SQ
4142019-12-02Top 20 Most Common -Ology Words
4142017-06-11Médaille d'or aux Jeux Olympiques de 2016 (avec une carte)
4142018-01-14Markenlogos #5
4132015-02-26African Ring of Countries
4132018-09-29Géographie européenne par lettre - T
4132020-02-09Wereldkaart zonder 20 willekeurige landen
4122018-12-10Countries Producing the Most Artichokes (2012)
4122015-06-21Top 20 Words Starting With R
4112021-03-26Countries Closest to Turkey - One Minute Sprint
4112017-02-22Puzzle de nom de pays divisé
4102017-12-17Countries Closest to Vatican City - distance order
4102020-06-11Die längsten Flüsse der Welt auf einer Karte
4092018-10-19Géographie européenne par lettre - P
4092019-08-30Kraje najbliższe Luksemburgowi (z mapą)
4092017-02-07Países do Mundo - Um minuto de sprint
4092017-10-14Pays du Moyen-Orient par les deux premières lettres
4082021-09-27Countries Closest to Rwanda
4082017-03-09Mapa Evropy Kvíz
4082019-04-26Hauptstädte mit kurzen Namen (mit einer Karte)
4072015-03-26Top 20 Baseball Career Batting Averages - Current Players
4072018-09-14Pays d'Amérique du Nord par deux premières lettres
4052018-09-24Géographie européenne par lettre - E
4042015-05-22Five Closest World Capitals by Country #2
4042015-09-02Money - Pink Floyd Lyrics
4032015-09-22Three Letter Words Starting With S
4022014-12-07Top 20 Most Famous A Words
4002016-06-04Top 100 Most Common Five+ Letter Words (alphabetic)
4002015-09-16Australia v New Zealand Cricket World Cup Final 2015
3992019-01-01Countries Producing the Most Pineapples (2016)
3992014-11-28Complete these Movie Quotes #5
3992016-10-19World Capitals Containing U - One Minute Sprint
3992019-02-09Countries Closest to Burkina Faso
3982014-11-12Top 20 Most Famous World Companies
3982021-10-03Capitales avec neuf ou plus de lettres
3972019-07-17Top 100 Cities with Most Metro Rail Stations
3962018-12-10Countries Producing the Most Pepper (2012)
3952018-09-28Géographie de la Russie
3952017-04-02World Capitals Starting With S (with a semi-empty map)
3942015-09-22Capitals with Shortest Names - One Minute Sprint
3932018-01-01Villes françaises commençant par L
3932018-09-07Géographie européenne par lettre - G
3922018-04-11Longest World Capital City Names
3922015-05-24Complete This Billy Joel Hit
3922015-07-03Top 20 Words Ending in SS
3912018-05-25Countries Closest to Brasília
3902020-08-25Inhabitants of Cities
3902015-02-22Eagles Songs
3902017-05-29Premiers cinq pays par ordre alphabétique par continent
3892018-05-03Norge Land Spørrekonkurranse
3892017-07-19Biggest Trading Partners - Taiwan
3892020-10-06Countries Closest to Cameroon (with a map)
3892019-12-23Kraje na Mistrzostwach Świata FIFA
3882017-05-29World Capitals Closest to Nuuk
3882018-05-08World Capitals Closest to the Mediterranean Sea
3882016-09-15Gold Medal Countries at 2016 Olympics (with a map)
3872018-02-01Countries Closest to Jamaica - distance order
3872016-11-27Les pays qui se terminent par la lettre R
3862014-11-26Pro- Vocabulary Words Quiz #2
3862014-11-25Top 20 Most Famous F Words
3862015-10-06Most Common First Names in the United States - F
3862016-04-29US States Containing K - One Minute Sprint
3862019-05-13Countries Containing T (with a map)
3852018-04-2490 Degree West Meridian Countries
3852015-05-22Nearest Island Countries to Random Countries
3852017-10-02Les 100 meilleures équipes européennes de football - trois minutes sprint
3842017-01-31European Countries by First 2 Letters - 30 Second Sprint
3842017-05-15Toutes les villes 3M sur la carte du monde
3842018-04-25Non, je ne regrette rien - Edith Piaf - paroles
3842018-10-22Géographie européenne par lettre - V
3842020-03-02Kraje Najbliżej Polski A-Z
3832020-09-28Kraje najbliżej Dominiki
3832019-01-16Countries Closest to Jamaica (with a map)
3832016-12-30Asian Countries by First 2 Letters - 2 Minute Walk
3832021-10-22Typage rapide à 100 avec un doigt
3822019-06-10Rosja - Quiz Wielokrotnego Wyboru
3822014-12-23Political Parties in United States Congress
3822019-04-05European Countries With Six Letters
3802016-05-21World Capitals Closest to Canberra
3802019-07-07Countries Starting with S (with a map)
3802021-02-04Schnelle Tippen von 1 bis 100 mit einem Finger
3802020-10-06Top 20 des pays les plus juifs
3802019-05-28Kraje najbliżej Burkina Faso z mapą
3802019-06-10Kraje najbliżej Tajwanu
3782021-11-07Anagrams - US Cities
3772015-06-18Countries From Four Words #1
3772020-06-17Plus longues fleuves du monde sur une carte
3762019-05-09Europejskie miasta według wskazówek w ich własnym języku
3762014-11-24Languages with Most Wikipedia Entries
3752018-10-22Länder, die Russland am Nächsten Liegen
3752019-05-28Kraje najbliżej Australii
3742018-09-13Géographie européenne par lettre - H
3722021-09-30Paesi africani dalle prime 2 lettere
3712016-04-17Countries Starting With S - One Minute Sprint
3712016-10-28World Capitals Starting With P (with a semi-empty map)
3692019-03-03Countries Closest to Asia A-Z
3692015-12-08One Minute Christmas Card
3692016-12-29Countries Containing S - Two Minute Sprint
3692019-10-26Countries Containing Z
3692017-04-16Countries and World Capitals Containing Z
3692018-01-14Countries Closest to Poland - Map Quiz
3682019-04-19Capitals With Nine or More Letters
3682017-03-31Länder Afrikas Quiz - Eine Minute Sprint
3682018-09-11Géographie européenne par lettre - D
3672019-01-17Länder mit mehr als 100 Millionen Menschen
3672015-08-24Most Common First Names in the United States - C
3672017-05-22Biggest Trading Partners - Argentina
3662015-07-14Top 20 Words Starting With AB
3662016-10-31Evropské Země - Jedna minuta sprint
3662016-11-24Konwertowanie Liczb Rzymskich
3662017-05-14Countries and World Capitals Starting with B
3652021-04-29Geography Mega Generator Puzzle #2
3642014-11-08Most Famous Constellations
3642014-12-27Top 20 Most Famous Baby Girl Names
3642015-10-04Most Common First Names in the United States - B
3642016-07-03Countries Closest to Iran
3642019-08-15Countries Closest to Liechtenstein
3642018-05-09Pays commençant par B (avec une carte semi-vide)
3642021-08-24Flyover Countries #3
3612016-03-27Countries containing EVERY vowel
3612018-01-05Top 30 World Cities With Four Letters
3612017-06-13Countries Closest to Finland - One Minute Sprint
3602018-03-27Countries Closest to Malé
3592014-11-01Las 20 Palabras españolas más Famosos
3592014-12-03Word Vocabulary - QU
3592017-06-29Biggest Trading Partners - Brazil
3582019-08-16Kraje najbliższe Liechtensteinu
3582019-10-06Countries Closest to Jordan
3572015-12-17Countries Closest to Russia by Continent
3572017-10-16Count as High as you Can in Binary - One Minute Sprint
3572017-05-19Biggest Trading Partners - Bulgaria
3562014-09-02Cities in their Local Language
3562017-11-20Capital Cities Farthest From Their Country's Largest City
3562016-11-13Shortest World Capital Names (with a semi-empty map)
3562017-04-26Biggest Trading Partners - Egypt
3552019-12-27Countries Closest to Libya
3552018-08-19Gorillaz Band Members
3552017-04-05Países y Capitales Mundiales que Comienzan con A
3552018-03-24Countries Closest to Ireland
3542014-10-25Most Populous Islands of Canada
3542018-10-09Countries Closest to India A-Z
3542016-02-07Jours de la Semaine en 15 Secondes
3532016-08-20Countries Containing S (no continent prompts)
3532015-01-29Capitals with Eight Letters
3532017-09-20Countries Closest to Pakistan
3522015-09-26Most Common First Names in the United States - H
3512016-12-05Top 20 Most Famous Beatles Songs
3512015-02-09Spanish Football Premier League (La Liga Primera División)
3512020-05-15Countries Closest to Iraq
3512017-04-04Días de la semana en orden alfabético
3502016-06-02World Capitals Containing D - Three Minute Sprint
3492014-08-29Germany in Other Languages
3492017-02-26Puzzle de nom de pays divisé #2
3492017-08-31Countries Closest to Moldova
3482017-11-02World Capitals Inside Triangles
3482015-11-02Countries Closest to Australia A-Z
3482018-04-21Countries With Six Letters (with a semi-empty map)
3482021-03-17Countries Closest to Austria
3472018-12-29Mots animaux anglais
3472014-08-18US States Closest to Mexico
3462017-02-13Pays avec six lettres (avec une carte)
3452016-11-09Største byene i Norden
3452021-04-10Biggest Cities in France A-Z
3442018-04-2530 Degree West Meridian Countries
3442014-10-29-Age Vocabulary Quiz
3442015-07-20Top 20 Words Starting With AB
3442019-12-14Pays africains par deux premières lettres en 30 secondes
3432019-03-25Which City in England?
3432014-11-10Countries With Highest Imprisonment Rate
3422018-09-10Countries of the World with 12,000 Foot Mountains
3422016-10-27American Countries by Borders in 15 Seconds
3412016-05-07US States Containing U
3412015-11-16Colors of the Rainbow in Alphabetical Order
3402014-12-02Top 20 Most Famous S Words
3402019-03-13Countries Closest to Ukraine
3402021-01-14Countries and World Capitals Starting with M
3392016-09-30Thunderbirds are Go!
3382014-10-19Most Populous Islands of Indonesia
3382015-04-02Top 20 Words Starting With ZI
3382018-10-16Géographie européenne par lettre - O
3382019-11-04Countries Closest to Cambodia
3362015-07-17Most Common First Names in the United States - W
3352018-12-10Countries Producing the Most Strawberries (2012)
3342018-03-23Lingue più diffuse in Europa su una mappa
3342021-09-27Countries Closest to Djibouti
3342019-02-12Countries Closest to Bermuda
3332019-03-07Kraje najbliżej Dżibuti
3332019-05-29Countries of the World with an Empty Map Five Minute Sprint
3332015-04-24Top 20 Most Famous B Words
3332016-01-05Top 20 Languages that use Roman (English) Script
3322019-11-13Westernmost Capital Cities A-Z
3322020-03-07Losowe państwa na mapie świata bez granic
3322020-05-25Kraje europejskie po pierwszej i ostatniej literze
3312021-01-28New Zealand True or False
3312020-02-19Landen van Europa door eerste 2 letteren
3312014-12-12Top 100 Most Common Five-to-Ten Letter Words
3312015-10-15Most Common First Names in the United States - G
3312017-06-01Les cinq derniers pays par ordre alphabétique par continent
3302016-08-30Largest M Countries
3302016-11-11Veloce Digitando dalla A alla Z
3302018-01-09Principaux monuments des pays
3292017-02-20Puzzle de nom de capital divisé
3292017-03-07Pays commençant par B (avec indices continentaux)
3292018-10-11Géographie européenne par lettre - I
3282017-05-21All-Time Indian Premier League Cricket XI
3272017-06-06Les 10 pays commençant par M les plus proches de Monaco.
3272021-05-18Countries Closest to Switzerland
3272017-10-23Die Meisten Erraten Deutsche Städte auf Jetpunk
3272017-11-02Countries Closest to Lithuania
3272018-04-15Nommez cet instrument de musique n°2
3262016-07-04Países del Mundo - 3 Minutos de Sprint
3262017-05-12Most Common US Last Names Starting With G
3262018-02-13Quelle ville aux États-Unis?
3242015-02-20Easternmost Capital Cities A-Z
3242015-02-21-Ette Vocabulary Words #2
3242014-11-15Top 20 Most Famous British Commonwealth Countries
3242018-01-14Markenlogos #6
3232020-02-19Państwa europejskie według pierwszych 2 liter
3212014-11-22Translate these Countries from Mongolian to English
3212017-03-06Pezzi Degli Scacchi
3202015-02-15Countries Closest to Denmark (in Danish - på dansk)
3202017-10-15Multiplication 12 x 12 aléatoire - une minute sprint
3192015-10-03Most Common First Names in the United States - N
3192020-05-25Pays européens par première et dernière lettre
3182018-10-18-Eau Vocabulary Words
3182015-04-20Italian Names of Italian Cities
3172015-08-092014 Commonwealth Games Nations
3172014-10-26Most Populous Islands of the Philippines
3172018-02-26Europe de l'Est carte quiz
3172020-03-07Zufällige Länder auf der Weltkarte ohne Grenze
3162014-08-18US States Closest to Kansas
3162018-08-15Countries Closest to Venezuela
3162015-07-04Countries Closest to Iran - One Minute Sprint
3162017-05-02Biggest Trading Partners - South Korea
3142018-10-20Hauptstädte am Nächsten von Deutschland
3142017-04-15Biggest Trading Partners - Cuba
3142020-05-04Schnelle Mathematik - Quadratwurzeln
3132019-05-13Prénoms les plus communs en Espagne
3132020-02-02Kraje UE i ich Waluty
3132017-10-31Countries With Seven Letters
3132018-03-15Countries of the Americas - One Minute Sprint
3122015-09-20Itchy and Scratchy Show Theme Song - Lyrics
3122017-03-31Banderas del mundo con sólo dos colores
3112018-04-2590 Degree East Meridian Countries
3112015-07-28Geography Generator Puzzle #10
3112021-11-28Countries Closest to Oceania A-Z
3112016-10-18World Countries using the Dots-Only "Map"
3112018-04-12Kraje według częściowego obrazu satelitarne #3
3102017-09-28Countries Closest to Singapore
3102017-11-17Capitals of the World - Five Minute Sprint
3092018-04-2530 degrés méridiens de l'est des pays
3082014-12-23Word Vocabulary - TH
3082017-05-17Closest Capital City Pairs #3
3082016-07-08Rapide Typage A à Z Par Ordre Alphabétique
3082016-11-21Länder Mit 5 Buchstaben
3082017-05-16Alle 3M Städte auf der Weltkarte
3082018-04-13Nommez cette personne historique n°1
3072021-09-06Nennen Sie eine gültige Hauptstadt
3072014-09-28-Ger Vocabulary Words
3072016-06-14World Capitals Containing K - One Minute Sprint
3072016-07-04Países del Mundo - 15 Segundos de Sprint
3062014-11-29London Underground Terminus Stations
3062020-06-26Countries Closest to Seychelles
3052020-05-07Countries Closest to Vietnam - One Minute Sprint
3052018-01-14¿Qué ciudad en España?
3052019-03-26Borat's Kazakhstan National Anthem - Multiple choice
3032014-07-24Leading Commonwealth Games nations
3032015-04-20Countries Closest to Palestine A-Z
3032015-04-27Top 20 Most Famous P Words
3032017-05-02Most Common US Last Names Starting With S
3032017-12-15US Senator Map Quiz
3022020-03-09Countries and World Capitals Starting with N
3012016-10-21Most Populous Islands of Greece
3012015-01-22World's Biggest Islands A to Z
3012018-05-17Asian Countries With Five Letters
3012018-01-11Logos des compagnies aériennes
3002019-02-18New Zealand... or Australia?
2992016-04-21The 2 Stans That DON'T Border Afghanistan
2992017-05-03Most Common US Last Names Starting With A
2992018-02-08Voitures par pays
2982014-09-27World Capitals Closest to the Middle of the Indian Ocean
2982017-11-20Top 20 Cities with Longest Metro Rail Tunnels
2982015-08-12Most Common First Names in the United States - Q, U, X, Y, Z
2982017-01-27Paesi europei - uno minuti sprint
2972018-04-25150 Degree West Meridian Countries
2962016-04-10Countries Inside Triangles
2962017-10-23Die Meisten Erraten Länder auf Jetpunk
2962019-02-22Pays d'Europe - 90 secondes de sprint
2952016-07-05Countries Containing X
2952015-08-28Most Common First Names in the United States - V
2952017-12-15US Senator Map Quiz #2 (harder)
2942014-12-05Top 20 Most Famous People of the 20th Century
2942016-05-25Trump Needs This to Beat Clinton
2942019-05-21Kraje najbliżej ZEA - jedna minuta sprintu
2932020-12-23Countries Closest to Faroe Islands
2932017-09-1112 x 12 Tabella di Moltiplicazione - un minuto sprint
2932017-12-31Villes françaises commençant par M
2912018-12-26Countries Producing the Most Turkey (2012)
2912015-12-17Country Shooting Gallery #4
2912017-05-07Most Common US Last Names Starting With F
2912021-06-19Countries Closest to Kenya
2912018-03-22World Map Without 12 Countries - One Minute Sprint
2902016-02-21Word Vocabulary - SH
2902014-12-15Countries Bordering the Same Two Countries #2
2902017-10-24La plupart des villes de France
2902018-06-282018 FIFA World Cup - Final 16 Teams
2892018-08-04World Currencies by Bank Code
2892016-11-27Les pays d'Afrique - une minute sprint
2892016-11-27Les pays qui se terminent par NIE
2882018-03-05Word Vocabulary - TR
2882017-04-11Biggest Trading Partners - Palestine
2882017-05-04Most Common US Last Names Starting With W
2882018-03-10Countries Closest to Vatican City
2872021-07-10Countries Closest to South Africa
2862015-10-22Countries Closest to Point Zero
2862016-03-12Hawaiian Airlines Destinations
2852017-09-07Pays du monde - trois minutes de sprint
2852018-02-18Largest Countries That HAVE NEVER Won Olympic Gold
2852017-05-13Countries Starting with B (with a semi-empty map)
2852018-08-09Země sousedící s Vatikánem
2852020-05-17Countries Closest to Bahrain
2842018-10-14Géographie européenne par lettre - N
2842016-07-20Countries Containing U (no continent prompts)
2842018-04-25150 Degree East Meridian Countries
2842014-12-15Countries in the 2015 Cricket World Cup
2842015-09-23Most Common First Names in the United States - O
2842018-05-18Countries Bordering Vatican City - One Minute Sprint
2832015-05-15Indian Premier League Cricket - Team Nicknames
2832017-05-15Two Word Countries - One Minute Sprint
2832016-10-28Australie carte quiz
2832018-10-21Groupes géographiques de quatre n° 2
2832018-12-11Countries Producing the Most Potatoes
2832019-02-27Countries Closest to Lebanon
2822020-03-01Kraje według częściowego obrazu satelitarne #2
2822021-08-27Auckland City Quiz
2822021-07-30Smallest Countries That HAVE Won Olympic Gold
2812014-07-13US States with all different letters
2812018-08-05Top des langues européennes sur une carte
2812018-08-10Kraje Najbliżej Kenii
2812019-12-14Countries Closest to the Netherlands
2812019-03-02Capitals of the World - Seven Minute Run
2802021-06-09Two-Word Capital Cities
2802015-06-18Countries From Four Words #7
2802015-07-03Countries of the World by Name Length - One Minute Sprint
2792015-05-29Znamení Zvěrokruhu
2792017-05-14Repères européen quiz de carte
2792018-01-14Logotipos de la Marca #1
2792018-04-16Nommez cette personne historique n°4
2792018-06-17Capitales mondiales contenant P
2782018-12-10Countries Producing the Most Kiwifruit (2012)
2782016-06-25World Capitals Containing P - Three Minute Sprint
2782016-11-20Ländern mit Mehreren großen Inseln
2782017-05-15Biggest Trading Partners - Philippines
2782017-06-10Les plus longs noms de pays à un seul mot
2772015-06-07Monty Python's Flying Circus cast members
2772018-12-10Countries Producing the Most Brazil Nuts (2012)
2772021-03-07Опрос по карте Европы
2762015-09-08Most Common First Names in the United States - I
2762018-05-07Pays les plus proches de Japon
2762020-02-07Countries Closest to Morocco
2752017-02-18Countries Contained in EQUATORIAL GUINEA
2742017-08-21Countries Closest to India - One Minute Sprint
2742015-09-18Nombres de bebés en España desde el año 2000
2742016-04-27Countries Starting With I - One Minute Sprint
2742017-02-21World Capitals Containing R - One Minute Sprint
2732018-09-05Countries that Competed in the First Summer Olympics (1896)
2732016-02-29All United States by Just First and Last Letter
2732017-02-06Géographie européenne A-Z
2722017-08-31One Vowel Countries
2712014-08-20US States Closest to Lake Michigan
2712015-10-21Countries Containing These Three Letters #2
2702014-07-28US States with H
2702014-10-30Top 20 Most Famous Nobel Peace Prize Winners
2702017-08-01Countries and World Capitals Starting with P
2702018-01-12Countries Closest to Slovenia
2702018-10-18Cinq plus grands pays par la lettre n° 1
2702018-12-11Countries Producing the Most Beef
2692018-12-29Countries Closest to Mauritius
2692021-05-22Zählen Sie in 15 Sekunden bis fünfzehn (in Worten)
2692015-06-02Geography Generator Puzzle (10 letters)
2692017-04-28Countries Starting with S (with a semi-empty map)
2682014-10-02At- Vocabulary Words
2682015-09-18Most Popular Spanish Baby Names Since 2000
2682015-11-20Geography Generator Puzzle #16
2682016-08-222016 Olympics - Countries With 100 Athletes
2682021-04-03Countries Closest to... dang, I forgot where #2
2672018-04-22Pays ayant 5 lettres (avec une carte semi-vide)
2672015-05-25Word Vocabulary - VO
2672019-02-13Countries by Letter - One Minute Sprint
2672016-05-22Countries Closest to Vienna
2672021-04-22Countries with Seven Letters (with a map)
2672017-08-28Les pays ayant 6 lettres - une minute sprint
2672018-01-11Loghi delle compagnie aeree
2662016-07-08World Capitals Containing C - Two Minute Sprint
2662017-04-12Biggest Trading Partners - Faroe Islands
2652016-04-14Countries that Start and End with A - One Minute Sprint
2652017-12-31Villes françaises commençant par A
2652018-10-20Groupes géographiques de quatre n° 1
2642020-06-16Najbardziej ruchliwe lotniska na świecie
2642015-01-30Geography Anagrams (challenging)
2642015-11-08World Capitals Containing the Same Three Letters
2642021-06-26Countries Closest to Serbia
2642017-12-17Drapeaux de pays avec des aigles
2632018-04-2560 Degree East Meridian Countries
2632015-06-18World Capitals From Four Words #3
2632018-10-09Régions de France par frontières en 20 secondes
2632019-08-20Kraje Najbliżej Polski - 30 Sekund Sprint
2622020-05-04Mathématiques rapides - Racines carrées
2622016-08-28West Indies Cricketers Who Have Played 80 Tests
2622014-11-29-Dence Vocabulary Words
2622016-07-11Capitals Closest to Each European Capital
2622019-10-17Countries Closest to Nepal
2612016-02-16Countries and World Cities That Are Also First Names
2612019-05-27Stolice świata najbliżej Ankary
2602018-10-12Géographie européenne par lettre - K
2602019-09-14Stolice świata najbliżej Lizbony
2592020-01-01Kraje najbliższe Watykanowi dwoma pierwszymi literami
2592014-10-23Countries Entirely North of Japan
2592016-10-28Europas Hauptstädte in einer Minute
2582015-01-25New Zealand Regional Capitals
2582017-08-21Countries Closest to India (with a map)
2572014-08-31Italy in Other Languages
2572014-10-30Countries With Two Cities Larger Than Their Capitals
2572018-10-08French Departments by Borders in 90 Seconds
2572020-05-04Matemática Rápida - Raízes Quadradas
2562019-01-10Englische Tierwörter
2562021-05-28Kraje najbliżej Senegalu
2562018-12-19Länder der Welt - 3 Minuten-Sprint
2562020-01-12Szybkie dziesiętne do konwersji binarnej
2562017-11-15Villes du monde selon l'emplacement A-Z
2552015-06-18Countries From Four Words #13
2552020-08-25Countries Closest to Tunisia
2552019-09-05Kraje najbliższe Albanii
2542020-04-09Countries Closest to Romania
2542017-06-18Non-Bordering Countries Closest to the Dem Rep of the Congo
2542018-11-06Pays avec sept lettres (avec une carte)
2532019-08-15Kraje najbliższe DR Kongowi z pustą mapą
2522014-09-25Rivers Forming US State Borders
2522019-04-01Indian Cricket Captains Since World War II
2522015-10-21The Socialist Republics of the USSR
2522018-09-05Countries Closest to the Equator
2522017-05-02Capitais da Europa - Um minuto de sprint
2512017-03-16Mittelmeer Geographie auf einer Karte
2512017-05-29Pays par une seule indice #12
2512017-12-27Cinq villes les plus devinées par continent
2502018-05-16Top 20 Operas Performed Most Often
2502018-12-10Countries Producing the Most Lamb (2012)
2502018-10-22Länder, die Deutschland am Nächsten Liegen - 1 Minute Sprint
2502016-06-17World Capitals Containing G - Two Minute Sprint
2502017-11-06Les plus gros partenaires commerciaux - Algerie
2492014-10-21Countries Closest to France (in French - en français)
2492015-06-18Countries From Four Words #9
2492016-07-13European Countries With Seven Letters
2492017-08-23Länder Mit 6 Buchstaben
2492021-02-25Die Meisten Erraten Hauptstädte auf Jetpunk
2492018-04-08European Football Clubs - Map Quiz
2492019-08-20Kraje najbliższe Liechtensteinu - Jednominutowy sprint
2482018-04-0710 Maiores Países Europeus
2482018-05-12Pays commençant par S (avec une carte semi-vide)
2482016-08-29New Zealand Cricketers Who Have Played 50 Tests
2482015-07-28Geography Generator Puzzle #12
2482017-03-06Die Länder beginnend mit B (Mit kontinentlichen Anhaltspunkten)
2482017-12-24Sextuple Fast Typing A to Z - 30 Second Sprint
2472018-01-21World Capitals Closest to Budapest
2472018-01-01Villes françaises commençant par S
2472018-09-10Géographie par lettre #2 - L
2472019-07-21Kraje najbliżej Słowacji - jedna minuta sprintu
2462019-07-30Kraje najbliżej Bhutanu
2462021-07-105 paesi casuali sulla mappa del mondo in 15 secondi
2462016-01-08Planets in Alphabetical Order
2462016-11-24Savoir général quiz #30
2452016-10-14Countries Containing Z (no continent prompts)
2452015-04-25Countries Closest to India A-Z (5 minute version)
2452017-02-27Geteiltes Land Name Rätsel
2452021-06-07Capitales du monde par deux premières lettres en trois minutes
2442021-02-08Les pays contenant Z - une minute sprint
2442017-09-14Cricket: Leading Australian Test Batsmen A-Z
2442018-01-31Conta il più in alto possibile - 1 minuto di sprint
2432014-10-21Political Parties in Parliament of United Kingdom
2432015-01-04Most Common 3 Letter Words - A to Z
2432015-04-30Countries Furthest from United States A-Z
2432016-08-24Countries that End With R
2432017-08-23Countries Closest to Qatar
2432017-11-07Der meisten islamischen europäischen Länder
2432019-09-26Kraje najbliższe Czarnogórze
2422018-12-13Countries Producing the Most Rice
2422020-09-27Countries Closest to Slovakia
2422020-08-12Countries Closest to Laos
2422015-05-13Countries Closest to the World's Island Countries
2422017-04-03Pays d'Afrique avec une carte vierge - une minute sprint
2412015-01-18Word Vocabulary - BU
2412015-06-11Princess Diana Quiz
2412016-10-29Países mais Próximo a Estados Unidos por Continente
2412021-09-27Countries Closest to Eritrea
2402018-10-20Hauptstädte am Nächsten nach Berlin
2402014-07-19Biggest Cities Omitted by World Cities Study Group
2402014-08-22Longest US State Capital City Names
2402014-11-03Top 20 Most Famous Baseball Players
2402014-10-26Top 20 Most Populous Islands
2402015-02-15Top 20 Most Famous Musical Acts of All Time
2402021-11-01Countries of Europe in Last Two Letter Order
2402016-04-20Countries Containing V - One Minute Sprint
2392015-06-11Five Closest World Capitals by Country #3
2392021-06-02Countries With Nine Letters
2392015-10-19Air New Zealand Destination Countries
2392016-08-16Most Populous C Countries
2392017-03-15Nom du pays le plus court - A-Z
2392017-05-02Biggest Trading Partners - Luxembourg
2382014-11-12En- Vocabulary Words
2382021-05-18Under- Vocabulary Words
2382016-11-30England's International Cricket Grounds
2382017-03-26Evropských Vlajek s Třemi Pruhy
2382018-03-05Pays les plus proches de Suisse - une minute sprint
2382017-11-06Un conto alla rovescia complicato
2382018-09-29Géographie par lettre #2 - M
2372017-05-12Most Populous Countries in Population Order
2372017-03-09Countries Closest to Panama
2372016-08-23World Capitals Closest to Germany
2372016-11-27Les pays les plus proches de Etats-Unis par continent
2362018-12-10Countries Producing the Most Apricots (2012)
2362015-01-21Countries That Play Cricket Internationals
2362021-04-26Generator Puzzle #40½
2362017-04-07Paesi più vicini alla Spagna
2362017-04-16Biggest Trading Partners - New Zealand
2362017-10-05Countries Closest to Sudan
2362019-02-18World Capitals Containing L - Two Minute Sprint
2362019-06-25Snelle Wiskunde - Divisie
2352018-11-06Géographie européenne par lettre - W
2352019-03-18Pays les plus proches de la France par 2 premières lettres
2352017-10-05Countries and World Capitals Starting with S
2352018-01-19Loghi famosi #1
2352018-03-11Top European Languages on a Map - One Minute Sprint
2342014-11-24Translate These Countries from Vietnamese to English
2342014-12-14Cricket: Most Wickets by Country
2342017-03-18World Capitals Closest to Hong Kong
2342018-06-28FIFA Fussball-Weltmeisterschaft 2018 - Finale 16 Teams
2332018-05-21Carte du monde sans 12 pays n°2 - une minute sprint
2332019-02-13Countries Closest to North Macedonia
2332018-02-10-Z Vocabulary Words
2332017-09-12Les plus gros partenaires commerciaux - Le monde entier
2322016-07-20Cities by their Countries' Smaller Cities #2
2322017-08-03Canadian Provinces & Territories - One Minute Sprint
2322021-03-08Države najbliže Srbiji - 30 sekundi sprint
2312014-11-09Countries that Use the Rupee
2312015-08-13Geography Generator Puzzle #11
2312018-02-09Largest Teams at 2018 Winter Olympics
2312018-03-12Pays les plus proches des États-Unis avec une carte
2302015-03-25Top 20 Most Famous Actors
2302015-06-18Countries From Four Words #17
2302017-02-04European Countries From Turkish to English
2302016-02-09Tage der Woche in 15 Sekunden
2302018-08-02Countries Closest to Timor-Leste
2302017-04-18Länder mit Z
2292019-02-02Countries Producing the Most Goat Cheese (2014)
2292019-05-13La plupart des pays européens islamique
2282018-10-16Pays ayant 5 lettres (avec une carte) - une minute sprint
2282021-05-26De- Vocabulary Words
2282016-09-08Elton John Song Initials
2282017-04-04Jours de la semaine en ordre alphabétique
2282017-05-11Most Common US Last Names Starting With J
2282017-05-17Pays par une seule indice #1
2272014-11-05Top 20 Most Famous German Words
2272014-11-07Countries that Use the Pound
2272017-12-17Countries Closest to Vatican City - One Minute Sprint
2272021-11-10Countries Closest to St Kitts and Nevis
2272017-05-05Les plus gros partenaires commerciaux - Allemagne
2272018-10-29European Geography by Letter - U
2262018-04-13Nommez cette personne historique n°3
2262020-02-17Countries Closest to Syria
2262016-01-21Political Parties in Parliament of Canada 2011-2015
2262018-08-23C Countries by Word Length
2262016-06-19Countries Containing M - Two Minute Sprint
2262018-10-30Les pays qui se terminent par RIE
2262017-05-03Countries by First Two Letters in 30 Seconds
2262017-06-11Biggest Trading Partners - Cyprus
2262018-06-03Countries Closest to Turkmenistan
2252015-07-16Biggest Cities by Continent
2252016-01-16Capital Cities That Start With The Same 3 Letters
2252019-05-19Pays commençant par M (avec une minute carte semi-vide)
2252020-01-29Pays d'Europe avant la Première Guerre mondiale
2242018-10-28Géographie européenne par lettre - U
2242014-10-20Mid- Vocabulary Words
2242018-10-22Länder, die Wien am Nächsten Liegen
2242017-12-24Triple Fast Typing A to Z - 30 Second Sprint
2232014-12-26Top 20 Most Common US Surnames
2232016-02-01Five Most Forested Countries by Continent
2232019-08-12Pays qui ont gagné le plus de médailles olympique
2232018-10-30Antonyms Quiz #4
2222020-04-19Political Parties in Parliament of Germany 2013-17
2222015-02-25Elton John Songs
2222015-06-18Countries From Four Words #14
2222016-11-27Les pays se terminant en -que
2222017-07-02US States that Haven't Produced a President
2212019-03-15Countries Closest to Western Sahara
2212020-06-11Najdłuższe rzeki świata na mapie
2202020-02-09Kraje najbliżej Uzbekistanu
2202015-06-18Countries From Four Words #2
2202016-06-12Cricket: Most Test Runs by Decade
2202021-06-01Länder 197 bis 205
2202017-04-15Countries and World Capitals Starting With L
2202017-11-04Biggest Trading Partners - Algeria
2192014-10-16Countries Entirely Between 5° North and 5° South
2192015-01-15Highest Population Countries by Continent
2192021-11-26Country Names That Contain Another Country Name
2192017-03-23Pays les plus proches de États-Unis A-Z
2182019-03-15Contar Lo Más Alto Posible - Un Minuto Sprint
2182017-05-17Most Common US Last Names Starting With N
2172015-09-14Geography Generator Puzzle #13
2172016-11-24Savoir général quiz #78
2172018-04-25Countries Containing H (with a map)
2172017-03-11Mittelmeer Städte nach Karte
2172018-12-03Capitale européenne aléatoire au le pays
2172020-02-09Landen van de Wereld - Een minuut sprint
2162018-10-28Géographie asiatique par lettre - A
2162018-12-01Countries Closest to Monaco
2162014-10-23Most Populous Islands of New Zealand
2162016-06-19Countries Closest to Diego Garcia
2162021-03-07Countries Closest to Bulgaria
2152018-07-28Pays les plus proches de Maroc
2152019-02-24Které Místo je Větší?
2152014-10-05-Ity Vocabulary Words
2152017-10-16Countries Closest to Nigeria
2142019-01-24Liechtenstein's Country Donut Ring
2142016-01-16Countries That Start With MAL
2142017-02-20English Monarchs' Names Used More Than Once
2132015-03-292015 Cricket World Cup - The Result
2132017-04-26NHL Hockey Cities Map Quiz #2
2132020-01-12Schnelle Dezimal-Binär-Umwandlung
2132017-09-16Cricket: Leading English Test Batsman A-Z
2132020-01-07Countries of the World - Twelve Minute Jog
2122018-04-13Nommez cette personne historique n°2
2122018-04-2460 Degree West Meridian Countries
2122015-06-18Countries From Four Words #8
2122018-01-23Capitales des É-UA par deux premières lettres en 45 secondes
2112014-05-29The first 20 square numbers
2112016-07-13Cities by their Countries' Smaller Cities #1
2112016-07-26Cities by their Countries' Smaller Cities #3
2112017-03-24Geografia del Mediterraneo su una mappa
2112020-01-12 Decimal a Binario Rápido
2112021-03-13Every 1,000,000+ City by First Two Letters
2112018-11-22Hauptstädten der Welt - Fünf-Minuten-Sprint
2112019-10-22Countries Closest to Uzbekistan
2112019-12-23Pays lors d'une Coupe du Monde de la FIFA
2102018-12-11Countries Producing the Most Salt
2102019-05-13Nombres más comunes en España
2102019-12-06Országok Legközelebb Magyarország
2102014-12-16US State Capitals Nearest Their State Line
2102015-05-15Countries From Four Words #4
2102017-12-13Mafia Criminal Activities
2102017-12-28Bandeiras do País com Águias - quiz de imagem
2102018-01-14Logotipos de la Marca #2
2092015-06-18Countries From Four Words #15
2092018-05-07Pays les plus proches de Russie
2092017-03-27Países de África con un Mapa Vacío - Un minuto de sprint
2092017-04-22Les plus gros partenaires commerciaux - Corée du Nord
2092019-12-22Countries Closest to Kuwait
2082019-01-28Countries Closest to Mexico
2082016-10-07Top 20 Biggest World Cities
2082015-06-18Countries From Four Words #12
2082015-11-16Countries Closest to Yemen - One Minute Sprint
2082016-09-10Highest Countries of the World (with a map)
2082018-02-27Quiz do mapa da Europa Oriental
2082021-02-04Szybkie wpisywanie od 1 do 100 jednym palcem
2072018-08-01Champions de tennis masculin
2072019-05-09World Capitals Containing L - Three Minute Sprint
2072014-10-02Countries in Danube River Catchment
2072014-11-11Oscar Best Actor - Double Winners
2072015-05-20A Quiz About Beethoven
2072016-04-24Země Nejblíže k Česka - Jedna Minuta Sprint
2072017-05-12Pays avec les frontières terrestres les plus courtes
2062015-06-18Countries From Four Words #6
2062020-07-20Countries Closest to Libya A-Z
2062017-05-05Most Common US Last Names Starting With D
2062018-11-15Géographie asiatique par lettre - B
2062019-02-21Welcher Ort ist größer?
2062019-03-25Which City in Europe? - Multiple Choice
2062021-03-07Быстрая Математика - Прибавление
2052018-09-25Pays et paires de frontières
2052018-12-12Countries Producing the Most Tea
2052020-02-23Countries Closest to Kyrgyzstan
2052017-09-10Les plus gros partenaires commerciaux - Union européenne
2042019-02-27Oscar Best Director - Double Winners
2042015-12-13Countries With Lowest Scrabble Value
2042016-02-222015 Mens ATP Tennis Winners
2042017-06-29Cinq pays avec un mot les plus longs par continent
2032016-11-13Comptez aussi haut que possible - une minute sprint
2032016-11-30India's International Cricket Grounds
2032017-05-09Most Common US Last Names Starting With M
2032018-02-21Complete the Beatles Song Titles
2032018-06-11Les 10 « B » pays les plus proches de États-Unis
2032019-02-25Countries Closest to Dominica
2032019-05-10Kraje najbliżej Dominiki - Jedna Minuta Sprint
2022017-10-23Countries Closest to Czechia (with a map)
2012015-04-26Countries Closest to Hawaii A-Z
2012017-05-13Most Common US Last Names Starting With H
2012021-11-09Noms de capitales mondiales les plus longs (avec une carte)
2012021-03-13Countries Closest to Tuvalu
2012019-05-11Pays d'Europe avec une carte vierge - 30 secondes sprint
2002019-07-29Countries Closest to Thailand
2002020-01-26Kraje najbliższe Bangladeszowi
2002019-10-28Stolice świata najbliżej Zagrzebia
1992018-12-12Pays par lettre initiale et par longueur
1992019-11-06Countries Closest to Ethiopia
1992020-01-22Capitali mondiali casuali su una mappa
1992015-08-14Nationalities of the September 11 Hijackers
1992016-08-02Top 20 Most Famous Pokémon
1992020-09-30Most Guessed Languages
1982014-07-242014 Commonwealth Games Sports
1982014-10-28Countries Entirely Between 40° and 50° North
1982016-10-07Países Europeos por 2 Primeras Letras
1982017-12-31World Capitals Containing Y (with a semi-empty map)
1982018-10-16Pays contenant J
1982019-01-02World Capitals by Map - Three Minute Sprint
1972015-10-18Top 20 US & Canada Largest States/Provinces/Territories
1972015-06-18Countries From Four Words #16
1972016-11-25Savoir général quiz #9
1962017-04-05Countries and World Capitals Starting With A
1962017-05-26Pays par une seule indice #10
1962017-09-29Cricket: Leading Indian Test Batsman A-Z
1962018-02-26Europe de l'Ouest carte quiz
1962018-10-17Pays commençant par T - une minute sprint
1962020-01-14Stolice rozpoczynające się na B (z częściowo pustą mapą)
1952018-09-04Geographie nach Buchstaben - T
1952016-02-22Countries Hosting a 2016 ATP Tennis Tournament
1952018-10-30Les pays qui se terminent par BIE
1942014-08-14Uzbekistan's Country Donut Ring
1942016-02-13Comptez Aussi Haut Que Vous Pouvez - 15 Secondes Sprint
1942021-07-09Peças de Xadrez
1942017-11-20Asian Countries by First 2 Letters in 90 Seconds
1942019-07-01Afrykańskie Stolice (z mapą)
1932018-09-10Les plus grands pays « M »
1932019-10-02Pays les plus répondus de A à Z
1932019-12-23Länder bei einer FIFA-Weltmeisterschaft
1932014-10-22Countries Entirely Between 50° and 60° North
1932015-08-10Geography Generator Quiz (4 letters, with no yellow box)
1932020-03-05Països del Món
1932021-04-26Countries of the World in Welsh - Gwledydd y Byd
1932017-03-09Países con Nombres Cortos (con un mapa)
1932017-05-01Most Common US Last Names Starting With P
1932018-10-22Länder, die Island am Nächsten Liegen
1932017-06-29Vienna City Quiz
1922015-12-29Länder Mit Sieben Buchstaben (7-letter countries)
1922016-01-11David Bowie (1947-2016) Tribute Quiz
1922016-11-30Australia's International Cricket Grounds
1922018-12-04Zufällige europäische Hauptstadt zu Land
1922018-12-11Countries Producing the Most Grapes
1912015-03-31Asian Countries With Few Land Borders
1912016-06-06Countries Closest to Palestine
1912016-11-27Les pays insulaires
1902018-10-22Countries with two Es
1902017-05-26US States & Canadian Provinces Closest to Maine
1902014-10-18Countries Entirely Between 0° and 10° North
1902015-06-07Geography Generator Puzzle (12 letters)
1902016-02-01Cricketers (batsmen) by First Name
1902016-11-23World Capitals Containing E (with lists for clues)
1902017-05-22Pays par une seule indice #6
1892018-04-25120 Degree West Meridian Countries
1892017-03-29Europa Karte Quiz - Eine Minute Sprint
1892017-06-06Les 10 capitales commençant par P les plus proches de Paris
1892021-02-16Countries Closest to the Dem Rep of Congo
1892018-06-292018 FIFA VM - Slutliga 16 Lag
1882020-03-23Kraje najbliższe Kamerunowi (z mapą)
1882020-01-12Capitales mondiales commençant par B (avec carte semi-vide)
1882015-06-18Countries From Four Words #10
1882017-10-08Countries Closest to Argentina by Continent
1882017-11-19Countries Closest to Norway - One Minute Sprint
1882018-05-07Pays les plus proches de Royaume-Uni (avec une carte)
1872017-01-18Olympic Cities 1896-2020
1872015-10-30Geography Generator Puzzle #15
1872016-08-28Pakistan Cricketers Who Have Played 60 Tests
1872017-05-17Countries and World Capitals Starting with G
1872019-10-21Stolice świata najbliżej Warszawy - 30 sekund sprintu
1862018-12-14Countries Closest to Tajikistan
1862019-09-27Countries Closest to Montenegro
1862016-05-16Countries Closest to Italy (in Italian)
1862015-05-30Countries Closest to Indonesia - One Minute Sprint
1862017-05-19Pays par une seule indice #3
1862018-02-27Quiz do mapa da Europa Ocidental
1852015-11-12Cities by Cricket Grounds
1852014-10-02James Bond Movies by Theme Song Singer
1852019-02-17Batsmen Who Have Scored 180 in an ODI Innings (cricket)
1852019-04-18Top 20 Countries with Longest Rail Tunnels
1852016-02-01Cricketers (bowlers) by First Name
1852018-01-14Logotipos de la Marca #3
1852018-06-29Quiz sur la carte du Moyen-Orient
1852018-11-04Cinq plus grands pays par la lettre n° 2
1852020-05-25Paesi europei per prima e ultima lettera
1842019-03-18Quel pays européen?
1842014-11-06Countries that Use the Franc
1842014-11-14Countries that are the Same in French and English
1842017-02-26Dancing in the Dark - Lyrics - Bruce Springsteen
1832014-07-15US States with X/Y/Z
1832015-01-22Most Populous Islands of Italy
1832015-10-22Geography Generator Puzzle #14
1832018-04-28Countries Ending With E
1832021-10-14Count in Roman Numerals - Thirty Second Sprint
1832017-05-06Most Common US Last Names Starting With L
1832021-07-096 pays aléatoires sur la carte du monde en 15 secondes
1832018-04-09Miasta Satelitarne #1
1832019-05-17Countries Closest to United Arab Emirates
1832019-06-24Matemática rápida - Divisão
1822018-08-09World Capitals Containing H - Two Minute Sprint
1822018-10-06Pays du monde utilisant une carte de points
1822020-02-02Kraje najbliższe Laosowi
1822019-10-13Kraje najbliższe Jordanii
1822020-07-23Kraje najbliższe Zimbabwe A-Z
1822020-11-27Republican Presidential Candidates 1900-2020
1822021-01-21Countries Closest to Niue
1822018-10-22Länder, die Schweiz am Nächsten Liegen - Eine Minute Sprint
1812016-04-20Countries Containing Three I's
1812019-12-29Countries Closest to Zambia A-Z
1812016-06-27Iceland's 2016 Football Team (easier than you think)
1812016-08-08Countries Contained in BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA
1812017-03-27Europe carte quiz - une minute sprint
1812018-01-14Attractions touristiques les plus visitées en France
1812018-12-04Countries Closest to North Korea
1812019-08-29Countries Closest to Luxembourg (with a map)
1802018-09-26Popes by First Two Letters - Two Minute Sprint
1802014-10-22Most Populous Islands of Japan
1802014-11-09Countries that Use the Dinar
1802017-04-23Landlocked Countries That Do NOT Border a Landlocked Country
1802015-06-05World Capitals Containing X
1802015-08-04Translate These Cities From Macedonian to English
1802017-01-12People's First Names and Their Homonyms
1802018-10-22Länder, die Polen am Nächsten Liegen
1802018-02-08Biggest Trading Partners - Portugal
1792018-06-03Countries Closest to Turkmenistan - One Minute Sprint
1792016-04-22Prince's Songs - A Tribute Quiz
1792017-06-0410 Closest S Countries to Singapore
1792017-10-28Ozeanien Hauptstädte (mit Karte)
1792018-02-06Countries of Oceania by First 2 Letters in 30 Seconds
1792018-05-21Carte du monde sans 12 pays n°3 - une minute sprint
1792018-11-20Géographie asiatique par lettre - S
1792019-05-11Pays commençant par S (avec une minute carte semi-vide)
1792019-10-19Countries Closest to Myanmar
1792020-07-07Les pays contenant V en 4 minutes
1782019-12-17Kraje najbliższe Kirgistanu
1782020-05-26Pays d'Asie par première et dernière lettre
1782015-06-26Highest US Peaks by State
1782015-04-14World Capitals Closest to Saga
1782019-04-29Countries Closest to United Kingdom - One Minute Sprint
1782015-05-29Istanbul Quiz
1782016-01-26Five Least Forested Countries by Continent
1782017-02-20Countries Containing L - One Minute Sprint
1782017-10-23Billy Joel Song Initials
1782016-11-27Les pays le plus peuplé - A à Z
1782017-07-11Top Five GDP Countries by Continent
1772017-07-24Top 20 Most Famous US State Capitals
1772017-02-26Top 20 Least Famous Country Flags
1772016-04-22Countries Closest to Afghanistan - One Minute Sprint
1772017-03-12Prix César du meilleur acteur
1772017-04-28Países más cercanos a Colombia
1772019-01-02World Capitals - Four Minute Sprint
1772018-08-24Geographie nach Buchstaben - W
1772018-12-22Länder mit den Meisten Inseln Über 1000 Km²
1762018-10-21Countries Closest to the Maldives
1762021-09-21Spain in Other Languages
1762014-10-15Countries Entirely Between 30° and 40° North
1762014-12-27-And Vocabulary Words
1762019-03-04Countries Closest to Antarctica - One Minute Sprint
1762017-03-15Países más Cercanos a España - Un Minuto de Sprint
1762021-09-27Countries Closest to Somalia
1752014-09-05Classical Music Nicknames
1752015-01-15Smallest Population Countries by Continent
1752017-04-06Countries and World Capitals Starting With V
1752017-05-11Rychlá Matematika - Dvojité to Číslo!
1752018-02-13Countries, Crossword Style
1752021-01-14Next Countries Alphabetically #2
1752019-05-05Die häufigsten päpstlichen Namen
1752020-06-30Kraje najbliżej Chin - Jedna Minuta Sprint
1752020-05-10Kraje Afryki według obszaru
1742018-04-22Countries with Five Letters (with a semi-empty map)
1742018-10-29Géographie asiatique par lettre - D
1742016-05-01US States Containing H - One Minute Sprint
1742016-08-29South African Cricketers Who Have Played 50 Tests
1742018-09-04World Capitals Closest to Ljubljana
1742018-04-09Pays les plus proches de l'Espagne
1742017-01-08Hauptstädte am Nächsten zu Wien
1742017-09-0812 x 12 Tabla de Multiplicación - un minuto de sprint
1742018-10-22Länder, die USA am Nächsten Liegen von Kontinent
1742017-12-23Countries Closest to Sri Lanka - Map Quiz
1742018-11-24Pays les plus proches de la Tunisie
1732015-07-28Major League Baseball Cities - One Minute Sprint
1732016-12-29Countries Closest to Panama - One Minute Sprint
1732016-06-30Contenders for UK Prime Minister
1732017-02-10Países más Cercanos a Chile
1732017-03-21Countries that Voted Against Palestine's UN Observer Status
1732017-04-11Les plus gros partenaires commerciaux - États Unis
1732017-05-23Pays par une seule indice #7
1732018-06-16Les 10 « M » pays les plus proches de Japon
1732020-09-17Pays par point aléatoire sur son territoire
1722018-12-03Asian Countries by First Two Letters - 30 Second Sprint
1722019-05-12Kraje najbliżej Dżibuti - Jedna Minuta Sprint
1722019-10-03Länder erraten die meisten A-Z
1722019-12-27Countries Closest to Gabon
1722014-11-04Countries with two S's
1722014-07-09Countries with R
1722018-01-23Šachové Figurky
1712017-08-24New Zealand Cricket Teams
1712014-10-25Countries Entirely Between 10° and 20° North
1712017-02-19Ländergrenzen Österreich
1712017-08-31Countries Closest to USA by Continent - One Minute Sprint
1712018-10-22Länder, die Vereinigte Staaten am Nächsten Liegen A-Z
1712018-01-14Logotipos de la Marca #4
1712018-04-20Foods by Picture (the version French quizzers get)
1702018-11-14Pays avec la plus grande population juive
1702018-12-11Countries Producing the Most Almonds
1702015-04-05Cities with 10 Million Inhabitants
1702016-11-13Cricket Leaders by Category
1702015-01-132015 Cricket World Cup - Host Cities
1702015-06-29Countries With Ten Letters
1702015-11-15Countries Containing the Same Three Letters
1702016-04-16Countries Starting With T - One Minute Sprint
1702016-08-25Funniest One Line Jokes
1702017-03-28Asie carte quiz - une minute sprint
1702018-01-19Loghi famosi #3
1692014-12-13Olympic Men's Marathon Medal Winning Countries
1692019-06-11Capital Cities - Degree of Difficulty 2.0
1692017-02-192M Cities With Two Words
1692016-11-13Capitales les plus proches de Paris - une minute sprint
1692018-01-17Größte Handelspartnern - Deutschland
1692018-09-15Pays les plus proches de l'Inde (avec une carte)
1692018-11-21Pays se terminant par IE
1682019-05-13Häufigste Vornamen in Spanien
1682019-08-13Kraje najbliższe Wiedniu - 30 sekund sprintu
1682019-05-09The Four "Countries" on the Island of Cyprus
1682016-07-27Countries of Europe - 30 Second Sprint
1682018-10-29Les pays qui se terminent par SIE
1682018-02-27Westeuropa Kartenquiz
1672014-09-21World Capitals Closest to the Remotest Point at Sea
1672017-02-04Gagnants des championnats masculins de tennis
1672017-02-18Pays d'Asie avec deux mots ou plus
1672021-09-02Die Mekong-Länder auf einer leeren Karte
1662021-03-08Türkiye'ye en yakın ülkeler - bir dakikalık sprint
1662020-01-22Regionen Italiens Kartenquiz
1662018-12-22Countries with Highest Mountains A-Z
1662021-07-13Composers' Most Performed Operas
1662016-11-26Puzzle de générateur #1
1662017-01-11US State Capitals Without a Map
1662017-05-18Pays par une seule indice #2
1652014-12-27Top 20 Most Famous Boy Names
1652018-08-18US Presidents' First Names
1652016-08-30World Capitals Containing J - One Minute Sprint
1652016-09-14Gold Medal Countries at 2014 Winter Olympics (with a map)
1652018-02-27Pays de médailles des Jeux Olympiques d'hiver de 2018, avec une carte
1652018-05-21Carte du monde sans 12 pays n°1 - une minute sprint
1652018-12-30Géographie asiatique par lettre - T
1642019-01-13Länder mit den meisten Sprachen
1642019-08-29Países mais próximos do Luxemburgo (com um mapa)
1642014-12-07Major League Baseball Team Locations
1642017-01-17Countries Containing Q/X/Z
1642020-07-17World Capitals Closest to Suva
1642017-04-24World Capitals Closest to Each World Capital
1642018-12-02Generator Puzzle #42
1642021-03-08Države najbliže Srbiji - Jedan minut sprint
1642017-05-20Most Common US Last Names Starting With T
1642017-09-06Biggest Trading Partners - Vietnam
1632015-05-13Countries Closest to Brazil - One Minute Sprint
1632020-08-01Countries I Visited (Jerry928)
1632016-11-22Devises par $ymbole
1632017-02-27Les pays qui terminant en NIE
1632017-05-08Les plus gros partenaires commerciaux - Suisse
1632019-10-31Nördlichste Hauptstädte
1632018-01-14Logotipos de la Marca #6
1632018-04-14Lande ved Billede #1
1632020-05-22Kraje najbliższe Estonii
1632021-07-096 zufällige Länder auf der Weltkarte in 15 Sekunden
1622014-12-07Word Vocabulary - SW
1622017-03-31Villes mondiales basées sur l'emplacement A-Z
1622018-04-16Top 10 Countries per Capita at 2018 Commonwealth Games
1622019-08-12Countries Closest to Mali
1622021-09-27Countries Closest to Burundi
1612018-06-282018 Coupe du Monde de la FIFA - 16 équipes finales
1612020-06-16Countries Closest to Kosovo
1612016-07-07US States Containing E - One Minute Sprint
1612017-05-08Most Common US Last Names Starting With K
1612017-10-21Ein kniffliger Countdown
1602014-07-27US States with OIL
1602017-11-16Countries that Boycotted the 1976 Montreal Olympics
1602015-08-18English Premier League Football Grounds
1602017-03-02Les pays qui terminant en BIE
1602020-02-09World Flags With Only Two Colors (with colors as hints)
1602017-05-25Pays par une seule indice #8
1602018-01-11I Partner Commerciali più Importanti - Italia
1602017-07-04World Capitals Starting With B - One Minute Sprint (with a semi-empty map)
1602019-01-24Géographie asiatique par lettre - C
1602019-12-23Países em uma Copa do Mundo da FIFA
1592018-06-30Quiz carte de l'Asie du Sud et Centrale
1592019-08-03Countries Closest to Uganda
1592016-07-10New Zealand Maori Place Names
1592017-06-07Biggest New Zealand Cities and Towns by letter - T
1592019-12-10Largest Cities by US State
1592018-10-22Länder, die Kanada am Nächsten Liegen
1592017-05-16Most Common US Last Names Starting With E
1592017-09-27Biggest Trading Partners - Fiji
1592018-05-14Musical Instruments - Picture Quiz
1582014-06-21Biggest New Zealand Cities & Towns by letter - W
1582017-03-21Paires de pays dont la plus longue frontière est l'une avec l'autre
1582017-10-23Länder, die den Nullmeridian oder den Äquator Berühren
1582021-07-096 Random Countries on the World Map in 15 Seconds
1582019-08-12Kraje najbliższe Mali
1582020-01-09Kraje najbliższe Indiom
1572018-11-20Pays avec une dernière lettre unique
1572014-08-22Longest One-Word World Capital City Names
1572015-07-13World Capitals - Turkish to English
1572015-08-16Countries (Minus Their Remote Islands) Closest to Canada
1572020-06-24World Capitals Closest to Baku
1572017-10-09Hauptstädte am Nächsten nach London
1572017-04-03Länder Europas Quiz - Eine Minute Sprint
1572020-07-11Biggest Trading Partners - Zimbabwe
1572018-01-14Logotipos de la Marca #5
1562014-07-14Winter Olympic Games - Top countries in each event
1562018-10-22Länder die Deutschland am Nächsten Liegen - 15 Sekunden Sprint
1562017-04-12Biggest Trading Partners - Samoa
1562017-11-064-Letter Words Containing OO
1562018-04-19Países por Imagem #1
1562021-07-117 países aleatórios no mapa mundial em 15 segundos
1552014-06-08Most common double letters in English words
1552017-06-0110 Closest M Countries to Monaco
1552018-08-07Nächste Hauptstädte
1552018-12-18Pays avec la plupart des îles de plus de 1000 km carré
1552020-02-09Countries Closest to South Korea
1542016-01-07Biggest North American Cities by Letter
1542015-04-25Guantánamo Bay Prisoners' Nationalities
1542016-09-02Generator Puzzle #57
1542017-09-15Cricket: Leading English Test Bowlers A-Z
1532014-10-20Countries with G
1532014-12-04Top 20 Most Famous Small Countries
1532021-08-02Band Members of System of a Down
1532017-01-23Longest Roman Numerals Under 100
1532018-08-15Countries Containing F (with a map)
1532017-12-17Countries Containing T - Three Minute Sprint
1532018-01-24Australian Open 2018: Länder mit Tennisspieler Einordnen No 1-32
1532018-02-05Top des langues du monde
1532021-04-29Länder Europas auf einer topologischen Karte
1532019-11-21Cricket - Cities That Have Hosted Test Matches by Country
1522020-11-20Countries Closest to the Black Sea
1522018-10-12Les pays qui terminant en NIE - une minute sprint
1522019-07-01Capitales africaines (avec une carte)
1522016-07-06US States Containing E
1522017-08-21Pays les plus proches de la Palestine (avec une carte)
1522017-10-13Countries of the Middle East by First Two Letters
1522017-12-28Bandiere di Paesi con Aquile - Quiz di Immagini
1512014-10-04Capitals Closest to Washington DC; A to Z
1512015-06-26Top 20 Words Ending in TH
1512015-11-09Word Vocabulary - DO
1512016-11-22Größte Länder neben dem Indischen Ozean
1512019-01-02World Capitals - Two Minute Sprint
1512017-01-27Cricket: Top ODI Batsman Ever
1512017-03-03Countries and World Capitals Starting With T
1512017-04-18Hauptstädte der französischen Regionen
1512017-10-15Cricket: English County Championship Winners
1512018-11-01Top Ten Most Rural US States
1512021-05-28Countries Closest to Senegal
1512019-12-23Países en una Copa Mundial de la FIFA
1502018-09-14Countries of North America by First Two Letters
1502019-01-17Quelle ville est plus grande?
1502019-12-02Countries Closest to Nauru
1502014-10-20Countries with two Rs
1502014-12-08Countries that Competed in the Second Summer Olympics (1900)
1502017-07-28Largest World Cities that are NOT Global Cities
1502019-02-25Test Cricket Hat-Tricks
1502017-04-22Heroes by David Bowie - Lyrics
1502017-07-26Most Guessed European Football Teams on Jetpunk
1502017-08-27Countries with Six Letters - One Minute Sprint
1502021-08-09Countries Closest to Andorra
1492019-02-19World Currencies on a Map in Three Minutes
1492019-06-11Capital Cities - Degree of Difficulty 4.0
1492015-04-11Dire Straits Albums
1492015-11-23Subatomic Particles
1492017-05-27Pays par une seule indice #11
1492021-01-21European Leaders by Map
1492017-08-20Countries Closest to Palestine (with a map)
1492018-02-22Länder mit den meisten Katholiken
1482016-10-17World Capitals, Semi-Blind
1472015-06-25-FF Vocabulary Words
1472015-09-26Four Letter Words A-Z
1472018-11-03Nước Của Thế Giới
1472017-06-08Capitales mondiales par une seule indice #2
1472020-07-01Countries Closest to Estonia
1462019-02-24Biggest Trading Partners - Mongolia
1462019-08-19Länder in der Nähe von DR Kongo mit einer leeren Karte
1462020-01-01Pays les plus proches de Vatican par deux premières lettres
1462021-07-097 zufällige Länder auf der Weltkarte in 15 Sekunden
1462016-03-28Non-Caribbean Countries Closest to the Americas
1462018-03-01Countries Closest to Norway - 15 Second Sprint
1462016-03-30Land Som Ligger Nærmest Norge - 15 Sekunder Sprint
1462016-06-13Countries Containing H - One Minute Sprint
1462018-10-22Länder, die Schweiz am Nächsten Liegen
1452019-01-02World Capitals - Prefixes and Suffixes
1452015-12-21Largest Military Force by Continent
1452018-03-12The 11 Systems of the Human Body
1452017-05-21Pays par une seule indice #5
1452017-10-31Největší Obchodní Partneři - Česko
1452018-05-0130 Stopni Wschodni Południk Kraje
1452018-07-04FIFA Fussball-Weltmeisterschaft 2018 - Finale 8 Teams
1452018-09-29US Presidents by First Two Letters in 90 Seconds
1452019-09-23Capitales du monde les plus célèbres
1452021-05-03Pays d'Amérique centrale avec une carte - 15 secondes de sprint
1442014-12-22Progressive Highest Cricket Test Score
1442016-02-15Word Vocabulary - CA
1442017-04-07Five Top Winter Olympic Medal-Winning Countries by Continent
1442017-09-21Cities Hosting an English Football Team
1442017-09-29Countries by Capitals (with a map)
1442018-04-22Œuvres d'art photo quiz #1
1442018-08-26Pays les plus éloignés des États-Unis
1432018-10-04Un compte à rebours difficile
1432019-03-25Quelle ville en Europe? - Choix multiple
1432021-05-21Comptez jusqu'à quinze (en mots) en 15 secondes
1432015-04-19ABBA's Albums
1432015-04-30Countries Closest to Cabo Verde A-Z
1432016-08-07Countries Closest to Hungary - One Minute Sprint
1432018-02-19Countries and World Capitals Starting With D
1432017-03-31Weltflaggen mit nur zwei Farben
1432017-09-21Les pays les plus peuplés commencent par C
1422017-05-12Biggest Sized Countries in Size Order
1422016-03-19European Countries with 10,000 Foot Mountains
1422017-01-22YMCA, by Village People - Lyrics
1422017-03-01Countries and World Capitals Starting With K
1422017-04-15Les plus gros partenaires commerciaux - Israël
1422017-05-25Pays par une seule indice #9
1422017-11-133-Letter Words Containing T
1422020-03-10Stolice świata najbliżej Reykjaviku
1412019-07-16Tough Rulers of History - Picture Quiz
1412018-10-11Pays les plus proches des Pays-Bas
1412019-02-08World Capital Cities True or False
1412019-02-26Auckland... or Wellington?
1412019-03-12Países mais próximos do Canadá pelas duas primeiras letras
1412019-05-05Nomi papali più comuni
1412015-10-31Countries Closest to Indonesia - distance order
1412015-01-25Top 20 Most Famous Irish Counties
1412019-01-02World Capitals - Exact Spelling
1412016-08-17Anagrams #9 (the easiest so far, sort of)
1412017-02-28Les pays qui terminant en SIE
1412021-03-14Paesi 197 a 205
1412017-05-04Countries With Biggest Trade Surpluses and Deficits
1402019-06-11Capital Cities - Degree of Difficulty 1.0
1402015-07-05Simon & Garfunkel Songs by Lyrics
1402021-08-16World Capitals Closest to Ρόδος
1402016-02-01Male Golf Players by First Name
1402016-06-14World Capitals Containing W - One Minute Sprint
1402017-03-1710 Closest C Countries to United Kingdom
1402017-06-29Médaille d'or aux Jeux olympiques d'hiver de 2014 (avec une carte)
1402018-08-21Stadt Wien-Quiz
1402017-08-27Countries with Four Letters - One Minute Sprint
1402017-09-05Pays commençant par la lettre G - une minute sprint
1402017-10-13Countries and World Capitals Starting with R
1392015-06-23Top 20 Largest Caribbean Islands
1392015-08-30Top 20 Words Ending in -ST
1392015-10-14Countries Closest to Pakistan by Name Length
1392021-03-03Welt Städte in der Nähe von Frankfurt
1392017-01-27Countries with Short Names (with a map)
1392017-02-202M villes avec deux mots
1392018-03-22World Map without 12 Countries #2 - One Minute Sprint
1392018-05-13Largest M Countries (with a semi-empty map)
1382019-02-21Quel endroit est plus grand?
1382014-10-20Countries with two Ts
1382020-02-28Countries Closest to Skopje
1382015-09-16Countries Furthest From Kazakhstan
1382017-12-24Quintuple Fast Typing A to Z - 30 Second Sprint
1372014-07-16Biggest Canadian Cities by Province
1372014-11-28Translate these Countries from Vietnamese to English #2
1372019-01-01Countries Closest to Djibouti - One Minute Sprint
1372015-07-28Countries of Europe - Russian to English
1372016-11-28Compter en chiffres romains - une minute sprint
1372017-01-06Count to 100 With Only Squares, Cubes and Higher Powers
1372017-04-26World Capitals Closest to Rome
1372017-06-06Les 10 pays commençant par S les plus proches des à Singapour
1372019-02-06Bible Multiple Choice
1372019-04-26Die Meisten Zerstreuten Inselstaaten
1362018-06-05Les 10 « M » pays les plus proches de Monaco
1362019-01-24Capitales choix multiple
1362020-01-10Kraje najbliższe Burkina Faso z mapą
1362020-01-20Countries Closest to Mauritania
1362014-12-08Countries that Competed in the First Winter Olympics (1924)
1362017-06-08Capitales mondiales par une seule indice #3
1362018-02-17Pays avec les universités les plus élites
1352016-02-04Monty Python Cheese Shop skit
1352015-07-31-Ary Vocabulary Words
1352015-09-17Countries Closest to Palestine - One Minute Sprint
1352016-10-30World Capitals Containing V - One Minute Sprint
1352017-05-20Pays par une seule indice #4
1352017-05-22Countries Closest to Lithuania - One Minute Sprint
1352018-12-04Pays contenant J - une minute sprint
1352019-03-11Countries Closest to Niger
1352019-05-08Pays d'Europe - deux minutes de sprint
1352019-05-27Europäische Länder mit dem höchsten muslimischen Bevölkerung
1352019-07-01Afrikanische Hauptstädte (mit einer Karte)
1352019-12-14Symbole aléatoire à l'élément
1352020-02-07Kraje najbliższe Korei Południowej
1342018-03-26World Capitals Closest to Warsaw
1342019-02-11Capitales mondiales vrai ou faux
1342020-05-04Szybka matematyka - pierwiastki kwadratowe
1342018-10-22Länder, die Kroatien am Nächsten Liegen
1342017-11-04Top 15 der Bevölkerungsreichsten Länder mit "IEN"
1342018-01-25Länder Som Ligger Närmast Sverige - en minuts rusning
1342018-02-06Länderformen in der Weltkarte #5
1342018-02-16Top 20 des pays où le français est une langue officielle
1332017-08-24New Zealand Rugby - the 26 domestic teams
1332021-05-17New Zealand Cricket Captains
1332015-05-20Current Presidents of the World
1332016-02-27Smallest Countries That Are NOT Microstates
1332017-05-22Countries Closest to Venezuela - One Minute Sprint
1332019-02-13Countries Starting With N - One Minute Sprint
1332019-11-28Pays le plus peuplé par les deux premières lettres
1332017-08-20Capitales les plus devinés par continent
1332018-04-09Miasta Satelitarne #2
1332021-11-055 capitales du monde sur une carte en 25 secondes
1322021-08-28Countries Closest to Canada - One Minute Sprint
1322016-03-26Top 60 World Cities With Six Letters
1322016-05-05US States with Two S's - One Minute Sprint
1322017-01-06Pays les plus proches de Royaume-Uni
1322017-10-16Countries Closest to Nigeria - One Minute Sprint
1322017-08-15Countries Closest to United Kingdom (with a map)
1322017-10-31Die bevölkerungsreichsten Länder am Pazifischen Ozean
1322018-01-05Les 20 compagnies aériennes les plus sûres
1322018-01-09Principaux monuments des pays #2
1322018-02-19Pays bouddhistes
1322018-09-29US Presidents Given Names by First Two Letters in 90 Seconds
1322018-12-03Zufälliges europäisches Land zum Kapital
1312019-01-28Géographie asiatique par lettre - I
1312014-10-21Countries containing only one A E I O or U
1312015-10-31World Capitals Closest to Vienna - distance order
1312015-06-01Countries Closest to Jamaica - One Minute Sprint
1312016-12-28Countries Closest to Israel - One Minute Sprint
1312019-10-23Countries Closest to Malta - One Minute Sprint
1312017-04-22Quiz sur les villes africaines
1312017-09-11Paesi del Mondo - un minuto sprint
1302014-12-12World Baseball Classic Top 4 Positions
1302016-09-17Countries Containing C - One Minute Sprint
1302017-05-18Most Common US Last Names Starting With O
1302017-06-29Cricket: Pakistan, Shock 2017 Champions Trophy Winners
1302018-01-19Loghi famosi #2
1292014-10-20Countries with two Ls
1292019-06-11Capital Cities - Degree of Difficulty 3.0
1292019-10-21India Decoder
1292017-03-05Countries and World Capitals Starting With C
1292017-10-24Most Guessed Cities of Europe
1292018-08-07Pays les plus proches du Chili
1292018-12-04Pays contenant L - une minute sprint
1292019-03-19Countries that Visit Uzbekistan the Most
1282019-10-29Mots français les plus courants
1282019-12-17Passports by Picture
1282016-04-03Partidos Políticos en el Parlamento Español
1282016-08-28Count as High as You Can - 30 Second Sprint
1282016-06-30European Countries With Six Letters - One Minute Sprint
1282018-03-05Pays les plus proches de Suisse
1272015-01-19Artists of the Top 20 Most Famous Albums
1272015-08-09-CH Vocabulary Words
1272016-05-09Countries Starting With M - One Minute Sprint
1272016-06-22Countries Bordering India - 30 Second Sprint
1272019-12-10Countries Closest to Bosnia and Herzegovina - One Minute Sprint
1272017-08-28Les pays ayant 4 lettres - une minute sprint
1272017-09-12100 Most Common Four Letter Words - Three Minute Sprint
1272021-05-12Pays insulaires avec une carte
1272018-06-15The Maori Alphabet
1272019-04-30Pays les plus proches de la Belgique
1272019-05-09Kraje Najbliżej Kenii - Jedna Minuta Sprint
1272019-12-22Kraje najbliższe Kuwejtowi
1262018-04-07Comptez aussi haut que possible en binaire - une minute sprint
1262018-05-10Speed Typing 15 Words in 15 Seconds
1262019-11-04Kraje najbliższe Kambodży
1262014-12-012 Letter Vocabulary Words (easy)
1262015-04-03Oceanian Countries WITH A Land Border
1262018-01-14Countries Closest to Poland - One Minute Sprint
1262016-08-22Which Events Make Up the Decathlon?
1262017-04-05Binnenstaaten Quiz
1262018-05-07Pays les plus proches de Japon - une minute sprint
1262017-10-03World Capitals Closest to Sarajevo
1262017-10-23Most Guessed German Cities
1262018-03-01Pays les plus proches de l'Allemagne
1252018-09-15Countries Closest to Japan - One Minute Sprint
1252015-06-17Cities That Have a Metro System
1252016-04-05Countries Closest to Germany - One Minute Sprint
1252018-04-09Pays les plus proches de Pologne
1252017-03-11Capitales côtières européennes
1252017-06-0310 países que empienzan con M más cercano a Mónaco
1252021-05-12Inselstaaten mit einer Karte
1252021-07-105 países aleatórios no mapa mundial em 15 segundos
1242021-05-16Toutes les 1 000 000+ villes sur une carte
1242021-10-04Mysteriöse Route der Hauptstädte der Welt
1242018-12-04Pays les plus proches de Norvège
1242018-12-20Les huit capitales australiennes
1242014-10-20Countries with two Os
1242015-06-22Cities With Two Words and 4,000,000 People
1242015-09-24Simpsons First Names
1242016-02-11Días de la Semana en 15 Segundos
1242016-07-02Commonest Hispanic Last Names (Last 3 Letters)
1242017-09-14Größte Handelspartnern - Die Ganze Welt
1242017-09-282017 Formula One Grand Prix Countries
1242017-10-09Un compte à rebours difficile
1242017-12-31World Capitals Containing Y (One Minute Sprint with a semi-empty map)
1232018-09-03World Capitals Closest to Russia
1232015-08-17Jetpunk Generator Puzzle
1232015-11-03European Countries that Drive on the Left
1232015-11-10United States Containing the Same Three Letters
1232016-01-17Capital Cities Starting With The Same 3 Letters
1232016-02-22Word Vocabulary - SHO
1232016-06-23Countries Visited by Pope Francis
1232016-11-11Countries Containing B - One Minute Sprint
1232017-04-07Capitales mondiales les plus proches de Moscou
1232017-05-01Länder, die Myanmar angrenzen
1232017-06-09Capitales mondiales par une seule indice #4
1232019-03-11Pays du monde - 30 secondes de sprint
1232018-05-07Pays les plus proches de Viêt-Nam (avec une carte)
1232019-02-14Biggest Trading Partners - North Macedonia
1222018-04-14Five Flags in 45 Seconds #6 (difficulty level 77)
1222019-03-01Villes de Chine (avec de l'aide)
1222019-09-02Pays du fleuve Mékong sur une carte vide
1222019-12-05Kraje najbliższe Nauru
1222021-06-07World Capitals by First Two Letters in Three Minutes
1222021-11-13Europäische Vor-Euro-Währungen
1222016-06-04Countries Containing A (tough version)
1222017-02-2710 Most Populous Majority Christian Countries
1222017-03-17Countries Closest to Vietnam - 15 Second Sprint
1222017-05-03Countries by Borders in 30 Seconds
1222021-08-29Countries Closest to Sint Maarten
1222018-02-20Países budistas
1212014-09-30Countries in Nile River Catchment
1212015-06-16Countries Containing Two of the Same Consonant
1212015-08-09Asian Countries from Turkish to English
1212019-09-11Two Letter Words A-Z
1212016-01-03Word Vocabulary - FLA
1212016-02-05Word Vocabulary - SKI
1212016-08-02The Beatles - Their Number One Singles
1212017-08-20Pixelige Landformen #1
1212019-01-17Quelle ville est plus grande? #2
1202018-05-28Countries Containing N - Three Minute Sprint
1202018-10-31Les pays qui se terminent par BIE - une minute sprint
1202014-12-29Cities with 4 Million Inhabitants
1202015-04-19Countries Closest to Indonesia (in Indonesian - dalam bahasa Indonesia)
1202014-10-08Bowlers Who Have Taken 9 Wickets in a Test Innings (cricket)
1202015-02-03London Football Clubs
1202015-03-26Countries by Per Capita Oil Consumption
1202017-04-26World Cities Closest to Rome
1202016-05-07Countries Bordering Germany in 1918
1202016-05-06Top 20 Baby Names in the US in 2015
1202018-04-09Pays les plus proches de l'Afrique
1202017-01-25Cricket: Top Test Match Batsman Ever
1202017-06-01Les plus gros partenaires commerciaux - Italie
1202021-11-055 Welthauptstädte auf einer Karte in 25 Sekunden
1192018-03-22World Map without 12 Countries #3 - One Minute Sprint
1192014-11-01Top 20 Most Famous Spanish Words
1192015-04-19World Capital Treasure Hunt
1192015-12-11Jungle Book Characters
1192021-10-18Count to 100! - No "1", "2" or "3"
1192018-05-10Pays les plus proches de Ghana
1182014-12-10US States Where Same-Sex Marriage is Illegal in 2014
1182016-04-19European Capitals With Five Letters
1182016-07-14Geography Generator Puzzle #19
1182016-05-17Paesi Più Vicini all'Italia - Uno Minuti Sprint
1182016-05-22Generator Puzzle #51D - For Kids
1182017-05-06Campeones españoles de La Liga
1182017-07-09World City Names According to Hungarians
1182017-09-24World Capitals Closest to Zürich
1182018-05-01Drapeaux des pays 197 à 205
1182019-03-04Países mais próximos de Antártica
1172018-05-11150 Stopni Wschodni Południk Kraje
1172018-05-15Les pays contenant F - une minute sprint
1172019-02-12Countries Closest to Sweden by first two letters
1172019-03-09Pays du Moyen-Orient en 90 secondes
1172019-03-25Welche Stadt in Europa? - Mehrfachauswahl
1172015-11-03Top 20 Countries with Longest Road Tunnels
1172015-04-02American Countries With Few Land Borders
1172015-04-27Walking in Memphis - Lyrics
1172015-06-04Word Vocabulary - SK
1172015-06-23Top 20 Words Ending in -ING
1172021-03-13Countries Closest to Cook Islands A-Z
1172016-05-18Billboard #1 Hits of 1985
1172016-10-30Generator Puzzle #61
1172016-11-13Countries Closest to Denmark - One Minute Sprint
1172018-02-10Le più grandi città in Europa - Estremo
1162014-09-30Fast typing Z to A
1162014-12-23Test Cricket - Most Recent 300 by Country
1162019-06-11Capital Cities - Degree of Difficulty 1.5
1162017-09-14Countries Closest to Greenland - One Minute Sprint
1162016-02-02Word Vocabulary - SLI
1162018-01-14Top 20 Most Jewish Countries - One Minute Sprint
1162018-01-31Europe Map Quiz in 90 Seconds
1162018-03-19Cricketers who Captained Most Test Matches - Picture Quiz
1162021-03-07Не граничащие страны ближе всего к России
1162018-06-282018 FIFA Wereldbeker - Finale 16 Teams
1162019-12-01Pays les plus proches de la Roumanie
1162019-03-03Biggest Trading Partners - Qatar
1162019-07-28Kraje najbliżej Uzbekistanu - jedna minuta sprint
1162020-03-12Kraje najbliższe Ugandzie
1152018-04-17Pays les plus proches de Chine
1152018-08-15World Capitals Closest to Vatican City
1152019-04-24Countries Closest to North Macedonia by first two letters
1152021-09-27US States with ASK
1152014-08-29France in Other Languages
1152016-08-13Countries Of The World and Olympic Nations - Differences
1152015-11-23World Capitals Closest to Miami
1152016-03-06Word Vocabulary - CHE
1152016-04-23Purple Rain - Lyrics
1152016-06-11Countries That Have Won a Winter Olympics Medal - Two Minute Sprint
1152017-05-17Longest World Capital Names (with a map)
1152018-05-07Pays les plus proches de Viêt-Nam
1152021-02-13Größte Länder nach Fläche oder Bevölkerung
1142018-04-14Five Flags in 45 Seconds #1 (difficulty level 18)
1142018-11-13Countries Starting with S (one minute semi-empty map quiz)
1142019-03-11Länder in der Nähe von Irland
1142017-09-05World Cities with Shortest Names
1142015-09-22The 11 Judges of American Idol
1142015-11-13Countries Closest to China - One Minute Sprint
1142017-03-10Capitales mondiales les plus proches de Londres
1142017-09-28Cricket: Leading Indian Test Bowlers A-Z
1132016-07-10New Zealand National Parks
1132018-11-06World Capitals Closest to Avarua
1132015-08-14Competing Cities for Summer Olympic Hosting 1996-2020
1132015-09-14Three Letter Words Starting With T
1132015-12-22Island Countries that Share Territory With Other Countries
1132016-01-28Generator Puzzle #45
1132021-08-28Countries Closest to Canada - 15 Second Sprint
1132018-06-1610 Closest M Countries to Japan
1132017-04-01April Fool Festival - Slow Typing to 100
1132017-08-11Most Guessed Countries of the World, 8 times over
1132018-02-03Country Shapes in the World Map #3 - 45 Second Sprint
1132018-04-06Pays les plus proches de Sri Lanka - carte quiz
1132018-05-07Pays les plus proches de Brésil
1132018-04-08European Football Club Champions - Map Quiz
1132018-05-06Pays par troisième plus grande ville
1132019-02-25Länder Mit 4 Buchstaben - Eine Minute Sprint
1132019-07-05US States that Start with M (correct spelling)
1122018-04-16Capitales du monde à l'intérieur des carrés
1122018-04-19Země Podle Obrázku #1
1122016-01-24Word Vocabulary - CHA
1122016-03-21Word Vocabulary - CAR
1122016-04-04Top 20 US Cities with Ten (or more) Letters
1122016-04-21Countries Containing F - One Minute Sprint
1122016-05-04Generator Puzzle #46
1122017-05-08Größte Handelspartnern - Schweiz
1122017-09-10Cities Hosting a French Football Team
1122021-03-08Države najbliže Srbiji
1122017-11-17World Capitals Closest to Buenos Aires
1112014-12-23Fibonacci Numbers - One Minute Sprint
1112015-07-30Letters that Look the Same in English and Greek
1112016-06-21Airport Codes of Busiest US Airports - Hard Version
1112016-08-31Generator Puzzle #58
1112019-10-06Países 197 a 205
1112017-03-1610 Closest S Countries to Chad
1112017-12-22Benenne dieses Element
1112018-02-20Buddhistische Länder
1112018-03-05States with the Biggest Swings to the Republicans in the 2016 Presidential Election
1112018-04-12Länder nach teilweisem Satellitenbild #2
1112018-06-28Copa do Mundo da FIFA 2018 - Final 16 Equipes
1112018-10-04Longest Rivers in France
1112019-01-23Pays les plus proches de Maroc - une minute sprint
1112019-08-29Pays les plus proches du Luxembourg (avec une carte)
1112019-12-27Pays les plus proches de Norvège par deux premières lettres
1112020-05-17Kraje najbliższe Bahrajnu
1102018-03-27Paris by Picture
1102018-04-19Personnes en images avec Barack Obama
1102018-05-0190 Stopni Zachodnie Południk Kraje
1102018-05-01180 Stopni Południk Kraje
1102018-11-29Pays les plus proches de Bosnie-Herzégovine
1102018-10-22Länder, die Ruanda am Nächsten Liegen
1102018-10-30Les pays qui se terminent par SIE - une minute sprint
1102019-03-25¿Qué ciudad en Europa? - Opción multiple
1102019-07-05Pays se terminant par ES
1102020-09-15Losowy punkt na lądzie do kraju
1102017-09-15Countries Closest to New Zealand - One Minute Sprint
1102016-05-16Destinations From Sint Maarten Int'l Airport
1102016-06-20Airport Codes of Busiest US Airports
1102016-07-15Countries Containing O - One Minute Sprint
1102017-03-09World Capitals With Short Names (with a map)
1102021-03-08Države najbliže Srbiji - 15 sekundi sprint
1102017-04-01Carte des villes d'Asie de l'Est
1102021-11-15Pays avec la plus grande zone économique exclusive (ZEE)
1102017-09-12Capitals Containing V (One Minute Sprint with a map)
1092021-10-18Count to 100! - No "1", "5" or "7"
1092015-06-25-LL Vocabulary Words
1092016-03-25Word Vocabulary - CHU
1092016-04-11-ISH Vocabulary Words A-Z
1092017-02-2710 Most Populous Majority Muslim Countries
1092017-11-15Země nejblíže Španělsku
1092018-01-19Loghi famosi #4
1092021-05-06Flaggen mit den meisten Sternen
1092018-04-19Países por Imagem #2
1092018-06-30Quiz Carte de l'Asie de l'Est
1092018-08-05Les choses qui sont rouges par l'image
1092020-04-05Kraje najbliższe Mjanmie
1092020-01-27Eksport Broni - Stany Zjednoczone
1092020-05-28Kraje najbliższe Estonii - Jednominutowy sprint
1082014-11-04Countries with two Ns
1082014-11-18Countries With Highest Population Growth
1082015-01-01Most Common 4 Letter Words - A to Z
1082016-02-16Word Vocabulary - TRA
1082017-02-16Pays les plus proches de la Croatie
1082017-05-10Most Common US Last Names Starting With I, Q, V, Y or Z
1082017-08-27Countries with Five Letters - One Minute Sprint
1082021-05-18Cricket: Leading New Zealand Test Batsmen A-Z
1082017-10-30Countries and World Capitals Starting with F
1082018-02-22Pays les plus proches de la Finlande
1082018-03-09Pays les plus proches de la Nouvelle-Zélande
1082020-11-13Countries Closest to Haiti
1072018-12-11Länder, die Nigeria am Nächsten Liegen
1072018-06-06Les 10 « P » capitales les plus proches de Paris
1072019-05-09Pays avec six lettres (avec une carte) en une minute
1072021-01-21Liderzy Unii Europejskiej (2016)
1072019-06-11Capital Cities - Degree of Difficulty 3.5
1072015-11-25Countries Closest to Yugoslavia - One Minute Sprint
1072016-03-01Word Vocabulary - YO
1072017-01-09Countries Closest to St Kitts and Nevis - One Minute Sprint
1072017-03-23Smallest Countries (with a map)
1072018-05-07Pays les plus proches de Cameroun (avec une carte)
1072018-02-22Países com maior número de católicos
1062015-04-28Famous People Better Known By Their First Initials
1062016-04-28Countries Containing W - One Minute Sprint
1062016-09-18Countries Contained in SWITZERLAND
1062017-03-06North America Geography A-Z
1062017-10-03World Capitals Starting With D (with a map)
1062018-02-10Les plus grandes équipes aux Jeux olympiques d'hiver de 2018
1062021-07-096 países aleatórios no mapa mundial em 15 segundos
1062018-06-28VM i Fodbold 2018 - Finalen 16 Hold
1062018-07-30Les choses qui sont jaunes par l'image
1062020-06-02Fünf Länder mit den höchsten Covid-19-Fällen nach Kontinent
1062020-09-16Punto aleatorio de tierra a país
1052018-11-18Countries Ending with IA (one minute semi-empty map quiz)
1052018-12-14Länder, die am meisten Reis produzieren
1052019-01-11Pays les plus proches de Monaco
1052019-02-09Countries Closest: Denmark Yes or No
1052019-03-03Pays les plus proches du Japon par deux premières lettres
1052019-03-08Länder am nächsten zu Schweden
1052019-03-26Pays non limitrophes les plus proches de la mer Méditerranée
1052019-04-09Countries and Capitals Starting with S - Three Minute Run
1052019-04-30Länder, die am nächsten an Belgien liegen
1052014-10-03Bi- Vocabulary Quiz
1052015-02-07German Football Premier League (Bundesliga)
1052017-02-05Longest Land Borders of Each Country
1052017-04-05Países sem Acesso à Terra
1052017-06-08Capitales mondiales par une seule indice #1
1052017-08-25Forme di Paese Pixelate #2
1052017-09-19Hauptstädte am Nächsten nach Berlin - Eine Minute Sprint
1052021-02-07Digitazione veloce da 1 a 100 con un dito
1042021-06-07Welthauptstädte durch die ersten 2 Buchstaben in 3 Minuten
1042018-04-22Europäische Städte nach Bild #1
1042018-07-04Copa do Mundo da FIFA 2018 - Final 8 Equipes
1042021-09-06Paszporty Według Zdjęć
1042020-02-02Pays de l'UE et leurs devises
1042021-03-07Быстрая математика - квадратный корень
1042015-08-29Jetpunk Generator Puzzle #4
1042015-10-23New Zealand A-Z
1042015-12-18Top 20 Words Starting With AR
1042016-04-02Cities of Phoenix, Arizona
1042016-05-23Countries That End in IN
1042016-05-31Countries Starting With K - One Minute Sprint
1042017-02-21Allentown by Billy Joel - Lyrics
1042017-03-26Evropských Vlajek s Kříži
1042017-05-02Mapa Evropy Kvíz
1042017-05-10Pays les plus proches de Hongrie
1032015-05-27Capitals of Europe in their Own Language
1032015-07-31National Hockey League Cities
1032015-08-25Word Vocabulary - Ending in -ANT
1032016-11-13Top Batsman in Each Cricket World Cup Final
1032016-01-06Word Vocabulary - SCR
1032016-03-01European Countries by Highest Mountain
1032016-06-30Countries Where Game of Thrones Has Been Filmed
1032016-07-14Geography Generator Puzzle #20
1032021-05-25Countries that are Not Free (2017)
1032017-04-07Countries with Most Stripped Olympic Medals
1032018-01-04The 20 Safest Airlines
1032021-06-08Capitales del mundo por las dos primeras letras en tres minutos
1032018-10-15Départements les plus deviné dans Jetpunk
1022018-11-16Pays les plus proches de la Thaïlande
1022019-02-21World Capitals Containing R - Two Minute Sprint
1022019-05-05Pays les plus proches de la Belgique - une minute sprint
1022019-09-04Pays les plus proches de la Suède - une minute sprint
1022020-02-23Countries Closest to Curaçao
1022020-06-02Pięć najwyższych krajów Covid-19 według kontynentów
1022015-11-24Country Shooting Gallery by Continent #2
1022016-08-24Word Vocabulary - WR
1022016-05-17Mois de l'année en Europe
1022016-08-15Most Populous M Countries
1022016-09-14Largest S Countries
1022018-11-30Countries Starting With A - One Minute Sprint
1022017-03-1510 Closest B Countries to United States
1022017-04-01April Fool Festival - Europe by Borders in 45 Seconds
1022021-01-15Countries by Latitude and Longitude
1022017-09-27Pays les plus proches de Malte
1022018-10-22Länder, die Nordkorea am Nächsten Liegen
1022018-03-01Pays les plus proches de la France métropolitaine - une minute sprint
1012014-07-09Countries with two Us
1012014-11-17Capital Cities A to Z - longest names
1012014-12-13Olympic Women's Marathon Medal Winning Countries
1012016-03-17-TH Vocabulary Words
1012016-04-13Countries Closest to Germany - 15 Second Sprint
1012016-06-06Countries Containing Y - One Minute Sprint
1012016-08-16Left-Hand Drive Countries of Africa (with a map)
1012016-12-28World Capitals Closest to Mexico City
1012018-11-22Hauptstädten der Welt - Ein-Minute-Sprint
1012017-03-24Countries Bordering Iran - advanced
1012017-05-17Shortest World Capital Names (with a map)
1012017-05-25Socios Comerciales más Grandes - Argentina
1012020-01-12Conversion décimale rapide à binaire
1012018-02-12Most Guessed London Underground Stations
1012017-09-16Countries and World Capitals Starting with J
1012018-09-29Pays les plus proches du Tchad
1012018-10-16Länder mit Z - 1 Minute Sprint
1012018-11-04Five Largest Countries by Letter #2
1012019-03-03Länder am nächsten zu Finnland
1012019-05-12Länder der Welt - 4 Minuten-Sprint
1012021-02-02Fast Typing 1 to 100 with One Finger
1012021-07-087 losowych krajów na mapie świata w 15 sekund
1002015-06-25World Capitals Closest to Los Angeles A-Z
1002015-06-29-S Vocabulary Words Which Aren't Plurals
1002021-09-21Immigrant Song Lyrics - Led Zeppelin
1002017-02-20Five Letter Words A-Z
1002015-10-27European Countries and their Longest Borders
1002019-04-14Countries Closest to Spain - One Minute Sprint
1002016-03-28Top 60 World Cities With Seven Letters
1002016-06-02Generator Puzzle #53
1002017-01-10Countries Closest to Kazakhstan - One Minute Sprint
1002016-10-03Generator Puzzle #59
1002017-03-21Country Pairs Whose Longest Border is with Each Other
1002017-10-16Count as High as You Can in Binary - 15 Second Sprint
1002018-07-042018 Coupe du Monde de la FIFA - 8 équipes finales
1002019-01-02Five Closest World Capitals by Mystery Country #2
1002020-06-27Kraje świata według pierwszych trzech liter - 5 minuty
992019-02-04Alle 3M Städte auf der Weltkarte en 5 Minuten
992019-07-01Capitales Africanas (con un mapa)
992020-01-05Kraje we własnym alfabecie
992020-06-17Ein Platz der zusammengeschlossenen Länder
992021-05-20Islande ... ou Irlande?
992021-07-105 capitali del mondo su una mappa in 15 secondi
992014-08-05Countries That Won Medals at 2014 Commonwealth Games
992018-10-18Inter- Vocabulary Quiz
992014-11-02Countries with Non-Five-Pointed Stars On Their Flags
992015-02-03Football Team Home Cities (Soccer)
992015-02-25Sting and Police Songs
992015-08-07Double F Vocabulary Words #2
992015-09-17Three Letter Words Starting With K
992019-04-09Capitals of the Caribbean
992015-12-03Top 20 Words Starting With CR
992017-04-29Countries Closest to Algeria - 15 Second Sprint
992016-08-17Anagrams #2
992016-05-22Generator Puzzle #52
992016-05-26Countries Containing K - One Minute Sprint
992016-06-04Countries Containing Z - One Minute Sprint
992016-10-18Countries Closest to Portugal - One Minute Sprint
992017-03-31Karte von Kanada Quiz
992017-04-09Pays les plus proches de Colombie
992017-04-29Acertijo Generador #1
992017-06-06Pays les plus proches d'Alaska
992018-10-22Länder, die Ägypten am Nächsten Liegen
992018-01-024-Letter Words Containing ON
982016-09-18World Capitals Closest to Tórshavn
982015-06-26US States by Name Length - One Minute Sprint
982016-04-01Double E Vocabulary Words
982016-01-26Military History A-Z
982016-03-01African Countries With 10,000 Foot Mountains
982016-11-07Hebrew Letters - exact letter required
982017-03-11Villes du monde les plus proches de Rome
982017-03-15Países más Cercanos a España
982017-08-23Countries Closest to Qatar - One Minute Sprint
982017-10-30La plupart des pays peuplés bordant l'océan Pacifique
982018-04-19Leute in Bildern mit Barack Obama
982018-10-02Countries Starting with S in 90 Seconds (with a map)
982019-01-16Which City is Larger?
982019-03-27Quelle ville en Europe? #2 - Choix multiple
982021-09-25Столичные города, наиболее близкие к Москве
982019-05-08Les villes européennes par indice dans leur propre langue
982019-08-29Länder, die Deutschland am Nächsten Liegen (zwei Buchstaben)
982020-01-12Stolice świata najbliżej Ottawy
982020-06-17Państwa najbliższe Kosowa
972018-04-13Flags of the World - Three Minute Sprint
972018-07-31Les choses qui sont blanches par l'image
972018-09-11Finlandia - sanat
972018-11-06Pays avec sept lettres (sprint carte d'une minute)
972018-11-07Countries Containing I - Two Minute Sprint
972018-11-26Pays les plus proches de la Lituanie
972019-03-05Pays les plus proches de l'Algérie
972019-08-14Countries Closest to DR Congo with an empty map
972018-01-25Amtrak Cities at the End of the Line
972019-06-11Capital Cities - Degree of Difficulty 2.5
972016-04-20Greek Alphabet - One Minute Sprint
972016-10-30-SS Vocabulary Words
972018-09-11Countries by Fourth Largest Cities
972021-07-26Countries Closest to Alaska - One Minute Sprint
972016-04-29Jours de la Semaine en Europe
972017-01-25Rarest Answers in the Countries of the World One Minute Sprint
972017-06-04Pays avec plusieurs îles peuplées
972018-01-14Countries Receiving Military Aid from United States
962018-12-02Four Corners in Two Countries
962018-12-25New Zealand Cricketers Who Have Played 100 ODI's
962015-05-31Europe's Capitals of Culture
962018-08-10Countries Closest to the Black Sea - One Minute Sprint
962015-09-01Led Zeppelin Songs by Lyrics
962016-01-10Countries Closest to Mongolia - One Minute Sprint
962016-08-18Most Populous S Countries
962016-11-17World Cities Closest to Frankfurt
962017-02-21English Monarchs' Names Used Only Once
962017-06-08Capitales mondiales par une seule indice #5
962017-07-13Les pays les moins peuplés
962017-11-164-Letter Words Containing OR
962018-02-08Capital Cities with Four Letters
962018-10-03Pays les plus proches de Singapour - une minute sprint
962018-11-28Countries Starting With T in 90 Seconds
962019-02-08World Capital Cities True or False #2
962020-05-31Länder, die dem Äquator am nächsten sind
962019-03-12Pays les plus proches du Canada par deux premières lettres
962019-05-22Who is not Russian? - Multiple Choice
962021-05-03Zentralamerikanische Länder mit einer Karte - 15 Sekunden Sprint
952021-08-22Countries Closest to Latvia
952015-04-03Furthest US State Capitals from Each US State Capital
952021-10-18Count to 100! - No "2", "5", "6", "7" or "8"
952015-12-28Word Vocabulary - STR
952016-02-11Word Vocabulary - SPA
952016-08-17Anagrams #10
952016-05-29B Vocabulary Words A-Z
952016-10-13Generator Puzzle #60
952018-06-1010 Closest AEIOU Countries to New Zealand
952017-08-28Les pays ayant 5 lettres - une minute sprint
952017-10-11Handball - 2016 Olympic Qualifying Countries
952017-10-28Most Guessed Cities of Scandinavia
952017-11-08Die bevölkerungsreichsten Länder neben dem Indischen Ozean
952018-04-074-Letter Words Starting With TR
952018-04-14Five Flags in 45 Seconds #2 (difficulty level 36)
952018-04-19Země Podle Obrázku #2
952018-04-21Ciudades europeas por imagen #1
952018-04-22Countries Containing A - Four Minute Sprint
952018-06-18Pays africains avec peu de frontières - une minute sprint
952018-10-16Departments of France (with a map)
952019-03-26Capitales les plus proches de Berlin
952019-04-01Geography - Multiple Choice - Which Doesn't Belong?
952019-08-12Kraje najbliżej Tajwanu - Jedna Minuta Sprint
942018-03-23Quiz photo des monarques
942018-04-11Leaders of Russia and USSR - picture quiz
942020-10-24Les 10 « S » pays les plus proches de Singapour
942019-01-02Countries Producing the Most Olives
942019-01-22Les plus grandes villes asiatiques par lettre
942019-03-12Länder Nach Kanada am nächsten mit zwei Buchstaben
942019-03-27Which City in Europe? #2 - Multiple choice
942019-07-21Pays les plus proches de la Finlande - une minute sprint
942019-10-28Capitales mondiales par carte
942021-07-076 paesi casuali sulla mappa del mondo in 15 secondi
942015-01-21Geographical Triple Letter Words A to Z
942015-01-22-Ter Vocabulary Words
942017-10-31Countries Closest to Seychelles - One Minute Sprint
942015-12-02Poorest US Presidents
942016-03-13Word Vocabulary - GRU
942016-04-10World Capitals Starting With B - One Minute Sprint
942016-04-19Four Letter Words A-Z #3
942016-11-22-ARY Vocabulary Words
942017-01-25Cricket: Top T20 International Batsman Ever
942017-10-02Countries Closest to Serbia - One Minute Sprint
942017-08-20Pixelige Landformen #2
942021-05-20Cricket: Leading New Zealand Test Bowlers A-Z
942017-10-21Meistbesuchten Länder nach Päpsten
942017-12-22Countries and World Capitals Starting with U
942018-02-03Country Shapes in the World Map #5 - 45 Second Sprint
932014-07-16US States with C
932014-07-22US States with HI
932016-01-02World Capitals Closest to the Center of Russia
932016-01-18Capital Cities that Start With SAN
932020-11-27Democratic Presidential Candidates 1900-2020
932016-05-04Monate des Jahres in Europa
932016-06-09Countries Ending With S - One Minute Sprint
932016-09-27Countries Contained in SPAIN and PORTUGAL
932017-06-01First World Capitals Alphabetically A-Z
932017-06-29Cyprus Country Quiz
932017-08-01Three Letter Words A-Z #4
932018-05-07Pays les plus proches de Nigéria
932018-11-24Pays les plus proches de la Tunisie - une minute sprint
932018-02-04Country Shapes in the World Map #1 - 45 Second Sprint
932018-07-28Länder, die Serbien am Nächsten Liegen
932019-08-06African Capitals Starting With L
932018-09-22Countries with G - Three Minute Sprint
932019-06-16Countries of the World in Irish - Tíortha an Domhain
932019-12-30Pays les plus proches de Zimbabwe A-Z
932021-05-18Länder nach Grenzen #3
932021-07-097 pays aléatoires sur la carte du monde en 15 secondes
922021-03-17Länder, die Österreich am nächsten liegen - 1-Minuten-Sprint
922014-07-31Canadian Provinces and Territories by Land Area
922014-12-08Countries that Competed in the Third Summer Olympics (1904)
922015-05-11Countries That Use the New Zealand Dollar
922017-08-28Countries Closest to Hawaii - One Minute Sprint
922016-11-18East Asia Map Quiz - One Minute Sprint
922017-02-03Countries Containing R - One Minute Sprint
922017-06-10Médaille d'argent et de bronze aux Jeux Olympiques de 2016 (avec une carte)
922017-07-045 plus grands pays par continent - une minute sprint
922017-10-17Casuale 12 x 12 moltiplicazione - un minuto sprint
922018-10-22Länder, die Tunisien am Nächsten Liegen
922018-01-19Loghi famosi #5
922018-02-05Formas de país en el mapa mundial #5
922018-05-01120 Stopni Wschodni Południk Kraje
922018-10-23Oceanian Geography by Letter - A
912018-04-19Países por Imagem #5
912019-01-18Which Country has More People?
912019-01-28New Zealand Multiple Choice
912021-02-02Countries Closest to Tanzania
912014-11-04Top 20 Most Famous Australian Prime Ministers
912015-05-27Countries of Europe in Their Own Language
912018-06-30-TCH Vocabulary Words
912015-11-18The Continents in Alphabetical Order
912017-07-31Three Letter Words A-Z #2
912016-01-21Political Parties in Parliament of Canada
912016-02-19Word Vocabulary - SCA
912016-03-28Word Vocabulary - SPE
912016-06-02Word Vocabulary - SHA
912016-09-19Tri-border Country Borders #1
912017-03-1710 B-pays les plus proches des Etats-Unis
912017-04-15Les plus gros partenaires commerciaux - Îles Féroé
912017-04-17Villes sud-asiatiques par carte
912017-04-27Größte Handelspartnern - Nordkorea
912017-09-20Countries Closest to Pakistan - One Minute Sprint
912021-09-21Countries that End in ES
912017-10-12Countries and World Capitals Starting with H
912017-11-043-Letter Words Containing W
912017-11-075-Letter Words Ending With TH
902015-04-28Word Vocabulary - Z
902015-05-30Signos del Zodiaco
902016-02-13Comptez Aussi Haut Que Vous Pouvez - 1 Minute Sprint
902016-03-26Islands of the Aleutians
902016-03-31Top 60 World Cities with Ten (or more) Letters
902017-04-27Papes depuis 1900
902018-03-13World Capitals Closest to Hong Kong (with a map)
902018-01-18Logos da Companhia Aérea #1
902018-04-19Países por Imagem #4
902018-05-0190 Stopni Wschodni Południk Kraje
902018-10-22Länder, die Island am Nächsten Liegen - Eine Minute Sprint
902019-02-11Countries Closest to Brazil by first two letters
902019-03-04Länder in der Nähe der Antarktis
902019-04-21Countries Closest to Turkey by first two letters
902019-05-13Länder mit der höchsten Luftverschmutzung
902021-02-14Les plus grands pays par superficie ou population
892018-10-28Countries with ABC
892014-10-21Countries containing 4 different vowels
892015-06-20World Capitals Closest to London - One Minute Sprint
892015-08-05World Capitals Closest to each Asian Capital
892015-11-17Country Shooting Gallery by Continent
892015-12-09Countries Starting With Vowels, Closest to United States
892015-12-24Island Countries Where Just One Island Dominates
892018-11-03Mga Bansa ng Mundo
892018-10-19Countries Closest to the Maldives - One Minute Sprint
892016-05-01Countries Starting With E - One Minute Sprint
892017-02-08Roman Numeral Countdown
892017-08-25Forme di Paese Pixelate #1
892017-08-31New Zealand General Knowledge #1
892017-10-16Cricket: Leading South African Test Batsmen A-Z
892018-01-11Regioni d'Italia Mappa Quiz - Un Minuto Sprint
892018-02-06Länderformen in der Weltkarte #1
892019-05-13Pays les plus proches de Chypre
892019-02-16Countries Containing T - One Minute Sprint
892018-08-25Pizza quatre saisons
892018-11-18Pays les plus proches de Brésil - une minute sprint
892018-11-22Pays les plus proches de Turkménistan - une minute sprint
892018-12-10Pays produisant le plus de pommes
892019-05-08Countries of Europe - 15 Second Sprint
892019-06-20Mathématiques rapide - division
882018-04-20Satellitenbilder - Inselketten
882018-05-14Quiz photo des politiciens
882018-06-01Countries Containing O - Three Minute Sprint
882018-11-17Pays les plus proches de l'Indonésie
882018-12-26Länder, die Äthiopien am Nächsten Liegen
882019-04-14Countries Closest to Kenya by first two letters
882019-06-07Länder, die den Färöern am nächsten liegen
882020-09-27Länder, die der Slowakei am nächsten sind
882020-04-18Countries Closest to Togo
882021-06-08Stolice świata według pierwszych dwóch liter w trzy minuty
882021-07-105 países aleatorios en el mapa mundial en 15 segundos
882021-10-11Länder, die San Marino am nächsten liegen
882014-12-07World's Top 20 Airports 2014
882015-12-06World Capitals Closest to Bouvet Øya
882015-08-13Cities Seeking to Host 2024 Summer Olympics
882018-09-03Countries Closest to Russia - One Minute Sprint
882016-05-08Countries Closest to X - One Minute Sprint
882016-05-25Countries That End in NA
882016-05-25Countries Starting With U - One Minute Sprint
882016-06-14Generator Puzzle #54
882016-09-26Top 20 Most Famous US Supreme Court Justices
882017-06-13FA Cup 2017 Winning Team
882017-10-15Un compte à rebours difficile #5
872014-11-20Countries With Lowest Population Growth
872015-01-12Singapore's Metro Lines
872015-01-15The United States of 1850
872015-06-08World Capitals Containing Q
872015-10-15Countries With Eleven Letters
872016-07-02European Countries With Five Letters
872016-09-10Countries Bordering China - One Minute Sprint
872017-05-21Countries Closest to Iceland - One Minute Sprint
872016-11-30-EY Vocabulary Words
872017-05-21Countries Closest to Iceland - 15 Second Sprint
872017-07-10Pays selon la température enregistrée la plus élevée
872018-05-07Pays les plus proches de Soudan - une minute sprint
872018-06-04Pays les plus proches de l'URSS
872018-08-09Länder, die Rumänien am Nächsten Liegen
872018-09-02Most-Searched People on Wikipedia
872018-11-04Five Largest Countries by Letter #1
872018-11-05Countries with Seven Letters (one minute map sprint)
872018-11-23Mental Word Puzzle
872018-11-29Pays les plus proches de Bosnie-Herzégovine - une min sprint
872019-08-29Länder in der Nähe von Luxemburg (mit einer Karte)
872019-12-04Countries Closest to Jamaica by first two letters
862018-04-12Länder nach teilweisem Satellitenbild #3
862018-04-22Europäische Städte nach Bild #2
862018-08-29Pays les plus proches du Qatar
862021-10-16US Senators after 2018 Election - Map Quiz
862021-04-29Südlichste Hauptstädte
862019-07-15Haiti... or Tahiti?
862019-03-21Countries Closest to Mexico by first two letters
862019-05-28Länder am nächsten zu Burkina Faso mit einer Karte
862019-06-10Länder, die Taiwan am nächsten liegen
862019-07-18Top Five Languages by Alphabet
862020-02-07Países mais próximos da Coréia do Sul
862015-09-24Count Down From 200 in One Minute
862017-01-25Cricket: Top Test Match Bowlers Ever
862017-02-07Paesi del Mondo - Uno Minuti Sprint
862017-04-15Pays avec médailles olympiques les plus annulées
862017-12-22Countries Voting US Recognition of Jerusalem as Israel Capital is Null and Void
862018-02-03Pays les plus proches de Turkménistan
862021-08-24Flyover Countries #2
852018-05-0130 Stopni Zachodnie Południk Kraje
852018-11-08Géographie chinoise sur la carte
852019-02-10Pays les plus proches de Brésil par deux premières lettres
852019-05-13A maioria dos países islâmicos da Europa
852020-01-07Stolice świata najbliżej Kolombo
852019-12-15Zufälliges Symbol zum Element
852020-01-1320 beautiful European cities with hardly any tourists
852015-10-31World Capitals Closest to New Delhi - distance order
852015-02-10Scottish Football Premier League (Scottish Premiership)
852015-06-16State Capitals Nearest the US's Geographical Center
852016-05-21Countries Closest to Vienna - Distance Order
852015-08-09North American Countries from Turkish to English
852016-01-18Word Vocabulary - SPR
852016-02-24Countries Closest to Indonesia - 15 Second Sprint
852016-10-11European Capitals Closest to Washington DC - One Minute Sprint
852017-03-29Mapa de Europa - Un minuto de sprint
852017-05-03Les plus gros partenaires commerciaux - Luxembourg
852017-05-04NRL 2017 Rugby League Teams
852017-06-0410 países que empienzan con S más cercano a Singapur
842014-05-31Country scramble
842015-04-25United States in Other Languages
842014-11-18Countries that are the Same in Italian and English
842015-02-23Geographical Double Letter Words A to Z
842015-09-01World Capitals Closest to Western Sahara
842015-09-30Countries of Africa in Last Two Letter Order
842015-12-01Country Shooting Gallery #2
842016-05-31J Vocabulary Words A-Z
842016-08-12Countries Contained in TURKMENISTAN
842018-01-19Loghi famosi #6
842018-04-06Australian Prime Ministers - Picture Quiz
842018-04-12Gewässer nach Satellitenbild #1
842018-04-14Lande ved Billede #2
842018-04-21Ciudades europeas por imagen #2
842018-08-19Countries That Start With MAL - One Minute Sprint
842018-10-03Countries Starting with T in 60 Seconds (with a map)
842019-02-11Countries Closest to United Kingdom by first two letters
842019-03-04Paesi più vicini all'Antartide
842019-05-10Norway to Portugal by Land
832019-02-24Countries With Six Letters (one minute map quiz)
832019-03-03Länder am nächsten zum Iran
832019-05-07Attractions touristiques par description de Wikipédia
832019-12-18Paszporty Według Zdjęć #2
832020-02-07Länder in der Nähe von Südkorea
832020-05-10Länder Afrikas nach Gebieten
832021-11-055 World Capitals on a Map in 15 Seconds
832016-10-01Random US States Quiz
832014-11-27Complete These Movie Quotes #4
832015-10-14Countries Closest to Malta by Name Length
832015-12-13Letters Starting With The Letter A
832016-01-26Countries Closest to Florida - One Minute Sprint
832016-01-28Nice Adjectives to Describe People
832016-02-07Countries With Unique Word Endings
832016-08-17Anagrams #1
832017-02-21Five Letter Words A-Z #4
832017-05-08Partner commerciali più grandi - Svizzera
832018-05-07Pays les plus proches de Russie - une minute sprint
832017-09-06Pays avec le plus de touristes par habitant
832017-10-12The Eight Greatest Opera Composers
832018-02-06Länderformen in der Weltkarte #6
832018-03-15Un quiz sur les compositeurs français
822014-07-23Top 20 Cricket Umpires
822015-10-31World Capitals Closest to Tokyo - distance order
822014-10-19Crops and their Highest Producing Countries A to C
822016-01-16One-Syllable Words Whose Only Vowel is Y
822016-02-15Countries Closest to Ukraine - One Minute Sprint
822016-04-07Top 30 World Cities With Seven Letters
822016-05-24Countries Starting With L - One Minute Sprint
822016-11-11Superiore 4 posizioni della Coppa del Mondo di Rugby
822017-01-24Count to 100 by Roman Numeral Length
822017-08-13Most Guessed Names of Popes
822017-09-13Socios Comerciales más Grandes - El mundo entero
822017-12-30English Cities Starting With L
822018-01-04Countries With The Least Safe Airlines
822018-02-09Les plus gros partenaires commerciaux - Portugal
822018-02-12Forme di paese nella mappa del mondo #5
822018-02-13Les plus grandes îles de l'Arctique avec une carte
822018-05-25Pays les plus proches de Cameroun
822019-02-17Länder in der Nähe von Tuvalu
822019-03-12Länder am nächsten zu Tschechien
822019-05-09Hauptstädten der Welt - Drei-Minuten-Sprint
822019-09-08Kraje najbliższe Tajlandii - minuta sprintu
822021-10-11Pays les plus proches de Saint-Marin
822021-11-09Devises européennes pré-euro
812021-05-16Dünya Ülkeleri - Bir dakikalık sürat koşusu
812021-07-076 países aleatorios en el mapa mundial en 15 segundos
812014-07-14US States with MN
812017-02-17Signs of the Zodiac
812014-12-17Olympic Men's 100 Metre Medallists
812016-04-10Countries of Asia - 15 Second Sprint
812016-04-21Countries by Famous Sportsperson
812016-05-30African Countries With Six Letters
812018-04-02Countries Contained in DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO
812016-11-27Les pays ayant les plus longs littoraux
812017-06-11English Words with Two Letters
812017-08-12Most Guessed US Presidents
812017-09-03Two-Letter Country Pairs
812018-11-223-Letter Words Containing K
812018-03-15-IOUS Vocabulary Words
812018-03-25Länderflaggen #2
812018-04-18Images satellites - archipels
812018-05-27Most Keystrokes - 15 Second Sprint
812018-09-15Pays les plus proches de l'Inde - une minute sprint
812019-01-17Which City is Larger? #2
812019-02-21Pays les plus proches de l'Espagne - une minute sprint
812019-03-12Länder in der Nähe der Ukraine
812019-05-13Pays avec le plus de pollution atmosphérique
812019-07-30Countries Closest to Thailand by first two letters
812019-09-19100 plus grandes villes de Nouvelle-Zélande avec une carte
802018-12-30New Seven Wonders of the World Picture Quiz
802019-03-23Countries That Visit Iran the Most
802019-04-28Pays les plus proches de la Thaïlande par deux lettres
802021-05-28Länder in der Nähe von Senegal
802019-09-13World Capitals Closest to Lisbon
802019-09-21Stolice świata najbliżej Algieru
802014-10-08Bowlers Who Have Taken 7 Wickets in an ODI Innings (cricket)
802017-02-23Most Populous Islands of Australia
802014-11-18Members of Band Aid 30
802018-12-29Capitals Closest to Boston
802019-06-20Cities Closest to Bern
802015-05-29Countries From One-Point Scrabble Tiles
802015-08-06Winston Churchill's World War II Speech
802015-09-06Countries Closest to Oman - One Minute Sprint
802021-03-13Countries Closest to Papua New Guinea - One Minute Sprint
802016-07-02Wales's 2016 Football Team (last three letters)
802021-02-03Niue Country Quiz
802016-08-17Vocabulary Words Ending in C
802016-08-31Countries Contained in SAINT VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES
802018-09-15Pays les plus proches de l'Inde
792015-10-30Countries Closest to St Kitts and Nevis - distance order
792014-11-05Pre-Euro Currencies
792014-11-25-Rium Vocabulary Quiz
792014-12-05Previous World Capitals
792015-12-21Christmas Carols by First Word
792016-04-28Word Vocabulary - SWA
792016-05-24Generator Puzzle #52½
792018-05-17Smallest Countries by Number of Borders
792017-03-22Geografia mediterrânica em um mapa
792017-07-11Pays selon la température enregistrée la plus basse
792017-08-18Pays les plus proches de Singapour
792021-06-22-ATE Vocabulary Words
792017-11-13Chinesische Geographie auf der Karte
792017-12-28Five Most Guessed Cities by Continent - One Minute Sprint
792021-11-055 Welthauptstädte auf einer Karte in 15 Sekunden
792018-04-12Länder nach teilweisem Satellitenbild #1
792018-06-10Les 10 « AEIOU » pays les plus proches en Nouvelle-Zélande
792018-09-25Plus récents vainqueurs de tennis féminin
792018-12-22Länder, die den meisten Tee produzieren
792019-03-12Countries Closest to Canada by first two letters
792019-04-10Countries and Capitals Starting with M - Three Minute Run
792019-05-13Nomes mais comuns na Espanha
792019-07-01African Capitals (with a map)
792019-09-19100 größte Städte in Neuseeland mit einer Karte
792020-06-23Państwa najbliższe Bułgarii - Sprint jednominutowy
782018-04-13Villes par satellite n°1
782018-04-20Städte durch Satellit #1
782018-07-04Copa Mundial de la FIFA 2018 - Equipos de la Final 16
782018-10-18Pays les plus proches du Qatar - une minute sprint
782019-04-26Capitales les plus proches de Vladivostok
782021-02-07Länder in der Nähe von Bosnien und Herzegowina
782019-05-08Les pays qui se terminent par RIE - une minute sprint
782019-08-15Länder, die Liechtenstein am nächsten liegen
782019-08-29Countries Closest to Germany by first two letters
782019-11-20Countries Closest to Poland by first 2 letters
782019-11-27Kraje najbliższe Laosowi - Jednominutowy sprint
782020-04-1010 najbardziej dotkniętych krajów Covid-19 - 9 kwietnia
782020-05-24Kraje najbliższe Jordanii przez pierwsze dwie litery
782018-05-04Countries and Capitals Reconstructed #1
782014-11-22Top 20 Most Famous Countries in French
782015-01-23World's Most Populous Islands A to Z
782015-06-11Modern Artists by First Name
782015-08-12US States With an A and an I and a U
782015-08-20Jetpunk Generator Puzzle #3
782016-01-01Double O Vocabulary Words
782016-02-15Countries With Four Borders
782016-06-12Countries Containing Q - One Minute Sprint
782016-09-09Countries Contained in AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND
782017-03-22Pares de los países cuyas fronteras más largas están entre sí
782017-08-27Most Guessed Cities With Four Letters
782019-01-03The Capital of Canada Through its History
782017-12-19World Capitals Closest to Havana
782017-12-21Capitales mondiales les plus proches de La Havane
782018-02-05Top World Languages - 90 Second Sprint
772015-02-24Prime Numbers - One Minute Sprint
772015-05-31Word Vocabulary - PS
772015-11-14Vocabulary Words With Three T's
772015-11-20Top 20 Words Starting With I
772016-01-08Countries That Are (Basically) One Island
772015-12-30Famous Janes
772016-01-03Largest Cities of Los Angeles
772016-06-29Germany's 2016 Football Team (last three letters)
772016-09-14What is Jerry Short For?
772019-05-09Countries Closest to Cyprus - One Minute Sprint
772016-11-20One Word Movie Titles in the IMDb Top 100
772018-03-25Paesi più vicini a Singapore
772018-04-14Land etter bilde #1
772018-05-01120 Stopni Zachodnie Południk Kraje
772018-05-0160 Stopni Zachodnie Południk Kraje
772018-05-0160 Stopni Wschodni Południk Kraje
772018-05-02Flags of Countries 197 to 205
772018-06-12Pays les plus proches de Cameroun (avec une carte)
772018-10-22Länder, die Russland am Nächsten Liegen - Eine Minute Sprint
772019-02-09Countries Closest to Qatar by first two letters
772019-03-09Countries Closest to Australia by first two letters
772019-06-11Countries and Capitals Starting With A - Two Minute Sprint
772019-05-09Les pays qui se terminent par NIE - une minute sprint
772021-03-14Countries Closest to the Cook Islands
762021-01-21Leaders européens par carte
762021-07-087 paesi casuali sulla mappa del mondo in 15 secondi
762014-07-15US States with ST
762015-08-18The Number One in 20 Languages
762015-10-27P Vocabulary Words #3
762015-12-13Batman Movies
762016-01-20US States or Capitals Starting With The Same 3 Letters
762016-03-22Countries Closest to Mongolia - 15 Second Sprint
762016-05-07Countries Containing P - One Minute Sprint
762016-05-22Generator Puzzle #51A
762016-05-26Word Vocabulary - WOR
762016-06-24Generator Puzzle #55
762016-09-093 Olympics, Same Event, 3 Gold Medals
762019-01-28Countries Closest to Mexico - One Minute Sprint
762016-11-30New Zealand's International Cricket Grounds
762017-03-10Nombres premiers - une minute sprint
762018-03-24Pays les plus proches de Pologne - une minute sprint
762017-09-16Capitales mondiales les plus proches de Zürich - une minute sprint
762017-12-27Formes des pays méditerranéens - une minute sprint
762018-03-04Countries That End in SIA - One Minute Sprint
762018-09-03Countries Closest to Romania - One Minute Sprint
762018-12-13Pays produisant le plus de fromage de chèvre
762019-01-18Quel pays a plus de gens?
762021-05-17English Cricketers by Clue
762019-08-30New Zealand Cricketers by Clue
762019-09-20Countries Closest to UAE - One Minute Sprint
762020-05-1415 krajów o największej liczbie zgonów Covid19 - 14 maja
762020-09-16Missä maissa nämä satunnaiset pisteet ovat?
752018-12-11Pays produisant le plus d'olives
752019-01-18Countries Closest to Nigeria - 30 Second Sprint
752019-02-11Cricketers of the Century
752019-03-18Länder die Deutschland am Nächsten Liegen - 30 Sekund Sprint
752019-09-06Länder, die Albanien am nächsten liegen
752019-12-30Länder in der Nähe von Simbabwe A-Z
752020-03-09Capitals Starting with Unique First Two Letters
752021-07-31Länder, die Papua-Neuguinea am nächsten liegen
752021-09-08Länder, die St. Lucia am nächsten liegen
752014-07-26US States with AND
752015-10-30World Capitals Closest to Jerusalem - distance order
752019-10-06Top 20 Most Performed Composers (unlimited time)
752014-11-28Top 20 Most Famous C Words
752014-12-10Winter Olympics Host Nations
752019-04-26One Word Spelling Quiz - Hard
752015-05-19Current Monarchs of the World
752015-06-30Most Common Double-Letter Words A-Z
752015-08-10African Countries from Turkish to English
752015-10-14Countries Closest to United States by Name Length
752016-09-282016 World T20 Cricket - The New Zealand Team
752016-04-03Top 60 World Cities with Eight Letters
752016-04-07ESPNcricinfo's Team of the 2016 Cricket World T20
752017-09-04World Capitals Closest to Sana'a
752017-02-02Countries Closest to Iraq - One Minute Sprint
752017-03-23Countries Bordering Austria - advanced
752017-03-25Countries Closest to Morocco - One Minute Sprint
752017-03-26Pop Stars' Real Names #1
752017-03-29Números Primos - un minuto de sprint
752017-09-14Pays les plus proches de l'Allemagne - sprint d'une minute
752017-10-10Länder, die dem Ägäisches Meer am nächsten liegen
752018-03-13Which City in New Zealand?
742014-12-09New Zealand Cricketers Who Have Played 30 T20's
742015-10-31World Capitals Closest to Moscow - distance order
742014-11-27Complete These Movie Quotes
742016-08-01World Capitals at Mexico City's Latitude
742016-06-29US State Capitals
742015-06-23Countries Closest to 45 Degrees North A-Z
742015-06-28Protestant/Orthodox Countries Quiz
742015-09-25Countries of Asia in Last Two Letter Order
742015-11-18Countries Closest to Western Sahara by Continent
742016-05-18Billboard #1 Hits of 1980
742016-05-04Biggest Countries by Population F-K
742016-06-08Countries Containing J - One Minute Sprint
742018-05-07Pays les plus proches de Canada - une minute sprint
742017-04-27Les plus gros partenaires commerciaux - Egypte
742018-01-17Countries Closest to Slovenia - One Minute Sprint
742018-04-19Países por Imagem #6
742018-08-08Países que bordean la Ciudad del Vaticano - Un minuto de sprint
742019-03-03Pays les plus proches de l'Algérie par deux première lettres
742019-03-16Hauptstädte am Nächsten nach London - Eine Minute Sprint
742019-03-22Quel pays asiatique?
742019-08-15Pays les plus proches de la RD Congo avec une carte vide
742021-07-19Länder in der Nähe von Kuwait - Ein-Minuten-Sprint
732021-04-28Pays les plus proches du Monténégro - sprint d'une minute
732014-07-26US States with II
732014-07-29US States with TON
732014-11-14Non Countries-of-the-World States with their own NOC
732014-11-23-Istic Vocabulary Words
732014-11-272 Letter Vocabulary Words (harder)
732015-04-21Top 20 Most Famous Actresses
732015-04-23I Can't Dance - Genesis - Song Lyrics
732015-10-20Books With Locations in the Title
732015-11-14Vocabulary Words With Three A's
732016-06-30Italy's 2016 Football Team (last three letters)
732016-09-04Countries Bordering Russia - One Minute Sprint
732016-10-032016 Olympic Silver & Bronze Medal Countries (with a map)
732020-03-23Pakistan's International Cricket Grounds
732017-01-27Generator Puzzle #63
732017-10-02Countries Closest to Serbia - 15 Second Sprint
732017-04-14Kanadische Geographie auf der Karte
732017-07-10Top 10 Former Soviet Republic Average Salaries
732017-09-19Capitales les plus proches de Berlin - une minute sprint
732017-09-21Most Guessed One-Syllable Body Parts
732017-10-04Five Cities with Most Metro Rail Stations by Continent
732017-10-17Un compte à rebours difficile #6
732017-10-29Smallest Trading Partners - the Whole World
732018-02-17Größte Arktische Inseln mit einer Karte
732018-04-03World Capitals Closest to Tehran
732018-04-14Five Flags in 45 Seconds #5 (difficulty level 61)
732018-04-19Země Podle Obrázku #3
732018-04-28Countries Ending With E - One Minute Sprint
732019-02-15Countries Closest to Serbia - 30 Second Sprint
732018-11-28Pays les plus proches du Kazakhstan
732018-12-08Countries Starting with B in 90 Seconds
732018-12-16Pays produisant le plus de tabac
732018-12-29Pays les plus proches de Maurice
732019-01-19Drapeaux des plus grands pays de moins de 100 million
732019-01-28Pays produisant le plus de fraises
732019-02-07Pays les plus proches de la Thaïlande - une minute sprint
732019-03-07Länder, die den Malediven am nächsten liegen
732019-05-11Countries Closest to India by first two letters
732019-12-23Which Countries at a FIFA World Cup
732019-12-27Countries Closest to Norway by first two letters
722018-08-14World Capitals Starting With C (in 60 seconds with a map)
722018-12-11Pays produisant le plus de sel
722019-03-12Países más cercanos a Canadá por las dos primeras letras
722019-04-25Hauptstädte am nächsten an Nikosia
722019-05-04Noms papaux les plus courants
722019-06-13Pays de survol
722020-01-07Stolice świata najbliżej Honolulu
722021-01-21Europäische Führer nach Karte
722021-04-13Länder, die Kirgisistan am nächsten liegen - Ein-Min-Sprint
722021-09-29Länder, die dem Südsudan am nächsten liegen
722021-11-07Pays les plus proches de l'Autriche
722014-08-27Astronauts' Nationalities
722014-12-08-Ade Words That Mean "Defensive Barrier"
722017-01-11Capital Cities Containing Two of the Same Consonant
722015-06-30Most Runs in Cricket Test Matches by Country
722015-07-20-Ic Vocabulary Words #2
722020-06-26Cook Islands Country Quiz
722015-09-22Countries of North America in Last Two Letter Order
722015-12-22Four Letter Words A-Z #2
722017-07-31Three Letter Words A-Z #3
722016-05-22Generator Puzzle #51B
722017-05-05Les plus gros partenaires commerciaux - Japon
722017-05-28Países más cercanos a Cuba
722017-06-14Countries of the World with no clues - One Minute Sprint
722017-08-16Most Guessed Best Actor Oscar Winners A-Z
722017-10-12Nördlicher Wendekreis Länder
722017-10-30Les plus gros partenaires commerciaux - Pologne
722018-01-232018 Open d'Australie: pays avec les têtes de série numéro 1-32
712015-09-27Eight Letter Words A-Z
712015-10-05World Capital Treasure Hunt #2
712017-02-20Five Letter Words A-Z #2
712015-11-17Top Bowler in Each Cricket World Cup Final
712015-11-29Countries Bordering Countries Bordering Iran
712016-01-08Generator Puzzle #44
712016-02-08Capitals Closest to the Northern Tip of Russia
712016-02-09Asian Capitals With Five Letters
712016-03-22-Ture Vocabulary Words
712020-04-16Países del Mundo - Ortografía Correcta
712016-07-11Portugal's 2016 Football Team (last three letters)
712016-08-01Countries Contained in UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
712021-10-18Count to 100! - With No Squares or Cubes
712016-11-21Villes du monde les plus proches de Francfort
712016-11-20Countries Closest to Sri Lanka - One Minute Sprint
712017-04-10Pays les plus proches de Norvège - une minute sprint
712017-04-12Les plus gros partenaires commerciaux - Canada
712017-04-29Hauptstädte der Länder 197 bis 205
712018-07-28Pays les plus proches de Serbie
712017-10-12Süddlicher Wendekreis Länder
712018-02-04Valtioiden Lippuja, Joissa on Kotka - Kuvatietokilpailu
712017-12-303-Letter Words Containing N
712018-01-11Most Visited Tourist Attractions in France
712018-01-11Tripla digitazione veloce dalla A alla Z
712018-02-01Countries With Double Letters - 10 Minute Crawl
712018-04-22Gens par pays n°1
712018-08-06Capitales les plus proches
712020-03-09Countries and Capitals Starting with N - Two Minute Sprint
712018-10-22Länder, die Italien am Nächsten Liegen - 1 Minute Sprint
712019-05-22Qui n'est pas russe? - choix multiple
712019-05-23Countries with G - Two Minute Sprint
712019-06-07Pays les plus proches des îles Féroé
712019-07-03Nopea Matematiikka - Lisäys
712020-03-02Kraje najbliższe Bangladeszowi - Jedna Minuta Sprint
712021-03-07Länder, die Bulgarien am nächsten liegen
712021-05-19Pays les plus proches d'Andorre
712021-06-09Maailman pääkaupungit kahdella ensimmäisellä kirjaimella 3 min
702021-05-06Drapeaux avec le plus d'étoiles
702014-10-09Bowlers Who Have Taken 5 Wickets in a T20 Innings (cricket)
702014-12-22Top Spectator Sports by Country (US Version)
702015-02-02Uni- Vocabulary Words
702015-06-20Members of Four-Member Bands
702015-08-08US States with an E and an I and an O
702015-09-08My Favorite Things - Lyrics
702017-02-15Countries Closest to Italy - 15 Second Sprint
702016-03-142016 World T20 Cricket Championship - The Teams
702016-04-11World Capitals Starting With R - One Minute Sprint
702016-11-30West Indies' International Cricket Grounds
702017-04-04D Vocabulary Words A-Z
702017-04-05Países más cercanos a Ghana
702019-10-06Países de 197 a 205
702017-05-25Les plus gros partenaires commerciaux - Argentine
702017-06-29Generator Puzzle #67
702017-07-25Countries Bordering Germany (in clockwise order)
702017-08-02Most Guessed Books of the Bible
702018-07-28Países más cercanos a Serbia
702018-02-06Länderformen in der Weltkarte #3
702018-02-20Buddhistické země
702018-02-27Winterolympiade-Medaillen-Tabelle 2018
702018-04-13Régions de l'eau par images satellites n°1
702018-04-13Régions de l'eau par images satellites n°2
702018-04-20Quiz de Forma do País #1
702018-04-20Städte durch Satellit #2
702018-05-11150 Stopni Zachodnie Południk Kraje
702018-08-10Países más cercanos a Rumania
702018-11-08European Capitals With Four Letters - 30 Second Sprint
702018-12-01Pays produisant le plus de bananes
702019-02-04Länder, die Spanien am Nächsten Liegen - Eine Minute Sprint
702019-02-26Länder Mit 5 Buchstaben - Eine Minute Sprint
702019-03-03Countries Closest to Algeria by first two letters
702019-12-10Pays les plus proches de la Bosnie - une minute sprint
692018-04-07Comptez aussi haut que possible en binaire - 15 secondes sprint
692018-04-12Gewässer nach Satellitenbild #2
692018-04-22Gens par pays n°2
692018-06-11Countries Closest to United Kingdom - 30 Second Map Quiz
692018-08-04Pays les plus proches de Malte - une minute sprint
692018-11-05Five Largest Countries by Letter #3
692018-11-26Countries Starting with N in 90 Seconds
692019-02-12Länder Som Ligger Närmast Sverige med första två bokstäverna
692019-03-05Länder in der Nähe von Algerien
692019-05-11Countries with G - Four Minute Run
692019-08-20Pays les plus proches du Liechtenstein - Sprint d'une minute
692020-06-11Fiumi più lunghi del mondo su una mappa
692020-06-27Kraje świata według pierwszych trzech liter - 3 minuty
692020-07-02Kraje najbliższe Cyprowi
692020-07-17Stolice świata najbliżej Oslo
692021-02-25Morza świata
692021-08-22Countries by First Two Letters with an Empty Map - Hard
692021-10-18Pays les plus proches du Luxembourg
692014-10-21Political Parties in Parliament of New Zealand
692015-01-18Redundant Phrases
692015-07-21Longest Months A-Z
692016-04-19Countries by Famous Scientist
692017-09-07Countries Closest to Palau - One Minute Sprint
692018-05-17Largest Countries by Number of Borders
692017-04-07Hauptstädte am Nächsten Nach Bangkok
692019-09-26Les plus gros partenaires commerciaux - Corée du Sud
692017-05-02Größte Handelspartnern - Luxemburg
692017-05-19Generator Puzzle #66
692018-03-13Pays les plus proches de Qatar
692017-10-03World Capitals Closest to Sarajevo - One Minute Sprint
692017-10-24Most Guessed Cities of France
692018-02-22Countries and World Capitals Starting with I
692017-12-28Länderflaggen mit Adler - Bildquiz
692018-01-12-EE Vocabulary Words #2
682014-10-20Countries with MNO
682015-04-06Donald Duck's Nephews
682015-04-10Ziggy Stardust - The Album's Full Name
682015-07-07Most Common Words Ending in ING A-Z
682015-07-28Greek Islands
682015-08-10US States With an I and an O and a U
682015-08-28Indian States (with city clues)
682015-08-31US States by Their Neighbors
682018-09-06Seven Letter Words A-Z
682016-01-28Br- Vocabulary Words
682016-02-15Countries by Four Letter Block
682016-07-05Generator Puzzle #56
682016-09-25Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young's First Names
682016-09-30The Least Attractive Color Of All
682017-01-02Cricket: Top Test Match Batsmen in 2016
682017-01-04Cricket: Top Test Match Bowlers in 2016
682017-04-27Größte Handelspartnern - Südkorea
682017-09-03Countries Starting with G - One Minute Sprint
682017-11-06Countries and World Capitals Starting with H
682017-11-13Countries Closest to Lithuania - 30 Second Sprint
682018-03-28Top 20 European Football Teams
682018-04-12Länder genom delvis satellitbild #1
682018-04-13Images satellites - Royaume-Uni
682018-04-14Five Flags in 45 Seconds #3 (difficulty level 49)
682018-09-25Last 8 Womens Tennis Grand Slam Winners
682018-10-01Pays les plus proches de l'Irak - une minute sprint
682018-10-08Bali Quiz
682018-11-12Pays les plus proches de Serbie - une minute sprint
682018-12-06Pays les plus proches du Kazakhstan - une minute sprint
682019-02-09Countries Closest to the US by first two letters
682019-03-03Země nejblíže Finsku
682019-04-09A-A to Z-Z Vocabulary Words
682021-03-08Быстрая Mатематика - Pазделение
682019-09-21Länder, die Slowenien am nächsten sind
682021-05-28Kraje najbliżej Senegalu - Jedna Minuta Sprint
682020-05-10Länder, die Estland am nächsten liegen
682020-07-17Hauptstädte in der Nähe von Oslo
682021-02-07Escritura rápida de 1 a 100 con un dedo
672021-07-095 pays aléatoires sur la carte du monde en 15 secondes
672021-08-23Länder, die Lettland am nächsten liegen
672021-10-23Länder in der Nähe von Luxemburg - Einminütiger Sprint
672014-11-27Complete These Movie Quotes #3
672014-12-13Top 20 Male Names
672015-07-03Song Hits For Two Different Bands 1964-2001
672015-08-25US States With Nine Letters
672015-10-12Most Common First Names in United States - Ш
672019-01-02World Capitals Closest to Moroni
672016-02-10Asian Capitals With Six Letters
672018-03-15Countries of the Americas
672016-05-22Generator Puzzle #51C
672016-06-11Countries Ending With R - One Minute Sprint
672016-06-21Countries Starting With B - One Minute Sprint
672017-02-03Periodic Table of Elements - One Minute Sprint
672019-08-15Countries Closest to Liechtenstein - One Minute Sprint
672017-04-15Les plus gros partenaires commerciaux - Palestine
672017-04-27American Pacific Coast - 30 Second Sprint
672017-07-06Pays les plus proches de l'Indonésie
672017-09-21Países más cercanos a Japón
672017-12-28Land Flag med Ørne - Billedquiz
672018-04-04Capitales mondiales les plus proches de Oulan-Bator
672018-08-14Pays les plus proches du Venezuela
672018-11-2010 Closest M Countries to Monaco - One Minute Sprint
672018-11-29Countries Starting With L in 90 Seconds
672019-02-042019 Cricket World Cup Venues
672019-03-07Länder in der Nähe von Dschibuti
672019-05-28Pays les plus proches du Burkina Faso avec une carte
672019-09-14Hauptstädte in der Nähe von Lissabon
672019-11-12Countries Containing T - Two Minute Sprint
672020-04-0910 principaux pays touchés par Covid-19 - 8 avril
662018-07-042018 FIFA Wereldbeker - Finale 8 Teams
662018-08-10Geografia per lettera - L
662018-10-22Countries with Two E's - 3 Minute Run
662019-01-15Capitales les plus proches - multi-choix
662019-04-25Countries Closest to Lebanon - One Minute Sprint
662019-04-26Pays les plus proches de Monaco - une minute sprint
662019-04-26Countries Closest to Russia by first two letters
662019-07-29Länder, die Bhutan am nächsten liegen
662019-12-11Countries Closest to Norway (in Norwegian - på norsk)
662020-01-11Kraje najbliższe Kambodży - Minutowy sprint
662020-05-04Matematica veloce - radici quadrate
662020-06-16Länder, die dem Kosovo am nächsten liegen
662020-06-17Una piazza di paesi uniti
662021-03-31Countries Closest to Chile - 30 Second Sprint
662021-05-19Ближайшие к Андорре страны
662021-09-04Größte Städte in Frankreich - Extrem
662021-11-055 World Capitals on a Map in 25 Seconds
662015-09-08Lakes, Seas and Oceans Inside Triangles
662014-10-20Crops and their Highest Producing Countries T to Z
662014-12-06Top 20 Most Famous Countries of the World in Dutch
662014-12-03Top 20 Most Famous Dog Names
662014-12-06Top 20 Most Famous Countries of the World in Italian
662014-12-22Top Spectator Sports by Country (International Version)
662015-07-03Most Common Words Ending in ION A-Z
662015-08-14-Ness Vocabulary Words
662015-09-26Six Letter Words A-Z
662015-10-20Parties of the 2012 US Presidential Election
662018-11-24Countries Closest to Libya - One Minute Sprint
662016-07-12Arizona A-Z
662016-02-24Coldest World Capitals Today, February 24
662016-06-17High Speed Ready Reaction Quiz
662018-01-14Countries Closest to Poland - 15 Second Sprint
662016-09-29Host Cities of G20 Summits
662016-11-15Generator Puzzle #62
662018-04-09Pays les plus proches de l'équateur
662017-01-24Commonest Answers in the Countries of the World One Minute Sprint
662018-05-18Composers by Numbers of Symphonies
662017-05-02Zemí Hraničící s Myanmarem
662017-10-07Ciudades mundiales más cercanas a Buenos Aires
652014-07-18US States with B/P
652014-08-24Singular Words
652014-10-20Super- Vocabulary Words
652015-05-26Countries From The First Half of the Alphabet
652015-08-02Capital Cities Near Their Country's Border
652015-09-15-IE Vocabulary Words
652016-02-17Five Letter Words A-Z #3
652016-07-20Tourist Capitals of the World
652017-03-06Countries Containing U - One Minute Sprint
652017-03-10T Vocabulary Words A-Z
652019-08-30Countries Closest to Malaysia - One Minute Sprint
652017-05-07Spanish La Liga Champions
652017-08-02Most Guessed Boxers on Jetpunk
652017-08-16Most Guessed Men's Golf Champions A-Z
652017-11-07Les pays les plus peuplés qui bordent l'océan Indien
652018-03-24Pays les plus proches de la Somalie - une minute sprint
652018-03-24Pays les plus proches de Chine - une minute sprint
652018-04-19Země Podle Obrázku #4
652018-04-30Gens par pays n°4
652019-03-20Pays les plus proches de la Suède
652019-09-14Capitales mondiales les plus proches de Lisbonne
652019-10-16Länder, die Jordanien am nächsten liegen
652020-05-17Länder, die Bahrain am nächsten liegen
652021-01-27Stolice świata najbliżej Bratysławy
652021-01-26Welthauptstädte am nächsten an Bratislava
652021-07-066 losowych krajów na mapie świata w 15 sekund
642014-07-18US States with IOU
642014-11-12What the AND Countries Might Have Been Called
642014-11-18Current World Sports Champions
642014-11-25Best Picture Oscar Nominees 2013-2014
642015-07-17Capitals Closest to Athens - One Minute Sprint
642015-08-19Jetpunk Generator Puzzle #2
642017-10-23Countries Closest to Czechia - 15 Second Sprint
642016-06-04Elements That Start With Vowels
642016-06-12African Countries With Six Letters - One Minute Sprint
642016-07-18US State Capitals Ending With A
642016-08-04Nearest World Capitals #3
642016-09-24Cities With Worst Traffic Jams
642017-03-10Generator Puzzle #64
642019-02-08Capitales du monde - 15 secondes de sprint
642017-06-06Les 10 capitales commençant par A les plus proches d'Amman
642017-10-10Un compte à rebours difficile #2
642017-10-14Länder, die dem Metropolitan-Frankreich am nächsten sind
642017-12-30English Cities Starting With C
642018-01-25Countries Closest to Sweden - One Minute Sprint
642018-02-12Forme di paese nella mappa del mondo #1
642018-03-05States with the Biggest Swings to the Democrats in the 2016 Presidential Election
642018-03-19Largest Non-Capital Cities by Continent
642018-04-10Biggest Trading Partners - USA - One Minute Sprint
642018-04-12Biggest Trading Partners - UK - One Minute Sprint
642018-05-19Most Populous Countries by Number of Borders
642018-07-03VM i Fodbold 2018 - Finalen 8 Hold
642018-08-09Generator Puzzle #69
642018-09-02Countries Closest to Romania - 30 Second Sprint
642018-12-15Pays produisant le plus de thé
642018-12-26Pays les plus proches de l'Ethiopie
642019-03-03Countries Starting with T in 75 Seconds (with a map)
642019-03-06Countries Closest to Bosnia-Herzegovina by first two letters
642019-04-30Most Common Papal Names
642019-08-14World Capitals Containing Y - One Minute Sprint
642020-06-17Kwadrat Scalonych Krajów
632018-05-24Pays les plus proches de l'Indonésie - une minute sprint
632018-11-29Pays produisant le plus de canne à sucre
632019-03-09Länder am nächsten zu Seychellen
632019-05-17Länder am nächsten zu Vereinigten Arabischen Emiraten
632019-09-21Hauptstädte in der Nähe von Algier
632019-12-10Fast Typing A to Z in random order (surprisingly hard)
632020-04-1010 krajów o największej liczbie zgonów Covid-19 - 9 kwietnia
632020-06-05Kraje najbliższe Bahrajnu - jednominutowy sprint
632021-05-19Países mais próximos de Andorra
632021-06-05Bundesliga-Mannschaften 2021-22
632016-04-20Countries Containing Two Ms
632015-05-26World Cities Closest to Algiers
632017-02-11Four Seasons in Four Languages
632015-08-15Years The British Monarch Has Changed
632016-01-16One-Syllable Words With No A, E, I O, U or Y
632016-02-08-X Vocabulary Words
632016-04-17Currencies Used in Palestine
632016-08-17Anagrams #12
632016-05-16Vocabulary Words Ending in B
632016-06-28US State Capitals Ending With E
632017-03-10Capitales Mundiales más Cercanos a Paris
632017-03-22Non-Bordering Countries Closest to Germany - One Minute Sprint
632017-06-29Socios Comerciales más Grandes - Brasil
632018-02-12Most Guessed Island Countries
632017-09-14Most FIFA World Cup Appearances
632018-02-08Les plus gros partenaires commerciaux - Roumanie
632018-02-05Formas de país en el mapa mundial #4
622014-11-14Crops and Their Highest Producing Countries H to M
622015-07-27Countries From Six Words
622015-07-19Countries from French to English
622015-08-06US States With an A and an E and an I
622016-08-1912 Months in Increasing Length Order
622015-09-26Nine Letter Words A-Z
622015-10-12Continents of the World, as Taught to Colombian Schoolkids
622015-10-17Countries Closest to Barbados - in distance order
622015-11-16Current World Leaders
622015-12-16Handel's Messiah: Hallelujah Chorus
622016-05-06Top 20 First Names in the US in 1990
622016-01-21What Bits of British Place Names Mean
622016-01-30Cities of Auckland Region
622016-02-20TH- Vocabulary Words #2
622016-03-17Oceanian Countries With Five Letters
622016-05-12Biggest Countries by Population A-E
622016-05-20World Capitals Closest to Tokyo - One Minute Sprint
622021-07-17New Zealand National Anthem
622016-07-09N Vocabulary Words A-Z
622016-08-30-Drome Vocabulary Words
622017-02-28African Countries That Are Free
622017-03-2910 Pays les plus septentrionaux d'Europe
622017-04-20Les plus gros partenaires commerciaux - Nouvelle-Zélande
622017-04-30Countries Closest to Algeria - One Minute Sprint
622017-05-21Los 10 Países europeos con la mayor elevación
622017-08-16Most Guessed Best Actress Oscar Winners A-Z
622017-10-01Countries Bordering Belarus (in clockwise order)
622018-02-06Länderformen in der Weltkarte #2
622018-05-16Pays les plus proches de l'Irak
622018-12-12Pays produisant le plus de dattes
622019-01-01Pays les plus proches de la Somalie
622019-01-24Capital Cities Multiple Choice
622019-01-30Pays produisant le plus d'oranges
622019-02-09Pays les plus proches du Burkina Faso
622019-05-10Pays avec une dernière lettre unique - une minute sprint
622019-05-28Paesi più vicini al Burkina Faso con una mappa
622019-11-28Stolice świata najbliżej Wientianu
622020-04-20Political Parties in Parliament of Germany 2017-21
622020-05-09Pays d'Afrique par superficie
622020-05-2515 najbardziej dotkniętych krajów Covid-19 - 24 maja
622021-04-01Länder in der Nähe von Dschibuti - Ein-Minuten-Sprint
622021-05-19Länder, die Andorra am nächsten liegen
622021-11-055 capitales du monde sur une carte en 15 secondes
622021-08-23Kraje najbliższe Łotwy
622021-10-11Kraje najbliższe San Marino
612021-04-22Capitales mondiales les plus proches de Kiev
612015-01-30South African Prime Ministers & Presidents
612015-12-04Longest 1- or 2-Word Country Names
612015-12-21Largest Military Force Per Capita by Continent
612019-03-06Countries Closest to Panama - 15 Second Sprint
612016-09-10Top 54 World Cities with Nine Letters
612016-08-17Anagrams #8
612016-05-03Biggest Countries by Area A-E
612016-06-06M Vocabulary Words A-Z
612017-02-13Possible Dart Board Scores with One Dart
612017-05-06Les plus gros partenaires commerciaux - Pays-Bas
612019-07-02Countries Closest to Switzerland - One Minute Sprint
612017-08-11Most Guessed Countries of the World, 6 times over
612017-12-28Vlaggen van het land met adelaars - afbeelding quiz
612018-02-03Country Shapes in the World Map #2 - 45 Second Sprint
612018-04-13Villes par satellite n°2
612018-04-14Land etter bilde #5
612018-04-29Top 10 Tomato Exporting Countries
612018-05-19Pays les plus peuplés selon le nombre de frontières
612018-06-01Pays les plus proches de Brasília
612018-06-17African Countries With Few Borders - One Minute Sprint
612018-08-12Countries with 10,000 Zoroastrians
612018-09-17Countries Containing Two I's - Three Minute Sprint
612018-10-22Länder, die Ägypten am Nächsten Liegen - Eine Minute Sprint
612018-11-30Capitales les plus proches de Buenos Aires - 1 minute sprint
612018-12-05Países más cercanos a Singapur
612019-02-11World Capitals Closest to Rhodes
612019-01-28English Words from Other Languages
612019-02-07Best Cricket Test Bowling by Year 2001-2018
612019-03-04Pays les plus proches de l'Antarctique
612019-05-06Länder, die Türkei am Nächsten Liegen - Eine Minute Sprint
612019-05-21Vocabulary Words Ending in M
612019-05-28Países mais próximos de Burkina Faso com um mapa
612019-09-23Stolice świata najbliżej miasta Kuwejt
612019-10-02Most Guessed Countries A-Z
612019-11-04Länder in der Nähe von Kambodscha
612020-04-05Kraje najbliższe Mjanmie - Jedna Minuta Sprint
612020-02-22Kraje najbliższe Arubie
612020-04-19Länder in der Nähe von Togo
612020-05-10Países mais próximos da Estônia
602018-04-14Five Flags in 45 Seconds #4 (difficulty level 53)
602018-04-22Cidades européias por imagem #1
602018-11-30Countries Starting With A in 90 Seconds
602018-12-10Pays produisant la plupart des olives (2012)
602018-12-06Most Guessed Beatles Songs
602019-01-02Pays produisant le plus d'ananas
602019-03-05Länder am nächsten zum Jemen
602019-08-30Paesi più vicini all'equatore
602019-03-10Pays les plus proches de l'Irlande
602019-03-11Länder in der Nähe von Niger
602019-03-12Länder in der Nähe von Borneo
602019-03-14Länder in der Nähe von Tadschikistan
602019-08-29Paesi più vicini al Lussemburgo (con una mappa)
602019-10-20Cricket: Highest Ranking ODI Batsmen
602019-12-30Countries Closest to Zimbabwe A-Z
602020-06-0215 krajów o największej liczbie zgonów Covid19 - 1 czerwca
602020-06-16Pays les plus proches du Kosovo
602021-04-22Welthauptstädte am nächsten an Kiew
602021-08-15Hauptstädte am nächsten an Nikosia - Eine Minute Sprint
602021-10-18Länder in der Nähe von Luxemburg
602014-11-27Complete These Movie Quotes #2
602014-12-07Re- Vocabulary Words
602019-01-02World Capitals Closest to Victoria
602015-01-06Simon and Garfunkel - Their Five Albums
602015-02-06World Capitals on the Other Side of the World
602016-01-24Countries From Four Words #11
602015-08-09South American and Oceanian Countries from Turkish to English
602015-08-11One to Twenty in Increasing Word Length
602017-03-09Central & South America A-Z
602016-01-29Cricket Years Quiz
602016-04-03Cities of Portland, Oregon
602016-04-16World Capitals Containing Z - One Minute Sprint
602018-09-11World Capitals Closest to Ngerulmud
602016-11-11Actors by IMDb Name Search
602017-03-10Shortest-Land-Border Countries
602017-04-09Países más Cercanos a Rusia - un minuto de sprint
602019-02-18Largest and Most Populous Islands
602017-08-30Countries that Start with K - One Minute Sprint
602017-10-11Un compte à rebours difficile #3
602017-10-20Longest Land Borders - Extreme
602018-05-07Pays les plus proches de Nigéria - une minute sprint
602017-12-26Most Guessed Countries by First 2 Letters
602017-12-30Top 10 Biggest Cities of Cuba
602018-02-05Formas de país en el mapa mundial #1
592015-01-04Most Common 5+ Letter Words - A to Z
592016-08-01World Capitals at Cairo's Latitude
592015-09-15A Quiz About French Composers
592019-01-13World Capitals Closest to Addis Ababa - Two Minute Sprint
592015-08-05Top five US presidents who has softest neck
592015-08-20Colors of the Rainbow by Increasing Word Length
592015-09-26Eleven Letter Words A-Z
592015-10-16Players in the First Cricket World Cup Final in 1975
592015-11-21Major League Baseball 2015 - Final Eight Teams
592017-04-25Popes Since 1900
592016-04-08Top 20 Least Famous Pokémon
592016-04-13Countries by Famous Author
592016-08-232016 Olympics - Where Are These Champions From? (easier)
592019-01-05Countries Closest to Spain - 15 Second Sprint
592016-11-12Countries Containing Y - One Minute Sprint
592017-08-21Countries Closest to India - 15 Second Sprint
592017-06-13Les plus gros partenaires commerciaux - Chypre
592017-10-05Les pays les plus proches de la Somalie
592017-10-15Una Cuenta Regresiva Difícil
592018-05-07Pays les plus proches de Soudan
592018-10-20Hauptstädte am Nächsten von Havanna
592018-01-22Top 20 Girls' Names in New Zealand in 2017
592018-02-10-U Vocabulary Words
592018-02-14Las islas más grandes del Ártico con un Mapa
592018-05-07Pays les plus proches de Timor-Leste
592018-04-19Persone in immagini con Barack Obama
592018-04-20Země Podle Obrázku #6
592018-04-24People Born in 1960 - picture quiz
592018-09-04Most Searched Actors on Wikipedia
592018-11-25Countries Starting With C in 90 Seconds
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582021-01-21Dirigeants de l'Union européenne (2016)
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562015-01-15Operas and Their More Famous Titles
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562016-05-18Billboard #1 Hits of 1970
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562017-02-14US States & Canadian Provinces Closest to Maine - One Minute Sprint
562017-03-24World Capitals Closest to Hong Kong - One Minute Sprint
562017-03-22Countries Containing I - One Minute Sprint
562017-04-06Founding Members of the European Union
562017-04-19Les plus gros partenaires commerciaux - Cuba
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562019-02-07Länder, die Wien am Nächsten Liegen - Eine Minute Sprint
562019-02-10Länder in der Nähe von Burkina Faso
562019-03-05Countries Containing T (two minute sprint with a map)
562019-03-14Countries Closest to Tajikistan by first two letters
562019-04-06Countries and Capitals Starting with P - Three Minute Run
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562021-03-23Éléments du tableau périodique
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552016-03-23-Ture Vocabulary Words #2
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552016-08-222016 Olympics - Countries With First Ever Gold Medal
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552017-02-21Asia A-Z
552017-03-24Países más cercanos a Vietnam - 1 Minuto de Sprint
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552017-05-21Les plus gros partenaires commerciaux - Bulgarie
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552017-08-30Pikselowe Krajowe Kształty #2
552018-02-17-I Vocabulary Words
552018-04-22Città europee per immagine #1
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552018-12-24Pays produisant le plus de kiwis
552019-02-09Best Cricket ODI Bowling by Year 2001-2018
552019-03-04Los países más cercanos a la Antártida
552019-03-09Middle East Countries in 90 Seconds
552019-03-24Capitali mondiali più vicine a Vienna
552019-05-08Europäische Städte von Hinweis in ihrer eigenen Sprache
552019-05-12Länder, die Polen am Nächsten Liegen - 1 Minute Sprint
552019-09-13Hauptstädte in der Nähe von Ankara
552019-09-03Paesi del Mekong su una mappa vuota
552019-09-02Países do Rio Mekong em um mapa vazio
552019-09-04Countries Closest to St Kitts and Nevis - 30 Second Sprint
552019-09-30Les plus gros partenaires commerciaux - France (2016)
552019-11-30Countries Closest to Croatia by first two letters
552019-12-25Länder in der Nähe von Kuwait
552020-03-30Welthauptstädte am nächsten an Reykjavík
552020-04-1610 najbardziej dotkniętych krajów Covid-19 - 16 kwietnia
552020-04-20Open d'Australie: pays avec les têtes de série numéro 1-32
552020-04-20Kraje najbliższe Togo
552020-06-05Pays les plus proches de Bahreïn - sprint d'une minute
542018-04-16World Capitals Inside Squares
542018-05-10Pays les plus proches de la Corée du Nord - une minute sprint
542018-08-06Nearest Capital Cities
542018-12-17Countries with Most Islands Over 1000 Sq Km
542019-01-24Länder, die Äthiopien am Nächsten Liegen - 1 Minute Sprint
542019-01-27Countries Closest to Indonesia - 30 second map sprint
542019-02-13Länder, die Nordmakedonien am nächsten liegen
542021-02-01הקלדה מהירה של האלפבית
542019-02-21Länder in der Nähe von Dominica
542019-03-13Länder am nächsten zu Kuba
542019-04-26Capitales les plus proches de Varsovie
542019-04-26Hauptstädte in der Nähe von Doha
542019-05-28Countries Closest to Burkina Faso with a map
542020-02-22Länder, die Curaçao am nächsten liegen
542020-02-22Kraje najbliższe Curaçao
542020-04-2710 najbardziej dotkniętych krajów Covid-19 - 26 kwietnia
542020-05-04Matemáticas rápidas - Raíces cuadradas
542020-06-26Państwa najbliższe Kosowa - jednominutowy sprint
542021-03-07Kraje położone najbliżej Bułgarii
542021-04-18Pays les plus proches de la Lituanie - une minute sprint
542021-11-055 capitais mundiais em um mapa em 25 segundos
542014-06-07Cricket - Cities that have hosted Twenty20 International matches
542015-05-1415 Wise Sayings
542019-02-11West Indies Cricket Captains Since World War II
542015-09-14Capitals Furthest From Washington DC
542015-09-20INT- Vocabulary Words
542016-01-05Washington, the State, A-Z
542019-01-02African Capitals With Six Letters
542016-04-10The Four Quarters of Old City of Jerusalem
542016-05-21African Countries With Seven Letters
542016-06-15Countries Containing Q/X/Z - One Minute Sprint
542017-05-07Les plus gros partenaires commerciaux - Taïwan
542018-05-28Countries Containing N - One Minute Sprint
542017-07-23Najveći trgovinski partneri - Srbija
542017-08-07Cricket Test-Playing Nations
542017-08-31Countries Closest to Moldova - One Minute Sprint
542018-01-02Elements that Start with B
542018-02-12Forme di paese nella mappa del mondo #2
542018-02-27Quiz Mappa dell'Europa dell'Est
532021-06-25"Helicopter" in 15 languages